Activating Timelines of Love and Oneness as the Shadow Hastens

--On the Darkest Night, Bring your own Light.

We are entering a time without roadmaps. Nothing is as we have known it to be and the way ahead is even more uncertain. The only way to navigate this time is through your higher knowing. Look past the chaos of the outer world and the growing fear that is part of the airwaves in the world now. Trust that all is in divine order.

Sometimes we pass through chaotic and dark moments in order to become stronger beacons of light. Sometimes the old way has to be fully seen and understood before we can release all the places it has embedded itself into our own consciousness. Celebrate no matter what happens in the outer world for this moment is clearing the way for a deeper understanding and communion with the light. Our experience of the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Go within daily to your inner temple, listen to your soul’s whispers. This is your spiritual firewall to the madness you see unfolding in the outer world. Keep your vibration high. Bless all that you see, trusting in the divine order of the universe.

This is the last stand of the old way. It comes in response to a softening in the outer world – a kinder, gentler, more compassionate world inclusive of all perspectives. Now the old way rises in resistance to the multicultural, multidimensional path ahead. Do not allow fear to separate you from your higher knowing. Love always trumps hate. The higher vibration is always more powerful.

The strongest tool of the old way is to separate us from ourselves. Inner division sets us against ourselves and each other. Do not give your energy to the divisive nature of actions playing out on the world’s stage. Heal the divide within yourself. This is the message of this time – heal the divide within yourselves so you can stand strong in oneness. As one unified being, you become one the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of spirit on earth.

When you take your cues from outer reality you are creating from the cloth of division. When you take your cues from your higher self, your creations are woven from the fabric of your soul. What is created from a lower place will not last. It will rot and fall away, devoid of life force. What is created from the soul will withstand the tests of time. Any lower actions taken now are born of the illusion. Actions inspired by the desires of your soul open a portal that allows passage into the new time.

Now is the time to activate timelines of inner unity and telepathic communion with your higher self. As you do so you will be able to join together with other unified beings on the inner planes to anchor the new time.

What lies before us is a test of the illusion. We can use this time to examine our own consciousness and preparedness to living in the bright light of the new time. We can release any vestiges of the old way still alive in our consciousness. Any time thoughts of separation enter your mind, love them into the light of unity and oneness.

Celebrate that spirit is always with you, that love is stronger than hate. Trust in the divine order of the universe. Love the darkness, love the light. Stand strong in the face of fear. Be aware, alert and discerning. Focus on health and wholeness. Focus on what gives you joy. Focus on real inner power versus force.

Many spiritual beings are receiving the call to step forward as guides and leaders now. It is time to channel the light and help others build a bridge to their higher knowing. Through moment by moment connection to our higher self we will navigate this time with the joy and blessings of spirit.

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Hastening the Shadow

Through awareness and inner perception we have had these past months the opportunity to observe potential timelines without activating them. Many observed the timeline set into motion Tuesday without choosing to activate it. This was not the majority. A majority chose to activate it into our collective reality. So it is. There is always the silver lining in the darkest cloud. Now everyone will have the opportunity to see and experience firsthand the old way clinging, grasping, fighting to hang onto control, trying to halt the movement into the new time. We will observe up close and personal the centuries-old suppression of the divine feminine and the effort to restrict identities and potentials. The difference now is it will be played out in the bright spotlight of higher awareness. It will be played out on the world's stage - the final act of a worn out play that has run its course. For a time it will feel as though events are hastening the shadow. We will pass through phases of total darkness, chaos, uncertainty and suppression. Stay connected to your inner knowing. Detach when you need to. Stay awake and aware. Go within and listen. Breathe. Take care of yourself and prepare for the role you will play inside the new time. The old way is passing. Just observe it with the light of awareness and cast your forward vision to what lies beyond.

