Channeling Into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for Opening your Psychic Senses By DL Zeta and Peter Phalam

In this 90-page ebook, we share our personal experiences with two very different channeling techniques: conscious channeling and trance channeling. We also share the information we've shared in classes we've taught and ways to raises your vibration to access higher dimensional energies. $15

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About this Book

In the first part of this book, Peter and I share our own experiences with channeling. In the middle, there is A Short Course on Automatic Writing and A Short Course on Channeling, which offer the basics of developing these skills. This information contains everything you need to know to begin practicing the skills of automatic writing and channeling. In the last part of the book, I include some more advanced instructions and perspectives on channeling, including techniques I have used over the decade or so I’ve been channeling for myself and others.

Initially, your main interest in channeling will likely center around receiving information and guidance for your own path. As you grow and learn, your life will change in remarkable ways. In time, you will want to help others transform their lives as well. This may involve doing intuitive readings and/or channelings for others. Some artists, writers and other creatives may be interested in developing their channeling skills as a means of connecting with ideas and insights for their creations. The uses for channeling are only limited by the scope of one’s imagination.

Our intent in creating this book is to provide you with ideas, techniques and information to stimulate your mind, imagination and spirit and help you explore channeling as a valuable tool for accessing other dimensions and realms of yourself.

Two Different Perspectives on Channeling: Conscious Channeling and Trance Channeling

Channeling has always been a natural part of my being. I am a conscious channel. When I channel I enter a light trance that allows me to interact with the flow of information entering my consciousness. My partner, Peter Phalam, is a trance channel who enters a deep trance state to bring through guidance and information from high-level entities. He describes his process here in this book. My own process for channeling and my understanding of it have differed from his, but the role channeling has played in both our lives has been similar; channeling has provided both of us with the insights and inspiration to transform and expand our existence. We have been blessed to be able to share the gifts of our channeling to assist others in transforming their lives. Experience has taught us that there's no certain way to view channeling. Each person’s interaction with intuitive guidance is totally unique and intimate. Peter and I are living proof that there are vastly different yet totally valid perspectives on the phenomenon of channeling.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Channeling By Peter and Deborah

Two Different Perspectives on Channeling: Conscious Channeling and Trance Channeling

About this Ebook

The Definition and Process of Channeling

Introduction to Conscious Channeling By Deborah

Introduction to Trance Channeling By Peter

Intuitive Guidance in Future Time

Introduction to Trance Channeling By Peter

The Art of Trance Channeling By Peter

My Journey as a Trance Channel By Peter

Creating a Plan for Developing Your Trance Channeling

Notes from a Retired Channel

Exercises to Open the Psychic Senses

My Journey as a Conscious Channel by Deborah

The Connection Between Creativity and Channeling

WB Yeats, A Vision and Automatic Writing

Journaling into the Next Dimension

Automatic Writing and Steps to Accessing Higher Consciousness

The Book Game and Discovering a New Direction

The Book Game and Opening to Channel

Channeling into a Tape Recorder

A Time of Constant Change

Channeling for Others and Perceiving ‘Future Probabilities’

Healing Myself at All Levels

Raw Foods, the School of Metaphysics and Medical Intuition

Dream Awareness, Authority Issues and Universal Symbols

Accessing Non-Ordinary States and Writing about Portals

A Short Course on Automatic Writing By Deborah

A Short Course on Opening to Channel By Deborah

What is Channeling?

Types of Channels

Are you Channeling a Guide or Your Higher Self?

One Channel’s Insights on the Nature and Origins of Channeling

How Channeling Can Change Your Life

How to Enter a Trance State

Sensations Associated with Channeling

Predictions and Probable Futures

Channeling: Further Dimensions and Gateways By Deborah

Questions are Gatekeepers to Higher Consciousness

Being Okay with Not Knowing

Projecting your Consciousness through Time and Space

Perceiving a Past Life

Creating Consciousness Maps

Have a Higher Purpose for the Questions You Ask

The Magic and Art of Inner Listening

Building a Belief in Yourself as a Spiritual Channel

The Value of Keeping an Intuitive Journal

Wild Cards to Intuitive Development: Astrological Influences and Karmic Lessons

Seeing the World through the Eyes of Your Higher Self

Seeing the Symbols in Your Life
Adopting the Identity and Timeline of a Spiritual Channel

Channeling Cultivates a Telepathic Connection to Our Guidance

Doing Readings for Yourself and Others By Deborah

The Present Moment is Your Portal to Channeling

Doing a Reading for Yourself

Channeling and Intuitive Health Readings

Health Readings are a Series of Intuitive Steps

Doing an Intuitive Health Reading

Health and the Chakras

Chakras – Your Body’s Energy Distribution System

The Root Chakra

The Adrenal Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The Brow Chakra

The Crown Chakra

A Short Course on Becoming a Better Receiving Station By Deborah

Tuning in the Universal Broadcast

Your Vibration Determines the Frequencies You Access

Raising the Vibration Opens Your Intuitive Flow

Cultivating Inner Qualities Raises Your Vibration

Raising Your ‘Frequency Capability’

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Vibration

Dissolving Barriers to Enhanced Life Force Flow

Negative Feelings Bind You to What You Don’t Want

Stepping into Emotional Freedom

Your Emotions are Gatekeepers to Higher Consciousness

The Importance of Taking Responsibility

The Path of Emotional Healing

Discovering Emotional Triggers

Emotional Freedom Opens the Doorway to the Subconscious

Channeling and Transforming Emotions

Steps to Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

The Power of Concentration

Candle Concentration Exercise

Clearing Clutter

How Hong-Sau Works

Hong-Sau Meditation

Alkalinizing the Body

The Connection Between Spirituality and Alkalinity

How to Become Alkaline

Eating a High-Alkaline Diet

Exercise and Movement to Enhance Intuitive Reception

Forms of Exercise and Movement



Channeling Opens New Frontiers in Consciousness

The Doorway of the Imagination Offers Limitless Possibilities

Your Journeys into the Higher Dimensions

About Peter and Deborah

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