DL Zeta


I have been a writer and intuitive throughout my life. My spiritual path greatly accelerated in the late 1980s when I began working with my dreams. Daily writing - poetry, journaling and creative writing - helped me make some breakthroughs in learning about myself. I began channeling in the late 90s and soon after, I completed the Awakening Your Lightbody course by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. That was a turning point for me that greatly opened my intuition. I began to receive messages in my journal each day that helped me heal and transform my life.

After a year at the School of Metaphysics fine-tuning all I had learned, I received certification in hypnosis and medical intuition. Since that time, I have worked with hundreds of people, helping them learn to create the kind of changes I have made in my own life. In my readings, I help a person connect with their higher self and their spirit guides. I read a client's energy and help them understand their purpose, the symptoms of an illness, see the higher perspective of their creations and much more.

This past decade I have been sharing the messages I receive, and have received an incredible interest and response. This website was created to share the messages along with other ideas and information I have found helpful on my path.