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Spiritual Nutrition and the Raw Food Diet

My interest in the raw food diet was multipurpose. For one thing, I wanted to experience the radiant health, energy and vitality I'd read about. I also wanted to lose weight and return to my original slender shape. When I was younger, I was the same height I am now - 5'7" - and weighed 118 to 125 lbs. From my late twenties into my forties, my weight was usually in the 150 to 170 range. I had difficulty losing weight no matter what I tried, but my intuition told me weight loss would be easy with the raw food diet. But there was another reason I was interested in raw foods.

As I moved further along my spiritual path, I began to receive increasing guidance that eating a raw food diet would help me progress at a more rapid rate. It made sense to me that freeing energy that would otherwise be spent digesting heavy food would give me more energy for spiritual pursuits. It also made sense that eating foods of high vibration raises your vibration. As I began to study raw food preparation and focus on changing my diet, some of my spiritual friends expressed the opinion I was wasting my time learning about raw foods. What's the point of depriving yourself of eating cooked foods you enjoy when our real nourishment is Divine energy, which we need only reach up and connect with, they argued. So I began doing some reading and research to attempt to answer this question for myself. The following summarizes what I found ...

There has been some debate about where our physical health and well-being comes from. Some maintain Divine, cosmic energy is the real source of our sustenance and to place importance on the nature of the foods we consume is to buy into yet another illusion of the denser realities. To me, this argument reduces the source of health to a black-and-white issue when in fact it is a luminous rainbow inclusive of all variations.

Gabriel Cousens, M.D. goes into great detail in his book, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, describing the system through which he believes cosmic energy feeds and nourishes the physical body. This system begins with the potential energy that fills the cosmos prior to the materialization of an object. The first "stepping down" of this virtual energy is into something called a tachyon field space, which can be thought of as the virtual state trying to become a particle. This tachyon field energy is next stepped down as vortical forms of energy which exist near the speed of light as a particle of matter called a photon. This continues to be stepped down into what Cousens refers to as Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs), which create the template form of living systems. These SOEFS resonate with and energize the mind and body. The belief is that a perfectly organized SOEF can transfer by resonance from the level of purely cosmic energy to the biological level without a loss of energy. The SOEFs work in conjunction with the chakras and a series of subtle energy fields that regulate the flow of energy into the different parts of the body.

Cousens says that the functioning of the SOEFs is impacted by the foods we eat: "When we eat in a healthy, harmonious way, our ability to attune and commune with the Divine is enhanced." When we eat foods of high vibration that are raw, organic and living, and when we live an energizing, harmonious lifestyle, the energy of the SOEFs is enhanced. When energized, the SOEFs develop a more structured, defined organization that better maintains the form and function of the human system. This optimal function can reverse entropy or aging. On the other hand, when SOEFs are depleted through eating low energy foods and living energy-depleting lifestyles, they become less organized and the body ages.

This is why the true source of abundance is the ability to receive this unlimited cosmic energy free flowing into the SOEFs and the physical body. As our mind and body become better conductors, we're able to store and transmit greater and greater amounts of higher energy. This explains how miracles have occurred in the presence of spiritual masters.

David Wolfe in his book, Eating for Beauty, offers a simpler explanation for the value of eating a raw food diet: "Enlightenment is just that -- making yourself lighter."
Wolfe says raw plant foods, laughter, joy, bliss and unconditional love all exist on the same frequency. He says tuning into this frequency raises the overall vibration of your energy field, causing anything that is vibrating at a lower frequency, such as fear, pain, doubt, cancer, ugliness, depression and toxins to eventually percolate out to be ejected from the body. This is detoxification. Wolfe also says that eating raw plant foods triggers a transformative process that allows you to rebuild yourself at a deep level.

Paul Nison in Raw Knowledge says in order to reach the soul, you can't be weighed down with food. Those eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) spend most of their energy digesting food. Nison says it's important to have a spiritual context when you set out to live the raw food lifestyle. Otherwise, "this newfound energy does not feel grounded to the average person," he says. "Once we clean our minds and bodies, we are able to live with the lightness that less eating and a clean body will produce and we will be able ready to get in touch with a much higher place."

