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Merging Timelines to Create a Shift

When you perceive and choose to shift to an alternate timeline, you adopt the past, present and future of your new timeline. This is why it is not necessary to go back in time to change the past. You are able within your present moment to merge your current timeline with an alternate timeline.

An example might be that you develop a condition in your body that is a result of past choices. You may feel this condition is irreversible and others may tell you this as well. At this point, you may feel hopeless and wish you could travel back in time to convince your past self not to make the decisions that activated timelines where you are experiencing serious illness.

You would do just as well to begin perceiving the timeline where you are healed and whole and begin merging with it. When you begin tuning into the healed and whole timeline, you naturally adopt the thoughts, feelings and vibrational frequency of that timeline. This allows you to tune into and merge with the healed and whole (or any other) timeline that already exists within the hologram of your present lifetime.

For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta 

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Receiving Visions of your Highest Probabilities

During moments when you are most aligned with your higher self, you receive downloads of guidance and information. One aspect of the guidance downloaded into your consciousness involves images of future probabilities.

It’s easy to recognize a spiritual vision because it lifts you up and excites you. Your conscious mind may experience fear and concern around a vision, but on another level, you will feel expanded and excited by it. Allow these visions to enter your consciousness and exist in their own space. Avoid the temptation to surround visions with thoughts of how you would carry them out or how challenging or impossible or difficult it would be for you to act on them. Your conscious mind always wants to know the what, when, where, how, and why of your visions. Allow yourself to not know the answers to these questions. This is a big part of trusting in your highest visions.

Allowing Visions to 'Take Root' in Consciousness

When you allow a vision to exist in your consciousness, you see it begin to take root. You begin to see steps you can take to nurture it into being. You don't need to know all the steps at first. It’s likely you won't. Trust that when you receive a vision, it already exists in your energetic field as a potential reality. Trust that when you receive a vision of something "already in existence" energetically, the resources to manifest the vision are readily available. In fact, in order for a vision to not manifest, it must be blocked by your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. If these are all clear and open, you will receive guidance on actions you can take to bring your vision into physical reality.

You may not understand at first why you're receiving a vision. For instance, if you see yourself moving to a new city or undertaking a course of study, you may not initially understand why. As you take steps to explore the visions you receive, you will see why you have received them and how they can provide you with important understandings you need to progress spiritually. Since you may not fully understand the importance of a step until you take it, you’ll need to learn to trust and believe in your visions.

Be Willing to Embrace Rites of Passage

The steps you’re asked to take in realizing your visions may require you to make difficult and painful decisions. You may see yourself leaving your present career, ending a relationship, moving to a new city, or otherwise letting go of ideas, things, and connections. Sometimes you will be asked to release an aspect of your past or change a deeply ingrained habit. Spiritual learning is not always about maintaining the status quo. In fact, it’s often about tearing down what has been and moving forward in a new way. As you enter a place of surrender where you embrace and allow all that spirit is asking of you, you’ll find many wonderful and beautiful things entering your life. Change and growth are not about “losing” things, but about discovering and embracing new parts of yourself. These parts may be reflected in your physical reality by people, situations, places, and experiences.

Be Willing to ‘Ask’ for Assistance

You may be asked to learn a new skill or expand your vision for what you believe is possible in your life. Don’t judge yourself if you experience resistance and uncertainty. You are always able to ask your guides and higher self for clarification, assistance and additional information to prepare the way for you to come into a place of readiness. There is nothing "wrong" with seeking this clarification and assistance. Keep preparing your consciousness and finding your way; request the guidance and resources you need to undertake your journey and open to receive them.

We offer here steps to receiving a spiritual vision:

One) Set your intention to open to the visions your spirit brings you.

Two) Enter a peaceful, trancelike state through breathing, meditation, self-hypnosis or other techniques.

Three) Quiet your mind, release all thoughts and remain in a state of alert listening.

Four) Allow an image to form in your mind.

Five) When you see this image clearly, write it down, speak it into a tape recorder, or sketch it out.

Six) Enter a state of allowing. Allow this image to exist in your consciousness without knowing how it will manifest.

Seven) If you have questions about this vision, ask your guides and higher self for clarification. Don’t hesitate to formulate questions to your guides and higher self seeking additional information and guidance.

Eight) As you receive guidance, be willing to take steps to act on the images you receive. Part of this step is acting with impeccable timing. This may mean watching for signs and synchronicities to line up. When you see your guidance line up with your environment, be willing to act impeccably within the moment.

