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Celestial Reunion quickly sold out when it was originally printed in the late 1990s. Several years ago, the disks were lost and it became necessary to get the book back into print through digital scanning and optical character recognition software. This summer, spirit made this project possible and guided us to the resources needed to make this book available again. As we created this ebook, it became apparent to us this information is more important than ever at this time, and it is a great synchronicity that we were led to make this book available once more. May you be as blessed in reading it as we were in creating it!

Here is a downloadable PDF excerpt of Peter's book:

Excerpt from Celestial Reunion Ebook

Peter's Celestial Reunion Glossary

Editorial Reviews of Celestial Reunion:

By Steven Fratini

Peter Phalam is an outstanding source of cosmology.

I've not read anything for the last 10 years that made my heart skip a couple of beats and profoundly awakened new thought within my conscious perspective of multi-dimensional realities til I devoured Celestial Reunion. The enormous pool of metaphysicians who have been bored with current publications and have been waiting for something to catapult them forward will be overjoyed.

Book Description

One man's vision from beyond the cutting edge of current metaphysical thought. A channeled journey to the source of mercy granted our Earth for her healing. The invocation of the Second Coming, the redemption of ascension for all who rise above Earth's karmic maze, and the reemergence of the Divine Feminine to heal all iniquity.

A Divine celebration of cosmology, healing, and ascension delivered to Peter through the hearts of Sananda, Mother Mary, Sophia, Enoch, St. Germain, Athena, and the Archangels.

This is an advanced metaphysical teaching.

About the Author

Phalam has been an Astrologer and Healer for over twenty years and a trans-channel since 1992. His initial contacts were within the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Christ Consciousness, but soon moved outward to other Celestial Masters and Spiritual Hierarchies representing multiple galaxies and universes. His channelings bring new dimension to all metaphysical thought.

Reviews of Celestial Reunion from

5.0 out of 5 stars Celestial Reunion is the best book I have ever read!, February 11, 1999 By A Customer Celestial Reunion is a book that allowed me to remember the time when we were one, only one. The topics that Peter Phalam touches upon are those which every one on this planetary plane are assimalating on a moment to moment basis. In my metaphysical studies over the last 24 years I have never seen such a concise display of multidimensional geometrical expression of all 144 dimensions in such a magical, elizabethan fashion. Books like the Keys Of Enoch, Pleiadian Agenda, Course In Miracles, the Gita, the Bible itself, Arcturus Probe, Flower Of Life, Songs of the Masters Of Light, Joshua David Stones' Cosmic Ascension, the Light Shall Set You Free are preschool compared to Celestial Reunion in my opinion. Let it be known that Sananda and Lord Enoch, Sophia of the Great Central Sun and Ashtar's contributions are the most important contributions in my opinion to ever grace this planet. I would give my life for these teachings to be in every school in every part of the world. Blessings to all that receive this divinely ordained teaching. Thank You Peter and thank you Shelly his divine twin flame as well as Phalam Peter's higherself for all the wonderful enlightenment that I continue to receive from your majestic, super luminous, sub atomic hyper glyphonic radial matrix natural time splendor in Celestial Reunion. I give this 11-11, 777 Supreme Full realization conciousness Terton Stars of Christ Essence light streaming from Kauai to California stars, Premeste (in the book) Atlantean for I honor your path back to Oneness! Love and light, brothers and sisters of the light!!! Horus, Diocles, Drew B One, Jedi Master

5.0 out of 5 stars A mystical journey that reveals the truth of Revelations., January 8, 1999 By A Customer From what I understand the bible has been rewritten 681 times. Through all those versions Revelations has never been tampered with because it was never understood until now. There are many, many misconceptions of what the meaning of Revelations is. So is this work the ultimate truth? That is for each individual to decide on there own. But from my perspective it has given me many viable answers that others have not provided to this body of work. Through the higher wisdom and guidance of Peter Phalam humanity has been given a gift to peak into the window of Divine truth. I chance to understand what Revelations speaks to.Page 18 explains the nature of the Alpha - Omega Karma. To all who have been wishing to create abundance and have not you will understand why. Page 148 gives an explanation as why women who are growing in spirit are leaving their relationships. And how the men are reacting and why.Page 154 talks about the twelve female apostles that served Christ. Because this has been a male dominated society the female expression to the truth of Christ has been kept in silence. This is just a small sample from the book of the truths I have gained insight to. This is a must read book for all who are on their spiritual path.

5.0 out of 5 stars Ascension harmonic Earh 16-16 Revelation, February 12, 1999 By A Customer When I first received my copy from my brother I was shocked. I drove him to get this book and I had no idea what was in it. I was enthralled by Athena's eloquent musing on tinctures of light being applied to our auric fields to open our crown chakras. Merlin's dazzaling conncetion to our beloved Saint Germain was as liquid crystaline clear as being a being in Lord Sananda's and Mother Mary's 11th Dimensional Light Ship. The recollection of being a 3rd Root Race human being was awakened as I read this book four times from cover to cover remembering the stargates in Colorado and in the Eastern Part of the World. I am so aligned with Peter and Phalam that I know now that we are to be the next wave of Ascended Masters for the seventh golden age of Aquarius the age of light. The harmonic convergence of the 16-16 which is in the book is today Feb. 12, 1999. Onto the return to the source of the May 17, 17-17 2000 awakening of 144,000 master souls to full realization conciousness. I am so happy to be a part of the freeing of Gaia and Gaeitious, the sentient beings of Terra, Mother Earth. Pi and Dynian, Archangel Michael, Apostle Peter, Paul, Rafeal, Uriel, Zadkiel, the acsension plots, the Omni Logos, the arrival of the Blue Star Masters this summer of 1999, the Nomadic Universe Masters arrival and the Trinity 7th root race beings arrival have been transmitted in Celestial Reunion a book that I will remember for Eternity. Premeste, Onedeste, Nameste, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Psebayoth in the name of the Seven Lady Archangels I say Adonai Elohim masters of light. Arianna Barry aka Emerald Comet, Red Crystal Moon

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