My conclusion is that it's true that spirit is the body's fuel. The body derives its nourishment from pranic energy, but when the body is dirty, it's hard for it to use pranic energy. When people eat cooked food and put things into their bodies that don't belong there, this toxic build up keeps the third eye shut. As people start to eat cleaner, more healthful foods, the third eye starts to open and we are able to see the signs that passed us by when the third eye was closed. All of us have this eye. We just have to open it to see the unseen. There are signs everywhere once this eye is open.

I recommend that anyone who wants to learn more about spiritual nutrition read Cousens' book, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet. I leave you with a quote by Cousens from Spiritual Nutrition that for me sums it up. "For proper nutrition to be of maximum benefit, it needs to be integrated into a harmonious balance of right life, good fellowship, wisdom, meditation, prayer and love."

For more on spiritual nutrition, see Metaphysics of Radiant Health by DL Zeta 
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Mourning the Past Frees us to New Realities

As I write this, I’m in mourning.  I have begun the practice of mourning, saying goodbye and appreciating what has been as it disappears from my rearview mirror. 

This process of  acknowledging these milestones of completion amid feelings of sadness and loss allows me to turn once more my full attention to the windshield of the horizon and what is appearing there.

When the remnants of Hurricane Ike knocked down trees and outbuildings on our property in September 2008, we knew things were going to be different for awhile.  There was the cleanup and the construction of the new building to deal with.  It kept us busy for months and months.  In the back of my mind, I was thinking that once this is done, we will be able to get "back" to what we were doing before the storm.

The great cosmic joke is to ever think we can get "back" to another point in time.  Who was the person who said you can't jump into the same river twice?  A wise person, no doubt.

In December 2009, I finished the first phase of the interior of the building and set it aside.  Immediately, I began to anticipate getting “back” to the point where we were pre-storm, pre-construction. 

By this point, nearly 16 months had passed. I soon realized that unless I could figure out a way to build a time travel machine, I would not be going "back."

The only way was to move forward in my own consciousness.  I could re-energize realities that were in place in 2008, but the experience would be different because I was no longer in the same place in consciousness.  No doubt, some realities I would re-energize and I have.  The things that were still relevant I picked up and moved on with.

But what of the essence of the past that was lost?  How do we deal with the skins we shed as we move into new and different futures?  This is a question we’re all facing more and more - those of us who are cultivating and creating conscious change in our lives.  At each juncture we can take a moment -- a long moment -- however much time we need -- to mourn what is being left behind, what is no more and will never be again.

I have arrived at the place of mourning. Each day I sit in gratitude for all that has been.  I love and release what is leaving my life. This allows me to open to the new and welcome daily all that it brings.

I'm thankful for all that was in my life as the calendar clicked into September 2008.  I'm thankful all for all that has happened since.  As I turn to face what promises to be the most transformative period of my life, all these past timeframes fade from my rearview mirror.

Now I bring my full attention to the energies of Summer of 2010.  I listen within to the messages I receive.  I interpret the symbols that show up.  I open to each moment as it arrives and I release each moment as it passes. There is only now, only this moment beaconing to us through the windshield of our next horizon. 


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Intuitive Guidance in Future Time: The Perceptions of a Conscious Channel

My perceptions and intuition tells me that in the future each person will channel. It’s a skill that will be taught to grade school children. In this future time, we will no longer need an Internet as its spiritual component, conscious channeling, will be fully activated and engaged within each being. I doubt we’ll be calling it channeling in that timeframe for this term carries the burden of too many misconceptions. It has become attached to the idea of allowing foreign entities to take over one’s consciousness. There may well be a new term for this process of reaching at will into our subconscious mind and beyond that into our superconscious, which contains the codes and keys to all the universe. In that time, we won’t even think of naming the process we use to access knowledge, guidance and information; that would seem as foolish as naming your big toe.

