Pisces Solar Eclipse Brings Cellular Healing and Transformation

A Solar Eclipse occurs on March 8-9 at 18 degrees and 56 minutes of Pisces, assisting us in healing deep, cellular wounds, greatly expand our vision of our potentials and step into new vibrational frequencies that are accessible to us as we step free of what has held us back in the past.

With Chiron traveling alongside the solar eclipse, energies are focused on healing a deep wound.  This could be a physical, spiritual or emotional wound from this life or another, existing at a deep cellular level. This healing frees us from pain and opens the way for spiritual transformation. The new moon solar eclipse represents the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.  This is the time when our dreams and visions take wing.

This eclipse intensifies the Pisces new moon taking place with divine timing inside this moment at the edge of spring, bringing a heightened awareness to this time of renewal and awakening. Intentions gain traction during this time as we plant seeds that will carry us ever deeper into the New Time.

Eclipses trigger needed change, which everyone experiences to a certain degree.  The energies of this eclipse have been building in recent weeks and the energies of the March 8/9 eclipse will be felt for weeks and months to come.  While the most intense energies of the solar eclipse will begin to subside over the next few days, events triggered by it often take six months or longer to play out – into September 2016.
Determining how the March Solar Eclipse will influence your Life

The eclipse affects people born with personal planets and points at approximately 14 to 24 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most significantly. Also strongly impacted are those with Pisces Sun and Ascendant and those with Virgo Sun and Ascendant and those with any planet or point within 9 degrees of 18 degrees Pisces.

The location in your chart where 18 degrees Pisces falls will give you a good idea what areas of your life are likely to experience change and transformation in days, weeks and months to come.

Finding 18 Degrees Pisces in Your Astrology Chart
In order to find the area of your life most influenced by the March 8/9 solar eclipse, get a copy of your astrology chart and find what house and planet 18 degrees Pisces falls in. Once you find 18 degrees Pisces in your chart, check and see if you have any planets "in orb" with that location. Anything within 9° in either direction is considered within orb. Some will feel the influence more intensively. For example, if you have a natal planet within a degree or so of any eclipse, that area of your life will undergo awakening and transformation in the near future.

Even if you don't have anything directly in orb with 18 degrees Pisces, the planet and house where Pisces falls in your chart is an area of heightened influence. The house of your natal chart that contains 18 degrees Pisces depicts an area of your life that will become a primary focus over the next six months. You will also want to examine whether you have any planets in Virgo, which is opposite Pisces.

Solar Eclipses and Planetary Influences

If your Sun is in orb with an eclipse, the way you express your gifts will come into focus. If your Moon is in orb with an eclipse, this affects your self-image; Mercury, the way you perceive your life; Mars, your initiative and the ways you assert yourself; Venus, your relationships, ways you express affection and what brings you pleasure; Jupiter, the way you respond to good luck and opportunities for expansion; Saturn, a sense of mission and purpose; Uranus, your desires, excitement and aliveness in your life; Neptune, your idealism and spiritual path; Pluto, the way you use your power and how you relate to change and transformation.

Eclipse Energies and House Influences

In general, the house that an eclipse falls on in your astrology chart sets the tone for your future. The first house governs the physical body, personal identity and personality. The second house governs money, what we value, value we assign to ourselves, personal assets and possessions. The third house governs school, siblings, the mind, writing, teaching and style of thinking. The fourth house governs home, beginnings and endings, early childhood, and one's personal foundation for security. The fifth house governs children, creative projects, romance, sports, fun and recreation. The sixth house governs jobs, work, service, pets, health, and the desire for order. The seventh house governs relationships, marriage, agreements and cooperation.

The eighth house governs bonded partnerships, death, inheritance, debt, business, contracts, and a desire to merge with another for personal change and transformation into an expanded reality. The ninth house governs foreign travel, philosophy, adventure, freedom, higher education, publishing, intuitive knowing, one's code of ethics, and desire to discover the big picture perspective to bring about peace of mind. The tenth house governs career, the world, fame, authority, parents, ambitions, professions, and accepting responsibility. The eleventh house governs friends, peers, humanitarian goals, the future, angels, inventions, and following one's guidance to help make the world a better place. The twelfth house, sometimes called "the god box", governs the cosmos, psychic sensitivity, awareness of subtle forces, spirituality, mystical explorations, hidden understandings, and need for time alone.

These are just simple guidelines to help you understand your own chart. For more complex questions and issues, it is good to consult a professional astrologer to help you. The way in which each person experiences eclipse energies has to do with their own personal perspective and where they are with their purpose for this lifetime.

Regardless of your birth chart, the March 8/9 solar eclipse in Pisces paves the way for divine healing and transformation and clears the way for the next step of our journey into the new time.

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Awakening Cellular Dreams with the Powerful Wesak Moon

Inside you, encoded in your DNA, sleeps the dream of the new time. Many of you have been awakening to this vision as its stirs more strongly within you during this powerful time. You agreed to awaken and join together at this time to bring the Earth to the new time when the healing energies of the divine feminine bring about many transformations.

