Readings by Deborah


How to Schedule a Reading


Each reading has a "Pay Now" link below it. Simply click on the link of the reading you want and you will be directed into a Paypal site where you can pay for the reading. As soon as we receive notice that you have paid for the reading, we will email you to schedule your reading. Most readings are scheduled within 14 days. Occasionally, we have a number of readings come in at once. Each reading is scheduled in the order we receive it. Please note: Reading times are 11 AM CST- 4 PM CST. For those who are unable to schedule a time during weekdays, I offer weekend readings. Weekend readings are reserved for those who are unavailable during the week. In the United States and Canada, I call you for the reading. Outside the US and Canada, readings are by Skype only. If you don't have Skype on your computer, I can send you a link to download the free software. You will also need a headset and microphone for Skype.

If you have a question about a reading, contact me at

About Reading Files

I charge $5 extra to make and ship cassettes and $10 to make and ship CDs of reading files. I record reading files with a digital MP3 recorder. Shortly after your reading, I email you a link to download your reading file. This digital file of your reading is free. If you need a cassette or CD of your reading, you will need to click here to indicate this. This adds $5 or $10 to the cost of your reading.

CD of Reading File $10

Cassette of Reading File $5


Readings By Deborah


I read the energy of your physical body, your chakras and energy field using a combination of scanning, intuition, empathy, astrology, numerology and other techniques to give you insight into thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes you hold and what they are creating in your life. This combination of energies make up your vibrational level. Our vibrational level through the Law of Attraction, draws to us every circumstance in our lives, including health, level of abundance and wealth, quality of relationships, and future possibilities. The Law of Attraction dictates that we be vibrating at the same vibrational level and frequency of what we seek to bring into our life.

By becoming aware of beliefs and attitudes you hold and how they are creating the circumstances of your life, you can make informed and insightful decisions that change the course of your life for the better and pave the way for greater love, abundance, joy and success to flow into your life. You can live your dreams. It is a joy and a privilege for me to assist you in raising your vibrational level and help you begin living your highest vision now.

Creating what you want is no mystery. I will always tell you the truth of what I see, and I will say it with love.


It is not necessary for a person to be sitting before me in order to do a reading. When I do a reading, I go into my own subconscious mind and from there I'm able to connect with the subconscious mind of another as well as the universal consciousness to bring back the highest and best information possible. People often ask me to look into their future to see what will happen. The truth is that an honest intuitive will tell you that what can be seen at any given time are future probabilities of what will occur if a person stays on their present course. A sudden and dramatic change in course will alter our future probabilities. This is because we all have free will and the ability to choose a different course at any time.

I live in the Ozark Mountains and have always had a natural ability to communicate with the spiritual realms. I developed this innate knowing through years of metaphysical studies and spiritual disciplines. It is a great joy for me to share my intuitive abilities. I take each reading very seriously, providing the most accurate information possible. Helping other souls to prosperity, abundance and understanding is the work of my heart. I have assisted many to abundance and greater understanding by helping them find the answers they seek. It is a joy to serve an ever greater number of souls with my spiritual gifts.

I call you for the reading, and there is no additional charge for the call. I also make an MP3 recording of the reading and email you a link to download the file after the reading.



Intuitive Soul Reading 


By going deep into subconscious mind, I am able to access the language of a client’s soul. In these "soul conversations," I am able to receive answers to questions a person has about situations in their lives and to help them get in touch with their life purpose. I bridge your consciousness with your higher self, so you begin to build a stronger connection with this very important aspect of your self. The bridge to your higher self becomes stronger each time you access this connection. In time, you are able to develop a telepathic connection with your guides and higher self.

I receive information through clairvoyance (visual impressions), clairaudience (hearing voices and sounds from the spirit world) or channeling, telepathy, intuition, empathy and dreams. I'm also skilled in numerology and astrology. In my intuitive soul readings, I touch on different areas of a person's life, including influences, areas of present learning, health, relationship, finances, life purpose, and intention of your soul for this lifetime. The areas of focus are determined by the type of information you are looking for and the nature of your question.

$150/1 hour

$200/2 hours

Past Life Reading


Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? Have you noticed there are some people and things you are drawn to while others repel you? Have you ever wondered why you decided to become a writer or musician at a very early age? Have you wondered why you have the strong sense that you came here with a specific mission or purpose? The answer to such questions often lies in the Akashic Records, where information about all your past lives is stored. By tapping into this valuable source of information, you can find answers to the types of questions listed above and much more. A past life reading reveals what thoughts or influences from past lives are affecting current conditions in the present life.

I see past lives operating in a person’s energy field. I perceive these past lives much as if they were a movie. These are often lives that are strongly influencing the person's present life. Gaining awareness of these energies gives insights into issues in the present life and helps us understand past life influences that are motivating us. Gaining awareness of past lives is important because we continue working with the same issues until we learn the spiritual lessons they offer.

$150/1 hour

$200/2 hours

Past Life Crossing Reading


Have you ever wondered why you chose the family you were born into? Have you wondered if you've shared a past life with a brother, sister, son, daughter, mother, father, spouse, friend or other person in your life? Have you noticed times when you met a person for the first time yet they seemed strangely familiar? Have you experienced difficulties with a person or co-worker that seemed far beyond any explanation of what has occurred in this life? The answer to such questions lies in the Akashic Records, where information about all your past lives is stored. By tapping into this valuable source of information, you can find answers to the types of questions listed above and much more. This past life crossing reveals a past life you have shared with one other person. Prior to the reading, please provide me with a brief summary of the information you are seeking. Please include your full name and the name of the person with whom you want a past life crossing.

