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Body and Soul Health Astrology Report


For those looking to examine their life’s path from a more metaphysical view, the Body & Soul Health Astrology Report offers a thoroughly comprehensive examination of the individual natal chart focusing on karmic tendencies and health and wellness as viewed through the lens of medical astrology and suggestions for restoring the balance of Mind, Body & Spirit.


The 30-50 page Body & Soul Astrology Report helps to uncover and understand: • The body’s natural strengths and weaknesses • The interaction of the body’s mental and physical and emotional dynamics • Difficult or challenging areas due to karmic tendencies • Healing remedies and practices to assist in mind, body, spirit integration


About Medical Astrology


Medical Astrology is a fascinating, timeless subject of antiquity that has unfortunately lost its value in the wake of chemical (allopathic) medicine. While almost everyone knows his or her astrological Sun sign from their month and date of birth, they are not generally familiar with the personal characteristics associated with it, dietary and hygienic measures to be advised, and even preventative measures it provides to preserve, regain, or maintain one's health. Historically, the two oldest sciences of man's history are astrology and herbalism. In a rare book uncovered from the English archives on medical astrology, it was stated that as late as the 1700's, those who entered the profession as "doctor of medicine", either in England or other European countries, were obliged to pass an astrological examination. And if the candidate was found deficient in the knowledge of medical astrology, the individual was deemed unfit to practice medicine!


The usefulness of medical astrology, today, does not have to be restricted to doctors of medicine. Thanks to computers and the science of astronomy, those who turn their interest into more understanding and the application of medical astrology will gain some truly unique insights about themselves and others.


The purpose of medical astrology is to find and prevent conditions and disorders. Just as a doctor will look at a blood chemistry report to gain an insight to diagnose, so the medical astrologer looks at a birth chart to gain an insight as well. The horoscope does not produce a 'diagnosis', rather it provides an insight into the constitution of the native, whether strong or weak, the healing potential, the metabolism whether normal, fast or sluggish, and pathological tendencies.


Interesting, as well as insightful, Body & Soul can help everyone from the beginner to the professional learn how to improve themselves physically and spiritually. This report can help everyone from the beginner to the professional learn how to improve themselves physically and spiritually. Learn what foods you should be eating to improve your health. Find what areas of your body are susceptible and how to treat them naturally. Use aromas and colors to enhance your state of well-being. Discover your personal gemstones and flowers. $12


DISCLAIMER: The information and recommendations presented in this report are based on historical lore and research. It is not intended to dispense specific medical advice or prescribe the use or discontinuance of any medication or drug on the advice of an attending physician. All recommendations herein contained are made without guarantee on the part of the author or company, their agents, and employees. The author and company disclaim all liability in connection with the use of the information and lore presented herein. Information is presented solely as an educational experience for the student of medical astrology.

Body and Soul Health Astrology Report Sample



Astrocartography Report


Location is everything. That's what astrocartography reports show us. The information provided by an astrocartography report shows us that where we locate ourselves is often an incredibly important factor in determining success. Your luck, experiences, and the options available to you can vary radically from one geographic location to another. Astrocartography uses astrological techniques to identify the influences, opportunities or obstacles that might exist for you in a particular location. Astrocartography works by looking at the planets' relationships to the places you've asked about at the moment of your birth. If a particular planet was especially powerful in the location noted when you were born, then the affairs that it symbolizes should predominate if you travel there, reside there or even have anything to do with that location from some other place. This is an email report on up to three locations. Please note: for astrocartography reports, I need city, state and country you are interested in. $15; Reports on additional locations are $2 each. This report utilizes Matrix astrology software.


Astrocartography Sample Report



Spiritual Path Astrology

Spiritual Path Report gives you a look “inside.” It provides an unbiased perspective on the characteristics that define who you are on a spiritual level. More importantly it gives you a clear understanding of how you can best nurture and develop those characteristics that enhance your progress towards spiritual maturity.


Regardless of whether we acknowledge or deny spirituality in our lives - it is present. To recognize our own personal expressions of this force can bring a great sense of confidence and inner peace.


This report covers a wide variety of topics including: your creative process, core beliefs, communication & mental development, self-esteem and development of spiritual partnerships, doubt, resistance and development of psychic ability, death and transformation as spiritual processes, development of intuition, self-awareness and the use of intuition, karma & dharma, transcendent values, your spiritual persona and expressing spirituality in the world.
Approximately 20 Pages,$7


Spiritual Path Sample Report




Past Lives Astrology Report


Sometimes this lifetime makes more sense when you look at it alongside previous lifetimes and see the patterns that make up the tapestry of your soul's progression. That is the value of a Past Life astrology report.


