Astrological Profile for Drew Carey

by Stephanie Clement

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Your Chart Data
    Name:     Drew Carey
    Date:     May 23, 1958
    Time:     07:00:00 PM EDT  +04:00
    Place:    Cleveland, OH      
              081W41'44"  41N29'58"
Planet    Sign    Position    House        House Cusps      
Sun    Gemini    02°Ge17'    07th        01  12°Sc30'      
Moon    Leo    03°Le46'    09th        02  11°Sg46'      
Mercury    Taurus    08°Ta35'    06th        03  15°Cp50'      
Venus    Aries    20°Ar37'    05th        04  21°Aq59'      
Mars    Pisces    19°Pi41'    04th        05  24°Pi33'      
Jupiter    Libra    22°Li46' R    12th        06  21°Ar04'      
Saturn    Sagittarius    23°Sg55' R    02nd        07  12°Ta30'      
Uranus    Leo    08°Le11'    09th        08  11°Ge46'      
Neptune    Scorpio    02°Sc39' R    12th        09  15°Ca50'      
Pluto    Leo    29°Le49'    10th        10  21°Le59'      
Midheaven    Leo    21°Le59'            11  24°Vi33'      
Ascendant    Scorpio    12°Sc30'            12  21°Li04'     

Transit and Solar Arc Positions for Dec  1, 2007
Planet    Sign    Transit    N Hs        Planet    Sign    Solar Arc    N Hs      
Sun    Sagittarius    08°Sg34'    01st        Sun    Cancer    19°Ca37'    09th      
Moon    Virgo    04°Vi22'    10th        Moon    Virgo    21°Vi06'    10th      
Mercury    Scorpio    29°Sc27'    01st        Mercury    Gemini    25°Ge54'    08th      
Venus    Libra    24°Li54'    12th        Venus    Gemini    07°Ge57'    07th      
Mars    Cancer    10°Ca40' R    08th        Mars    Taurus    07°Ta00'    06th      
Jupiter    Sagittarius    26°Sg00'    02nd        Jupiter    Sagittarius    10°Sg05' R    01st      
Saturn    Virgo    08°Vi15'    10th        Saturn    Aquarius    11°Aq14' R    03rd      
Uranus    Pisces    14°Pi48'    04th        Uranus    Virgo    25°Vi30'    11th      
Neptune    Aquarius    19°Aq30'    03rd        Neptune    Sagittarius    19°Sg58' R    02nd      
Pluto    Sagittarius    28°Sg01'    02nd        Pluto    Libra    17°Li08'    11th     

Interpretation text copyright 1998 by Stephanie Clement
Program Copyright 1985-2003 Matrix Software, Inc.

What do I want to be when I grow up? This childhood question is now being considered by people from fifteen to fifty. The number of jobs available is not the main problem. The difficulties come from two areas: first, the vocational possibilities are rapidly changing. Second, many of us are considering our second or even third career because our original choice is becoming obsolete, or makes demands upon us that we could not have anticipated, or is losing prestige, or no longer pays well enough, or has become so mechanized as to bore us to automated tears. In short, we want more.
This report describes your vocational aptitudes from the astrological perspective so that they can be matched in the career marketplace. While the jobs themselves are ever-changing, personality is founded on a solid base upon which to pivot. Self-understanding can supply the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clues to your best line of work. Then you can determine how to apply your strongest capabilities to the career field you find most attractive.
The best career is one that allows you to use your natural talents and skills. Astrologers use a number of considerations to determine the energies that are strongest and most beneficial in your chart, identifying the type of activities that will be most likely to achieve career success. Sometimes your latent abilities will require training to develop into appropriate occupational skills. Also, you may have talents that serve your avocation - your hobby - better than your career. In this report we will consider a number of possibilities so you can get a sense of which talents are most beneficial in terms of career, and how to develop and use them.
Your Ascendant or Rising Sign
Let's begin with a description of your Ascendant or rising sign. Here you find your natural expression in the world - the way you present yourself to the world and the way others see you.
Cooperation is the key element to your best career expression. This means that you cooperate when it suits your position, and you facilitate cooperation among others when you are the leader. You don't have to be the leader, but you do thrive where strong team effort exists. You reserve the possibility of exerting extreme force if it should become necessary. You may even prepare yourself through the study of a martial art or other practice for the unexpected eventuality. What you realize more than most people is that all the training and preparation is designed to prevent the very outcome for which you train. Thus extreme measures are seldom needed.  You like to use the latest in technology and methods in your work. For you to have the edge necessary for transmutation of the present into the best possible future, you need adequate tools, it's that simple. You are not afraid to create your own precedent. You can be quite clever in your manipulation of materials or people. Your deep understanding of group dynamics comes from your psychic sensitivity to currents around you. The outcome is best when you do not force your ultimate desire on others, but rather seek to inspire them to move in the desired direction with all possible grace and speed.
Now take these initial impressions forward with you as you read the rest of this report. You will come to see if and how these general characteristics fit into the overall picture of your vocational possibilities. As you read, you may find apparent contradictions. This happens because we are complex beings with many interests and abilities.  This report presents some of your many choices along the path to vocational success and satisfaction.

Your Creative Touch
Human creativity falls into three principal arenas: creation (the making of things), recreation (the entertaining side of life), and procreation (the creation of the future). Everyone actively engages in all three creative processes, and we often confuse the feelings of one for another. The term "recreational sex" captures the sense of confusion. Some of us work really hard to get "good sex". Some of us feel sex serves only one purpose, that of procreation. Some of us find the deepest spiritual meaning of life in sexual union. To confuse such deeply meaningful matters with mere recreation can be a problem. In terms of career, creativity plays a big role, but typically sexual involvement in the workplace only serves to establish barriers to the free flow of ideas. To gain better understanding of the inner creative urge in its multiplicity of expression is to gain a leg up on the career issues that can lead us to money and fame without also finding inner satisfaction in the work itself.