Channeling or whatever term we will use to describe the skill of “universal access” will someday be accepted as a process as natural as breathing. In fact, it already is, but at present many subscribe to belief systems that block this ability from their reality. Like anything else, it's a skill that must be accepted and developed. This book offers steps you can take to cultivate, nurture and develop this skill. Even if your belief system can't yet embrace the concept of channeling, you'll find exercises here such as automatic writing, dream work and interpreting the symbols of your waking life valuable in sharpening your ability to receive intuitive guidance. Over time, the guidance that comes through will help you build a belief in your own abilities and subsequently transform the course of your life.

Excerpt from Channeling into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for Opening Your Psychic Senses by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam


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Messages of the Ice

Part 1: Timeline Bleedthroughs and Guide Changes

From the Journals of DL Zeta

On Sunday, January 26, we had a solar eclipse in Aquarius. In the weeks prior to the eclipse, the event kept filtering into my consciousness. I knew my intuition was trying to flag my attention, but I couldn't devote much mind space to it due to the increasing buzz about an impending ice storm. My time was consumed with buying supplies, doing laundry and preparing for a possible power outage. In the chaos of preparing for the impending storm, I overlooked the fact that we’d had an eclipse in Aquarius just before Hurricane Ike swept through here in September.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First I want to talk about the ice storm.

The Ghost of Ice Storms Past

The night before the ice storm began, I revisited my memories of the last major ice storm we had here on December 25, 2000. That storm began early Christmas morning. Iced in alone and without electricity throughout the holiday and for the next few days, I began to experience a "timeline bleedthrough" in which I received the vision for a new way of being that included possibilities beyond anything I had imagined. To make this shift, I needed to clear out emotional "static" -- old fears and programming from the past. Synchronistically, that ice storm provided me with the opportunity to confront emotional trepidation around holidays and severe weather - particularly icy weather. It allowed me to face fears of isolation, particularly in a desolate environment, and ultimately, physical death. These were all deep, primal fears dredged up from the suffering well of collective consciousness.

What happened that icy December in 2000 amounted to a dark night of the soul that allowed me to "rebirth" my consciousness and awaken to the wealth of assistance available in the realm of the “unseen” -- the realm of spirit.

Nine years later, my memories of that time are cast in a glow of appreciation and gratitude for the life-changing rite of passage the storm afforded me. I'm grateful and blessed each day by the emotional freedom, inner strength and spiritual connection I’ve begun allowing into my life in the years since that time of ice.

As the ice storm of January 2009 bore down, I doubted it would have anything approaching the impact of that storm in 2000. I was pretty certain the same circumstance wouldn't wield the same power.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that there was an eclipse the day of the December 2000 ice storm. I didn’t know it in 2000. In fact, it’s something I found out nine years after the fact. We’ll come back to that in Part 3.

The Ice Storm of 2009

The morning of January 28, I woke to the sound of ice on the roof. A light rain the night before had turned to sleet and freezing rain. I woke the moment the electric grid went down. At first, I experienced an inevitable resistance, impatience and bristling against the inconvenience. But this all quickly turned to awe and dread of the powerful forces of nature. For the second time in just over four months, I felt myself in the sharp teeth of clashing energies.

In the Wake of Hurricane Ike

It in the four months since Hurricane Ike swept through on September 13, leaving a trail devastation in its path, I have found blessings and healing.

I know everything that’s happened has been in accordance with divine perfection. In the months before the storm, I began receiving visions of a new living space that would allow us to grow and expand in ways that are aligned with our spiritual purpose. Inside the space there would be a greenhouse where Peter could grow vegetables and herbs year round. There would be a sound-proof audiovisual room where we could create CDs and DVDs for the ever-growing number of people we work with. There would be an exercise room where we could focus on fitness, even in the coldest part of winter. There would be an area for a hot tub and massage table for relaxation and renewal, a garage to house our cars, and a writer's loft, a space for inner listening and writing. By July of last year, I was making drawings and mapping out the design of the building, not knowing how and when this building would come to be.

