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Embracing the Identity of the Wayshower

It may be the first identity you adopt in the new world is one that has been appearing to you for a very long time. This first identity may be that of wayshower – a soul that moves through levels of spiritual development in accelerated phases. This phasing allows a soul to enter preparedness with divine timing in order to help other souls find their footing in the new time. You may have held this vision of yourself without getting to know it. You may have held back from embracing this vision because you could not yet see yourself as empowered to help guide others. If this is the case, it is a sign you may have subjugated your consciousness to thought viruses that have dimmed your light and led you to believe you are not wise enough or strong enough to illuminate the way ahead for yourself and others.

The time for self-doubt is over. You will find yourself in coming weeks and months burning through any misunderstandings that diminish your light. Through awareness you will learn to recognize the influence of thought viruses by shining the light of your higher knowing on them. When you stop feeding them your attention and energy, they will atrophy and fall away.
Intentions of Love and Service are Beacons of Light in the New Time

As you step further into the fertile ground of the new time, you will find seeds of intention planted long ago taking root and quickly coming to fruition. Combine the visions coming to you now with your intentions of love and service and you have a vehicle for navigating the new time. If you have seen yourself writing a spiritual blog, you will find yourself doing this now. If you have seen yourself an artist encoding spiritual frequencies into your creations, you will begin creating that now. Many writers, artists, teachers, healers, and other talented souls will now step forward in a stronger way to help guide humanity into the new time.

You don’t have to know how you will carry out your spiritual mission. As soon as you enter the vibrational frequency of the new time, you begin to download messages and guidance that provide the insights needed to take your first steps.

Inside this new world intentions become guide posts and beacons of light. Anytime you lose your way here, simply return to your intentions of love and service and you will find your footing.

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Past Life Echoes: Meetings in Consciousness with 'Friends from other Times'

Meetings with others in consciousness is a signpost of this time. We might meet in dreams or waking consciousness with those who can help us complete unfinished business. Our higher self orchestrates these meetings so it can speak to us about aspects of our being we may be holding at bay or those aspects we may have simply lost touch with.

Also during this time we may receive visions of "memories" that are not from our current lifetime. We may meet others who are new to us but seem very familiar or we may look at a longtime friend and see their face transformed to the face of a friend from another time. Past life influences become strong as the veils between dimensions thin. We may feel drawn to take up a new art form or hone a skill we are not aware we had. The present gateway magnifies all that is within us and heightens our awareness of other timelines in which we exist, allowing greater communication and sharing with our other "selves."

Multi-Dimensional Dreams and ‘Image Maps’

It will not be uncommon at this time for us to awaken from dreams to find we have brought back with us questions that speak to the core of our being. The answers they bring will cast a wide sphere of influence on our future.

If we are in a relationship, we may ask ourselves if this is the person we want to spend our life with; if we are experiencing health issues, we may ask if we are ready to end our present lifetime or if we have more to contribute within this timeframe. We may find our attention drawn to crucial points in time where we chose one course over another and ask ourselves what if I'd chosen the other way? These questions are not meant to shadow us with self-doubt but rather to provide us with questions to help us awaken to previously overlooked potentials that will help us fashion the next phase of our spiritual quest.

Multi-dimensional or multilayered dreams hold messages for our daily lives but also speak to other levels of our being, offering glimpses of portals and gateways that contain "image maps" encoded with the symbols of our innermost being. By bringing our focus to these inner maps, we're able to step past the glue of everyday life that binds us to "karmic reruns" holding us in a cyclical and patterned existence.

For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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Steps to Aligning with the Version of Yourself that Already Exists along Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

When you reach toward your highest potentials, you allow the "you" most strongly aligned with the timeline where your vision exists to transport you there. We offer here some steps you can follow to align with your highest potentials.

The Time to Begin is Always Now

One) Accept that the time is always now to begin this process. The present moment is always your true point of power. Taking even small steps in your present moment will bring about major energetic shifts that, over time, will transport you to timelines where you access the frequencies of the new time.

Two) Open to receive a vision aligned with your highest potentials. When we come into resonance with a new potential, we begin to receive perceptual glimmers or visions of this potential. These glimmers offer insight into how this reality would look, how it would feel, and the types of potentials and opportunities we might encounter along that reality thread. This glimmer on the horizon sparks inspiration and your imagination catches fire. Captivated and enthused about this vision, you begin the quest to learn more about it. Set an intention to observe it. Each time you turn your attention to this intended creation, you energize it and the energetic field of the creation expands.

Once you receive a vision and choose to align with it, next begin the process of cultivating and strengthening the aspect of your consciousness most closely aligned with your vision. This is the aspect capable of bringing your creation into being. The fact that you are reading this says that you're interested in existing along high-vibrational, fifth-dimensional timelines and have set your intentions to manifest the "you" capable of helping you step more fully into the new time. This "you" represent your highest potentials. When we become the version of ourselves that is able to take us in the direction of our highest potentials, this self will always find a way to access higher frequencies within each moment.