Your creativity grows from a place of serenity where you can see the goal and the path as part of a seamless unity. Because you do not approach life piecemeal, career considerations must be part of the seamlessness or you will not be happy. You thrive in situations where you are participating in the larger vision of the future and not isolated to contend with the details. Your intuition is a vital part of the creative process. Your greatest pleasure comes in situations where you can demonstrate the compassionate side of your nature creatively.
You may find that at some point your creative focus is modified to include a somewhat different mode of expression that has the following characteristics:
Creativity revolves around the moment of inspiration. Like a small child, you thrill to the moment of discovery, the inception of a new plan, the desire to forge ahead, and passion for all that is new. Your creative process may not be evident to others at first, but there is action nonetheless. Like a brooding hen, you warm and protect your initial ideas with the assurance that they will produce a worthwhile product. It is this initial stage of creation that most pleases you, and you like to be the idea person. You need the silent moment for the idea to take root because dissipation of the energy too soon can prevent real progress.
Many people find that the creative urge seeks to apply itself in a particular area of life that may have very little to do with career. By the same token, the creative voice can dictate the path of vocation, if it is either strong enough or consistent with the overall vocational choices. It helps to understand what part of the creative process most pleases you, what feelings and activities you consider to be most creative.
You have a strong will and you enjoy that quality in others, as long as they don't get in your way. You feel passionately about things and you are fearless in the face of danger and criticism - sometimes even a bit reckless.
It also helps to be aware of how you can use your creativity to the best advantage.
Your creative efforts blossom in private, where you are allowed to try out ideas without concern for what others may think. There is plenty of time for them to evaluate your work when you are finished, if you are in the optimum working situation.
Who do you most like to play with when you are being creative? You may think this an odd question where career is concerned, but it strikes at the heart of the career game. If you surround yourself with people who share your creative interests, you will fulfill your inner urge more directly and completely. Just as children work hard at their games, you can play hard at work and thus enjoy this part of your life that takes up the bulk of your waking hours.
 You have great creative potential. You are able to express creatively because of your understanding of harmony and your ability to refine an idea into a beautiful result. You inspire love in others because of a warm heart and charming, magnetic personality. Clothing manufacturers, art dealers, artists, composers, cosmeticians, anyone whose work involves elegance and beauty will appeal to your creative side. Women may be more likely to get your juices flowing. You could provide services for florists, musicians, or even be a bridal consultant. The idea is that you need a sense of the artistic to pervade your work if your creativity is to develop fully.  The justice system, particularly judges and juries, could be part of your creative scene.
 You enjoy movement and excitement and the intensity of interpersonal relationships. Physical attraction may be one of your qualities, but acting on those urges is not very helpful in the work place. Your spontaneity and creative power make art forms such as drawing or painting natural to you. The entertainment industry is attractive.
You can develop a sense of the importance of creativity to your work, and also what factors affect your creative expression, by considering how you seek creative interplay with others and with the world.
Your inner sense of beauty can become a source of tension when you find yourself in excessively indulgent situations. When you are attracted to another individual, use your own physical and mental tension to attract them.  Sudden changes provide the animation of your intuitive self-guidance. It is possible to align your thinking to minimize upsets as you see golden opportunities where others see only defeat and disaster.  You are far more sensitive to your environment than most people. Thus you need to adjust your activity level to suit conditions that arise.  Striving for power is the strongest factor in relationships. You will experience remarkable advancements and decline throughout your life, based on how you exercise control over yourself and others. You test the positive and negative qualities of leadership.
The typical results of your creative forays have the following characteristics:
You experience passionate relationships because of your ability to moderate between Self and Other. You have a warm heart and creative abilities. There can be fluctuating feelings or a lack of tact.  You have both the possibility of relationship conflicts and the potential for harmonious long-term relationships, depending on how freely energy flows between you and your partner.  Your love life is inhibited by your serious acceptance of duty. Your sober, sensible side can attract partners much younger or older. Even temporary separations can cause you pain. Jealousy can be a problem.
You are often aware of subconscious feelings and thoughts which are not evident to others. This comes through in your awareness of situations which arise in your environment. You often know information about your surroundings and about people which surprises you.  Your psychic ability makes you aware of hidden traits in others. You are seldom surprised by the decisions of others and you are often one step ahead of them in your thinking.  You suffer from a periodic lack of energy and are susceptible to infections. You have an innate sense of timing. You are inspired to acts of devotion. Avoid unnecessary use of drugs.  You have the potential for developing your psychic gifts because you can set aside your "ordinary" consciousness. While you sometimes experience confused psychic states, you can achieve spiritual enlightenment.  You are a highly sensitive person and can develop your psychic gifts steadily throughout your life. You are aware of events before they occur.
Current shifts in your creative pattern may be indications of a refinement of your activities to suit the daemon or inner voice. Your awareness of that voice is subject to changes that can have sweeping effects on your career path.
Recent Influences
Your longing for love in your life affects all your activities. You may even change occupations, or become aware of alternatives.
Irritable and moody, you find even your closest relationships suffer from your lack of harmony. This is not a good time to overindulge in food and drink. Nor should you gamble in terms of your career just now.
Current and Future Trends for the Coming Year
You find that other people can convince you to take actions you would ordinarily not consider. You feel somewhat unstable just now. You may experience misfortune at this time due to incomplete planning or inconsistent application of energy to the task.
Irritable and moody, you find even your closest relationships suffer from your lack of harmony.
Creativity and Career
You may be wondering how creativity affects your career. Perhaps you don't feel that the work you do is very creative, or perhaps you have creative pursuits that are not part of how you earn money. Creativity is the expression of an ideal that we each find within ourselves. We each have a unique inner essence that deserves to be polished and re-fined in our individual ways. This essence can be expressed through vocation, and indeed it is a force that pushes us toward the most fulfilling career fields. Many factors combine to produce the best vocational choice. Multiple abilities may combine in a profession not usually associated with the individual qualities you possess.
Where You Have the Best Advantage
In the world of vocation certain energies work to your best advantage.