The morning after Hurricane Ike brought the two largest trees on our property down onto our carport and shed, I stood in the carnage feeling the weight of the loss. Amid it all, a strong, clear voice said “Now we build.” Three days after the hurricane, we bought a steel building online and began the cleanup and foundation work to bring the vision of our building into being. Every step we took - from dirt work to foundation to erecting the building and putting up interior walls - brought a healing and renewal. As the New Year began, I found myself in a place of peace and gratitude.

Even as the dust settled in the wake of Hurricane Ike, a new event was brewing on the horizon. There is no doubt we are entering new and more intense weather patterns. Some attribute it to shifting energies preparing the way for 2012. Some say it is global warming. One thing I’m certain of. Each experience we undergo contains a message. To receive the message, we must embrace the experience, open to its message and receive it with an open heart and mind. I call this process “surrendering to the storm.”

Next: Messages of the Ice, Part 2 Surrendering to the Storm

Messages of the Ice, Part 2

Surrendering to the Storm

The January 2009 ice storm lasted over 36 hours. By the end of the first day, I found myself in a familiar yet uncomfortable emotional space. As I stood under the eve of my house listening to trees snapping under the weight of heavy ice, I realized I was still holding emotional energy around the devastation of Hurricane Ike. It wasn't the carnage that still held me. It was the brute force of the weather system, the power of it. The deadly potential of it. The knowing that once it landed at my door, there was no going back, no escape. I could take steps to protect myself. I could get to the safest place I could reach, but beyond that, I was a passenger on the speeding train of the storm's fury. That is the point when you recognize the only course is to surrender to the storm.

It was this kernel of surrender to the forces of nature with both the hurricane and the ice storm that brought me face-to-face with the specter of death. Both events were deadly. Large numbers of people passed over. Animals died. Trees collapsed. The entire natural world fractured. As the ice storm bore down, there was little time to contemplate the bigger questions. This took back seat to immediate survival issues.

The Challenges of Ice

If Hurricane Ike opened a wound, the ice storm was salt poured into the wound. In the first days of the ice storm, hundreds of trees and limbs tumbled onto the ground from the weight of the ice. Our mile-long dirt road became impassable - in some places, stacked 4 ft. high with fallen timbers. Peter joined with several men from our neighborhood who risked life and limb to clear a path through the debris-strewn road. They sawed and lifted and tussled with broken trees even as other trees and ice-encrusted limbs toppled around them. This was just to create emergency access to the outside world. Driving the ice-covered road was still treacherous. Trees were falling. Large branches dangled precariously by thin strands. Tangled conglomerations of broken trees leaned overhead.

I joined a group of women who took food and water to a near-frozen dog an absentee neighbor had left in a pen. As we dodged falling branches and missile-like shards of ice, we watched a tree come down on a row of mailboxes. That night as I wrote in my journal by candlelight, I contemplated how easy it is to depart this life under such circumstances. Any injury in combination with an impassable road is a recipe for life's final flicker. Certainly our battery-powered radio was bringing news each day of those who had skidded on icy roads, been hit on the head by fallen limbs or frozen inside unheated houses.

Physical Death is a Subconscious Decision

My inner questioning as always brought answers. Physical death, I was shown, is not a matter of weather events. It's not a matter of an opportunistic disease or a life-consuming systemic infection. Physical death is not a car accident, a crashed plane or any other disaster. Physical death is a decision made at a very deep level of our being. The events that swirl around us each moment are doorways and opportunities for one to execute the decision to pass over from the realm of the physical to the realm of spirit, but they aren't the determining factor. This explains why people survive circumstances that seem insurmountable.

