Welcome to my Website August 2018











Deborah L. Zeta





Thank you for visiting my website. We have been through some amazing energetic shifts already in 2018 and there's much more to come. As I move through the shifts I am reminded to transform all that comes before me by shining the light of love onto it and affirming everything that is happening is helping me move toward my spiritual purpose.

As much as anything else, this is a year about spiritual renewal. It's about moving to the highest energetic place we can access within the moment. This spring is a wonderful time to fast, go within, relax, breathe and set intentions to release all that no longer serves our highest good.  Getting plenty of sleep, meditating, sitting in gratitude, and taking steps toward fulfilling our purpose all hold the power to move us along the path of renewal.

I'm currently building a new website and have new ebooks underway. Spirit is always shining a light on the path ahead, guiding me at every step of the way.  I am blessed to meet with you here in consciousness as we travel together on this amazing journey.

Love and Blessings