You experience the impulse to be, and you require no noticeable substance to enjoy the inspiration.  First you identify the descent of spiritual energy into the creative part of your mind.  New potentialities emerge.  Second, you become involved with the creative force of authority that emerges directly from your thoughts.  Later you will have the inner authority to merge thought and action as you move toward creative expression.  The creative healing force of heat is the third aspect of the impulse to be.  And finally there is the creative ability to look into the future and to pursue your individual purpose.  A key word for your experience is TO AROUSE. You may incorporate some of the following personality traits in your career activities: spiritedness, self-confidence, ability to enjoy life, enthusiasm, a tendency to burn yourself out, self-centeredness, restlessness, unrestrained desires, strong intuition, optimism and inspiration. At best, you demonstrate traits of self-motivation, dedication, courage and energy.
These may not be your greatest strengths, yet they work better for you in the work environment, they help you to achieve greater career success and fame, and they may even be essential for financial remuneration. For some people, the things that work where vocation is concerned are very different from what work in relationships or other areas of life.
Your Most Likely Mode of Expression
You tend to approach career like you approach every area of your life - with zest, with lively temperament, and through the use of your will. You see ahead to the future, and want it to be here now, and you use your energy to make that happen. You like to be in charge, but you need subordinates who can complete the tasks that you assign, as you are not so interested in the details.  You have the capacity to embrace a rich philosophical perspective and will extend it to your work environment whenever possible. Above all, you have the ability to inspire others.
You are dependable in your work, capable of persisting through to completion with assigned tasks. You are able to recall details and accumulate the information you need for your work. You can be rather stubborn. You are also able to adapt to conditions as they arise, learning how to manage and attend to details. You can take on the role of mediator, as you can entertain more than one viewpoint. You can be indecisive. You may decline to take the initiative in any situation, choosing to let someone else be in charge. You need a boost to gather momentum for projects, and are willing to wait patiently for a push from a source outside yourself.
How You Work Best
Each of us has to work within the framework of our personal traits and habits. Life is not so much about changing those habits as it is about choosing to emphasize one set of behaviors over another. Through this process character is revealed. If we changed our behaviors all the time, we would never settle into the strength of character that we need. Generally, when we desire to change ourselves, we aim to change how we understand and work with our inner being, how we can come to accept that being. This section of the report considers how you operate in the world, and thus how you tend to function in the work environment.
Your Strongest Psychological Tendency
The Sun is indicative of your primary psychological type. Psychology and astrology both suggest that each individual has a basic style in interacting with the world. The Sun sign indicates the more conscious portion of your style. Individuals do not necessarily conform to this in their outer expression, but it nevertheless is consistent with the underlying approach to life. With the Sun in Gemini, you are primarily the Thinking type.
Thinking types tend to be less personal in their approach to the world. They are focusing on an objective truth that they hope to find, and not on the people in their path. They choose to be logical. They choose to be truthful. They choose to be argumentative - after all, they have argued with themselves enough times! They are usually able to go through a thought process once and stop, without needing to re-evaluate. Air types benefit from an education that includes logical training, but they remain one-sided if they skip over the opportunities to appreciate the people and things around them. They judge the world through a logical process that seldom admits consideration of feelings.
You can do well in careers where it is important to organize and assess quantities of information. You tend to be somewhat more businesslike, able to "cut to the chase" in planning as well as performance. You contribute to society through intellectual criticism, through the exposure of wrong-doing, and through scientific research. You perform well in executive positions partly because such positions are somewhat impersonal. You are willing to tell the truth, even when it is not convenient.
Your Unconscious Interactive Style
The Moon indicates the less conscious component of your interactive style. It shows what skills and talents can be brought to bear when your usual approach is not effective, and as such it indicates your own internal support system. With the Moon in Leo, your secondary function is the Intuitive type.
Intuitive types listen to their unconscious sources of information, eschewing normal perception. In fact, they are often largely unaware of what is around them in the material world. These people are the inventors, the artists, the forward thinkers because they can see the possibilities of an idea, often before the means of developing it are apparent. Therefore they pursue what they know the world is not yet prepared for. Intuitives jump to conclusions, yes, but not necessarily without the intermediate steps. They either go through those steps at light speed by sizing up an underlying principle or simply recognize an inevitable match of an idea's potential with their own desires. 
You fit into the educational system rather well, as many high school and college courses make use of the deductive skills intuitives share with the thinking type. You may respond well to the timed testing that is prevalent today. You can master the complexities of mathematics because you can grasp the results without having to ground your learning in some physical way.
Intuitives contribute through their inventiveness. You are generally willing to sacrifice the pleasure of the moment in the hope of greater future achievement.  You are also restless and crave inspiration. Because you thrive in situations where getting to the answer is important, you are good at problem-solving and tasks that require ingenuity. Careers in the creative arts, religious inspiration and scientific discovery all suit the intuitive type. You can become an inspired leader or promoter. For you the game is more important than winning, the chase more interesting than the end result.
What You Show the World and What You Know About Yourself
If you are aware of how other people see you, you have a distinct career advantage. Such awareness provides a tremendous opportunity to present yourself in the best light possible. You may have a rather different persona in the work place than you have anywhere else because different traits are expected by your co-workers. You therefore can choose to display those personality characteristics that suit your work situation the best.
Your natural direction where individuality is concerned is to proceed on a joyful eager basis. You have good observation skills and a socially adaptable nature. Always willing to try a new method, you may appear inconsistent or superficial with the old. Associations are important to you.
Your naturally impulsive nature may have led you to rash action more than once, usually not a helpful tendency where career is concerned. At the same time you have intuitive abilities and creative talents that guide your impulses, so that what at first seems ill-advised often turns out well. You like change.
Your personality naturally tends to exhibit a readiness to make decisions in the clinches and an industrious approach to your work. There is an angry streak that can cause problems from time to time if it gets out of control, but you usually manage it well. This is due to the reserve you demonstrate in the work environment.
The qualities you most easily recognize in yourself are your high goals, coupled with the staying power to achieve them. You have self-confidence that fuels your desire to acquire highly placed friends and even your acquaintances are considered to be friends. You have the capacity for generosity and the organizational skills to make a good leader. You may be hypersensitive to humor when it is aimed in your direction. When pushed, you tend to withdraw from the discussion, to emerge later and claim the winning argument as though it was yours all along. You recognize the value of courage.