First, Simply Allow a Vision to Exist in Consciousness

Three) Allow your new vision to simply exist in consciousness. Do not concern yourself in this early stage with how you will bring this vision into your physical reality. When a new vision arrives in the doorway of our imagination, all we need do is open to it and welcome it as a potential. We do not have to know how we will carry out the vision in order to open to it and allow it to exist as a strong potential in consciousness. It is a misunderstanding to think that we can only carry out those visions we are skilled and experienced in carrying out. This is yet another version of the scarcity thought virus that tells us we do not have what we need to carry out a vision so we must disregard it as yet another "daydream" delivered up by our fanciful imagination.

Allow a New Vision to Grow and Expand

Four) Nurture and allow this new vision to grow in your consciousness. Day by day and moment by moment, observe this vision as it exists within your energetic field. Ask questions about it and get to know it. As we learn more about this potential, we begin to activate and link with the facet of our consciousness most closely aligned with it. Each time we bring our focus to it, our potential gathers energy and expands. The critical mass for its arrival into physical reality is reached when the potential gains sufficient energetic resonance with the part of our consciousness that is able to nurture its arrival into physical reality.

Release Aspects Trapped in Past Traumas

Five) As a new potential gathers strength in its energetic field, you may become aware of pockets of resistance that exist within you. Generally speaking, these are not aspects that want to hold you back, but rather, aspects that exist within past moments where unhealed and unresolved emotions and their accompanying traumas reside. These aspects are holding energy to "bookmark" this moment in time so a future, more masterful "you" can return to heal and release them. As we cultivate and prepare to activate new potentials, we are shown any areas that need healing and release. As we free energy being held around past traumas, we're able to refocus this energy toward new potentials we wish to activate.

Meet Future Potentials in your Inner Temple

Six) Create an inner temple and spend time there daily. One way you can strengthen the connection with a new potential is to meet with it in consciousness each day. An inner temple is the perfect place to meet and work with future potentials. This temple can take any form you wish. It can be a cottage by the ocean, a cabin in the mountains, a tree house in a tropical rainforest or a tent in the desert. You can invite your intended creations here to meet with you and spend time together in this relaxed and loving atmosphere. In this high-vibrational space, you will find it easier to bring all aspects of your being on board with new potentials. Higher-vibrational frequencies will always heal and entrain lower-vibrational frequencies. Entering a high feeling state daily even for short periods will naturally clear obstacles to healing and help manifest your visions.

Resist the Urge to Micro-Manage how Realities Manifest

Seven) Allow the universe to bring new realities to you in whatever way it can. It is a mistake to place contingencies on how realities arrive. Some believe they must first manifest a sum of money in order to realize their higher visions. This is a misunderstanding. Placing contingencies and prerequisites on our creations only serves to bottleneck and slow their arrival in physical reality. For example, if you wish to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage around the world, focus on this desire rather than the money needed to make it happen. It's easy to see how a vision of your journey is far more exciting to your higher self than a pile of money which by comparison is abstract and may hold connotations of meaningless work and enslavement. When you set an intention and remain awake and aware to clues and information in your daily life, you will find the bread crumb trail that leads to your desired creation.

Remain Alert to Thought Viruses that Sabotage your Efforts

Eight) Remain alert to the voices in your head that tell you that your dreams are impossible and unrealistic. These are the voices of thought viruses you were indoctrinated to in childhood and through collective consciousness. Your higher self will never tell you that you're not able to live your dreams. Likewise, your intuition will never bring you dreams and visions of potentials that are not real and true for you.

Don't allow yourself to be hamstrung by thought viruses that say you're not ready or good enough or empowered enough or enlightened enough to live your visions. You can wire around these disempowering voices by choosing to align with the highest vibrational frequency you're able to access within the present moment and move on from there.

Align with Desired Realities at Subtle Levels

Nine) Release overinvestment in physical reality. Hold in awareness that the reality you see around you in your present moment represents past creations and is fluid and changeable. Don't be fooled by the solid, concrete appearance of "reality." When we look at these seemingly solid and immovable structures of our present moment, we may feel powerless to change them. It's true we cannot change an existing timeline. But we can shift to a new timeline. In order to change our reality and the timeline we exist along, we must go within to align our visions and intentions with subtle energy. Creating is not a matter of moving concrete around but of aligning ourselves with the reality we wish to experience at the subtle level where raw energy is shaped by intention, and allowing ourselves to be transported energetically to the timeline where that reality already exists.