©2010-2016 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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Choosing to ‘Stream’ Joy, Love and Abundance

Many accept the idea that we are the source and cause of our experiences but what about events that come “out of the blue”?  Events that aren’t consciously intentioned are often tied to other aspects of our consciousness operating in the background of our present-moment reality.  Subconscious aspects, younger selves from this lifetime and even parallel selves from other lifetimes can influence circumstances unfolding in our present moment.

Our Focus Self and Conscious Intentions

These aspects may hold intentions and agendas that are different from those of our current focus self. Our focus self is the self presently directing our conscious path in life. Each time we shift direction and focus, a new self comes forward that is best suited to facilitate the next phase of our life journey. We see ourselves and the world around us through the eyes of our current identity or focus self. Major change happens when we grow past the capabilities of our present focus self and adopt a new one.  When we undergo quantum growth we adopt an awakened identity to navigate the new realities we encounter. An awakened identity self sets conscious intentions and works with our higher guidance to move us along our spiritual path.

Observing your Stream of Consciousness

It may happen at times that younger aspects disagree with the chosen path of your focus self. These selves are in need of healing and understanding. Your focus self may not be aware of these selves. This is why it’s helpful to observe your stream of consciousness daily through practices such as meditation, journaling, and dream work. 

Not unlike streaming video services, these streaming bites of consciousness are accessible when you bring your focus to them.  The mind drifts over people and situations, remembering, considering, appreciating, and questioning.  In its constant quest for understanding, the mind entertains a stream of conscious flow that, like nighttime dreams, offers a window into the state of your consciousness.   As you monitor your stream of consciousness, you become aware of aspects in disagreement with your present course and their intentions operating at the subconscious level.

Observing your stream of consciousness can also bring you in closer communion with your inner knowing and higher self. Some elements of your stream of consciousness come from your higher guidance, the part of your consciousness that sees all things in all time. These high-vibrational aspects of your stream of consciousness attempt to help you navigate earthly life and fulfill your higher purpose. It’s easy to tell which threads of influence are associated with your higher self. Those elements lift you up and speak to you at a deep level.

Working with your Stream of Consciousness

At times you may be distracted by facets of your stream of consciousness that are not aligned with your higher knowing. In addition to influences from younger or parallel selves, your stream of consciousness may also be influenced by sources such as mass thought and thought viruses as well as astrological, planetary and other cosmic influences.  Thought viruses are free-floating thoughtforms that attach themselves to our thought processes and feed off our energy.

Spiritual practices such as meditation can bring awareness to the various elements of your stream of consciousness and help you weed out less significant and detrimental threads.  Daily journaling is a helpful practice that allows you to dialog with these other selves to bring them into harmony with your conscious goals and intentions. When you are living in harmony with all your “selves”, you are far less susceptible to thought viruses and mass influences.  A unified being working closely with their higher guidance is able to see through illusory and low-vibrational influences.  They are able to respond impeccably to what cosmic and planetary shifts are asking of them.

Your Stream of Consciousness and Future Probabilities

Events crystalizing in your near future can be detected in your stream of consciousness prior to their arrival in physical reality. Those with a finely-tuned intuition may pick up on thoughtforms that foreshadow events crystalizing in a future moment without realizing this is the case. 

These foreshadowings are not warnings as much as threads of awareness that weave in and out of the fabric of our consciousness via our stream of consciousness. Once we become aware of where a chosen direction is leading us, we are free to choose an alternate course. An example would be to pick up on possible health consequences related to a current habit and the choice to end or change that habit to create a different future probability.

Incubating Stream of Consciousness

There are aspects of your stream of consciousness flow you can direct much as you would incubate a dream. As we have said, you can choose to stream thoughts and images that bring you insights about the present state of your consciousness or the direction your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions are taking you.