Sometimes it seems that other people understand you better than you do. As you become more self-aware through experience and self-investigation, you see the connections between feelings, situations and events more clearly. You thus are better able to make creative choices in response to life's slings and arrows, instead of reacting from a less conscious drive.
Individual Strengths Being Developed at This Time
As you travel life's path, the balance of your attention changes. These shifts allow you to experience the world in different ways for a period of time, and thereby to develop new skills. The periodic shifts provide what you need to gain perspective if you are to take advantage of learning opportunities as they are presented. These shifts may call for career changes as well.
At this time you have the potential to grow through developing greater awareness of your feelings. During this period you can improve your ability to judge situations while avoiding the unnecessary negativity of arguing. You may also find you have a new level of reserve, even secretiveness.
For the next few months, you will be able to hold on to your gains better. You appreciate the finer things that stable work can provide. You gain a more practical outlook during this period, and those skills can be carried forward into the future.
During the current period you have more restless energy, together with self-confidence and enthusiasm. You expect to find a place in your career and to hold it. You desire recognition and may sometimes seem self-absorbed. Your sociability is a career strength.
The quality you stand to gain at this time is the capacity for harmonious interaction with others. You desire cooperative spirit in others, and you expect support from them just as you offer it. You inspire team spirit rather than employer/employee relationships. You may become impatient with lapses on the part of co-workers, as you expect consistency. You are aware of your social position, yet establish friendships with all kinds of people. You can be pleasant only for effect, and may be viewed as insincere. You may resist going into a battle, but have the skills to emerge a winner. You respond to crises by seeking the path toward renewed balance while synthesizing a solution quickly.
How You Relate to the World in General
Many factors add up to the sum total of your presence in the world. Some character traits are quite stable, changing very little throughout your life. They are the "mind set" with which you approach all your activities and as such have a strong impact on your career. This section of your report considers how these persistent qualities affect you in your career endeavors.
Psychologists use the terms introversion and extraversion to describe two general ways of approaching the world. These tendencies are rather obvious to others, yet you may not recognize them in yourself.
The extravert evaluates events external to the self. For such an individual other people are the basis for personal decisions. In extraversion the flow of energy is outward; your thoughts mainly concern external objects. You tend to live life and then figure it out afterward. You are usually relaxed and confident, plunging into the water before you know how deep it is. Conduct is essentially governed by external conditions. You tend to unload your emotions as you go along and take an expansive attitude to everything.
Another pair of differences fall on a continuum between very self-directed and self-motivated to more responsive or reactive to other people and outside forces.
You experience a lessening of personal control and an increased tendency to react to outer influences - to respond to the needs and desires of other people. There is the potential to dissolve conditions which are rigid within the personality and to interact with others in a more beneficial manner. You tend to merge your feelings and ideas with other people, caring less for personal ownership and more for cooperative effort. You often make choices that are more beneficial to the people around you than to yourself, recognizing that you gain more satisfaction from helping others. You make a strong facilitator because you are naturally aware of how other people feel and thus are able to provide the motivation and circumstances for them to be successful. You measure your own success in terms of the worldly results.
These two tendencies combine to produce a personal approach to the world.
You place less emphasis on yourself and your possessions than most people. Your imagination takes you out into the world and you seldom do things just for yourself. You may feel that you have a very full life and wonder how anyone would deal with life differently, as you are responsive to your family, capable of equal participation in work and family activities, and you have an interesting circle of friends and acquaintances. Occasionally you find yourself doing for others when circumstances suggest you might better think of your own personal needs.
A third consideration is how your mind functions. How you assimilate information and then put that information to use in the outer world can have a huge impact on your career success. It influences not only the career choice itself, but also the area you choose within the career.
You tend to be ahead of yourself all the time. You seldom take the time to stop and smell the roses, as you are onto the next project already. You will need to cultivate the usual, the normal, the mundane to be successful in the work environment. You may struggle to learn meditation as sitting still is actually rather painful. Even if you slow down to a pace you consider deadly, you will still be going faster than most of the people around you. The cell phone and computers were made for you to keep track of the details and keep up to date as you rush through life. If you are honest about it, you can learn to enjoy life at other people's pace, at least part of the time.
Thus far this report has revealed traits of your personality which you may be more or less familiar with. Most people identify with one or more parts of their personality. You may not see yourself exactly as described here, and you certainly will want to consider the qualities that are entering your awareness now, as they are the fuel for future personality developments, and possibly for career advancement as well.

Your Vocational Indicators
Each of us has a natural inclination to function a particular way, and these tendencies become pronounced in vocational activities. We carry our personal desires across a personal boundary into the social milieu and find greater or lesser resistance to our desires there. Yet we may stubbornly press on, attempting to bend the world to our personal desires. We tend to hold on to the old form, even if it no longer serves us. "Better the devil you know" is itself a timeworn maxim.
If, instead of insisting, we learn from social feedback and adapt our approach to the world, we find that life is gentler and career more satisfying. Your personal emotional bias, how you concentrate your talents, and how you best learn from experience all impact vocation in spite of any desires to the contrary. There are several fundamental qualities that bear on vocation, and the following paragraphs consider these factors.
The focus is on your self-doubt. Because you tend to doubt yourself, your best career direction is one which allows you to study the theory and philosophy carefully before you put them into practice. The legal and religious professions provide strong possibilities because they are based on an established body of information. Such careers draw on your prudence and intuitive judgment. You have the ability to concentrate on your sense of justice and logical follow-through to see you through the long haul. Keep this in mind in every area of endeavor, not just vocation. You learn through serious study of theory.
There is one area of life where your hard work will achieve the best results. Because of this, you may be steered in a direction that you cannot easily perceive from within the confines of past experience. You need to look beyond past experience and desires into the larger context of your life to find the best place for your efforts. Most people expect a career to provide status, money, and other satisfactions. The type of work indicated here may seem odd, but deserves consideration nonetheless, as it may deliver long term rewards that you cannot perceive at the outset.
