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The Metaphysics of Radiant Health Ebook by DL Zeta


In the Metaphysics of Radiant Health, I'll share with you my own journey to health and wellness and discuss some techniques I've found helpful along the way. This 51-page Ebook is filled with cutting edge information on natural health and healing from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective. Includes the basics of a living foods diet, juicing, and intuitive health.

In the first part of this series, I'll share some principles I've been given in times of communion my guides. These are times when I sit down to write and spirit takes over my pen, directing me to ideas and information. I call this information the Metaphysics of Health and Healing.

In part 2, I'll share with you the wealth of information I’ve gained over the years through my studies and experiences. This includes my training in intuitive health, living foods and natural healing. This second section is titled Principles of Natural Health and Healing.

In the third segment, titled Steps toward Wellness, I'll describe some techniques I've found helpful on my own journey toward wellness.

This series is not meant to be a prescription for health, or to take the place of consulting a health practitioner. For several I've felt called to share my own experiences on the road to health and wellness. In this series, I will outline experiences and insights that have helped me to a happier, more healthy and holistic life. $15

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Table of Contents

Part 1:The Journey to Health and Healing

My Own Journey to Wellness

The Metaphysics of Health and Healing

Spiritual Purpose and "Frequency Capability"

Love and Nurture Your Self

Lack of Self-Worth is the Number One Killer

Detecting the Vibrational Frequency of Unworthiness

'Digesting', Processing and Releasing Experiences

The Connection between Food and Life Force Energy

The Deadening Effect of Consuming ‘Dead’ Substances

The Power of Cleansing and Detoxing the System

Raising Your ‘Frequency Capability’

Negative Feelings Bind You to What You Don't Want

Self-Realization Versus Spiritual Poverty

12 Steps to Creating Spiritual Renewal

Part 2: Principles of Natural Health and Healing

The True Nature of Health and Wellness

The Connection between Spiritual Purpose and Health

Physical Health versus Spiritual Health

Cultivating Wellness

Cosmic Energy and the Body's Subtle Organizing Energy Fields

Chakras -- Your Body's Energy Distribution System

Intuitive Health: Physical Symptoms Are Symbols

Understanding the Anatomy of an Illness

The Root Cause of Disease

Learning to Interpret 'Health Dreams'

Learning to Listen to Your Body

Part 3:Steps toward Wellness

Keeping a Diary of Eating Habits

Reframing Your Relationship with Food by Transforming Emotional Eating Patterns

Steps on the Road to Health and Vitality

Detoxify and Cleanse Your Physical Body

Detoxing and Bowel Management

Foods High in Life Force Energy

Alkaline versus Acid

The Connection between Acidity and Weight Gain

Spirituality and Alkalinity

How to Become Alkaline

Food Combining

Detoxing and Bowel Management

Macrobiotics: A Balance of Yin and Yang

We Are What We Eat

A Raw Food Diet: Tips for Getting Started

Equipment:Creating a Conscious Kitchen

Recommended Books

The Art of Juicing

The Healing Power of Wheatgrass

Regeneration Versus Maintenance

Growing Your Own Wheatgrass

The Connection Between Exercise and Intuition

Strengthening the Immune System through Spiritual Alignment