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The Basic Tarot Course By Peter 


This booklet contains a Basic Tarot Course created by Peter Phalam. This course uses the Celestial Tarot deck to illustrate the connection between astrology and tarot. By understanding how each card in a tarot deck corresponds to an aspect in astrology (Mercury in Leo, for example), you gain an understanding of tarot and astrology at the same time.

This course outlines the intuitive function of the tarot - the Fool's journey through life. Peter writes: "It is thought that we live many different lifetimes and take turns in different zodiac signs with the planets in our solar system affecting our journey. The cause-and-effect situations in our life, or the 'karmic matrix', is described by the Minor Arcana comprised of 56 cards divided into four elements. Each element represents a different part of life ranging from emotions and thinking to energy output and material blessings. Tarot is the feminine form of astrology. A normal deck not only has a pictorial definition on each card but also an astrological relationship. The pictures represent the Fool's journey as different events in life come up. There are literally hundreds of definitions around the meaning of each card. In this course, I teach you the simple definitions of the signs and planets as well as the astrological determinations of the Minor and Major Arcana." $20 includes free US shipping.

astology%20course.JPG Simply Astrology Course By Peter


The Simply Astrology Course is a beginning level astrology course by Peter Phalam. The course consists of two CDs and a workbook containing a number of sample astrology charts to illustrate the lessons on the CDs. The first CD focuses on Dynamics of the Wheel, Signs and Elements, and the second CD focuses on House Identity, Planets & Transits. This is a great course for anyone who wants to learn astrology basics. Simply Astrology Course $40 includes free US shipping 




twoworks.gifTwo Works in Progress in one booklet:

Light Being: A Bi-Location Manual by Peter Phalam & Portals of Spirit: Accessing Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness by DL Zeta; 27 pages; $12 includes free Us shipping


18 Channelings by Peter Phalam: Sunday Morning with St. Germaine & Merlin’s Angelic Radio Network: Channelings include Holographic Inserts within the Karmic Matrix; Releasing Your Addictive Links to Mass Consciousness; Eating Alkaline Foods to Light-in Your Body; The Merkabah Star Gate & Mitochondrial DNA, Scientific Teleportation Makes Bi-Location Metamorphosis Possible; How to Counteract HAARP Waves, Oxygen Deprivation and Free Radicals; and more  29 pages; $15 includes free US shipping