Adopting a Focus Self Aligned with your Desired Reality

Ten) Align with the identity of one who is living the reality you wish to create. When you receive a vision of a new potential, there's always an aspect of your consciousness that is able to nurture this vision into physical reality and transport you to the timeline where this new potential exists. As you energize and nurture a new potential, it will teach you who you need to become in order to carry it out to the world. In this way, you learn the identity of this aspect of your consciousness and begin to align with and adopt it as your new focus self. If you have become overly invested in your present-moment focus self, you will need to work with your higher self which can teach your present focus self to embrace the concept of service, impermanence and transcendence. As your focus self learns to act in service to the highest good of all, it will step aside when the time comes to allow a new facet of your consciousness to become the focus identity self capable of transporting you to timelines where new potentials exist.

Accept that Everything has Happened with Divine Perfection

Eleven) Refrain from judging yourself as moments from your past come before you to be released. Everything you created/activated in the past was designed to help you learn to grow and become the wise and empowered "you" that exists within your present moment.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta  

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta

For more on healing the past, see Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks by DL Zeta

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Time Travel in Consciousnesss brings Emotional Healing

It is possible to time travel in consciousness to heal your past and release old energetic bookmarks. When traumatic or difficult moments happen in your life, you create "bookmarks" so you can later return and release them. Over time, your conscious understandings grow. Your new conscious perspective will know intuitively how to release these energetic bookmarks. When these bookmarks are released, it completes an understanding you were seeking to gain by creating situations in the first place. Most people have dozens of energetic bookmarks and in some cases, hundreds and even thousands, all waiting to be released when the time is right.

When a significant amount of energy is being held in the past in the form of energetic bookmarks, it becomes difficult to hold one's attention in the present moment. Your attention is constantly drawn to these areas that need resolution. Ask your guides to bring your attention to situations where energetic bookmarks reside. You can also gain awareness of energetic bookmarks by writing your autobiography and paying attention to any scenarios around which you are still holding energy. Once you have a list of energetic bookmarks, you are ready to travel into the past to release them. It is important to note that it is not necessary to journey back to each bookmark because often a number of bookmarks are based on the need to gain a single understanding. Once this understanding is complete, all the bookmarks having to do with the lesson are released. Bookmarks may have been created in very different periods of your life even though they are based on the same lesson.

Guided Meditation: Journeying Back in Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks

Imagine yourself surrounded by frequencies of light. These frequencies appear like floating orbs of light all around you. Each orb of light is a portal capable of carrying you into a past situation where an energetic bookmark is held. Ask your guides to bring your attention to an orb that can take you into a past moment that is important for you to visit at this time. Allow your attention to be gently guided to this orb. Bring your entire focus to the orb's light, sensing its frequency and vibration. See your consciousness slowly merging with it. Once this is complete, you are ready to travel inside this orb.

Once inside this orb, you experience it as a tunnel of space and time. Inside this tunnel, a sparkling energy pulses around you and through you. As you travel through this tunnel, you may glimpse in your mind's eye people and moments from your past. Don't attempt to grasp onto these, just observe and release them as they move past. You are moving quickly now, faster and faster, spinning back through the years of your life. Finally you begin to slow down. As you spin more slowly, you see the color green appear at the end of the tunnel.

You come to a complete stop and slip out of the tunnel into the green space. The orb and its spinning tunnel of time hover above you as you explore the scenery around you. You are in a wooded area lush with trees and vines. You hear a gentle stream murmuring nearby. You move toward the sound of the stream until you are standing at its edge looking down into the shimmering water. As you stand there, a stone walkway appears before you. You follow the walkway across the stream. On the other side, you see your guide beaconing to you. Your guide appears in human form but the features are illuminated with a brilliant light. You follow your guide through a wooded area. As you move along, you are aware of the deep blue sky overhead. There are a few clouds drifting across the electric blue of the sky. The woods are silent except for the sound of your footsteps moving along the path. After several minutes, you enter a clearing. Inside this clearing, you see a younger version of your self waiting to greet you. This younger self may be very young, or it may be you at any moment from your past. This "you" is from a moment in which you experienced a trauma or other overwhelming event.

As you stand facing this self, it tells you telepathically it has something to show you. You follow your younger self to a beautiful green expanse of thick grass and you sit down together. As you sit there, a scene from your past begins to play in the field before you like a movie on a screen. On the screen, you see your self as you were at a moment in your past. In this moment, something is occurring that is being held energetically inside you in the form of an energetic bookmark. It is not necessary to allow your self to be caught up in the energy of the scene before you. Just view it from the perspective of a detached observer. There is a moment when the energy of what is happening in the scene entered your cellular memory. Your attention is directed to this moment. When you find it, rewind the movie several frames. Stop the movie and freeze the frame inside the moment before the situation entered cellular memory. Now, step into the scene as your present-moment consciousness and allow your self to experience all that is happening there. See this old situation with the light of a different consciousness. Inside this moment, you see the higher purpose for creating the situation. You see how this situation relates to other situations in your life. All these situations were created to help you gain an important understanding. This understanding holds the key to the next step of your spiritual growth and frees your energy to move more fully into the joyful realization of your purpose for this lifetime.

