Timeline and Identity Shifts: The New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta



Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation contains cutting-edge information on how to choose, design and create realities aligned with your highest visions. Timeline and identity shifts work at the energy level. Each person arrives here with an energetic field of probabilities. Over the course of a lifetime, these probabilities spin off each moment, offering unlimited reality threads we are able to perceive, choose and shift toward. This ebook goes into great detail in how to use the Timeline Shift Process to create realities of your choosing.


Timeline shifts have to do with the storyline we are shifting to, while an identity shift has to do with the role we play within that storyline. This ebook also discusses time travel, parallel realities and future probabilities through the lens of reality creation.


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Book Excerpt


Timelines are Energetic Fields of Possibility


We can think of timelines as reality threads or “storylines” that exist as potentials and probabilities in our energy field. These reality threads are themselves energetic fields of possibility that can be perceived, chosen, energized and experienced. We also have the option to reject a perceived storyline and move in an alternate direction.

Some storylines exist parallel to our present “focus” reality while others reside further away. The shift to a nearby alternate thread is at times almost imperceptible. Reality threads that are close energetic matches for our present storyline may look and feel so similar to our present focus that we miss the shift if we’re not alert to the subtleties. The differences between the two represent the distance between our existing reality and the new potentials we have chosen. Over time, many small shifts lead to a bigger shift. We have all had the experience of looking back over the decade we’ve just left and seeing how our lives are very different than they were 10 years ago, five years ago and even a year ago. These smaller shifts happen all the time largely under the radar of conscious awareness.

Quantum Reality Shifts

Shifting to reality threads that energetically exist at a distance from our present storyline generally takes awareness and planning. These quantum reality shifts are most successfully crafted by a masterful “reality architect.” However, those with a developed intuitive sense can navigate complex shifts through intention and staying attuned to intuitive guidance. Understanding timeline and identity shifts and developing our skill at creating them will help us undertake quantum shifts.


Most people create change by randomly shifting to nearby reality threads. There is nothing wrong with this method of energizing new reality threads but there are numerous pitfalls. Without clear intentions and goals, it is easy for a person to aimlessly drift through a succession of disjointed realities, ultimately becoming lost on a sea of apathy. Without proper navigation and conscious choices, it is easy to unknowingly drift into a state of decline.  Gaining awareness of the current methods you use for navigating reality can be a big help in becoming captain of your own ship on the waters of life.

The Nature of Timelines and Future Probabilities

All reality threads are timelines that hold the potential to carry us into new locations in time and space. Your present reality thread is a timeline. You may be happy or frustrated with your present timeline. If you are looking for a change, it’s important to hold in awareness what it is you want to change. Some things can be changed, others can’t. You can’t change the nature of a timeline already in existence but you can choose to shift to a new timeline altogether. Before you move to a new timeline, be sure to bring about closure with your existing thread. Otherwise, you will find yourself beingpulled back to the old thread until you have laid to rest any negative feelings or judgments about the old reality thread and what you experienced there.

The timelines we leave behind don’t end once we shift our focus from them. Once we shift to a new thread, our previous reality thread continues to exist even though we are no longer focused there.

Healing the Past by Revisiting a Past Reality Thread

The fact that all our previous reality threads continue to exist after we have shifted our focus from them sheds light on new healing potentials. While we can’t go back and relive a past reality thread or change that thread, we can travel back to a past thread and see it from the light of our present-moment spiritual understandings.

We are able to “tune in” a past thread by setting our intention to travel to this location in consciousness. We are always able to bring our focus to a location in consciousness and use our powers of visualization and imagination to view that reality thread. Viewing an old reality thread from the perspective of a new location in consciousness can bring about healing. Anytime we can view troubling and dramatic events from a neutral and detached state of mind, we step free of any emotional baggage we may be carrying from that moment. We are, in a sense, literally able to retrieve the parts of our life force energy we left behind as “bookmarks” guiding us back to past moments still waiting to be understood and released.


Alternate Reality Threads and Focus Timelines

Alternate realities are templates created from our field of probabilities. Only a small percentage of possible timelines become focus timelines. A timeline not chosen as a focus timeline continues to exist energetically within one's field of probabilities. From the standpoint of the focus self, it exists latent and unrealized, but still energetically alive. We will talk more about possibilities and probabilities later on. It is enough to know right now that our menu of alternate reality threads shifts and changes relative to our vibrational frequency and its many determining components.


To gain glimpses of probable realities, use your powers of higher perception. Become still and calm and release all thoughts. Enter a state of relaxed and alert listening. Raise your vibration to the highest frequency you can access within the moment. From this vantage point, you can consult the future to discover the probabilities you are setting up (threads with which you are most in resonance), as well as other, alternate probabilities that exist further from your current field of resonance, and consciously choose the course most closely aligned with your purpose. Those possibilities that don’t yet qualify as probabilities can still be energized as such, but they may be a bit further in the distance. Energetic frequency is the determining measurement of distance between timelines. Linear time is less relevant in this context. Once you choose a future probability, you leave off with other, erroneous, “seeds" you're planting. This allows you to begin intensively cultivating the line of probability most closely aligned with your purpose. (Scattering one’s energy among various potential reality threads is exhausting and keeps you spinning your wheels, unable to make any real progress along any particular thread. Indecision and scattered energy bind us to ‘rutted’ realities that spin out eternally like the movie Groundhog Day until we see through this state of being).