Recently a growing number of astrologers have begun to apply the idea of karmic law to the interpretation of astrological charts. Some have gone further with their research and have developed techniques that allow them to glimpse past patterns and relate them to a person's current natal chart. By past patterns we are not referring to those developed earlier in life, but to patterns and tendencies from an earlier life or lives. This is done by exploring the patterns of past life experience and overlaying them on an individual's current natal chart. The results are intriguing, exciting, and at times very revealing. Some people find that confusing discrepancies within their present natal chart are resolved when seen as a reflection of their past lives.


We each have lessons to learn. The traditional chart points to this as well. The past lives chart clarifies those lessons. It puts them up for a new examination, not to fear but to acknowledge and integrate into a happier present, $7.


Past Lives Sample Report


Career Opportunities Astrology Report


Have you been dreaming of that perfect job that blurs the line between work and play, and makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning? A job that satisfies you to the depths of your soul? A career opportunities reading can help you identify the career that is aligned with your deepest desires. A career opportunities report can help you decide what career to pursue. It can explain why you're unhappy in your present job -- why you feel you're just going through the motions and missing out on life. A career opportunities report details planetary influences on your career and shows you how to balance them for success. This report is great for young adults, college students, and people seeking a second, more satisfying career. It's especially attuned to those seeking a higher purpose than a paycheck, $7.


Career Opportunities Sample Report



Friends & Lovers Compatibility Report


Friends & Lovers profiles are written just for the two of you. Friends & Lovers calculates two personal horoscopes, compares them in detail, and provides an in-depth profile of what's happening between you astrologically. Each Friends & Lovers report is written in four parts which look at the relationship from your perspective as well as the other person's.


First, explore how you approach relationships in general. Do you have an easy time becoming close to someone? What are the traits that will influence all your relationships - from your childhood friends to your business associates? The clues are in your birth chart. Friends & Lovers finds and interprets them in the first portion of each report. Second, how are these same questions answered in the other person's chart? What do they bring to each relationship that helps or hinders? Third, determine how you relate to this person in particular: how your two charts intertwine to create the feelings you are experiencing. Fourth, learn how this person relates to you. How will you two get along? What role does each play here?


The answers are fascinating, and many people are startled to find just how revealing their Friends & Lovers report is. Friends & Lovers reports come in two versions: romance reports for lovers, and potential lovers or profiles on non-romantic relationships - friends, coworkers, business partners and family members. Approximately 20 Pages, $7


*For this report, send birth date for both people


Friends and Lovers Sample Report



Lunar Return Report


Your Lunar Return is the monthly chart of the instant the Moon returns to the exact position it was at the time of your birth. It's kind of a monthly birthday, and the arrangement of planets it displays reflects the patterns of your coming month. Each month, this re-birth-day works out its potential for you and then is renewed once again 27 1/2 days later with a new set of surprises and opportunities. A personalized Lunar Return report provides you with an accurate "moon forecast" that will help guide you safely through the month. With this tool in hand you can avoid the rocks and sail smoothly through even the roughest tide tossed seas.Most of us know from personal experience that the moon often acts the role of an irresponsible joker dancing through the natal chart each month, freely playing with and manipulating emotions and events.


Sometimes the effect is harmless, even fun. Then there are those days for which you need to be forewarned or you may suddenly find yourself deep in the middle of a situation or involved with someone you should have avoided. Here's what you will discover in a Lunar Return report:

Lunar Return As the Moon speeds through the month, the minute hand of your Lunar Return moves through all twelve houses of both your natal chart and the Lunar Return chart, as well as hitting both sets of planets. There are forty-seven such events, and they repeat every month, but not at the same time or in the same order. Though the events repeat each month, the "playing field" changes thus the basic transits have a different role to play every month, while retaining their core implications. The individual transits begin with the symbolism of the degree at which they occur, followed by an interpretation of their general meaning and, finish with a specific "issues and influences" which they may bring into your life. Finally, your personal Void-of-Course Moon periods will vary widely and are important timing factors in the daily decision-making process; so keep a close eye on them, $7.


Lunar Return Sample Report



Asteroids Astrology Report


The four major asteroids and Chiron fill out the chart exploring aspects of spirituality and empowerment in the realm of the feminine in the chart. The asteroids in your chart reveal your capacity for nurturing, marital relationships, problem solving skills, sexuality and healing power. This Asteroid Report gives interpretations of the four major asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas Athena) and Chiron, which can shed light on these important areas of human experience. The Asteroids report can give further insight into a person's personality and how they interact with the rest of the world. This report talks about the symbolic meaning of asteroids and also how they operate in the birth horoscope. Astrology is an ancient science and art that has been in use for centuries. The planets are named after the Mediterranean gods of ancient Rome and Greece. This illustrates the awareness possessed by our ancestors of the synchronicity between the activation of life's archetypal energies and the movements of heavenly bodies that seem to measure the timing of these , $7


Asteroids Sample Report



One-Year Timeline Report


This Astrological Forecast is the first to combine transits, progressions, and solar and lunar eclipses providing the most informative easy to read horoscope report available. Each Annual Forecast is approx. 45 pages of in-depth future oriented interpretations including highlights for the year, monthly highlights, and a breakdown of transits by date. This report is written in plain English, regardless of your level of astrological knowledge, you will easily find this report insightful, $7.


