Spring 2010

As our web site celebrates its two-year anniversary, we feel blessed that so many of you have visited here the last two years.  Some have stopped by to read archived channelings and other files, while others have download from our Digital Downloads Center or scheduled readings or purchased CDs and/or astrology and numerology reports.

People from all over the world have visited our site and contacted us through the submission form.  We have come to know quite a few of you this way.  Encouraged by the feedback we've received, we have steadily expanded our site, adding to the channelings, journals, readings, digital downloads and reports we offer.  In coming times, we will offer streaming audio and video here, and add to our readings, posts, photos and digital downloads.

We were slowed for a time as we rebuilt from the damage of Hurricane Ike, but as of January 2010, we're back full-time, feeling more inspired than ever before to share with the visions and and inspiration we receive during our spiritual communion. 

We thank you for taking the time to check out this site and welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. This is a place to share information and ideas, encouragement and support!

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Website Launched: December 2007

This website was created in response to numerous requests from people who have written wanting to know how to find archived channelings, how to schedule readings or just find out more about us. This has been a labor of love that's been long in coming. We are so pleased to have a place here on the Net where people can stop by, peruse the archives and leave us a note. Some highlights of our site: there is a link to our Celestial Vision forum, which is a rapidly growing group of people from all over the world. Channelings by DL Zeta can be found in the navigation list. We have included here some recent favorites, and will continue adding to the archives as time allows. The journals will be updated on a daily basis, so check back regularly. In the photo sections, we have uploaded some photos from Peter's channelings, and we will continue adding to this section as we have new photos to add. In the Readings sections, you can learn how to schedule a reading with Deborah or Peter, and the types of readings that are generally requested. All readings are tailored to the individual, so drop us a line if you have questions or suggestions. Peter is an incredible astrologer and able to answer any conceivable question through a person's chart. We also have a large selection of Matrix Astrology Reports and Decoz Numerology Reports, as well as CDs of Peter's channelings, astrology, tarot and psychic skills courses. Still in development is a links section and online classes.


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