Prophetic Dreams May Come: Activating High-Vibrational Timelines with the Pisces Solar Eclipse

The Pisces solar eclipse has the power to bring prophetic dreams, helping us activate timelines aligned with our highest visions.  During this period portals to higher consciousness are more accessible. Those most strongly affected by the eclipse will enter levels of heightened sensitivity and psychic awareness.

Most intensely affected by this eclipse are those with significant planets and points in Pisces. Lightworkers, intuitives and others highly attuned to universal energies may reach new levels of clarity and downloads.  Profound endings and beginnings can take place at this time.  This is a turning point that we may look back upon years later and perceive as a moment from which significant new directions flowed.

This is a period when intuitive visions arrive with the power to carry you to high-vibrational timelines aligned with the new time. The Feb. 26 solar eclipse’s emphasis on spiritual development complements the Feb. 10 lunar eclipse and its mystical influence. The energies of this pair of eclipses will be felt most intensely over the next couple of weeks but will wield a strong influence throughout the next six months.

Bridging Past and Future brings Healing and Expansion

It’s possible during this time to progress on your spiritual path and experience a greater sense of oneness with all-that-is. Neptune rules Pisces, bringing a visionary component to this eclipse making it easier to envision and access timelines where past, present and future come into sharp focus.  In other words, along these timelines one is able to see how the past has been guiding us toward our spiritual purpose all long and everything that has happened to us has happened in divine perfection. Past, present and future can be viewed as one simultaneous moment when we step beyond limiting beliefs and perceptions.

Standing on this bridge between past and future we are able to perceive our present moment as divinely empowered to carry out visions we receive during this time. As you unite all moments in all time within your consciousness, aspects of your past may come forward to be seen and healed in the light of your present-moment awareness.  Healing takes place to the extent that you’re able to view all moments in your life with love and understanding.  This healing of the past releases strings binding you to past timelines, allowing you to step more fully into timelines of the new earth centered in oneness and unity.

Manifesting Visions into Reality

There are aspects of this solar eclipse that hold the potential to bring ‘good fortune and happiness.’  The fixed star Skat in Aquarius is closely connected with this eclipse.  This is a star capable of bringing a wish in that it has the power to help you manifest your dreams into reality.  When your dreams and intentions align with your gifts and talents, your spiritual purpose, and your intentions for the highest good of all, good fortune and otherworldly assistance can help activate potentials that previously seemed only a faint glimmer.

Good Fortune is linked to Spiritual Development

If you experience an increase in love, wealth and happiness during this time, hold in awareness that your willingness to walk your spiritual path and your desire to serve and assist others will determine the long-term influence of this period.  Those who enter this phase from an ego perspective may find the good fortune fading by the next solar eclipse in August.

The longevity of this time of good fortune, psychic awareness and ability to heal and release the past is intrinsically linked to your level of spiritual development.  Not everyone experiences solar eclipse energies in the same way.  Some may experience obstacles and challenges more keenly during this time and feel stressed by unhealed emotions and unrealized dreams rising to the surface.   Some may experience overwhelm as emotional wounds come to the forefront, triggering memories that have been pushed aside. 

Many will enter into this period with a sense of uncertainty as old structures unravel to make way for the new.  Stand with an open mind and heart as winds of change swirl around you. Know that whatever you experience during this time is guiding you toward a greater realization of yourself as a divine being that incarnated here to carry out a higher purpose.

Choosing Higher Potentials over Past Traumas

As many new possibilities come before you, take this time to release what no longer serves you and open to formulate new visions for the future.  Old ways of being, old beliefs and habits may come before you now, providing you the opportunity to choose higher potentials over past traumas and patterns you have outgrown.  Those who choose to step into new potentials and possibilities will receive a boost of energy from this solar eclipse that will help them sail through needed changes over the next six months. 

This is a good eclipse for relationships and for meeting new people who will become influential in your life.  You may experience an influx of friends from other times entering your life – some of whom you may have soul contracts.

Some may feel drawn more strongly to occult information during this time. This may include astrology which offers a blueprint of your soul's intentions for this lifetime as well as a map of challenges and opportunities we are likely to encounter over time. Uranus will be in the mix with this eclipse which may bring a sense of energy and enthusiasm.  It may also unleash sudden and unexpected events that allow you to heal unresolved emotions.  Uranus’ influence has the power to trigger a major shift in consciousness, paving the way for sudden timeline shifts.

