DL Zeta


I have been a writer and intuitive throughout my life. My spiritual path greatly accelerated in the late 1980s when I began working with my dreams. Daily writing - poetry, journaling and creative writing - helped me make some breakthroughs in learning about myself. I began channeling in the late 90s and soon after, I completed the Awakening Your Lightbody course by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. That was a turning point for me that greatly opened my intuition. I began to receive messages in my journal each day that helped me heal and transform my life.

After a year at the School of Metaphysics fine-tuning all I had learned, I received certification in hypnosis and medical intuition. Since that time, I have worked with hundreds of people, helping them learn to create the kind of changes I have made in my own life. In my readings, I help a person connect with their higher self and their spirit guides. I read a client's energy and help them understand their purpose, the symptoms of an illness, see the higher perspective of their creations and much more.

These past two years I have been sharing the messages I receive, and have received an incredible interest and response. This website was created to share the messages along with other ideas and information I have found helpful on my path. My first channeled book, Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation, is available on this website as a PDF download - see http://celestialvision.squarespace.com/the-portals-of-spirit-ebook-by/


Peter Phalam


Peter relocated to the Ozarks in December 2005, coming here from the west coast where he was widely known as a trancechannel, energy worker and astrologer.

Peter is author of Celestial Reunion, a channeled book described on Amazon.com as "advanced metaphysical teaching that brings new dimension to all metaphysical thought...one man's vision from beyond the cutting edge of current metaphysical thought..." and "a Divine celebration of cosmology. healing and ascension." Now in the digital downloads section of our website you will find the new, revised and updated second edition of Celestial Reunion in ebook form. This new edition contains chapters about 2012 that were not included in the first edition.

Peter is also a master astrologer. He has studied soul groups in more than 20 states and done charts for people in all 50 states. Using Campanus houses, he gets a true look at house placements of planets, transits and Life Purpose on Earth. He also studies Secondary Progressions to read the higher self and offer past life readings, analyze karmic blocks, then geographical moves through astrocartography. He has studied astrology for 33 years and completed over 4000 charts.


Peter's Timeline

*Began studying Astrology and Tarot in 1979

*1985 began teaching 'Course In Miracles

*In 1992 began energy work and healing practices

*In 1993 began trancechanneling celestial entities

*1996 became Reiki Master and developed Exodus Energy Work An Aura Field Healing Form and Merkabah alignment

*In 1997 began teaching clients how to swim with wild Dolphins in Hawaii

*In 1999 published Celestial Reunion a modern day prophecy obtained from the dolphin spirits

*Through 2013 Peter has done more than 5000 astrology charts and tarot readings

*2013 Peter is no longer in Northwest Arkansas but continuing to do readings by email

*He has attuned nearly 450 Reiki Masters, taught numerous workshops and channeled before hundreds of groups.

*Peter has trancechanneled over 100 different entities from the Christ Consciousness, The Great White Brotherhood, The Ashtar Command and beyond.