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Spheres of Influence: How the April 15 Lunar Eclipse Depicts Change and Transformation in Your Life 

Many are already feeling the intensity of the April 15 lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Libra. Those who have planets "in orb" with the eclipse will be feeling the effects and influences more powerfully than others. The effects of the eclipse are more far-reaching than the eclipse date, however. In fact, the location in your chart where 25 degrees Libra falls will give you a good idea what areas of your life are likely to experience change and transformation in days, weeks and months to come.

Finding 25 Degrees Libra in Your Astrology Chart

In order to find the area of your life most influenced by the April 15 lunar eclipse, get a copy of your astrology chart and find what house and planet 25 degrees Libra falls in. Once you find 25 degrees Libra in your chart, check and see if you have any planets "in orb" with that location. Anything within 9° in either direction is considered within orb. Some will feel the influence more intensively. For example, if you have a natal planet within a degree or so of any eclipse, that area of your life will undergo awakening and transformation in the near future.

Even if you don't have anything directly in orb with 25 degrees Libra, the planet and house where Libra falls in your chart is an area of heightened influence. The house of your natal chart that contains 25 degrees Libra depicts an area of your life that will become a primary focus over the next six months.

Solar Eclipses and Planetary Influences

If your Sun is in orb with an eclipse, the way you express your gifts will come into focus. If your Moon is in orb with an eclipse, this affects your self image; Mercury, the way you perceive your life; Mars, your initiative and the ways you assert yourself; Venus, your relationships, ways you express affection and what brings you pleasure; Jupiter, the way you respond to good luck and opportunities for expansion; Saturn, a sense of mission and purpose; Uranus, your desires, excitement and aliveness in your life; Neptune, your idealism and spiritual path; Pluto, the way you use your power and how you relate to change and transformation.

Eclipse Energies and House Influences

In general, the house that an eclipse falls on in your astrology chart sets the tone for your future. The first house governs the physical body, personal identity and personality. The second house governs money, what we value, value we assign to ourselves, personal assets and possessions. The third house governs school, siblings, the mind, writing, teaching and style of thinking. The fourth house governs home, beginnings and endings, early childhood, and one's personal foundation for security. The fifth house governs children, creative projects, romance, sports, fun and recreation. The sixth house governs jobs, work, service, pets, health, and the desire for order. The seventh house governs relationships, marriage, agreements and cooperation.

The eighth house governs bonded partnerships, death, inheritance, debt, business, contracts, and a desire to merge with another for personal change and transformation into an expanded reality. The ninth house governs foreign travel, philosophy, adventure, freedom, higher education, publishing, intuitive knowing, one's code of ethics, and desire to discover the big picture perspective to bring about peace of mind. The tenth house governs career, the world, fame, authority, parents, ambitions, professions, and accepting responsibility. The eleventh house governs friends, peers, humanitarian goals, the future, angels, inventions, and following one's guidance to help make the world a better place. The twelfth house, sometimes called "the god box", governs the cosmos, psychic sensitivity, awareness of subtle forces, spirituality, mystical explorations, hidden understandings, and need for time alone.

These are just simple guidelines to help you understand your own chart. For more complex questions and issues, it is good to consult a professional astrologer to help you. The way in which each person experiences eclipse energies has to do with their own personal perspective and where they are with their purpose for this lifetime.

Regardless of your birth chart, the April 15 lunar eclipse in Libra paves the way for self- empowerment, creativity and amplifying your highest visions by joining together with others to anchor the new time.

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From the Fool to the Hanged Man 

The tarot offers us many roads to enlightenment. The Fool represents our ability to configure consciousness. The Hanged Man rules that in the soul the spirit understands all that is above is below. This is a point where the soul has the opportunity to slow down time, construct accurate time planes and understand the future self. We will examine this path where the Fool and the Hanged Man merge into one force.

In previous blogs I have alluded to a theta state existence that is capable of sustaining a number of different mannerisms. We look at twelve different astrology signs creating twelve mannerisms so your Sun learns to absorb much more to convert your conscious awareness. Since many of us have dominating aspects in different signs in our chart, we should obey a number of the concepts in astrology signs. Theta state is a point of peacefulness in the soul. Our approach to peace is based on our ability to enter Theta state. This is important for all healers and especially energy workers regardless of whether you are talking about nightly dreams or waking dreams during the day.

Dimensions are going through a flux state; our in-breath simply merges some dimensions while compressing others. As light workers we are merely trying to find moments of peace. You walk toward the Hanged Man where everything above is identical to everything below. For healers 7th dimensional energy is available when the conscious position of the healer is in a theta state. The healer is both locked into the moment with no access to messaging and in a void point that is necessary to go on.