Today and over the next few days, the powerful Wesak Moon amps up and magnifies energies on the Earth plane, allowing many to experience new levels of awakening. The heart of this dream lives in Earth's near future. The powerful energy of this future time radiates in all directions, past and future. The present moment is “lifted up” in resonance with the new time through the strong energies of the Wesak moon. These energies are further amplified as many beings join together in consciousness to anchor energies radiating from future to present.

During this powerful time, you will glimpse moments past and future, as well as moments existing parallel to your present focus. These moments exist in your field of possibilities.

You may glimpse old situations from your past with sudden pulses of insight as they are released from cellular memory; you may glimpse parallel realities you can choose to shift your focus toward; you may glimpse realities unfolding within the scope of Earth's future history. You may glimpse past lifetimes that help you understand the full scope of your abilities. You may glimpse future lifetimes to help you better understand the significance of events unfolding within your present moment. Your dreams may carry you to locations in the universe you have never imagined, giving you a taste of unfolding probabilities.

Releasing Resistance

Many people may feel pressured or  “under the gun", so to speak. The degree of pressure felt is equal to the degree of resistance. If you are feeling pressured - if you feel the heat turning up - enter a meditative place and ask for assistance in letting go of all that needs to be released at this time. Ask to be shown any areas of resistance you may hold. Hold these areas in consciousness while relaxing and breathing deeply. In this relaxed state, allow downloads to flow into your consciousness. Request love, healing and understanding. Open to receive this energy. Allow it to pour into every cell of your being. In the weeks and months to come, you will bring forth with divine timing images, information, and knowing - whatever is needed to help you more fully embrace the new version of yourself now crystallizing in your future.

Think of this time as a “software upgrade.” This upgrade in vision and guidance will allow you to navigate the new energies with greater ease and confidence. It will allow you to become the version of yourself that is able to navigate the transformative times ahead. Those who maintain old versions of their "navigational software" will experience many challenges and glitches as the old ways become less effective in navigating the new energies unfolding now.

During coming times, you will experience numerous opportunities to step into the next level of your spiritual journey. In the next few days, align with the Wesak energies by stating the intention that you are open, willing and able to embrace all that lives in your field of possibilities. Enter a place of love and allowing, as you will observe many situations unraveling around you. You will observe at times painful moments unfolding. Stand strong in your highest vision. Bless all that appears before you. Bless all that you see. In this way, you will help anchor the energies of the New Earth.

©2010-2015 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved www.celestialvision.org These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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Stepping into the Footprints of our Fifth-Dimensional Selves

The April 4 Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Libra amplifies the portal created by last month’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces and Spring Equinox. This eclipse brings the cosmic message that life on planet Earth is changing and it’s time to free our minds by jettisoning all that is no longer needed. It’s time to be true to ourselves in ways we haven’t yet contemplated. Part of this is recognizing and embracing the infinite nature of our being.

Past, Present and Future Exist Simultaneously in Parallel Dimensions

It’s important to hold in awareness that our infinite self isn’t bound by the limitations of time and space. Our consciousness is free to journey and explore all-that-is. Since time is a human construct, what we think of as past, present, and future have always existed side by side in parallel dimensions. The energetic shifts that prepared us to move into this new time have been charted on the map of our becoming since the first soul entered human form.

Each Individual Charts their Transition to the New Time

Each person has followed their own unique path to arrive at this passage into the new time and each will move forward in accordance with the divine timing of their soul. The energetic influences that are opening this galactic portal now will interact with the spiritual purpose of each individual to activate inner codes and keys and set their potentials into motion.

As with all transitions, we will find ourselves moving in and out of these energies. Transition times are by definition a bridging of old and new energies. The experience of our movement through this passage depends on a number of factors, including our vibration and energy, our feeling states, intentions, physical well-being, emotional clarity and environmental factors - what is going on around us and the people around us. All these factors determine where we stand on the bridge between old and new at any given time.

'Detoxing' the Past at All Levels

One day we may experience the uplifting freedom and pure vibrational essence of joy and bliss, and the next day we may feel weighed down by old emotional issues coming up. We may "detox" the past at various points in this transition. This detoxing may take place at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is not uncommon for new levels of joy and spiritual mastery to trigger deeper levels of release. There may be times of great intensity. As our inner light shines brighter on the earth plane, our awareness fine-tunes to new levels.
Shining the Light of Heightened Awareness on our Spiritual Purpose

When we share the light of our heightened awareness on everything that has happened in our lives, we see our experience through a lens that brings all of it into sharp focus. Every challenge we've experienced up to this moment in time - every gift, talent and ability we have cultivated - our lowest lows, our highest highs - all of these reflect to us the form and nature of our spiritual mission this time around. As we look back over our life as we have known it, we see the pattern and purpose of all that has been. As we see the purpose of everything in our lives, any energy we are holding onto - any emotional baggage we are holding onto from the past - is released.