I could see how at the root my discomfort with Hurricane Ike and the ice storms of 2000 and 2009 was this question: will I leave or will I stay? Each time I've asked this question I've chosen to renew my contract here. Underneath it all -- regardless of what life has delivered to my door -- each time I have held fast to my sense of purpose and my mission for being here. Each decision to stay in the game of Earth school has brought me into deeper affirmation of my purpose to become a vehicle for spirit on Earth. Each decision has helped me come to a deeper love and nurturing of my human self and all its frailties and foibles. Each decision has helped me see through the illusory surface of reality to the deeper meanings beneath. In this deeper reality, we are all one and the same: spirit in search of experience.

The Passing of a Poet

One evening as I was writing by candlelight, an image of a poet friend came into my mind. She is a strong woman of courage who taught me years ago that the most powerful images in poetry and in life are found on the jagged edge of the precipice between worlds. It wasn't until the roads cleared and I was able to travel into town that I learned she had passed during the ice storm. She had battled lung cancer for over a year. Based on what had been coming to me during the storm, I knew she had chosen her time to depart this plane, flying into the further realms on the strong wings of the storm.

Like many poets, Brenda danced with otherworldly visions:

“We should all be naked for this.

Gates of the prisons opened.

A flood of spirit pulsing

through the streets – like blood loosed

from the heart.

We should all be naked unbound angels,

no robes to tangle in rapid feet, in

criss-crossed legs.”

(“Naked,” Brenda Moossy)

The Ice Storm's Message

After renewing my contract here, I began asking about the deeper purpose of the ice storm and grid outage. I was reminded of how we are better able to undergo guide changes during times when the electrical grid is down. This happened during the ice storm and accompanying electrical outage of December 2000, and I sensed it was happening again during this latest outage. I could also see how this outage was a time of rest, reflection, redirection and coming into the new level of consciousness that our new building symbolized. (In dream symbols, new construction is symbolic of a new level of consciousness we're "building toward.")

As soon as I came into the true message and meaning of the storm, the heavy mood of resistance lifted. Synchronistically, temperatures warmed. The road melted. Trees dropped the last of their ice. We drove into town for supplies.

That weekend, Peter and I got out the lawn chairs and enjoyed some 60-degree sunshine out on our front deck while the last of the icicles melted off the shady side of our new building. We joked we were "camping at home" using the house in lieu of a tent. Everything else was the same -- ice chests for refrigeration, candles, flashlights, battery-powered everything. Some neighbors with electric cook stoves were even cooking outside on barbecue grills. The sound of neighbors' gas-powered generators provided the background for the surreal scene.

Next: Part 3: The Connection Between Eclipses and Weather Events

The night of January 27, 2009, a 36-hour ice storm began that knocked down trees
and power lines and left much of our northwest corner of Arkansas without
electricity for over a week. During the power outage, I fell into a nightly
practice of reading by the light of a battery-powered light. Before long my
attention returned to the subject my intuition had been beckoning me toward
prior to the ice storm: eclipses. I was directed to a book I'd serendipitously
purchased the year before: Eclipses by Celeste Teal. Once I began to digest the
information in this book, my guides were able to reveal to me the deeper meaning
of the weather events of the past year.

On August 16, 2008, there was a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. The "air" eclipse
happened less than a month before Hurricane Ike came ashore in mid-September and worked its way north from the devastation of Galveston to the Arkansas Ozarks
and points beyond. Just prior to the ice storm of January 28, 2009, there was a
solar eclipse on January 26, once more in Aquarius.

In the book Eclipses, Celeste Teal writes that the earliest astrologers regarded
the zodiac sign of an eclipse as symbolic of the nature of the events "coming
due." An eclipse that took place in one of the three fire signs was symbolic of
wars and terrible slaughters: in Earth signs, of barrenness, scarcities,
droughts and earthquakes; in air signs, of wind and storm; and in water signs,
of heavy rains and floods.

This is a generalized guideline of possibilities. Certainly each eclipse is
unique for the time in which it occurs. However, I can't overlook the apparent
connection between the Aquarian (air) eclipse of August 16, 2008 and Hurricane
Ike, or the Aquarian solar eclipse of January 26, 2009 and the ice storm that
followed right on its heels. In a synopsis of the January 26 solar eclipse,
"turbulent weather" is listed as a possibility. As I learned more about these
apparent connections, I realized the intuitive hunches I'd been receiving for
studying eclipses were helping me understand more about the connection between
solar and lunar eclipses and world events and conditions.