The storyline most aligned with your spiritual purpose will bring you the most joy and fulfillment. You'll know which probability is most closely aligned with your purpose. When you view this probable future, you’ll feel you have found the perfect lens with which to view your life. Everything that has ever happened in your life will come into sharp focus. Your pulse will quicken, your heart will rise up into your throat. You will feel yourself enveloped in a great rush of joy and bliss. In the light of this future vision, everything that has ever happened in your life will make perfect sense.


Timeline and Identity Shifts Table of Contents

Further Downloads and Portals in Consciousness
Consciously Accessing and Energizing Portals
Portals as Pathways into other Dimensions and Realities
Shifting to New Portals of Possibility
Timelines and Reality Threads
Timeline Shifts versus Identity Shifts
About this Book
Timeline Shifts are a New Tool for Creating Change
Timelines are Energetic Fields of Possibility
Quantum Reality Shifts
The Nature of Timelines and Future Probabilities
Healing the Past by Revisiting a Past Reality Thread
Alternate Reality Threads and Focus Timelines
Parallel Universes Theory
The Timeline Shift Theory
The Timeline Shift Process
Timeline Shifts Exist Beyond Physical-Based Thinking
Consciously Choosing Reality Threads
Perceiving Alternate Reality Threads
Potential Stumbling Blocks to the Timeline Shift Process

Anatomy of a Timeline Shift

Example of a Timeline Shift
Less Obvious Timeline Shifts
Timeline ‘Bleedthroughs’ and Your Field of Possibilities
Timeline Shifts and Spiritual Purpose
A Note about Choosing Alternate Timelines
Quantum Reality Shifts and Spiritual Awakening
Timeline Shifts and Ascension Consciousness
Energizing Elevated Timeline Realities
Complete with Your Present Reality before Shifting to a New One
The Art of Reality Creation: Time Travel, Future Probabilities
and Parallel Realities
Principles of Conscious Reality Creation
Timeline Shifts are a Form of Reality Creation
Parallel Realities, Future Probabilities and Time Travel in Consciousness
Discovering and Exploring Parallel Selves
Reality Creation and Parallel Selves
Future Probabilities and your Spiritual Signature
Choosing New Identities from your Menu of Parallel Selves
Your Overall Self and your Oversoul Self
Enlightened Focus Selves Easily Relinquish their Primary Standing
Creating Harmonic Resonance among your Many ‘Selves’
Ascension Consciousness and Oneness
Probable Selves and Choosing a ‘Focus’ Personality
Focus Selves through the Lens of Career Choices
Frequency of Focus Self Shifts and Soul Purpose
Parallel Selves, Manifesting and Reality Shifts
Expanding your Focus to include Subconscious Realities
Your Beliefs and your Energetic Field Determine Your Possibilities

Expanding your Beliefs to Embrace Parallel Realities
Your Imagination and Core Belief Change
Your Energetic Field Determines Your Future Possibilities
Close Vibrational Matches are Future Probabilities
How Possibilities Become Future Probabilities
Perceiving a Future Moment
Energizing New Fields of Probability
Installing Future Bookmarks
Portals are Access Points to Alternate or Parallel Possibilities
Future Probabilities and Transitions in Mass Consciousness
Reality Creation and Conscious Choices
Conscious Creating and Future Vision
Choosing the Realities You Experience
Choosing a Parallel Reality
Clarity, Inner Unification and Spiritual Alignment
Intention and the Art of Conscious Decisionmaking
Convening an Inner 'United Nations' Meeting
Maintenancing Your Conscious Decisions
Stepping Outside Time and Space
Removing your Conscious Focus from the Space/Time Continuum
12 Steps to Transcending Time and Space.
Identity Shifts Define our Destiny
Lightworkers and Ascension Timelines
The Nature of the Focus Self
A Focus Self Wielding too Much Power Undermines Growth
Adopting a New Focus or Identity Self
A Short Course on Creating Identity Shifts
Exploring the New Realities an Identity Shift Brings

Allowing the Wisdom of your New Self to Shine Through
Identity Selves and Chosen Probable Realities
Learning to Trust in the Identity You Prefer
Identity Shifts and Designing Your Realities
Transitioning to a New Focus Reality
Adopting a Transitional Bridging Identity Self
Releasing Past Limiting and/or Negative Identities
Choosing an Identity Self aligned with Joy and Peace
Choosing an Identity Aligned with Your Highest Vision
Advanced Manifesting with Identity Shifts
Activating an Identity Aligned with Abundance and Prosperity
Shifting to the Identity of Inner Unity
Adopting the Identity of a Spiritual Channel