When you understand the purpose of what was created, merge your consciousness with your consciousness of that time. Allow your past self to view this situation as it is happening through the light and wisdom of your higher consciousness. As this version of you understands why this is occurring, fear and negative energy are released before they enter cellular memory. See the energy of the situation leaving the cells of your body in the form of bubbles moving up toward the deep blue sky. These bubbles drift up and away from you, higher and higher into the sky until they finally disappear from sight.

It is time now to thank all those who helped you create the situation you have just released. Know this situation was created with the intention to further your soul's growth and purpose for this lifetime. Express gratitude for the lesson. Release any judgment, blame, resentment or other negative emotion you may have felt at a time in the past when you didn't understand how the situation was helping you. As you express gratitude, observe how all the energetic bookmarks associated with this lesson begin slowly dissolving throughout time. This situation and all situations that carry the same energetic signature are now released from cellular memory. Notice how light and joyful you feel. Blend your energy once more with your past self, loving and reassuring this self that it can always call upon you when guidance and loving assistance are needed. Say good-bye to this self for now, allowing your energy to center once more in your present-moment self. Your guide leads you from the clearing back through the woods to the stream. Thank your guide for assisting you in releasing the energetic bookmarks. Your guide waves to you as you cross the stone walkway to the other side of the stream where you once more merge with the bright orb of light and enter the tunnel of time. In just a few seconds, you travel forward in time, quickly arriving back in the present moment where you open your eyes and feel your self free and energized.
Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta and Celestial Vision Audio Series

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Journeys to Assist Mass Numbers of Souls

There are times on the Earth when great numbers of souls are passing over to other realms. This might be the site of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, or it might be the site of a "man-made" disaster, such as "911."

To help you understand this form of journeying, we will describe how many volunteer souls arrived on the astral plane to assist those newly leaving the Earth after 911. A call went out far and wide for angelic assistance to aid souls crossing over. This call went out well in advance of the actual event. When you journey to assist others, it can be in past or future timeframes, as well as your present timeframe. With 911, it was important for lightworkers to journey from a time before the event. After 911 occurred, a dark cloud spread throughout the human collective consciousness. This cloud temporarily dimmed the light of many high-vibrational souls as their hearts struggled to find love around this occurrence. For this reason, it was important for light beings to arrive "on the scene" not knowing what they were viewing.

The souls they assisted arrived with visions of what they had experienced very much intact. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteer souls, they were quickly brought into reunion with their higher self and remembered their soul contract to participate in this important event on the world's stage. Their souls were able to take quantum steps on their journey of becoming as a result of this contract.

At least a third of those "angelic" volunteers who responded to the call during 911 were first-time volunteers to the scene of a mass disaster. This event served as an important training ground for many newly-awakened souls. In turn, these souls provided a great assistance and healing, adding their light to the brilliant glow that welcomed arriving souls with love and assistance.

In time, awakened souls recall their journeys to assist others at the site of such world events. Beyond this, they begin to undertake journeys in their waking consciousness. Relatively few souls reach this phase of waking journeys.

Angelic Journeys During Waking Existence

Not all your journeys to assist others will take place in your nightly dreams. In time, you may find your self contacted during your waking existence by souls from all points in the universe seeking guidance and assistance.

You can choose to begin traveling in waking consciousness by entering into a trance-like state through breathing and relaxation. While breathing and relaxing, bring your mind into stillness and your heart into a place of calm. Hold the person or situation you are assisting in your heart as you breathe deeply, releasing your hold on the physical world. Allow your imagination to gently guide you through the gates of physical reality and onto the bridge that leads from conscious to subconscious mind. Find the portal you access in your nightly dreams. As you enter this portal, set your intention to travel in consciousness to this location. Tune into the frequency of this location and you can begin to traveling in waking consciousness. Once you have traveled to a location while awake or asleep, you effectively have a "phone number" that allows you to always home in on this frequency again.

Through the doorway of your imagination, you may travel in consciousness to any location in the universe to assist those in need. This may seem strange or unusual to you at first, but as you undertake these journeys, you will begin to remember previous times when you offered angelic assistance to others. Many times in the past – between lives, in nightly dreams, and in consciousness during any number of incarnations - you have participated in angelic intervention efforts.

Each time you journey to assist aspects of your self in time, or other souls in need of assistance, you deepen your experience and understanding of angelic aspects of your self. Over time, you carry angelic energy more and more into your daily life, greatly transforming the vibration of your present existence to one of joyful service and love.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta http://celestialvision.squarespace.com/the-portals-of-spirit-ebook-by/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org

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