Some Eclipse Basics

Before I go further, I want to provide some eclipse basics. Teal's book lists
in its bibliography another excellent book, Interpreting the Eclipses by Robert
Carl Jansky. It was in his book I found some simple explanations of eclipses.

A solar eclipse:
*is a conjunction of the sun and moon
*can only occur at the time of a new moon

A lunar eclipse:
*is an opposition of the sun and moon
*can only occur at the time of the full moon
*can only occur approximately 14 days before or 14 days after a solar eclipse

Both solar and lunar eclipses have effects upon the Earth's electromagnetic
field that can be scientifically measured. Both occur in cycles that can be
accurately predicted.

As I've come to understand it, an eclipse shows a place of "stored up" or
unresolved energy. As such, an eclipse offers a window of opportunity to address
a situation or condition. Each of us is plugged into these cosmic energy flows,
which can be harnessed constructively to achieve our personal aims. Even when
an occasional eclipse triggers changes we would prefer not to undergo, there is
an important learning experience and an opportunity for growth. By examining
it, you can come to a better understanding and work with the flow.

Eclipses as Rites of Passage

I mentioned in part one of this series that I'd experienced a major turning
point on Dec. 25, 2000, when iced in alone over the holiday. On that day there
was a solar eclipse in Capricorn (earth), which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is
generally associated with energetic cleansing and clearing. The influence of
that December 2000 eclipse extended into 2005. During that five-year period, I
underwent daily clearings that allowed me to step into ever greater levels of
clarity, emotional freedom and spiritual communion. For me, the eclipse and ice
storm of 2000 were rites of passage that allowed me to create a major timeline
and identity shift. For more on timeline and identity shifts, see my e-book,
Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation,

Eclipses as Indicators for Physical Death

The connection between eclipses and personal and world events doesn't stop with
weather. Physical death can also be predicted when our natal astrology charts
are impacted by an eclipse. This can come into play when there's a closing
transit of Saturn to an eclipse on the nadir or fourth house cusp in a person's
astrology chart. Two notable examples are famous astrologer Grant Lewi, who
recognized the shape of his own planetary alignments and took out a life
insurance policy just before he died of a cerebral hemorrhage. The energy of an
eclipse can extend for a period of up to five years or more. This was seen with
Jim Morrison of the Doors who died when Saturn eventually transited an eclipse
that fell on his nadir five years earlier.

Although I haven't studied their charts for this indicator, I did have two
friends who passed after the two most recent eclipses -- one passed three weeks
after the August 16, 2008 lunar eclipse, and another passed January 28, just two
days after the January 26, 2009 solar eclipse.

Eclipses and Relationships

Teal's book contains information about eclipses dating from 1900 to 2050.
Looking back over the timing of eclipses throughout my life, I found an
interesting pattern: all my major relationships began a month or so prior to an
eclipse. One theory I have about this is that I tend to sense the energy of an
eclipse for a few weeks before the actual event. It may be that the "shake up"
created by the energies of an impending eclipse creates sufficient chaos in my
life for major changes to take place. I'm sure as I study further, I may see
connections between the astrological makeup of the people entering my life and
the energetic influences of the eclipses that occurred before or after their

This is only scratching the surface of the connection between relationships and
eclipses. In her book, Teal writes that special karmic relationships may be
shown with those people whose sun matches the sign of one of your natal eclipses
(within plus or minus 3 degrees of the conjunction or opposition). Your
feelings toward these people may be intensified by their connection to your
growth and evolutionary progress during this lifetime. You may feel a sense of
spiritual connection with them.