But you can do much more. The streaming possibilities are unlimited. You can choose to stream a precognitive flow where you tap into downloads that can help you make decisions moment by moment. This precognitive flow can also help you design and create future realities aligned with your spiritual purpose.  You can stream the big picture of events currently unfolding in your life or tune into fine details you may be overlooking.  You can stream the soul contracts and connections you hold with others.  You can stream parallel lives you are strongly connected to at this time.  You can stream younger selves from this lifetime in need of healing.  You can stream information about the state of your physical body and what is needed for healing at this time.  The same is true for emotional, mental and spiritual healing. 

You can stream the bigger picture of a relationship or any form of connection and understand underlying issues.  You can stream your life lessons - your karma for this lifetime - so you can consciously work with those issues that have held you back.  You can stream the status of intended manifestations and receive the next steps of your creations.  You can stream insights, inspiration and visions for creative works. You can ask questions and stream the answers from your higher self. You are only limited by your imagination and your willingness to become the architect of your life.

Default Versus Conscious Streaming

When you work with your stream of consciousness you are able to choose and shape the realities you experience and manifest your spiritual purpose with a sense of ease and joy. This is in stark contrast to what happens when you choose to the default channel for your streaming consciousness. On the default channel, you stream mundane, mass thought; you stream thought viruses and lower-frequency thoughtforms free floating in the environment.  This drains your energy and leads you to feel yourself a hapless victim unable to break free of repeating loops of undesired experiences.

In default streaming the threads of your own spiritual journey only intermittently reach your conscious mind amid a jumble of pop culture and other meaningless mass thoughtforms.  If you want to be the hero of your own waking dream, choose to stream the dream that is about your destiny, your purpose, soul contracts and life lessons.

Choosing to Stream Joy, Love and Abundance

Choose to stream joy, abundance and love.  Choose to allow higher frequencies to guide your life experiences. If you find you are resistant to allowing higher realities into your life, examine if internal voices are telling you that you don’t deserve this. Bring your awareness to aspects that are still in need of healing and understanding. These are often younger selves trapped in emotional traumas. Keep undertaking this process until you bring about unification with all aspects of your consciousness and your chosen path.  

You are able to fine tune what you are streaming on the big screen of your conscious mind and bring other aspects of your being into alignment with that vision. Affirm that you deserve the highest and best the universe has to offer.  As you allow higher vibrational realities into your life you are able to assist others in their journey and to join with others to anchor the new time on Planet Earth.

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Shifting Realities: Exploring Alternate Life Threads

If you want to shift your reality, shift your perspective.

If you want to change your reality, shift your perspective. You can shift realities by following the energetic threads that exist between your present location in consciousness and other potentials. Alternative realities are attached to the moments you are currently experiencing. To travel in consciousness and experience alternate realities, be very conscious and aware inside your daily reality.

Shifting realities is a matter of becoming very present, observing different facets of every part of your life and seeing each moment from a variety of different angles and perspectives. Though it doesn’t always seem so, your present reality and your field of potentials are fluid and changing. You are flowing along a river of consciousness that transports you through time, space and dimensions with every heartbeat and every blink of the eye.

Following Energetic Threads in Consciousness

An infinite number of potentials are energetically tethered to your present reality. Every decision, large and small, propels you into a new energetic field with its associated potentials. Every decision you make sets you along one energetic path or another. Some choices lead you to experience a vastly different reality thread while other choices set you on a thread similar to your present life course. From where you are now, there are energetic threads capable of transporting you to all other potential life threads.

Perceiving Potentials Linked to your Present Moment

When you quiet your mind, set your intention and enter a receptive space, you are able to perceive the potentials that extend from your present moment. These may appear as glowing threads radiating in all directions. As you observe a potential and feel a current of excitement you begin to energize that life thread. The longer you observe this thread, the more you are able to perceive about it. If you hold your focus there long enough, you can view where it is taking you and the opportunities and challenges that exist there. As you observe a potential you create it and bring it into being.

The reality you are presently experiencing is the creation of your current viewpoint. Often the mind spins out new realities based on what it is presently experiencing. This choice limits one to a narrow field of potentials. When we expand our vision to see our present reality as only one thread inside an infinite field we are able to choose from the vast field of potentials that extends in all directions from our present moment.