$150/1 hour

$200/2 hours

Past Life Soul Mate Reading

Have you ever wondered why you experience a powerful attraction to another person? Often what we describe as "strong chemistry" with another person is a result of a past life influence. By reading the combined energies of two people, I'm able to follow the threads of these connections back to past lives, bringing awareness to how these past influences are operating in the present. In the light of this awareness, learning and healing can take place. The answer to such questions lies in the Akashic Records, where information about all your past lives is stored. By tapping into this valuable source of information, you can find answers to the types of questions listed above and much more.  This type of reading reveals a past life you have shared with your lover or spouse.

$150/1 hour

200/2 hours

Spirit Guide Reading


Spirit guides are beings who exist beyond the physical. These beings are committed to assisting us throughout our lifetime. By becoming aware of these spirit helpers and consciously working with them, we can access a much wiser and more expanded view of ourselves and humanity. Because spirit guides exist beyond physical vibration in the inner levels of existence, their vantage point can be one of clear-sighted objectivity.

Although your guide is often comparable to you in terms of Soul evolution, he (or she) can perceive life more accurately than you do because he doesn't experience the limitations of the conscious mind. For this reason, establishing communication with your guide can bring insight, joy and contentment throughout your life. Communing with your guide can accelerate your Soul progression and provide a rich source of inner peace and guidance throughout your life.

In spirit guide readings I communicate with your spirit guide to provide you with information about the special relationship you share, as well as any messages your guide may have for you at this time. Sometimes during a spirit guide reading, the guide reveals physical sensations and other signs they use to communicate with you. This can help you identify when you are receiving nudges and guidance from your guide.

$150/1 hour

$200/2 hours

Dream Interpretation


Do you have dreams you don't understand? Do you wake with a strong feeling about things that happen in your dreams but find the meaning eludes you? Do you feel something is missing from your life, or that you need information about events currently unfolding in order to make wise decisions about your current direction? It is possible to understand the symbolic language of your dreams and gain valuable insights into these important messages from your inner self.

In the material world, we are capable of deceiving ourselves, but our dreams will always tell us like it is. This is a source of wisdom and guidance we can always trust and count on. Dreams are messages from the soul. Each person or thing in your dream represents some aspect of you. Dreams generally tell us about the state of our conscious awareness in the past 48 hours. They can also contain other layers informing us of health issues that will manifest in the physical if we remain on our present course. They could be warning us of events crystallizing in the future or letting us know we're on track and creating what we desire. At advanced levels, you may be traveling in consciousness to assist others during your dreamtime.

I have been working with dreams intensively for almost three decades and have experienced many different types of dreams during that time.  In recent years, I have worked with a number of people, bringing insight to these messages from their soul. I can help you decode these messages from the deepest part of yourself. I can help you see how you are creating the circumstances in your life and how you can change course if you don't choose the situations that are being created. This is for one dream interpretation reading. Your reading will be about one dream with a detailed analysis of the symbols, the message of the dream and what it is telling you about your life at this time. $100

Intuitive Health Reading

For intuitive health readings, I combine my knowledge of healing, astrology and my intuitive abilities. Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the workings of the human body. By consulting a person's birth chart, I can determine bodily strengths and weaknesses, proneness to various disease states, and potential nutritional deficiencies. After consulting the astrology chart, I scan a client’s chakras to see how thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs are energetically impacting the different parts of the body. I make the client aware of the energetic situations that are being created. The information I provide is in no way intended as a medical diagnosis. The energies I see have not necessarily manifested in the body as disease or illness. More often, they are operating as energetic tendencies. Once awareness is brought to these tendencies, it's possible to change the thoughts and attitudes and to begin creating an entirely different outcome. $225

Health Coaching Sessions with Deborah

With a health coaching session, Deborah does an intuitive health reading and an initial interview to identify areas of focus. She also makes recommendations of changes to create greater health and vitality. Generally, three sessions over a period of weeks are recommended. Prerequisite: Intuitive Health Reading. $300/3 sessions

Life Coaching Sessions with Deborah

There are times when everyone finds themselves at a crossroads,and could benefit from wise and unconditional counsel. Deborah has assisted hundreds of clients to make positive changes in their lives. After sessions with Deborah, clients have reported a whole new outlook and the resolve to make long-desired changes. The sessions generally last 1 hour and include a comprehensive look at the person's life, energetic tendencies and field of probabilities. You can schedule two one-hour sessions back to back or schedule two one-hour sessions on different days $240/ 2 sessions

The Abundance and Prosperity Reading

Having wealth and abundance even during challenging times is possible and very probable when you learn to work with your own energies and align with your spiritual purpose. When we open to allow the universe to assist us in manifesting our purpose here, resources flow. This process of trusting and allowing combined with an awareness of our own energies is very powerful. Each person's astrology chart contains the blueprint for their life. The natal chart outlines strengths and weaknesses for creating abundance. Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses provides the tools to work with your own energy. In addition to providing you with the "wealth quotient" of your astrology chart and insight into your spiritual purpose, I provide you with numerology information about where you are in your current nine-year cycle so you can make the most of opportunities in the coming year. Astrology transits for the coming year are also included. 90 minute session $185

Channeled Reading

This reading includes a 20-minute session to formulate questions and clarify issues followed by a 20-minute channeling during which you receive answers from high-level guides. During the channeling, there is a Q&A as well as a reading of your energy and chakras. After the channeling, there is a 20-minute follow-up session based on the information that came through in the session. $250

Celestial Vision 'Stimulus' Package: Any Three of Deborah's $150 Readings,$400

Note: this differs from the combo packages in that the combination readings are not full, entire readings on each topic. Combos offer an overview of several types of reading whereas this package offers four complete readings of your choice