The personal asset you need to develop for career success is the understanding of both the value of money and your own value as a resource. To make the best use of your abilities, begin with a job with a salary or contract that demands accountability on both sides, in a career that does not involve speculation. The focus should be on making and handling money and material assets. There should be meticulous adherence to honest practice and you should avoid speculation of any kind.
Current Direction
You have gathered your skills together over the past few years, gaining awareness of your career world. Now you find that your ideas manifest as part of a natural flow, with impedance.
You may also consider the area of your life in which these impulses can best be applied, and the focus that will gain the most positive results.
At this time you desire to define yourself and your image in terms of the outer world. You may feel pressured to work very hard during this period, and your responsibilities may feel unusually heavy. Choose to define yourself instead of allowing your superiors to force you into a mold of their design. Then you see your true worth more clearly.
You can put your attention to details at this time, analyzing what is best for you and also what will make other people more self-sufficient. Avoid the tendency to nag about every little point. It is also important to see how the pieces fit into the larger picture.
All of these considerations come together into a package of skills, decisions, and goals combined with your current potential. The sum total is a description of your ability to learn from experience. If you are well placed in a career field, emotionally suited to the demands of the actual job, and oriented clearly to your goals, you will be successful.
How to Apply Your Energy to the Career
Having looked at how a solid foundation may be established, we now turn to the application of your personal energy to the goal of fulfilling your dreams. The previous paragraphs suggest the most natural form or structure of your career, while the following shows how you pursue it. How do you apply yourself? What drives you? How far can you go? These questions are all answered by your personal energy and how it can work with your natural abilities.
You are able to draw on instinct and even psychic powers throughout your life. Early on you "know" what is happening in your job situation but may not know skillful ways to use the information. Later you develop a talent for knowing what is coming and for utilizing that information to further your own career development. You tend to be somewhat moody and must learn to contain your feelings, or to channel them into your work. You may be suited to working at home, as that is where you are most comfortable energetically.
You find that you struggle for recognition of your work and may feel like you are invisible. You create your own wonderful place in life, generally in a private sphere. Your family and friends are probably not your peers in the career world. A natural susceptibility to drugs and alcohol can present problems. Your career will flourish if you make use of your strong interest in occult sciences and the skills that they enhance through private study.
The career can flourish through the cooperative efforts of energy and structure, as conditions exists which make this path easy for you to follow. On the one hand, the structure of the best career path is enhanced by the application of energy while on the other hand, your energy is easily directed to fill the requirements of the career's structure. In this way the detrimental and stressful tendencies toward harmful action or weakness are decreased, while your energy is skillfully applied in the most fruitful direction.
Early in life energy almost seems to use you, as you have little control over desires. Throughout your life you learn to moderate desires of the moment with longer term plans, and you adapt to the environment of parental control, school requirements, peer pressure, marriage or relationship responsibilities, etc. Energy becomes, instead of its own director, an agent for your use, being guided by your will. You may find your will power and determination change in their expression earlier or later in your career, depending on your personal developmental path and how you respond to life. Some uses may seem out of reach in youth and commonplace in middle age, or vice versa.

Your Career Success
It is helpful to think of career success separate from the money earned, as success is not limited to material gain. A person could be held in very high esteem in his career field and not be the biggest success in the money department. Also, the slice of the career pie will often determine the earning potential. Of the three factors involved in vocation (career, money and work environment), the career itself has the most public impact. Here is where reputation is built, here is where one gains authority in one's field, and here is where ambition can be fulfilled.
Leadership is a word designed for your career. From childhood you wanted to be in charge of things. Not a person who enjoys being the target of anyone's humor, you want the spotlight to show off only the best, most socially attractive side of your personality. You need to move up from the bottom rung of the employment ladder at the earliest possible moment in order to find that spotlight. Career fields suited to you include brokers, cartoonists, chairmen, directors, entertainers, film stars, foremen, foresters, gamblers, goldsmiths, government officials, investment bankers, managers, money lenders, motion picture producers, organizers, politicians, prime ministers, royalty, speculators, dealers and manufacturers of sporting goods, theater manager/owner and watch makers.
You may find that at some point you undertake a second, rather different career that has the following characteristics:
You seek a secure livelihood, and therefore make a loyal employee who wants nothing more than a permanent position and the opportunity to advance without flamboyance. An orderly attitude makes you ideal for positions requiring a careful approach to the details of the job. In leadership positions be careful to avoid petty criticism, as there is a tendency toward hypersensitivity. Career fields suited to you include administrators, animal trainer, armed forces, cheese makers, chemists, civil servants, craftsmen, critics, crop growers, dental hygienists and technicians, dietitians, doctors, domestic servants, draftsmen, editors, food purveyors, governesses, healers, illustrators, inspectors, masseurs, mathematicians, merchants, nerve specialists, nursing, office workers, poultry raisers, relief workers, secretaries, statisticians, stenographers, textile workers, teachers, veterinarians and workmen in general.
Additional factors that influence career direction and abilities you can apply in the job world include the following:
Your personal charisma can land you in positions of power. Revealing your will in public settings can be a test of your capabilities; yet you love the immediacy of danger. Control tendencies to recklessness and you will thrive in the public arena.
Abilities that help your career include cooperation, collaboration, passion, forcefulness and subconscious connections.
Your career may also involve reptiles, autopsies, chain stores, death, demolition, atomic energy, insurance, pirates, space physics, stagnant water, archeology, alchemy, violence, surgery, magic, espionage, psychoanalysis and plastics.
For most people there is one area of the life, not necessarily associated with work, that influences the career strongly. There may be skills developed there that can be directly applied to the career. Also, it may influence the choices you make in where and how to pursue your career.
It is beneficial for you to develop close working relationships with your career peers, relationships that may lead to formal partnerships. You are a strong team leader because you facilitate the communal spirit among your co-workers.
Your resourcefulness makes you a jack-of-all-trades. Your career possibilities are enhanced when you master a few of them. You will likely never be happy with one career, and may pursue two or more simultaneously.