Expanding Beyond Perceived Limitations

Some people prefer to observe realities within an energetic range and do not stray far from the Central Focus Reality they adopted when they were young. This is closely related to the CFR of their parents. Others choose realities that are vastly different from those they grew up with. These choices are influenced by life purpose and soul contracts.

Your willingness to see the world from all perspectives allows you to expand beyond limitations. A willingness to view life from a certain perspective doesn’t mean you are endorsing that viewpoint. It simply means you are observing, witnessing, understanding and seeing realities through your lens of perception. This helps you understand where others are coming from and allows you to see all situations in your life from an expanded perspective.

Solving Challenges with Alternative Perspectives

Regardless of your present situation – regardless of how you are seeing and experiencing that situation - there are other perspectives and other ways of experiencing the same thing. If you feel trapped, set an intention to view the situation from the perspective of one who has choices, of one who is not trapped. This allows you to explore alternate reality threads more aligned with the direction in which your soul wishes to move.

Finding the Right Place within Yourself

If it seems you are unable to find an answer to your present challenges, this means you are not looking at your situation from the perspective that is able to solve it. Keep observing your present circumstance from alternate viewpoints until the solution clicks in place. When this happens you will likely feel a shift within. It is often not as much about seeing the right course of action as arriving at the right place within yourself. When you are in the right place within yourself, all else naturally flows toward the highest resolution.

Some experience this as a felt sense or an “aha” moment. Intention, focus and inner listening help you become more attuned to moments when you find the right place within yourself where the answer to your question or dilemma resides.

You may also think of this in terms of your repertoire of selves. You have many aspects of your being and whatever is happening, one of these aspects holds the answer. Whatever the question there is a perspective right here in your present moment that offers an answer. Perceiving from a different aspect of yourself can allow you to step past any present limitations.

Living in the Big Picture of Who You Are

In order to travel through what we think of as time we must be fully centered in the present moment. You don’t want to become overly weighted in past events or future potentials but to include these in the present moment. The awareness of all moments in all time helps us to live in the big picture of who we are - vast and infinite beings reflected but not contained in our present reality. In order to unite with our multi-dimensional self we must acknowledge its existence and open to communicate with those other aspects of our consciousness that exist in other coordinates in the time/space continuum.

Time travel in consciousness is a quantum tool for shifting realities. When you can shift to the perspective of a “you” existing in another time/space coordinate you are able to see your present questions and dilemmas from an expanded perspective that offers a wider array of expansive solutions.
The Perspective of your Higher Self

When you need assistance and guidance, ask to see the situation from the perspective of a wise part of yourself that can help you. Release the need to know how this works for its scope and wisdom exists beyond the confines of the conscious mind. Perspectives can become overly based in physical reality, leading you to believe that you must know the concrete steps of your guidance at all times.

You can become telepathic to your higher self, able to access its treasure trove of spiritual understandings and information at any moment. Developing your intuition is essential to this. Working with intuition is a skill you can cultivate to strengthen your bridge to higher consciousness where all perspectives in all time exist.

Experiencing the Infinite Nature of your Being

Intuition, imagination and a still mind are essential to shifting realities. An aspect of intuition is to be able to see multiple perspectives within the moment.

Shifting realities begins in the present moment. Every moment is multi-dimensional and multifaceted. Each point in time is multi-dimensional and able to be viewed from many different perspectives. When we are fully awake and present within the present moment our mind can shift perspectives and realities. Through intuition, imagination, focus and the power of intention, you can shift into a chosen perspective, transcending time and limitations while venturing into the realm where you are able to experience the infinite nature of your being.

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Breaking Free - It’s Time for Liftoff

It’s time for souls to break free of denser energies and achieve liftoff by aligning with the vibration of unconditional love, the highest vibration in the universe. It’s through love that we chart a course in life that allows us to live more fully in the new time on planet Earth.