One-Year Timeline Astrology Sample Report



One-Year Life Progression Astrology Forecast


The physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual changes we experience throughout the course of our lives can be predicted and plotted by carefully observing the progression of our natal chart through time. Accurately calculating these progressions by hand is a complex task that presents a significant challenge to even the most experienced and mathematically gifted astrologers. The progressed chart is sometimes called the "chart of the higher self."

This comprehensive reports reveals the opportunities and challenges you may encounter in the coming weeks, months, and years. Reading a personal Life Progression report is exciting. It is like opening a window on some future version of yourself to glimpse who you will be, and what influences will be impacting your daily life. This insight into your future can help you make the right choices at the right time in order and avoid unnecessary stumbles and pitfalls as you proceed through the maze of life. Life Progressions reports offer direction and guidance that can put you on, and help you stay on a successful path towards realizing your full potential, $7.


Astrology Progressions Sample Report



Just for Women Astrology Report


Since the middle of the last century the roles that women are asked to play have changed and are continually evolving. Today, a woman is often expected to carry out the tasks of a career person, a wife, mother, community leader and more - all simultaneously. Determining where to put your energy is not the problem, the demands are usually quite clear; figuring out how to find room enough for yourself, in order to maintain a healthy physical, intellectual, and emotional life is critical to you and to those who depend on you every day. This is an intimate tour of your natal chart that clearly shows you the full range of talents and resources you possess and may not be full aware of. In your Just for Women report Gloria carefully reveals each layer of your complex character to give you access to all of your strength and power. This is not just an intellectual exercise it is an empowering journey that can invigorate and energize your life, $7.

Just for Women Sample Report



Astro Talk Natal Report

The Astro*Talk report explains how the planets influence your personality. It is based on the location of each of the planets at your specific time of birth. It's all about you!!

A well done natal horoscope report is like taking an astrological "tour of your self." It can be an adventure of discovery as you are guided through the characteristics, talents, and potential that makes you unique and special. Your Astro*Talk report offers a journey filled with surprising discoveries. As you read the details of your character, you may find things you hadn't consciously acknowledged before or things you have never shared with even those closest to you. You may also be surprised to discover or confirm talents or potential talents that you felt, but could not clearly define prior to your personal Astro*Talk report.

The report provides no-nonsense descriptions of the basic planetary configurations present in your life and how they affect you. Also included are your personal "Burn Rate" – a gauge of your personal change and growth rate; "Soul Type" – unique astrological combinations that often define the general personality type you belong to.

The realizations and confirmations contained in your report can change your life for the better. It gives you a better understanding of who you are and why you are drawn to certain things in life and why some situations might be especially challenging to you. This knowledge can build confidence in who you are or who you can become. This confidence is the first step toward achievement. It's impact on your life can be transforming.

The Astro*Talk report goes well beyond a standard natal report. The information can be far more useful and immediate than any other natal report you may read.

The report is approximately 35 to 40 pages in length. $5

Astro Talk Sample Report


Solar Return Astrology Report

Every year you get a birthday present you may not know about. It’s called your Solar Return, the chart cast for the exact time the Sun returns to its natal position in your birth horoscope. The Solar Return Report gives you a snapshot of the year to come, including major timing factors to take into account when you’re planning the year ahead. It’s your birthday chart!

Explains astrologer and report author Ray Merriman:

“The exact time of one's solar return is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment – and only that moment – in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when you were born. This is the basis for a horoscope that will describe the astrological factors in effect for a one-year cycle from the date of the solar return.”

This generously-sized report features:

1. How and why the solar return works, setting the tone for the year to come

2. What to do with it, including traveling to supercharge the outlook – the perfect excuse for a birthday vacation someplace new

3. Complete planetary overview of the year by sign, house, and aspect

4. The solar return’s interaction with your natal horoscope – what’s important and what’s not

5. Daily descriptions of the transits and progressions that propel your year’s activities and events, inside and out

This is a report you’ll want to keep near you, because it’s always got something to say, all the way through the year. You’ll find it’s one of the best birthday presents you ever gave yourself – and it makes a very personal birthday gift for that other special someone, too! $5

Solar Return Sample Report



The Works: Six Astrology Reports


Your Choice, Any Six Matrix Astrology Reports. Choose from any of the 10 reports above. This is a great way to receive a great amount of information at a great price. Note: Astrocartography Report and Body and Soul Health Report each count as two reports. $35