You can develop a sense of how significant career is to your life in general, and also what factors affect the progress of your career, by considering how you become more aware in general, how you interact with the people and events around you, and how these responses affect your work.
You become aware of spiritual motives rather separate from your self-awareness. These motives are no less potent, only less integrated with your knowledge of yourself.  The connection between who you are and what you know about yourself is indirect, coming through the influence of others.  The easiest path to self-awareness for you is not through thinking, so you tend toward a career that focuses on other strengths. You are capable of a profound awareness that all concrete knowledge is rooted in the love principle. The close connection between beauty and ego-consciousness allows expression to embody harmony and balance in concrete form. This can include plastic arts, writing, and any activity whose aim is to achieve a higher level of harmony in the physical world as well as in interpersonal and social relations. The ability to decide what to do and the action itself are closely connected to the awareness of self. This connection between self and action leads to organizational ability, independence and determination. It also is indicative of prudence because you are bringing self-awareness to your activities. The integration of ego-consciousness with action results, then, in more orderly activities and fewer missteps. That is the constructive side. Less constructive expression can result in careless action, due largely to the lack of cultivation of thinking processes. Self-control gains improved results. You are interested in expansion, optimism and religious or spiritual interests.  Your thinking emphasizes the nobler facets of human expression as a result of consciousness. The urge to expand is joined with self-awareness to produce direction and optimism. This combination often signals success throughout life because the higher, more comprehensive awareness of cosmic law is so closely linked to ego-consciousness. It is as though the two are one expression for you. The desire to accomplish something important can be a powerful motivation, and leads to self-awareness. You are susceptible to rigid ideas about the world. There will be far less movement with this combination, as it is less about awareness of change and more about the limitations we find in the physical environment. There is a focus on the structure of your own personality rather than on things outside the self. Because you may not have a strong sense of the structure of social systems, there is a tendency to be self-critical, sometimes leading to an actual loss of ego-consciousness. Ego-consciousness is not placed within the framework of the world, and thus has no solid ground on which to develop. The result is a difficulty in career and relationships which can only be overcome through steadfast adherence to your goals. The need for sufficient practice in thinking is apparent; clear thought processes will negate any tendency toward depression.  You have an instinctual understanding of the balance of the people and circumstances around you. You won't have a conscious awareness of this, but it will be there, so trust it.  Whatever psychic awareness you bring to your career is a felt thing, not the result of thought. You may find that your thought processes are sometimes inconsistent and self-awareness depends on listening to your "gut". Through sheer force of will you seek a mission in life and to fulfill it. No longer simply thoughts, the mission becomes a guiding force for transformation.  As ego-consciousness is focused on life's mission, personal power is mobilized to attain success, to organize your life, and to express personal authority.  Any misuse or misdirection of personal power can lead to disaster. Power out of control is like a race car without a conscious driver, dangerous in the extreme. Stories about the Sorcerer's apprentice address the fact that power without the knowledge of how to control it can lead to ruin. You must train your mind and open your consciousness to broader vistas. Then power of will comes to be based on informed ego-consciousness.
You have a heightened emotional life which is directed into specific areas of your life. You pursue your goals with almost fanatical zest and must be careful to consider other people in your excitement.  You experience cruelty in your life which must be offset by other factors. You have the potential to grow in spiritual awareness if you can avoid purely egoistic aims.
Astrology can help you to become more aware of desirable changes in career. It can also offer insight into any feelings of unrest or anxiety associated with career. The following provides information about the recent past career influences and then discusses current conditions and future trends.
Recent Influences
You run into situations that are filled with stark suffering. You may feel the pain yourself, or you may be able to help others.
This is not a good time to overindulge in food and drink. Nor should you gamble in terms of your career just now.
You may experience a readjustment in your career or personal circumstances at this time, and you make contacts with the most unusual people.
Self-knowledge. Such change is brought about through clear communication, and can involve changes in vocation. You stand to learn a lot about yourself at this time. Achieving harmony in your life, out of past struggles, is likely.  Vocational changes occur as you shift your thinking from inner (or outer) conflict to a sense of the proper path to resolving old problems. Emotional tension. There is often a sense of originality in the ideas which emerge - they are indeed fresh from the perspective of the ego. Regulated breathing and meditation can lead to insight concerning your destiny because it helps you to connect with deep inner resources. Circumstances provide unusual and unplanned opportunities for changes in ego-consciousness. Changes at this time are sure to create emotional swings. Many original ideas emerge, bringing a shift in self-awareness with them.
Feeling and the soul's direction. You may find yourself becoming aware of karmic connections during this time. Your soul's direction is subject to conscious guidance and thus greater emotional awareness is also possible. Change is almost a certainty in career as well as other areas of your life.
Current and Future Trends for the Coming Year
You are intense about work right now and nervous strain can detract from your usual common sense and clarity. Your own arrogance can get in the way of successful business dealings at this time. Stifle your urges and go with the flow. You have had some plans for innovative change. Now may be a good time to push these plans forward.

Your Best Work Environment
Where the work environment and the securing of employment are concerned, astrology offers many useful insights. It also deals with the actual work that is undertaken. It can reveal how you react to work, to your work associates and to the work environment itself. Regardless of the actual title you hold, the place where you do the work and the people around you make a tremendous difference in the attitudes you develop in the work place. You can learn effective tools for obtaining the job as well.
The best work environments for you include virgin territories, hilly ground, burned or burning areas, furnaces, ovens, rooms where cutting is done (such as surgeries or butcher shops), kennels, ceilings, the east wall in a room, or the east room in a building. Geographic locations which may be suited to your work include Denmark, England, Germany, Iceland, Israel,, Japan, Lithuania, New York City, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Syria, or Wales.
You may work in more than one type of environment or change jobs in order to move to a work environment described as follows:
The best work environments for you include entertainment businesses, restaurants, public gardens, bedrooms, dressing rooms, cultivated land, lawns, trees, dim rooms, low ceilings, dark closets, basements, tiled floors, southeast walls and rooms. Geographic locations which may be suited to your work include Asia Minor, Australia, Cyprus, Florida, Holland, Ireland, Labrador, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Guinea, Newfoundland, Persia, Poland, St. Louis, or South America.