We learn to quickly download messages to ourselves. Again I address energy workers: be alert to increased clairaudient ability with the client’s guides and angels at the gate of the Hanged Man where the equal phases of spirit and earth come together. Even skilled psychics will be amazed with their ability. The 7th dimension begins the DNA healing and microbiotic cells in organs. For those who do not heal or work on a more permanent basis in certain dimensional settings, what is above is the higher self completely laid out in an etheric template, creating your cooperation within the dharma you choose on the ground.

Taking advantage of these coming Earth frequencies allows the Hanged Man to be realized in your everyday functioning level. I have always been amazed at the creative capabilities of my spirit when I am totally one. The question is how to stay in that Zen/theta state that makes blogs like this available without time being an issue. The slowing of time is a natural gift of oneness. Within oneness you really have a great deal of time for every decision in the day. There is a great amount of levity in this process. If you want a good laugh, compare the movements created by my spirit and just look at the parts where you don’t listen. These are passive theta states when messaging is being downloaded to guides and angels. Without this connection we have no impetus.

We are very accustomed to what I will call the light body integrating to the Merkabah. Older souls perform this function nearly every night as the light body Merkabah integration allows the soul to work in the 5th dimension. It is as common to us as taking a breath. It also depicts kundalini energy, the endorphin activity in the pineal gland and the true primal evidence of our soul. When we seek to have the same period in our daily awareness, we would day dream and use our creativity for our survival needs. The Hanged Man emancipates the soul into a budding realized community in the 5th dimension somewhat like a fraternity or sorority webinar.

This is when the ‘miracle series’ starts in our lives. I celebrate miracles like a southern Baptist minister on a roll. The choices of my spirit in a dozen short theta positions every day gives me so much time to celebrate and reward myself with what no one else can do. The miracle aspect can be as simple as walking by your original destination in life and ending up in a better rhythm and time use in a new place. From this position, getting the ego to surrender its defaults that represent character flaws should not be difficult.

The higher self becomes responsible for guide and angel positions in the Hanged Man position. The theta messaging now comes through them and, by directive from the Creator Gods, oversees this experiment in which they have ordained the Higher Self to communicate without reservation. These current thought forms are all dedicated to the joy of your life. We seek one plane of peace at a time and never leave a collection of sacred moments until we have bathed in light. Namaste Peter

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Understanding Planetary Origins Opens Doorways in Consciousness 

Understanding our planetary origins opens doorways in consciousness by allowing us to see ourselves through the lens of our soul’s journey in other parts of the universe.

Some of us feel like we belong somewhere else; there is a sense of not truly belonging here and wanting to go home to a place we have never experienced in our present life. Earth teachings and knowledge hardly scratch the surface of who we know ourselves to be; deep down we know there is much more but we don't know quite what that is.

Often those who feel they belong elsewhere really do. Starseeds are beings or soul groups not indigenous to the planet on which they have incarnated. Starseeds are either indigenous to the galaxy of the planet or are extra-terrestrial.

There are a number of planets where you may have incarnated during the journey of your soul but your first planet often feels like your home just as the first home you knew growing up often lingers in your mind as your true home. This original home where your soul first lived is your planetary origin.

When we learn of planetary origin we learn a great deal about the essence of our spirit. Souls who have the same planetary origin manifest similar qualities and characteristics on the earth plane. When we understand these traits, we have a valuable tool for understanding ourselves and others. This tool helps us understand better our relationships as well as our potentials and the purpose of our soul here on earth.

We base planetary origin on the history of our incarnations as a soul. We will always have the same planetary origin regardless of which lifetime we are experiencing. Our planetary origin will not change as our soul leaves one incarnation and enters another.

Understanding your planetary origin helps you know yourself at a deep level. Knowing who we were at the beginning of our incarnating cycle helps us to appreciate our journey through time and understand how our soul has evolved throughout lifetimes. It offers a map that charts the course of our journey from where we started to our present location, shedding light on the points along the way, therefore charting the evolution of our soul.

Planetary origins is a tool that takes you beyond astrology and numerology in terms of self-understanding. The information that determines your astrology and numerology will change from lifetime to lifetime but your journey from your planetary origins to present time remains a constant thread beyond other tools that only look at the self and identity of the present lifetime. Planetary origins reflects the identity of our soul and synthesizes the various personalities experienced in various incarnations in other times and places.

Here are some examples of some “starseed” soul groups that incarnate on earth:

SPICA: A dense planetary system in the Virgo constellation. Like Regulus, its many small soul groups are spread widely throughout all reaches of Earth's population, with the intent - like many of the indigenous star systems - of circulating their belief structures. They are fourth behind the Sirians in number of active incarnating soul groups.