Moderation, discipline, focus, awareness, respect, patience and humility are traits that will help you navigate this period.  Spend time meditating, journaling, working with dreams, eating light, and walking in nature.  Write out intentions.  Sit with all that comes before you and see all that happens in the light of love, appreciation and forgiveness.

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Eclipse Dreams and the Thinning Veils between Dimensions

Emotional shake-ups and relationships are front and center with today’s lunar eclipse at 22 degrees Leo. The effects of this lunar eclipse will be felt most strongly over the next several days but its energies will influence events unfolding over the next six months and beyond. The lunar eclipse in Leo is the first of two February eclipses. A solar eclipse follows on Feb. 26 at 8 degrees Pisces. These eclipses will set the tone of the next six months, until the next eclipse series in August.

The energies of February’s eclipse series are already sewing seeds of change, triggering events that bring memories, dreams and emotions to the surface. Eclipses tend to bring random and unexpected events that allow you to step outside the flow of time and free yourself from any way in which you’re over-absorbed into physical reality.

In the weeks immediately following an eclipse, the veils between dimensions remain thin and fluid, allowing for easier communication with our higher selves and aspects of our consciousness incarnated in other timeframes. Dreams, both waking and nighttime, may be especially profound during this time. Guidance arrives with warp speed, bringing answers to long-held questions. This is a good time to go for walks in nature, and to spend time meditating, journaling, fasting and listening within.

Everyone feels the effects of an eclipse but those whose charts are strongly impacted by an eclipse will feel the energies more intensely. Since the lunar eclipse falls in Leo, fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo and Aries) may feel this more strongly. To understand how an eclipse will impact your chart, find where 22 degrees Leo lands to see if it is within 5 degrees of any natal or progressed planets. The house in your chart where 22 degrees Leo falls indicates the area of your life most likely to be impacted by the eclipse.

The February 10 ‘Mystic Moon’ Eclipse and Relationships

Lunar eclipses are turbocharged full moons encoded with sun opposite moon qualities of emotions. This focus on emotions brings clarity and awareness to relationships and connections of all kinds, including our connection to our higher self and the various aspects of our consciousness. Lunar eclipses can serve as emotional resets because they help clear any unresolved emotions of past months. This clarity may not come into full focus the exact day of the eclipse but the energies of the eclipse will continue healing and clearing emotions over the next six months. The February 10 lunar eclipse will be active until the next lunar eclipse on August 7. That eclipse will take place at 15 degrees Aquarius.

This eclipse falls a few days before Valentine’s Day, which brings focus on relationships. Synchronistically, this eclipse highlights relationships and the nature of connections between partners and family members. It shines a light on work and home as well. Some aspects of the Feb. 10 lunar eclipse can create tension and trigger restlessness but other aspects are empowered to resolve conflicts and bring awareness to those things that disturb us. With intention and awareness we are empowered to heal conflicts between aspects of within our own consciousness which helps us to resolve conflicts with others.

Lunar Eclipses Enlighten and Assist Us

Lunar eclipses are also encoded with frequencies designed to enlighten and assist us. They can signal an auspicious time for relationships of all kinds. This is a time when existing relationships can grow and new relationships enter our lives. Relationships that have been under stress may end abruptly during an eclipse. This can also be a time when abundance flows and spiritual growth arrives through all forms of expansion. The key to making the most of this time is a willingness to sit with whatever comes up in the emotional realm. Eclipse energies will try to help us heal and clear any unresolved emotions from the past, opening the way for new energies of love and abundance to flow into our lives.

Careful expansion through positive change and bringing clarity to emotions and connections is the theme of this time. Open to the new but remain willing to acknowledge the past. Set clear intentions for healing the past and for what you would like to create in the future. Eclipses can empower you to activate potentials you never thought possible.

During the weeks immediately following an eclipse, pay particular attention to all the signs and bits of information you receive. Dreams and guidance can be especially profound during this time. Don’t disregard signs due to their source. The universe will utilize all opportunities and avenues to speak to you as the veils between dimensions thin, allowing for freer communication. Our receiving stations are wide open during this time. Guidance may arrive in very direct ways at times while in other moments insights are shared in subtle and symbolic ways.

This is not a time to take bold actions or make important decisions. Hold all that comes before you in awareness and allow it to inform future actions and decisions. Events that happen during this time can be significant to your future.