The Influence of Prenatal Eclipses

It's generally thought that the last solar eclipse before our birth activates
the essence of our soul. Some astrologers believe the prenatal solar eclipse
indicates the actual time the spirit enters the unborn child's body. It's also
believed that the prenatal lunar eclipse is the mechanism that seals off
memories of past lives. That is because the moon is considered to be the planet
of accumulated lifetimes. Since the full influence of an eclipse can take four
years or longer to complete, this would explain why young children sometimes
have an awareness of previous lives that eventually fades and completely
disappears before age seven.

Eclipses and Our Natal Astrology

I don't want to imply here that I believe eclipses always trigger "negative"
events. Celeste Teal writes in her book that a lunar eclipse on her natal
Jupiter in 1996 resulted in the completion and publishing of a book. Jupiter is
the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, which is linked to things such as
publishing. The project was clenched when two weeks following the lunar
eclipse, a solar eclipse fell on her natal Neptune and "inspiration flowed." In
this way, an eclipse is about the culminating of something in which we've
invested time and energy.

Upcoming Eclipses and 2009 Weather Potentials

On July 7, 2009, there is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn (earth) that "highlights
national concerns."

On July 21, 2009, there is a solar eclipse in Cancer (water) with the theme
"desire for reforms."

On August 5, 2009, there is a lunar eclipse in Aquarius (air) focused on
"humanitarian deeds."

On December 31, 2009, there is a lunar eclipse in Cancer (water) with the theme
"burdens and sorrows."

It will be interesting to see if the indicators the ancient astrologers used to
predict weather via eclipses hold true for this year's remaining eclipses. If
they do, we could experience droughts through most of July influenced by the
July 7 lunar eclipse in the earth sign Capricorn. This eclipse could also usher
in Saturn-based clearings since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. After the
Cancer-influenced solar eclipse the end of July, there could be floods that end
the droughts. And hold onto your hats (yes, literally) as there is yet another
Aquarian (air) eclipse in early August that could give rise to hurricanes and
other intense storms. The focus on humanitarian deeds during the influence of
this eclipse could center on relief efforts to areas most affected by turbulent
storms beginning in early August. The lunar eclipse in Cancer on New Year's Eve
could signal the beginning of a rainy 2010 with flooding in some areas or other
overwhelming life experiences as symbolized by flooding.

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Hurricane Ike and the Metaphysics of Change

The events of the past few weeks have awakened me to a deeper understanding of coming times and the transformations we are now being asked to make within ourselves. These "inner leaps", as I like to think of them, require us to trust in spirit more than ever before. They ask us to believe in our own inner powers of perception, our intuitive abilities, and a willingness to face every situation that appears before us with every ounce of courage we can muster.

I have learned to stop judging myself for my weaknesses; I've learned to sit with the accumulated grief and loss that spans not only my own centuries of human experience but those we all collectively share. I have learned to accept whatever spirit delivers to my door and if I am unable to accept these events with grace from the moment they arrive, I stand strong in love and patience. This helps me to come into a place of surrender where I'm better able to see what is happening through the eyes of spirit.

Spirit allows me to see myself in complete love and compassion, even when younger and less aware parts of myself are lost in grief and self-pity. I have learned I have the strength to shift my focus from the space of my own trauma to the space of my spiritually-aligned self. By doing this, I strengthen the connection between my inner healer and the parts of myself that need healing.

On September 12 as Hurricane Ike barreled onto the Texas coast, my personal reality was poised for change. A chapter I'd written in the book of my life long ago began to crystallize. For much of this past year, I had been seeing upcoming changes that involved expansion of my spiritual path and purpose as well as my personal space. I began seeing rooms that didn't yet exist. I saw how these new spaces would allow me to expand the spiritual work I began more than a decade ago. Spirit always brings me the images I need to work with in perfect timing. In dream symbols, new construction symbolizes creation of new levels of consciousness. This is the message of the visions I began receiving earlier this year.