VEGA: A provider of many soul groups from the Sagittarian constellation with many human experiments occurring simultaneously to Earth's time frame.

SIRIUS: Also known as the "Dog Star,” Sirius is centered in the summer sky and represents the most technological star system in this galaxy. Our systems share a common orbiting planet known as Nibiru. Sirius has placed the largest indigenous soul groups in the United States, with the Pleiades being second.

PLEIADES: Complex star system viewed by humans as the portal of the seven sisters. The portal rests near the latter four degrees of the Taurus constellation. Internally, nearly 250 human experiments are in progress. Since the entire star system came to peace in 24,000 B.C., feminine nature has the most prevalent impact on Earth's humanity. The Simyasean population from the Pleiades is blond to sandy blond with bluish or hazel eyes, and represents the largest population source of starseed influence in the United States.

LYRA: A large star system early in the Capricorn constellation yielding many soul groups on Earth, and having many planets with human activity.

ARCTURUS: Large star system lying in the Bootes Kite star formation positioned near the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. This is center of the Intergalactic Federation, and the portal for all extra-terrestrial soul groups derived from outside of the Milky Way.

ALDEBARAN: Bright star in the early Taurus system, seen in the winter and spring to the east of Orion's Belt and slightly south. Ecliptic planet for kings and fair rulers.

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For more information about Planetary Origins see Discerning Planetary Origin and Soul Age through Astrology and Peter's Planetary Origins Reading. For more about Peter, see Peter's Readings Page or Peter's books and Audio Meditations

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Self-Talk with Guides 

One of the earliest psychic upgrades occurring in older souls is self-talk with guides. Some of your past lives, which are part of your soul, want to mentor you and provide many ideas on your path. I will discuss how certain thought forms that occur in your mind are suggestions from your guides and your verbal response to these suggestions as you talk your way through what will remain a telepathic communication.

These communications have occurred hundreds of times in the past but until now the data you received was mostly short idea plots. Now we expand into open conversations during self-talk that establishes connections with the astral plane guardians of your guides and angels who also deflect the energy into the 5th dimension. The base self-talk is like talking to yourself with one part of your consciousness asking the question and either a wiser mind or a physical awareness answering. This is every bit what older souls do naturally; however, they don’t surrender to the answers when they don’t understand where they come from.

This is where trust and faith meet. The truth is seen as highly transient and creating a conscious awareness upgrade. Self-talk works when the intent is specific. It’s wise to always know where you want the self-talk to go. Your responsibility is to start the conversation in an area of immediate concern. Go right to the emotional aspects affecting you and the talk will start. Though it will sound at first therapeutic or attempting to draw out a sense of humor, it will tell you what you know if you reflect on how you feel. Since this energy gets deflected into the 5th dimension, it’s not uncommon for the sponsoring Archangel of your soul group to enter the conversation.

The guides want you to develop an app with times and schedules when they can join the self-talk. You control the app; guides control content and often use their connection to Ascended Masters. Self-talk works best when you have at least ten minutes where all you do is listen, then comment. I mainly talk when I walk long distances so that the physical energy I use is never in the mind. I have been talking in some places where I would occasionally get a stare. A discussion with real heart is the only way to go about it so someone might hear you from time to time.

Once the app is in place, you can work with the guides on an exact future time. If things change, don’t worry; guides understand this needs time to develop. Just call out to spirit, to beings of light, to angels and archangels, then listen to the silence until the first thought form is initiated. You will find great sanctuary when working out stuff with guides. Just choose the most comfortable time frame and be honest and on time. The early talk is usually humorous as the guide’s first instinct is to show you where they tried to intervene and you missed all the messaging. They have fun with little mistakes but are never serious; they are part of your inner child or at least in full communication with that intent. The issue will then evolve into the time ethic you are being taught. Time slows down when this communication is open because reason is perfected. Intent of the future self will be developed first. It is easier for guides and angels to work with your concept of a future self. This changes over time so the conversation can become more sophisticated.

There are probably 30 or more vice-presidents in your soul company agreeing on one direction of choice. Often they are in opposition to any money problems and relationship problems, forget it. Upgraded frequencies in our light body will be resolved in self-talk when you surrender to further consideration. You may ask, Why did this happen? When will I understand more? What is my path? Be grateful this connection is in play.