Nine) Once you’ve taken action, observe how things unfold. If you need clarification, question your guides about the steps you’ve taken and ask for further steps.

Ten) Accept the results of your actions, whatever they are, affirming everything that happens in your life is an opportunity to expand your understandings.

Eleven) Thank your guides and higher self for the assistance and information they have provided.

Twelve) Remain in a state of alert listening for any further steps to take.

Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Your Soulmate Already Exists in your Field of Possibilities 

By the time the thought enters your mind to manifest a soulmate relationship, a soulmate already exists in your energetic field of possibilities. If you have lived a life focused primarily in physical reality, it may take some inner work to build a belief in the idea that a soulmate already exists in your energy field and all that you need to do to energize this connection into your physical world is to nurture this seed with your love, attention, intention and focus.

Once you have sufficiently built this belief you are ready to create a timeline and identity shift around a soulmate relationship.

To create an identity shift, first set the intention to make the shift. This creates an energetic field that begins to attract energy, information, ideas, people and resources to bring your intention into physical reality. Open to allow your intention to manifest. Manifestation occurs when intention and allowing go hand-in-hand.

In order to fine tune your new identity, you may want to spend some time observing those who hold the identity of being in a soulmate relationship. Also observe those who hold identities based in not having a soulmate connection in their life. Observe the differences between the two.

You may also find it helpful to brainstorm all the images and ideas you associate with a soulmate relationship. In a journal, list the qualities and characteristics you associate with soulmates. Look for photographs and symbols that represent soulmate connection to you and place these around your home so they are always in front of you. This helps reaffirm and re-energize your intentions daily. If your brainstorming session yields images of things you can do that make you feel loved and connected to a soulmate, make time to follow up on these.

Something as simple as making time in your day for a walk in the park can boost your energy and enthusiasm for life which subsequently magnetizes a joyful soulmate reunion into your life. As you move further into an identity shift, you will receive images of your new self in dreams. You can also ask your intuitive guidance to bring you conscious images and closeups of any areas of your new identity that remain unclear.

Your guidance will also bring your attention to any barriers, unresolved situations, or old beliefs that stand in the way of adopting your new identity. Release any thoughts of who you have been, who you no longer wish to be, and simply step into the identity of who you are now -- who you choose to be.

By strongly identifying with the self who is experiencing your chosen probable reality, you make it your present moment reality. When you bring your complete focus to your new reality, you move toward who you now choose to be, which naturally creates distance from any past realities. This carries you into a fuller experience of realities aligned with your new identity. As you adopt this new identity, you naturally shift to the timeline where you are living out this identity.

Excerpt from Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate in Physical Reality By DL Zeta
& Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness: a Guided Meditation

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Aligning with Vibrational Frequencies of Love and Abundance 

During this transformational time, you are free to tap into high-vibrational energies now flooding the Earth plane. In order to fully access these expansive potentials, set your intention to do so and step into the highest vibrational frequency you can access. As you harmonize with elevated frequencies, you're able to manifest an abundance of love and blessings from the greatly expanded feeling states of your higher self.

Fine-tuning Your Vibrational Frequency

Your feeling states and your "vibrational frequency" determine your level of abundance - not others and not circumstances in the world. Those who believe the economy is responsible for challenges they are experiencing with prosperity are perceiving "in reverse," so to speak. Every experience can be transformed when we shine the bright light of our higher knowing on it. The ability to transform a challenge into an opportunity directly corresponds to one’s willingness to accept complete responsibility for every aspect of their reality.

You are always the source and cause of your experience of reality. What you manifest directly correlates with the essence of your energy. Your feeling states are barometers for your thoughts, beliefs and spiritual understandings. If you hold negative feelings toward anyone or anything, this pulls down your feeling state and your energetic resonance.

When we manifest from low-vibrational energies, we experience roadblocks, disappointments, illness, accidents, and overall feelings of being out of sync with the universe. These experiences are not a "punishment", but wakeup calls to examine the beliefs, intentions, motivations, visions, and identities we currently hold.

Every being is holographic to all-that-is. As a spark of infinity, we contain the entire energetic spectrum. Because we contain it all, we can choose to focus on any aspect along the spectrum of human potential. In other words, we can choose to focus on any aspect of our being and energize it into our physical reality.

When we take 100% responsibility for all our experiences - when we accept the power and authority of our role as Divine and infinite beings - we open to receive all the joy, love and blessings the universe has to offer.

Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your
Dreams by DL Zeta

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Dream States and Waking Consciousness

When discussing the possibilities of your dream world, it is important to understand the saying “as above, so below” is very real. When you undertake nightly journeys into higher realms, your energetic vibration changes in ways that will soon bring the essence of your dream experiences into the experience of your conscious, waking world. The same is true in reverse. Conscious dreams into higher realms change the tone and essence of nightly dreams. All these journeys are best undertaken with full conscious knowing of their “realness” and implications. All explorations in consciousness -- dreams and otherwise -- are real and will change your life in ways that can't often be anticipated.

Another consideration is the way in which the nightly dream world mirrors your conscious, waking world. Dreams are one way you are able to decipher and decode the meaning of events in your waking world, and receive inner guidance about them. Your guides and higher self will always respond to the efforts you make in your waking life to work with your dreams. The effort you make in your waking world to remember and interpret your nightly dreams determines the degree to which decoding takes place within your dreams. At the same time, any conscious attempt to grow spiritually will expand the range of travel itineraries available to you in your nightly journeys.

Dreams Are Multi-layered Messages from Other Aspects of your Self

Any attempt to unravel your dreams is important and will bring results. The act of remembering and interpreting dreams is a first step. Dreams occur at many different levels, each one consisting of layered meanings. Just as there are parts of your waking world that remain unseen and unrealized until your awareness expands sufficiently to comprehend them, additional layers of your dreams are accessed with an awareness expanded by hundreds of simple dream interpretations. It is in this daily practice of working with dreams that you become fluent in the language of your soul.

This fluency opens the door to many forms of intuitive communion. Do not underestimate the importance of your dreams. They are a valuable window to the workings of your inner world. Whether awake or asleep, you are always experiencing multiple dream states simultaneously.

You may wonder how dreams are created in who is sending the messages you receive in your dreams. Both the form and message of dreams come from aspects of your self that exist beyond the boundaries of your conscious mind.

Conscious 'Waking' Dream States

One layer of dreaming involves shared dreams. Your conscious awareness has, for example, agreed to take part in many different dream states with others for the creation of shared experiences. You weave in and out of these many different dreams with variations of intensity. Sometimes you bring your focus into a few dominant dreams for concentrated learning experiences; at other times you expand into many dreams you are sampling in search of veins of needed experience. There is always an expansion and contraction of your conscious dream states depending on the purpose for growth and learning at the time. A soul that has just completed an intensive learning experience may choose to enter into an expanded sampling of many conscious dream states to fish the streams of life possibilities for a time before moving into another intensive period of focused learning. All conscious, waking dreams seek this balance of learning states that, when observed, resemble the cycles of the in breath and the out breath. This is important to keep in mind as this state of fluidity and flux in one’s conscious dream states can fall into judgment when not understood within proper perspective.

Some shared dream experiences are created by spiritual contracts that sometimes span lifetimes. There are souls you agree to meet while on the Earth plane for specific purposes. These soul contracts are based upon a higher purpose such as learning unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. Sometimes these shared dreams are created to alleviate karma created in other lifetimes. Alleviating karma is essentially an attempt to gain needed understandings.

Discernment and Shared Dream States

As your awareness of shared dream states increases, you will become more discerning of the dream states in which you participate. Beware of any shared dream states you participate in by default. In your world, there are those who seek to manage and regulate conscious dream states -- their own as well as those of others. This is sometimes done for material gain by a government or industry. Intentions associated with this management and regulation of consciousness determine its outcome and karmic lessons. Conscious waking dream states are also regulated by motivations set forth as “spiritual” or “religious.” These are generally carried out with a careful interweaving of one's earliest consciousness with belief systems that support regulation through religion. The there also may be friends, family or others in your life who seek to control and regulate your conscious dream states in ways that are not aligned with your highest good. Begin following the threads of your shared dream states to gain awareness of their true essence. This will help you determine if they are worthy of your energy.

The Awakened Consciousness and Dream States

The regulation and management of waking dream states can only occur when the consciousness is not truly awakened. Once one begins to awaken inside the conscious dream, the outside regulation and management of one's conscious dream state becomes less and less possible. The awakened consciousness takes over the regulation and management of its own waking dream, working in closer communion with one's guides and angels and higher self to develop conscious agendas for spiritual evolution and world service.

This conscious awakening extends into nightly dreams experienced during the sleep state. It is here that the consciousness can truly excel, for the subconscious mind exists outside the time and space continuum of the conscious dream. It is here that the conscious awareness is able to experience other dimensions, perform world service by astral journeying to sites of suffering and catastrophe, and assist lost souls in moving on in their spiritual evolution. Not all the “guides” and “angels” who assist on the earth plane are disincarnate.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta

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