I want to add here that I don't believe we are "expected" to know the exact meaning of the messages and images we receive. I have found it is enough to acknowledge I have received them and to hold a space for them in awareness. This is a space of alert listening and trust. I may ask questions about the images I receive, and the questions I ask determine the answers I receive. If I don't know what questions to ask, I wait and listen, trusting that all will unfold perfectly in time. For me, this is not a passive state but a place of patient readiness to take the steps I am asked to take.

Going Off-Grid

Out for my morning walk September 13, spirit gave me a time: 2 AM. I took this to be the time when Ike would arrive at my doorstep. My interpretation was slightly off. 2 AM is the moment the clocks stopped, the moment the electric grid went down. It is the moment Ike's howling winds brought down two grandmother trees on our property, slicing neatly between past and future.

At 1:30 a.m. that morning of September 14, I woke with a knowing -- a recognition that I had arrived at a precipice. We move through weeks, months and even years with a vision of the shape of things to come. We live day-to-day with the shape and feel of upcoming changes. In our dreams, we meet new selves freshly sprung from a multitude of shaping forces -- the many aspects of our selves that have worked in consciousness steadily and quietly molding and giving birth to the new version of ourselves that will in time become our new identity. Each new identity spins out its accompanying aspects of our reality.

It sometimes seems these quantum changes arrive as quickly as the flutter of hummingbird wings, but they are actually formed and shaped from our own life force energy over days and weeks and years by aspects of ourselves working steadily and quietly "behind-the-scenes" of our daily lives.

As I stood in the ruins the morning of September 14, I could see threads interwoven throughout my life and extending well beyond the present moment. The shape of past, present and future revealed itself within a moment of crystal clarity. I recognized this new development as something I had been visiting in consciousness for quite some time. A few days later, I wrote in an email to a friend that "It feels that Ike was the punctuation mark to a way of being that has suddenly slipped behind us."

Coming Full Circle -- 10 Years Later

When electric grids are down, our guides are able to come into our energy field more fully and transform our consciousness. I first recognized this phenomenon in my own life 10 years ago when I was iced in alone over the holidays during an uncharacteristically brutal Arkansas winter. After days of unrelenting snow and sleet, the transformer outside my house sparked the frozen night with a
fireworks-like explosion.

During a power outage that lasted for days, I began a more intense dance with spirit. My consciousness was reprogrammed during this "dark night of the soul." My guide complex changed, my spiritual urpose moved front and center as my "old self" underwent a symbolic death. At this moment in time, my conscious mind surrendered to my highest vision. This was symbolized by a lucid dream where I was sitting in the back seat of a car being driven by invisible "spiritual" aspects of myself.

The Role of Resistance in Quantum Shifts

I believe it is our resistance to these changes that creates so much turmoil. But even the turmoil is part of the plan. These moments of turmoil are rites of passage that allow us to test all we have learned. They allow us to test how quickly we are able to see through the illusion and find our way back home to ourselves, our purpose, and the true nature of our being. This is the essence of our journey across time and the purpose of "Earth school." We make this journey again and again throughout each lifetime. We die each moment so new parts of ourselves can be born.

It has been a long journey these past several weeks - so much so that the weeks seem like months. When we leave the confines of linear time, we begin to exist in vertical time where the measuring stick is experience rather than days and hours, weeks and years. During these rites of passage or "dark nights of the soul," we're given an opportunity to explore our own darkness and shine into it the light of spirit. We are invited to go deeper, to come into greater acceptance of the full range of our being – dark and light. If we accept this invitation, we move into a place of more fully embracing the new energies flooding the Earth. In my world, the timing coincides with completing a 10-year cycle in preparation for the beginning of a new cycle that will be the most profound in my entire spectrum of human experience.

I want to thank all of you for sharing in this journey and for your patience, encouragement and understanding these recent weeks as we struggled to realign ourselves, allowing chaos to unravel the old so the new could more fully crystallize.

Today I am beginning my new series titled Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, which originally took shape a year ago under the title Entering the Portal of Earth's Future History. This new series has taken on new name and shift in focus to incorporate my visions and experiences of the past several weeks.

Love and Blessings

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