When in play, aside from slowing time, the guides have to go at the ego and all the thought forms in the last two weeks that are secure in an akashic file. Guides try to bate you into old thought forms. When you discover something repeated in your mind, a new message comes in. The self-talk begins trying again to scan the previous thought form groups, but you know to move on. You make a decision to stay in the moment or in a time plane in the future you are working on. The conversations get better in that the higher self begins to establish a single identity in the conversation even though the thought forms are driven by dozens of past life entities.

The reason we try to approach a connection to the higher self is so guides and angels can be passed onto younger souls who will gain from the guide’s exposure to your transcending soul. The higher self also has access to the 5th dimension and the message boards in the 7th and 8th harmonics. All psychics, whether they are throwing down runes, tarot cards or trance channeling, read the same message board. This is why you can go to two different readers at a psychic fair and get virtually the same message. Hopefully, the next generation of psychic sensitives will develop a healthy ethic of self-talk so their autonomous guidance can come through and the messages are more thorough. Namaste Peter

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The Transcending Soul 

How we react to the moments of our lives affects the momentum of our transcending soul. We are seeking to become a realized being in this physical world and we are now learning how to analyze friends and acquaintances who are affecting our momentum. No matter how crucial or intense the relationship, we have to remain in full forgiveness of anything that took our energy away. This is the time our guides test the transcending energy of our spirit. The test is about where we place responsibility towards another being.

It is perfectly normal to find a bridging point to release the frustration of a relationship but it can’t obtain right or wrong in the thought forms. The more difficult point exists when you understand why something happened and what it was about a personality that offended you. This sits in your lap until your find a way to let it go. In fact, it is time for all of us to reestablish many new relationships and acquaintances because we are now going into a retribalizing period. The transcending soul is looking for higher vibrations in our area.

We are letting go of our old social tendencies so our energy field stays intact and can move into higher vibrations. However, if we decide to enter a right-or-wrong debate in our relationships, we go back to the first rung of the ladder and have to recreate our existence in the 5th dimension. You may feel as though your physical reality is behaving quite well and you may have established new relationships that feed you at a higher level but the wound to the soul demands energy work and self-introspection. As we approach a closer relationship with our soul, the soul has greater exposure to the physical plane and is somewhat fragile at times.

There is also a growing incongruity between the sanctity of our spirit and the vacillating reality of the 3rd dimension. The only constant in your spiritual evolution is the inability of your physical plane being sane and responsible. The core belief systems of a larger percentage of soul groups are being challenged. The male energy, unfortunately, has become overtly predatorial. The feminine energy has had to defend itself by internalizing the battle of their androgynous stance. This makes them stronger unless they isolate an event they created and found someone else to blame for how it turned out. Women are the great escape artists; they had no choice but wrap 30 pounds around each wound.

As the protection peels off and they return to their true soul, they can either come forth in righteousness and forgiveness or approach another right-or-wrong scenario. The older a soul becomes the more purely androgynous they become. The debate of truth can only happen within while insanity rages a few feet away. They must heal themselves within, finding truth as mobile and expanding as the morning solar rays. The divine feminine touches anything she can reach but comes from a place of loneliness or compromise. The divine male sponsors generosity that in its unconditional form brings the power of manifestation to what he touches.

The soul transcends regardless of any attempt at spiritual malingering. It is my sincere hope that you are no longer being anchored by someone else’s words. You are about to share your lengthy experiences in hundreds of lifetimes. The perspective is what is lacking in the metaphysical network. The perception of past lives and their influence on your soul is the next great teaching and the transcending soul defines this teaching effort. When we show our brothers how to perceive something in a different light the whole collective consciousness swells with curiosity.

The transcending soul experiences pure imagination combining their artistic nature with concepts. But this spirit must constantly challenge the essence of their soul while in body and live life to the fullest. The transcending soul in its pure imagination gains full access to their master teacher. Most of us have been exposed to a number of wonderful teachers in the last few millenniums. We attach ourselves to a teacher only to recognize and appreciate the wisdom available. If we reach a point where that communication is fully available the karmic wheel is history and we can exist in body out of conflict.

The soul transcends when it is given permission by you. The last thing we experience prior to entering total awareness is our own sense of self-worth. Older souls with vast life experiences spanning centuries maintain the highest levels of self-esteem in this world yet many of us do not have faith in ourselves to conduct the thought forms from our higher self. Like healing, the intent of your thoughts is the only prerequisite for entering into the global conversation of blogs and ebooks. Sharing our experiences regardless the time period will enlighten those waking up.

Finally, we look at the signature emotion when the soul is transcending. The only thing that can bother you emotionally is the lack of love created by isolating from reality. The inherent nature of older souls when physical schemes are complicated is to sanctuary, regard it as an illusion and try to achieve joy through doing nothing which is the favored position as a soul ages.

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