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Cultivating the Quality of Wakefulness

We have a good idea what physical wakefulness is. Anyone who has ever driven a car on a seemingly endless stretch of highway late at night knows the value of wakefulness. You slap your face, roll down the windows and play loud music to keep yourself from nodding off. Physical wakefulness is intricately woven with our survival in many situations. But spiritual wakefulness is just as important to our spiritual growth and evolution. Wakefulness in all forms is essential to our fulfillment and quality of life.

Our daily dance with spiritual wakefulness may seem less dramatic than a late-night drive but it is nevertheless vital to our goal and purpose here on planet earth. Any point where our consciousness dims and lapses to low awareness makes us more susceptible to thought viruses that drain our energy and divert our attention down meaningless side roads.

Wakefulness Allows our Soul to Participate in our Life

So how do we know if we are sleeping while awake? When we are sleeping through our life, our eyes may be open; we may be walking around and talking. We can seem awake even when we are asleep, but we aren’t truly awake when we move through life according to habits and patterns or the desires of others. This sleepiness makes it difficult for our conscious mind to engage with our soul and higher self. When we exist in life without the input and help of this other dimension of ourselves, we move through life zombie-like, empty-eyed, susceptible to outside pressures and influences. A sleeping consciousness is easy prey for thought viruses. When a person falls prey to thought viruses, real freedom becomes nearly impossible.

We are Enslaved when we Become Lost in the ‘Game’ of Life

There are different levels of sleeping while awake. The heavier we sleep the more chaos unravels in our life. When we sleep while awake we become lost in the “game” of life. When we are lost in physical reality, we become so absorbed we start to believe that what we see is all there is. When we become lost in the game of life, we become enslaved by the game.

Cultivating a Wakeful Awareness

No one has to be enslaved by physical reality. The alternative to living at the mercy of thought viruses is to remain awake and cultivate awareness within each moment.

The first step toward wakefulness is to begin observing ourselves. This is not the same as judging ourselves. Observing is about paying attention to what we do and say. When we become a detective of our own life, we interpret the symbols of our waking dream. We pay attention to the things we say and consider the subtext of our own words. For example, if you hear yourself often saying that you are tired, consider what you are really tired of. As we pay close attention to our thoughts, words and actions, we shine a light on parts of our lives that have flown under the radar of our conscious awareness.

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