During the time of an eclipse it’s best to keep your schedule fluid as unexpected events can arise. A willingness to roll with whatever shows up will help you avoid wasting energy with pitfalls and roadblocks and make the most of the opportunities for growth and healing that materialize. Embrace any message you receive during this time as meanings may take weeks and even months to become clear.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

©2010-2017 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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Eclipse Energies and the Unified Field of the New Time 

The energies of the Sept. 16 full moon eclipse in Pisces are already filtering in, helping anchor and amplify the new time on planet Earth. This is the third in a rare triad of eclipses that began with the Aug. 18 lunar eclipse in Aquarius and amped up with the Sept. 1 solar eclipse in Virgo. These two recent eclipses set in place a unified field of love, cooperation and peace. Over the next few days, this field will be amplified by the powerful lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse in Pisces may initially give rise to feelings of anger and you may have the sense of pushing against limitations and old thought patterns that are holding you in place. These energies hold the power to help us gain clarity and insight into our lives and to enter a place of greater humility, compassion, love and forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is especially important as we gain awareness of ways we have allowed ourselves to remain in old habits and patterns.

This is not a time to be concerned with the past, but a time to look to new potentials and allow yourself to be guided toward what excites you and feeds you at all levels, mind, body and soul. Set the intention to align with the unified field of this amazing energetic time, and to harness the energies of this time to empower your visions and transport you further into the new time.

The Transformative Power of Eclipses

A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the earth moves exactly between the sun and moon, effectively short-circuiting their natural connection. The lunar eclipse occurs at 24° Pisces and its effects are being experienced by many. The effects of eclipses can be felt three months or more prior to an eclipse and for up to a year afterward.

Eclipses are major turning points at both the collective and individual levels. The sign of an eclipse offers clues as to the themes that are due for a change. At the personal level, the planets and houses impacted by an eclipse offer insights into the transformative changes that beacon to us on the road ahead.

During the Sept. 16 lunar eclipse, we are asked collectively and individually to examine if anything stands in the way of our spiritual expansion, visions and ability to receive the love and abundance that is our natural birthright. Pisces is compassionate, adaptable, creative, imaginative, sensitive and accepting. These are some of the ingredients needed at this time to help shift humanity. It is time to jettison old beliefs and world views that limit and enslave us and prevent us from recognizing our true spiritual nature and identity.

Our Astrology Chart Depicts the Personal Impact of an Eclipse

Everyone feels the effects of an eclipse differently. The type of impact and its intensity and duration depends on where an eclipse falls in a person's astrology chart. If an eclipse falls within 3° of a planet or an important point in your chart by conjunction or opposition, it is of special significance to you. The nature of the planet impacted by the eclipse offers clues to the experiences that lie ahead.

The energies of a lunar eclipse have a way of magnifying any unresolved emotional issues so we can shine the light of our present-moment awareness on them. Our spiritual communion and insights are intensified during a full moon and even more so during a lunar eclipse, heightening our powers of spiritual perception. Combined, these allow us to heal and release emotional energy held in past traumas.

Navigating by Intuitive Knowing during the Eclipse

Shifting emotions during this time make it difficult to navigate in our usual way. It'll be necessary for us to stay tuned to our intuitive knowing to understand the energetic shifts that will take place over the next few days. This is a good time to examine our beliefs and observe if we hold any beliefs that are limiting us from experiencing our true path of joy.

You may notice during this time odd and chaotic events unfolding in the world around you. You may witness others struggling with the intense energies of this time. Whatever is going on around you, hold in awareness that the powerful energies are affecting others as well. Entering a place of observing without acting is wise during this time. It is also wise to refrain from making major life decisions during this period.

Interpreting the Symbols of Events Unfolding during an Eclipse

It is helpful to observe details of events that happen during this time and interpret the symbols of these events just as you when interpret the symbols of a dream. This is a good technique to use any time, but the heightened energies of the eclipse make this time ripe for powerful insights and breakthroughs that can change the course of one's life.

Coming Home to Center

This is a time to examine the ways in which we may be overextended. In order to step more fully into the new time it's important to build a strong foundation to support our explorations in consciousness. It may be challenging to build this foundation when we are overextended in ways that drain our energy and distract our focus. Thought viruses, for example, tend to capture and enslave our attention in ways that are both depleting and destructive. As we bring our energy into harmony and balance and focus it toward fulfilling our spiritual purpose, we are able to make the most of the opportunities afforded by this eclipse.

