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New Year's Eve Channeling 2007:Deborah and Peter on the 2008 forecast and what changes starseeds can expect in the coming year. Ashtar spoke about a specific form of Divine Intervention for the coming year where many more starships congregate for Earth's move into the Golden Age. For elder souls, our celestial families are back from other experiments and are going to take turns walking into our auras, using our eyes and ears to observe what is going on here and give us advice in terms of raising consciousness. Deborah talked about our fragmented selves and how we gather and harmonize all our aspects to create the inner peace and self-love needed to transform our world. Sananda also came through with a unified message through a congregation of over 100 channels in this country. There are three audio files in this channeling, $15



Peter channeling Kuthumi on Earth Changes, Magnetic Polar Reversals and the Spiritual and Healing Benefits of Creating an Alkaline Body. Includes a guided meditation and breathing exercise with guides and angels designed to improve intuitive skills. $15


Peter channeling St. Germain on the Da Vinci Codes, Global Warming and the Conscious Apocolypse (first of a three-part series) $15


Peter channeling St. Germain on Freedom of Emotions, Accessing Energetic Portals & More (Second in a Three-Part Series) $15



Peter channeling Sunat Kumara on the optimal psychic position in relationship with rapidly-changing Earth conditions (Third in a three-part series) $15 


Holotropic Breathwork CD - Ancient Atlantean Breatharian Technique to assist with emotional release patterns, produced by Peter with music background chosen by the Masters $15



Psychic Skills Course on CD - Peter's Guided Meditations and other Tools to Help you Develop Your Psychic Skills $15




*Channelings in three-part series can also stand alone. It's not necessary to have all three for it to make sense, though all three together offer a more complete picture. 


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