The new time is here. It’s a location alive and well in its own timeline. We’re free at any moment to step into the new time and begin living the visions we’ve experienced time and again. Many of you have experienced periods of heightened perception, expanded consciousness and peak states. These moments keep you moving forward on your path as you seek to experience more high-vibrational frequencies.

Higher Frequencies are your Natural State

These higher frequencies are your natural state. These are the frequencies where your higher self exists. It’s not that your higher self resides in a remote, lofty location in consciousness, but that you exist in isolation and separation - a condition derived from physical-based programming, mind control and parasitical influences. The moment we adopt physical-based perceptions (what we see is all there is) we are weakened, our frequency is lowered and we are easier prey for parasitical thought viruses that convince us we are small, separate, weak, victimized, poor, and disempowered - all variations on the same theme included in the programming of free-floating thought viruses. These keep us enslaved in a world of seeming endless pitfalls where we are shut off from our intuitive knowing, our impeccable guidance, and the synchronistic flow that comes from constant telepathic communion with our higher self.

You are able to transcend anything that pulls you down, holds you back or limits your connection with your soul. History is full of those who have accomplished amazing feats. These come from communion with one’s soul.

When you move through life awake and aware, you naturally make choices that lead you to experience high-vibrational realities. It’s through awareness and conscious choices that you are able to exist along timelines of the New Earth.

You Came Here with a Blueprint for this Lifetime

You came here with a blueprint that reflected your lesson format, the karma you came here to heal and resolve, and visions for what you will do in this lifetime. You brought with you gifts, talents and abilities. You came here to share these and to continue to hone them. You came here to once again face down limitations and programming and step beyond a purely physical-based perspective so you can move through your earthly existence here as spirit incarnated on earth. It is through the growth of your consciousness that you help unite heaven and earth. You came here to join with others to anchor the higher frequencies of love to the earth plane in order to help shift all life and all consciousness to the next level.

Love is the Highest Frequency

The New Earth is being anchored into collective consciousness by a record number of souls incarnating who hold the blueprint to transcend the limiting beliefs of physical-based realities while in physical form. These souls shine a bright light on the Earth plane. They bring awareness to old, outdated beliefs and ways of being. Human rights, animal rights, and care of the environment are at the top of their agenda for this timeframe. Understanding of these issues will undergo quantum leaps as higher frequencies of love are anchored to the Earth plane. This has been taking place in recent decades and is now accelerating. You might point to the brutality and violence that is still prevalent on planet Earth. It seems that as the vibration of love expands and casts a wider influence so does the frequency of hatred and abuse. This is the hastening of the shadow, the resistance, the obstacle field that naturally arises in response to higher frequencies. Love is the strongest and most powerful force on the planet. As you remain in the frequency of love, you help anchor higher and more powerful frequencies to the Earth plane. These frequencies trump all lower vibrations.

Love, Kindness and Compassion are Soul Qualities

Love for ourselves, love for all humans, all animals, and all life forms is a reflection of our connection to our soul and higher self. The person who radiates love, kindness and compassion is expressing the nature and the qualities of their soul. Those who harm others, those who harm animals, the environment or any form of life, are acting from an impulse that disconnects them from the radiant life force connection with their soul.

Ascension is the Movement Back to your Soul

The person who awakens to the harm they have inflicted on others is blessed with the opportunity to heal themselves and others. The state of healing and forgiveness is the turning point for all souls as they begin their movement back toward spirit. Awakening is the movement toward ascension.

Achieving Liftoff

Love is stronger than hate. Those who follow the path of hate weaken themselves and lower their frequency, cutting themselves off from the guidance, wisdom and assistance from their higher self. Love brings us in communion with the most powerful part of our being. Love empowers and strengthens and sustains us. Love raises our vibration and helps us break free of limitation and all that keeps us from existing more fully along timelines of the New Earth. With love and only love can we break free of density and achieve the liftoff that transports us into the new time.

©2010-2016 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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