Visiting the Unified Field in Consciousness

This eclipse signals a time when the veils between dimensions thin and we're more able to tune into cosmic energy radiated by high spiritual beings, and from the stars and constellations that radiate very high spiritual energy. The full moon is a time when people of every spiritual path join together in consciousness to focus spiritual energy needed to build a world of justice, unity, love and peace. Everyone everywhere is able to join the unified field of this time in consciousness. Even if you are unable to tune in at the exact time of the eclipse (3:05 pm EST on Sept. 16), you can enter a meditative state anytime in the next few days and allow yourself to be transported.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Solar Eclipse in Virgo Triggers Waves of Life-Altering Change

The solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo brings us to a crossroads and a turning point that will shape the course of coming weeks, months and years. This week’s eclipse is one of the most powerful in recent years. We have been feeling its influence for a week or more and will continue to intensely experience it for the next six months and beyond.

The Sept. 1 solar eclipse brings endings and beginnings in equal proportion. Doors open and close; people enter your life and people leave your life. In life’s larger view, change happens across the board and at all levels, transporting us further into awakened timelines.

Health, Service and Relationships are Major Themes

The energies associated with Virgo will be front and center during this eclipse period, heightening themes of health, dietary choices and service. This is an excellent time to dedicate one’s energy to the service of a cause and/or to focus on health through new dietary and exercise regimens. Jupiter enters Libra during this time, bringing relationships and social connections into a positive and uplifting light.

With the Virgo eclipse series occurring in the midst of a Mercury retrograde, attention to communication is essential.  Mercury stations direct on the Sept. 22 equinox, bringing a “wobbly” feel to the changeover of the seasons. Wobbles and instability often accompany times when Mercury stations retrograde or direct.

Eclipse Series ushers Life-Altering Change

For some, the eclipse energies of this period will transform the course of their journey, triggering waves of life-altering change. Collectively, lightworkers will be called to move past the last vestiges of the old way as it rears up in resistance to new ways and visions dawning on the horizon. This movement began with the August 18 lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius and gains momentum with the solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo and the upcoming September 16 lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces.

This solar eclipse serves as a transition point or grounding rod for lightning bolts of transformative change that has percolated beneath the surface for months and years.

New Moon Awakens Manifesting, Healing Powers

Those affected most strongly by this eclipse may be able to harness the mystical manifesting powers of a new moon potent enough to awaken in some the gift of healing hands. Others may enter deeper levels of seeing and find ways to focus the wisdom and guidance they bring forward for the highest good of all.

With Neptune opposing, the solar eclipse has the power to inspire us toward creative heights, opening doors of perception and imagination that draw forth new artistic and spiritual collaborations. This is a solar eclipse designed to awaken humanitarian ideals, yet it also underscores the need to bring awareness to any desire to rescue others. It is important that well-intended actions honor the life lessons of others. Drawing healthy boundaries lifts up and empowers all concerned.

Eclipses Trigger Earth Changes

This is a period when earth changes crash onto the scene, heightening awareness of the eclipses’ impact on the earth. Eclipses in earth signs in particular have been associated with earthquakes and other earth changes. Eclipses have also been associated with volcanic activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, floods and other forms of earth change events.

The recent earthquake in Italy occurred at a point sandwiched between the August 18 lunar eclipse and the Sept. 1 solar eclipse. Interestingly enough, Italy experienced an earthquake the last time a pair of eclipses landed in Virgo – in September 1997.  To better understand this week’s solar eclipse, look to the events and themes around the time of the Sept. 1, 1997 solar eclipse in Virgo and the Sept. 16, 1997 lunar eclipse that followed. To understand the impact eclipses exert on the earth’s energetic field, look to the earth changes that have accompanied eclipse periods over the years.

Eclipses highlight our Soul’s Deepest Desires

Eclipses shine a bright light into the future, illuminating new pathways that offer learning and growth opportunities to each person. Eclipse energies extend well into the future, bubbling forth to bring us what we need within the moment to evolve. The location where an eclipse falls in your astrology chart reveals important information you need to navigate the days, weeks and months ahead. An eclipse may highlight major turning points in your life, awakening you to your soul’s deepest longings and the path to realizing those wishes.

In coming months, September’s eclipse series will trigger significant events on the world’s stage. Anything hidden or under the surface will be brought into the bright light of awareness. A daily communion with spirit will help us navigate the strong winds of change and the transitions eclipses usher into our lives.

