Welcome to My Website : Winter 2014

 The Future Is Here Now



Now more than at any time since we created this website, we are aware of the importance of the work we are doing -- of the work we are all doing together to shift planet Earth to a new vibrational frequency. In coming times, we will witness many changes around us and on the world's stage. For years, we have been following guidance, following the visions we receive. In past times, we have moved forward with various parts of the picture here and there, but now the pieces are falling into place, the picture is coming together. The future is here now. All that has appeared on the horizon of our inner seeing is crystalizing now. The version of ourselves that will live in this new time is stepping forward. We are hearing from many people who are going through amazing transformations. We are blessed and privileged to be able to assist in this transformation through channeling, writing, readings, and the many other ways that we assist and work with others each day. May these coming months be both productive and blessed for all of you.


Love and Blessings