The types of people you work with most successfully may not be the sort of people you would choose for friends or romantic partners. Understanding how to identify compatible co-workers can have a direct effect on career success or failure.
You pay attention to the details of connections with others. Whether you are servant or master, you are aware of the subtleties of interaction between yourself and others. You are often able to maintain a detached perspective in the midst of chaos, and you later remember the details which are significant.
Your co-workers combine the best of education and reason with a brilliance and versatility born of their changeable nature. These individuals observe and analyze, learning to discriminate between favorable and unfavorable forces. They make for skilled examination of every situation, but may not be reliable in the clinches, as they will dance away to the next situation in which their attention to every detail provides them with the fuel for their own advancement.
There is one area of your life that may be closely involved in your work. It shows where your actual work energy will be concentrated, as well as what outside factors can affect your work performance. Your work depends to a certain extent on these factors that would otherwise be outside the work environment.
You may have a tendency to procrastinate about work tasks and should strive to accomplish your work in a timely manner. Your sensitivity becomes a plus in dealing with other people, either clients or co-workers.
Your work is likely to follow the path of older family members, or of individuals whose lives you most admire, as these people have similar beliefs and feelings to your own.
Other Factors Affecting Your Choice of Work Environment
As you develop a sense of how significant your work environment is to your life in general, and also what factors affect your work performance, you regain the power to select suitable work.
You tend to begin projects with tremendous energy, and then let opportunities slip away. Rashness can cause problems which can be overcome through honest self-assessment and personal effort.  You use your powerful mind to help you take advantage of opportunities. You are sometimes quick to argue and find fault.  You experience passionate relationships because of your ability to moderate between Self and other. You have a warm heart and creative abilities. There can be fluctuating feelings or a lack of tact.  You experience harmful energy from time to time. Yet your endurance gets you through the difficult times. You are more effective when you throw your energy into tasks without also throwing your ego along with it.  You suffer from a periodic lack of energy and are susceptible to infections. You have an innate sense of timing. You are inspired to acts of devotion. You are sometimes moody and feel inferior.
Thinking and feeling are compatible factors in your mental process. You are able to assimilate information and to put it back out; your studies should focus on the material "reality".  You use your powerful mind to help you through difficult transitions in your life. A tendency toward rash action can create unnecessary tensions. You can use inner tension to guide the direction of persuasive arguments.  Tension can cause physical pain. You tend to have many projects going on at once and this can lead to nervousness. You are generally logical and thorough. Slow steady advancement in life is related to your skills of concentration and industry.  Your heightened powers of intuition give you greater flexibility in all kinds of situations. Because you know or feel how conditions will change, you are able to work with the challenges you meet.
At certain times in your life changes in the work environment affect your career. You may change how you feel about your work and your coworkers. During some periods it is more difficult to be hired, or even to find a suitable place to work, while at other times changes within the work environment are easy to achieve.
Recent Experiences at Work
Any creative projects you have been working on can benefit from your awareness of subtle changes that promise success. Anything you say seems to be used against you at this time.
You are somewhat intolerant of others at this time, so don't do a review of employees just now.
You have been making steady advancement, and now are becoming aware of new opportunities to maintain your positive direction.
Trends in the Near Future
You find that you can see future pitfalls more clearly than in the past, and take evasive action. You may experience misfortune at this time due to incomplete planning or inconsistent application of energy to the task.

Your Financial Considerations
Of the three vocational considerations, money is usually the most personal and private. Yet at the end of your life, all you have to take with you is your self worth. All the money, all the material possessions, all the opinions of other people will make no difference at all. What you think of yourself is all you will have. Thus other considerations such as moral growth, personal debts other than those involving money, and self-esteem are tremendously important human issues. The question this chapter revolves around is this: How do you maximize your potential, fulfill your higher mission, satisfy your daemon, obtain the money you need to live, enjoy your life, enhance your moral growth, all within the confines of the natural talents you possess, in such a way that at the end of your life, you are satisfied - personally satisfied - that you did well?
You can be gullible where money is concerned. When people appeal to your indulgent side, they can take you for a financial ride you will not soon forget. Your material well-being, and your self-esteem too, are best served by a cheerful earning style, coupled with a philosophical view of the value of money. You can earn money through athletics or an adjunct business. Study of the history of economics and money can give you the theoretical base you need to offset any lack of restraint. Be magnanimous, not frivolous, and finances will thrive.
Where does your money actually come from?
You have the gift of gab, always able to carry a conversation in any situation. You are well suited for public work, as you can find something in common with just about everyone. Willing to learn from others, you avoid many pitfalls through observation. Your patience and equanimity are valuable qualities, as they help you to gain cooperation of others.
The feet provide the foundation of all movement. Thus the process of movement is integral to your well-being. Understanding comes from the higher mind through the process of movement through feelings and thoughts, considering them all and acting on those which promise fortunate results.
Your conscious connection to financial concerns is strong. You are interested in money and finances and these areas may directly impact your self-esteem.
Tension can cause physical pain. You tend to have many projects going on at once and this can lead to nervousness. You are generally logical and thorough. Slow steady advancement in life is related to your skills of concentration and industry.  Your love life is inhibited by your serious acceptance of duty. Your sober, sensible side can attract partners much younger or older. Even temporary separations can cause you pain. Jealousy can be a problem.  You experience harmful energy from time to time, yet your endurance gets you through it. You are more effective when you throw your energy into tasks without also throwing your ego along with it.  You are often happiest when you are involved in secluded activities. Your patience, diplomacy, and sense of duty are exemplary. Your life is filled with changes.  Inhibited rhythms affect your physical body and your social existence. you are able to overcome difficulties. You are self-willed and gain or suffer because of this.  You experience cruelty in your life which must be offset by other factors. You have the potential to grow in spiritual awareness if you can avoid purely egoistic aims.