Course Corrections and a Vision for the Rest of the Year

September’s energetic mix is a powerful time of new beginnings and endings. This is a time to make the most of these energies to examine what is no longer working and implement a course change. With Mercury retrograde and aspecting six planets over the course of the month, this is a time to slow down, focus within and practice patience when delays emerge.

With the sun opposing Neptune, any magical thinking we’ve indulged will be revealed.  A grounded, thoughtful and planned approach will bring the best results during this time. September’s unique and powerful energetic mix supports and empowers us as we set priorities for the rest of this year.

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Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Stokes the Fires of Transformation

The winds of change ramp up this week with a lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius. This is a nonconformist’s eclipse, landing in the third week of Aquarius, a location of the zodiac that fosters humanitarian ideals and is home to those who never fully identify with the mainstream world.

This is an eclipse that stokes the fires of revolution and inspires us toward transformation and change. We are drawn during this time to break with the familiar and develop gifts and abilities we brought with us this time around and to wield them for the highest good of all. Those who have cultivated gifts across lifetimes may awaken to a new level of genius during this period. Others may awaken to previously latent talents that are now bubbling forth in consciousness.

Setting the Stage for September’s Eclipse Series, Equinox and More

This week’s lunar eclipse sets the stage for a powerful and important period ahead, heralding a series of eclipses that carry us through the equinox. These cosmic events help determine the drive and focus of the next six months and beyond. This week’s eclipse is followed closely by a total solar eclipse on September 1st at 9 degrees Virgo and a lunar eclipse on September 16 at 24 degrees Pisces. Mercury turns retrograde August 30-September 22, adding to the energetic mix.

September’s Transits Re-Activate Past Eclipses

In addition to this unusual sequence of three consecutive eclipses, several eclipses from the past two years will be reactivated in September by major transits. These reactivations will transport us back to the personal and planetary message and experience of those eclipses. These include the March 2015 solar eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces, the September 2015 solar eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo, the March 2016 solar eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces and lunar eclipses at 3 degrees Libra and 4 degrees Aries.

To understand how the activation of past eclipses may impact you, look back to the themes of those periods. The March 2015 eclipse opened new doorways in consciousness and brought us into closer communion with our spiritual purpose, triggering the most powerful period of 2015; the September 2015 eclipse brought insights about health matters and encouraged us to discern what best serves us as we move further into the new time; and the March 2016 eclipse assisted us with deep, cellular healing of sacred wounds from this life and others, freeing us to access new frequencies and potentials.

This Week’s Full Moon Magnifies August’s Emerging Themes

This week’s lunar eclipse magnifies themes that surfaced around the new moon on August 2. The August new moon urged us toward creative pursuits, spiritual expansion and joining together with others to amplify and anchor the energies of the new time. This month has been a time to focus more strongly than ever on what gives you joy as the path of joy is what serves as a portal or access point to profound spiritual experiences.

New Discoveries and Connections Mark this Period

This week’s eclipse can lead to new discoveries and connections with others. These powerful energies help you integrate and consolidate changes that have taken place in the past six months. This integration allows you to step more fully into September’s powerful energies.

This may be a time of intense experiences and surprising events that in time will activate potentials that become solid pathways in coming times.

Any challenges that arise during this time can be transmuted through higher awareness, creativity and openness to new ways of being. During this time you may experience lightning flashes of insight and intuition that bring you into communion with new aspects of your consciousness. You may experience divine revelations during this time and feel drawn to explore and experience the new and unknown and to expand both your comfort zone and your circle of friends. You may feel the need to retool some existing parts of your life to allow for greater freedom of expression.

‘Finger of God’ brings Predestined Encounters

Chance encounters may lead to new friendships and relationships – some of these may be with friends from other times and places returning to your life to renew your connection. Some of those who enter your life may return time and again in this life and others to help you establish new visions and potentials. This is underscored by the presence of a yod or ‘finger of god’ configuration during this eclipse. Yods tend to push us toward deeply held spiritual goals and for this reason can feel fated or destined.

This month’s yod points toward Jupiter conjunct Mercury indicating optimism, a positive frame of mind, generosity, and an expanded perspective can help guide you toward the fulfillment of an important karmic mission set into motion around the time of this eclipse.

The energies of this week’s lunar eclipse have been building in recent weeks and its effects will be felt for weeks and even months to come.  This month’s eclipse sets the stage for September’s eclipse series along with the equinox and the reactivation of several past eclipse points, ushering in an intense and transformative period ahead.

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