Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor By DL Zeta


This 30-page ebook focuses on the process of creating a relationship with your future self. This ebook contains ideas and information you won't find anywhere else. $12

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Messages from the Future

Table of Contents

Messages from the Future, Part 1: Your Future Self As Your Guide and Mentor

Messages from the Future, Part 2: The Gifts of Uniting with Your Future Self

Messages from the Future, Part 3: Expanding Your Beliefs to Open to Your Future Self

Messages from the Future, Part 4: Creating the Causes of an Advanced Future Self

Messages from the Future, Part 5: Serving As Guide and Mentor for Your Past Selves

Messages from the Future, Part 6: Meeting Your Future Self in Consciousness

Messages from the Future, Part 7: Coming into Resonance with Your Mastery Self

Messages from the Future, Part 8: Working with your Future Self to Seed the New Earth

Messages from the Future Series By DL Zeta

In this series, we will look at your relationship with your future self from a number of different perspectives. We will:

*explain the role your relationship with your future self plays in your present moment and help you understand how it can play a greater role in your future.

*outline ways you will need to expand your beliefs to allow this wise and loving aspect of yourself to play a greater role in your life. One of the most important aspects of expanding your relationship with your future self is accepting who you really are within your present moment. You are wise and infinite being. Your conscious mind represents a small percentage of your overall be-ing. Many still identify themselves as their conscious mind or ego. It is important to learn to step through the door of the ego into the infinite nature of your being.

*discuss ways in which you can greatly contribute to the growth and ability of your future self. In other words, there are steps you can take to create the causes of an advanced future self capable of traveling back through time and assisting you.

*explain the process of becoming a wise and loving mentor to your "past selves." One of the most important steps you can take to begin learning about future selves and the special form of guidance they offer is to become a future self.

*describe ways in which you can begin to work with your future self within your present moment to begin raising the vibration of your present lifetime. Because your future self has walked the path that stretches before you, it can help you focus your mind and energies to embrace rather than resist the times to come.

*describe the way in which your "mastery self" works with its many past selves, assisting and guiding them in their journey of becoming. One of the main functions of a newly-evolved "mastery self" is to create completion in all areas in which its understandings are incomplete. One way in which the mastery self brings about this completion is by working with its orchestra of "past selves." Those past selves that are most receptive and awake are the mastery self's greatest assets in this effort.

*describe ways in which you can work with your future self to help seed the future of the New Earth. Your future selves exist at all points within the unfolding of the New Earth. As your ability to communicate with your future selves grows stronger, you will receive ideas and information that will allow you to take steps within your present moment to help seed the new and greatly expanded times to come. We will offer some insights into this process that allow you to become a brighter light in your present time frame, lighting the path for many others.

Excerpt from Messages from the Future:

Steps to Creating an Advanced Future Self

By creating the causes of an advanced future consciousness within your present moment, you open energetic pathways that bring you into resonance with future selves who hold advanced understandings. One of the most important steps to creating an advanced future consciousness is to gain awareness of your self as a non-linear being.

The Importance of Releasing Linear Thoughtforms

The belief that you only exist in a one-dimensional reality binds you to a physical-based way of thinking. This perspective cuts off communication with all timeframes outside your present moment. This generates an attitude of "I'll believe it when I see it" that also shuts down communication with your spirit. You effectively become isolated from other aspects of your being. This leads to limitations of all kinds; manifesting is slowed; struggles and hardships are frequent. The flow of life force energy to the physical system "amps down", making one susceptible to illness and accidents. To step beyond linear thinking, it is necessary to create a fluid and free-flowing consciousness.

We offer here some steps to help you move beyond linear thinking:

1) Write down and interpret your dreams each morning. This opens a dialogue with your higher self and builds a bridge to higher consciousness.

2) Write down and interpret symbols of your waking reality at the end of each day. This helps you see your daily life from a perspective beyond linear reality.

3) Cultivate an art form. All forms of creative "play" take you outside physical reality into the space where the raw "soup" of life force is shaped into physical reality. Creative writing (journaling, fiction, and poetry) music, painting, drawing, photography, pottery and jewelry making are all examples of creative play.

4) Do something new each day. Each time you do something new, you open up new pathways in the brain. Even traveling a different route home or rearranging the furniture in your home can open new pathways. Visiting new places falls into this category.

5) Cultivate a direct connection with your higher self. Automatic writing, meditation, dreamwork and channeling are some examples. Ask questions and listen for the answers. This helps you expand your consciousness and step outside linear reality.

6) Eat healthy and light and adopt a daily exercise regimen. This helps keep life force energy moving through your physical system. It is difficult to achieve higher consciousness when your physical system is sluggish from lack of exercise and weighed down by digesting heavy foods.

7) Read spiritual texts written in "twilight language," which engages all levels of your being. Examples are the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, many channeled messages and other spiritual books.

  8) Become a detective in your own life. Observe your self from a detached perspective that allows you to gain awareness of your ego and how it functions in your life. From a place of detachment it is easier to see any ways you are placing limitations on your self. You are also able to gain awareness of thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve your higher good.