You have specific patterns involving money and material things. You also have a personal moral direction and path toward development of a healthy self-image.
There is another area of life, not necessarily associated with work, that indicates how you actually get your money. It can also reveal who or what has the most direct effect on your self-esteem. Thirdly, it can indicate how you tend to spend your income.
You may find that no amount of pushing seems to enhance your finances, whereas a serene attitude and assured receptivity work much better. Money may come from hidden sources or from private efforts.
You see money as the avenue to harmony, and you are creative in its use. You may occasionally succumb to extravagant temptations and probably own one or more art objects.
Astrology can indicate the importance of income in general, and how material matters affect your self-esteem.
Changes in financial matters, as well as movement toward greater or lesser self esteem, indicate how career efforts are paying off materially and emotionally. The following are indications of recent changes in the area of personal resources, followed by current conditions and future trends in this area.
Recent Experiences
Now is a good time to avoid dietary excess. You will not wish to abstain from anything that tastes, looks, or feels good.
You are in a period of change, with many career and business offers to consider.

Career or Mission?
Now that we have examined the vocational possibilities from the geocentric perspective, it is time to consider your higher spiritual mission. Mission is driven by the spirit or inner psychic voice of the individual. Let's take a look at the spiritual potential that reflects the urgings of that voice. Seeing the universe from this perspective gives you a sense of your larger purpose. Then you can look back at the above information to discover the practical means to fulfill your higher purpose.
This section of the report considers several factors that make up your spiritual perspective. Some may be more familiar to you than others, and certainly some will have more impact on your vocation.
The search for equilibrium in your life reaches beyond the limits of this plane of manifestation, seeking to integrate the experiences of body, mind and spirit into one profound experience of unfolded consciousness. This level of integration occurs when the soul and the personality are brought into alignment through accident or through ritual experience. Thus ritual is a valuable path for you as you develop a sense of equilibrium. You can develop a fuller sense of the value of ritual through the unfolding of spiritual consciousness. Mature self-consciousness includes awareness of these two appearances and how they interweave to produce what we call life. In your daily activities you may seldom think of this profound reality of existence; as you grow in conscience you develop an affinity for sensitizing yourself to your higher mission.
Your path to transformation of difficulty into harmony - the most direct way to actively engage will to guide your personal power - is to integrate power and will to act as a human being. You have the choice of how you implement your will. The power of the universe acts for and with you through the nurturing capability of the material world which creates a physical form in which our personality and soul can develop on the path to higher spiritual realization. You have deep experiences which reveal the light to you. You have the capability of unified understanding of the feminine principle in all its expressions, embodying it in the mental, emotional and physical manifestations. Outer attention to detail reveals your inner understanding of unity.
The path toward fusion of heart and mind, the subjective purpose for manifestation, is perhaps the most central experience of wisdom that you will ever have. Your life's processes are defined, and the expansive process of your mind and spirit relishes the richness to be found through the testing of opposites. Energies are weighed and balanced here, and understanding begins to form about the profitable uses of polarity. Harmony is not only expressed through balance and symmetry, but through intentional asymmetry as well. Knowing how to work with this concept allows you to achieve new levels of energy.
Psychic awareness can be focused to identify the source of conflict and the ground upon which conflict may be resolved. Your higher vision is based on your examination of the essential duality of physical manifestation. One side of duality is the desire or passionate nature; the other side is the innate quality of compassion which comes from another level of experience. The awareness of essential duality is joined with the activity of the mediator to resolve into Unity. You develop your capacity for compassion through fierce testing. The planetary energies are subjected to physical, mental and spiritual demands which leave you changed forever. While duality is part of all experience, there is a struggle that tests even the nature of opposites. This spiritual battle challenges you to rise above merely material considerations.
We all accumulate debts and responsibilities on the path toward resolution of difficulties. It is through the exercise of intelligent activity - that is, the use of what we know and how we employ that knowledge - that we even begin to approach the freedom we seek from such indebtedness. You seek intelligent activity in all areas of your life through the same sign as the sign of the Earth, which is the direction intelligent activity is most likely to move and will be described in a later paragraph.
Mediation occurs not only in conflict resolution between or among people; it is an internal psychic function as well.  Concrete knowledge does not stop at the scientific definitions of things, nor is it limited to the scientific approach to understanding the relationships between people and things. It also includes a felt sense, an inner awareness of the right relationships between things. You can employ concrete knowledge in the mediation between personality and soul, between physical life and higher consciousness. Only through fusion of these apparently separate facets of your being can you approach true knowledge.  You can be energetic, even aggressive at times. At other times your energy is directed into thoughtful devotional activities, quieter but no less energetic. Mercury, Venus, and Mars tend to express through melding love and wisdom into a working unity. Your sight is always set on the masses and not the individual, your goals and work tend to be global, in thought and in action. Ritual provides an avenue for working with others. By honoring the human connection to form, you are able to help people move forward. It is through the use of ritual that you are able to resolve difficulties between people, as ritual affords the possibility of acknowledging conflict while encouraging movement toward solution.
There is a particular direction in which your intelligent activity will most likely move. It is obviously where you position yourself and represents your strongest capacities as a human being. You will display intelligent activity in and your lifes' mission through the process of linking form and soul. Without this step the soul would not attach to the body and life independent from the mother would not be possible. This deep mystery occurs metaphorically while the Sun is sinking to its lowest point of the year, suggesting that the mysteries of life dwell in the dark recesses of consciousness.

The above considerations can be woven together to present an integrated view of your career potential at this time. They indicate the talents and capacities you were born with, and they also suggest directions to go at the present time. As such they provide assistance in making career decisions and can be helpful in considering a wide range of possibilities. Naturally you have the final decision about what changes will be beneficial in this area of your life.
Now that you have read your vocational report, you hopefully have a clearer sense of how circumstances have brought you to your present career position. You may also see ways to apply your natural capabilities, education and training to the goal of a more fulfilling vocation. Finally, you can consider ways to find a job and co-workers that enrich your work and help you come closer to fulfilling your life's mission.