Celestial Vision Audio CDs 2010

Peter's 2-part Intuitive Health Tarot Course on CD

Peter's two-part course on CD gives in-depth instruction on using the tarot as a diagnostic tool for healing. This is an effective tool for analyzing the five planes of existence. $24

Peter's comments on the Intuitive Health Tarot Course: When I began reading the Tarot Decks back in 1973 I used the traditional readings from books that were created. Later on I studied Carl Jung and his analysis of using Tarot for the study of emotional and mental problems. The many students in my area were using the Major Arcana of Tarot Cards to do the analysis. After many years I have finally discovered a mannerism to use the entire Tarot Deck for the ‘Healing Intuitive Reading’. We will be examining five planes of health in a being. The heart and blood, the liver, pancreas, adrenals and kidneys, Thymus and immune system and finally the brain, will be examined. We are not doctors or even medical professionals but we can merely look at this reading and advise a client to check out what we have found.

All areas in the reading are similar from the minor arcana and major arcane or trump cards. The numbered cards from Ace through ten all have the same definition. Ace reflects the beginning of something new and not necessarily an illness but perhaps a dietary change or a lifestyle change but in any case it discovers something new. Two through Ten merely define the degree of intention of the situation with Two being very mind and Ten reflecting a more serious problem. The court cards where the King and Queen reflect parents and genetic transfers or emotional and mental problems, are all the same. The Prince and Princess or whatever your deck depicts in the court cards are friends and co-workers who create problems with emotional and mental blocks.

The major arcana is very different in that each card in each field has a different intention. The major arcana has within it cards that depict every planet in our solar system including the Sun and Moon. It also has all twelve zodiac signs from the 0 of the Fool to 21 ‘The Universe’ which is the planet Saturn. Tarot is nothing more than the feminine interpretation of astrology and healing is a feminine activity. The major arcana will show up if something is going on. If none of these cards appear in any plane the individual is relatively healthy but may have a pre-existing condition or a chronic condition under control. But most likely the major arcana will appear somewhere and impact the reading.

Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness

Excerpt from the guided meditation:

Once you are inside your inner temple, a being of light greets you. This being guides you into a room with a balcony that looks out over the sparkling ocean below. Here flowers of every color radiate the essence of love and harmony. Make yourself comfortable. You are now ready to call your soul to you. Sounding an om or a note that is unique to you sends out the call. In the next moment, you see a beautiful, radiant light coming toward you. This is your soul. As you embrace your soul, you are enveloped in a warm, loving light that fills you with awareness of how much your soul loves and cares for you. Your soul asks if you are ready to blend with it. When you are ready, your soul gently merges with you. As you blend, you feel your energy centers light up. You feel a rush of energy. Merging with your soul heals and purifies every cell in your being. Your DNA is transformed and aligned with your higher purpose. Your powers of inner seeing and inner knowing are strengthened as you look out through the eyes of your soul. From this place, everything in your life comes into perfect focus. You feel completely at peace with all that has been your life and all you have been across time. In this blending, you feel your purpose merge with your soul's vision for your life. While you are merged, ask your soul to bring into you into union with the soul of your soulmate. As you do so, hold in awareness your intention to meet your soulmate. Allow images to flow into your mind of the life you see yourself sharing with your soulmate. $17

The Alpha Wave Therapy CD Level One By Peter

This new CD is the full explanation of a new energy work form obtained from the Alpha Centurion Nation. They have two planets between 500 and 1000 years in advance of our current progress. One thing that stands out is that they have no disease on either planet. This form is aligned with the work of Nikola Tesla and his L Wave Theory. The body has a detailed meridian system and within that system are numerous energy centers called ‘miasms’. These miasms hold the electromagnetic signatures of all diseases capable of occurring in the body. This energy form seeks out these signatures and creates the reverse image that neutralizes the potential for that disease.

This form: *works on the ‘free radical’ environment of the body and repairs damaged DNA; *uses the new energies coming onto the earth from the center of the galaxy in advance of the 2012 alignment; *uses the ‘Merkabah’ as a transmitting element where star tetrahedrons and octahedrons collect and distribute cosmic energies into the body. The practitioner functions as a facilitator cleaning chakras, stimulating the meridian system and embellishing the wonderful stream of light that permeates the client's body. $15 Audio CD

The Spiritual Health Series on CD By Deborah

The Spiritual Health Series includes three audio CDs and focuses on the connection between physical health and spiritual health and things we can do to enhance our lives by working at both levels to create a state of wholeness. In this series, I will share with you my own journey into health and discuss some techniques I found helpful along the way.

In the first part, I'll share some principles my guides have brought to me. Often I sit down to write and spirit takes over my pen, directing me to ideas and information. I call this The Metaphysics of Health and Healing. In part 2, I’ll share with you the wealth of information I’ve gained over the years through my studies and experiences. This includes my training in intuitive health, living foods and natural health. This second section is titled Principles of Natural Health and Healing. In the third segment titled Steps Toward Wellness, I'll describe some techniques I found helpful on my own journey toward wellness. Three CD set, $36 includes free US shipping

Traveling Time to Meet a Future Self in consciousness

When you expand your beliefs to embrace the idea that you are a vast and unlimited being, this opens the door for you to meet in consciousness with other aspects of your self, past and future. This is what allows you to receive guidance and assistance from your future "selves." In this guided meditation, you travel to your inner temple, find your time travel chamber and travel time to meet with your future self in consciousness. Your future self shows you how you can create a telepathic connection and work together to heal and assist “past” aspects of yourself. By meeting with your future self, you receive important guidance for your present moment, activate DNA and learn to become a stronger architect of your reality. $17

Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks: A Soul Retrieval Journey

This is possible because over time, your conscious understandings grow. Your new consciousness knows intuitively how to release energetic bookmarks.

When bookmarks are released, it completes understandings you were seeking by creating situations in the first place. Most people have dozens of energetic bookmarks, and in some cases, hundreds and even thousands, all waiting to be released when the time is right.

These bookmarks point to moments mark locations where parts of your consciousness -- your soul -- are trapped in time. That's why freeing these parts of yourself is sometimes called soul retrieval -- you are literally freeing parts of your consciousness so they can join you to create a more concentrated and holistic focus in your present moment.

The guided meditation takes you on a journey into your past to discover and release an energetic bookmark. This journey can be used many times to heal and retrieve parts of yourself held in past traumas, allowing you to transform your life at the cellular level and create a more emotionally free, "whole" and empowered present moment. $17