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Astrology and Lightbody Magnetics: 2012’s Dimensional Shifts 

Astrology depicts the magnetic relationship between the conscious aspects of our soul. The current planetary relationships and the transits in our natal charts provide insight into how the magnetic foundation of our souls is created.

I will explain here the planetary relationships to our lightbodies and both the paradigm and timeline shifts in our awareness. The outer planets do not move very fast but their relationship to the quicker -moving inner planets is very important.

Pluto moves the slowest in the magnetic field because it has the most profound impact on our evolution. Pluto is currently in early Capricorn and will be at 8 degrees Capricorn on the 21st of December. With Uranus in early Aries and 10 days into a long retrograde, a square to Pluto will be firmly in place. This square indicates the lack of subconscious awareness in our evolution. In most, the subconscious only acts vividly in the dream state. Meditations reflect the opportunity for subconscious intervention. We hesitate during the day in waking dream moments where subconscious downloads exist but for the most part there is only marginal awareness of these intuitive thoughts.

Pluto has been squaring Mars all of July 2012, trying to free trapped anger and prejudices from our soul. Pluto is currently quincunxing (150 degree relationship) both Mercury and Jupiter, investigating the subconscious plane for trapped male energy from the karmic events of our lives. These magnetic adjustments are short-lived, however, so a more sensitive awareness of our subconscious instincts is needed at this time.

Neptune Governs Dimensional Travel

Neptune is in early Pisces and will hardly move for the coming year. Neptune and Pluto are open targets for inner planet transits but we have been dealing with these all of our lives and should understand them.

Neptune governs the magnetics of the lightbody in terms of dimensional travel. It helps the integration of lightbody and Merkabah alignments and the bypass of astral interference. Neptune is in a strengthening trine with Saturn which is sustained through the 2012 conversion. The trine allows the natural karmic environment in our lives to be filtered and cleansed. Karmic interference is the main inhibitor of lightbody Merkabah integration. Neptune is also conjunct Chiron, creating the etheric bridge to higher awareness. This acts as a gift for all those who choose to shift paradigms and create new awareness. Neptune is briefly in a quincunx with the early Leo Sun and again the trapped male energy from past karmic experiences has an opportunity for closure.

Uranus Assists Subconscious Awareness

Uranus has the most important impact on our subconscious minds. With most elder starseeds approaching a more autonomous position with their higher selves, the higher self is currently fragmenting, dismissing current guides and allowing past lives to mentor us during our remaining time on Earth. Uranus remains in early Aries through the 21st of December and is in a constant square with Pluto during this period. This square is evidence of the need for a greater subconscious awareness in our lives. These new mentors are quite different from our life long guides in that there is no mundane activity in our intuition, only the directions from past lives in terms of latent talents and psychic ability not yet realized. Uranus is completing an opposition to Mars again, working on the trapped male energy blocking our subconscious connection.

Saturn governs the karmic spectrum of our existence. It is moving through the last decante of Libra and will enter Scorpio in early October where it will be in a direct trine with Neptune. This will be our last opportunity to leave the karmic wheel altogether. Once we realize that this is an experiment and all that occurs in our world is merely a stage for our passive perception, we emerge as masters capable of discerning that which is spiritual and loving from that which is nonsense.

Jupiter, Chiron and our Manifesting Paradigm

Jupiter is in early Gemini and had an important conjunction with Venus in mid-March. The main emphasis of 2012 is the shift out of 13,000 years of male dominance into 13,000 years of strong female influence. This conjunction alerted the energy in all lightbodies to the feminine agenda. Jupiter has been squaring both Neptune and Chiron, helping with the manifesting paradigm in our lives. Manifesting has been mainly focused on survival in this capitalistic world but the need for manifesting from a feminine perspective is needed.

Jupiter has been in a short-term trine with Mars, allowing for aggressive manifestation realization in our awareness. Jupiter has been in a quincunx with Pluto, helping with the feminine transition in our dharma and the corrections in our path orientation. Jupiter is in a short sesquiquad (135- degree separation) with Saturn, allowing the feminine parts of our higher self to play a greater role in our intuitive perception. Jupiter will retrograde in the beginning of October and stay in Gemini during the transition period. This allows for the natural duality of our manifesting and dharma reality. The duality of Gemini allows for both a male manifesting ethic and a female manifesting ethic. The feminine manifesting ethic, aside from the birthing and rearing of children, are healing abilities, intuitive abilities, and the awareness of all subconscious and subjective activity in our souls.

I will focus on the inner planets in my next segment. The relationship of the inner planets to outer planets and to the transit realm in your natal chart, factors in spiritual awareness.

I offer very inexpensive readings for insights into these transits and how they are affecting your subconscious paradigm, the timing of the higher self fragmenting process and the dimensional capabilities of your current lightbody and Merkabah status.  For information about astrology readings, see  http://www.celestialvision.org/readings-by-peter-phalam/

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