We've been working our way toward this moment in human consciousness for a very long time. The movement in recent years has been constant as we learned to digest, process and jettison the past at a pace we would not have previously thought possible. Our light has shone brighter with each passing day as we burned away the cobwebs of past programming and saw through thoughts, ideas and beliefs that shackled us in the past. We have taken deliberate and conscious steps on the path to self-realization.

Stepping into the Footprints of our Fifth-Dimensional Selves

During this upcoming lunar eclipse, the universe will mirror and amplify our efforts on the path of transformation. This amplification will attune our light and lift us to a higher place, allowing us to take a quantum leap onto fifth-dimensional timelines. This shift will usher a time of new awareness and insight, heightened beauty, and healing at all levels as we step into the future that has always been waiting to welcome us. As we take this step, we shift from the identity of one who is preparing to enter fifth-dimensional consciousness to the identity of one who exists along fifth-dimensional timelines. This is the moment when we step into the footprints of our fifth-dimensional selves.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta


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Solar Eclipse/Equinox Combo Opens Portal of Divine Potential

We stand at a crossroads of the old and the new. This is a crossroads that offers the opportunity for awakening and rebirth through a portal of divine potential that has opened before us. This portal extends well into the rest of 2015 and will transport us into the next phase of our personal and collective evolution.

This powerful and unique portal opens with today’s total solar eclipse in the final degree of Pisces followed closely by the spring equinox. Astrologically speaking, this is the most powerful period of 2015 and today is the most intense day of this period. You may experience a powerful release and feeling of completion during this time followed by the sense of new doorways opening in consciousness.

Patriarchal vs. Divine Feminine

The language of endings and beginnings is very clear in this eclipse/equinox combo. The destructive, soul crushing patriarchal perspective that has ruled this planet for millennia is falling away as the era of the divine feminine ushers in a time of greater love, compassion and intuition. Spirituality and creativity are major themes of this shift which represents a further movement into the new time on planet Earth. We experience the higher frequencies of this shift and the new, gentler qualities it brings to the extent that we embrace our feminine side.

Total Solar Eclipse/Equinox Combo

The total solar eclipse at 29° Pisces is magnified by the spring equinox. A solar eclipse acts as a supercharged new moon. A Pisces new moon, especially one on the border of Aries, represents endings and new beginnings. An eclipse in the final degree of Pisces in the last degree of the zodiac brings entire cycles of time to completion and ushers in major life changes. The final degree of any zodiac sign is a significant point that offers unique potentials as well as destabilizing energies.

The energies of the solar eclipse will extend into September and beyond but they will be especially potent in the upcoming lunar cycle. A total lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Libra takes place April 4, punctuating the powerful influence initiated by this solar eclipse. Both of these eclipses are total eclipses which are relatively rare events. Many eclipses are partial or penumbral. Total eclipses are by far more potent, casting a powerful sphere of influence.
p>Your Astrology Chart Reveals an Eclipse’s Impact in Coming Months

To understand areas of your life that will be impacted by the energies of this eclipse over the next several months, study your astrology chart. Examine where Pisces is in your chart. This is the part of your life where you will be releasing and making room for something new. Find Aries in your chart. This is where the new will be arriving. Houses in astrology reveal the areas of our life most impacted by an eclipse. Natal planets, progressions and other aspects conjuncted by the eclipse bring further insights into what is being asked of you during this time.

Lunar Nodes Reflect your Spiritual Purpose

The lunar nodes and this week’s Uranus-Pluto Square figure prominently into the astrology of the spring equinox.

The placement of lunar nodes in a chart point toward our destiny and purpose in this lifetime. Our south node reflects gifts and baggage we brought with us into this lifetime while the north node reveals the nature of our intentions this time around. In this week's mix, the lunar nodes provide us with the impetus needed to immediately set about making the sweeping changes needed to move toward our spiritual purpose. As we sit in meditation during this time we’re able to receive a clear vision of our purpose and the present-moment potentials that allow us to take significant steps in the fulfillment of this purpose.

Eclipse Energies and Conscious Reality Creation

This is a time to summon forth all we have learned in recent years about consciously creating realities. Hold in awareness that you gravitate toward whatever you focus on. In a sense you become whatever you focus upon. Now is the time to examine where you place your energy and focus and to cultivate thoughts aligned with the realities you wish to create. Begin with your inner realities, keeping in mind that whatever you incubate within your own consciousness you make more accessible to all others.

Surround yourself with positive, uplifting and loving environments. Consciously choose the people and activities in your life, holding in awareness that we tend to become like the people we spend time with and the energies in which we immerse ourselves.

Radiating Love to All-that-is

Send love and light to others and to all-that-is. As we shift to a higher vibration, we hold a space for others to shift to higher frequencies. As we heal ourselves, we open a space for others to heal. The love we radiate outward impacts the universe in unseen ways, gathering energy on the inner planes to fuel the revolution of oneness that is awakening us to deeper levels of the new time.

Stepping into the Portal of Divine Potential

We can expect to see new themes and patterns emerging in coming days, weeks, and months as our lives come into sync with the new flow and direction of evolutionary awakening and powerful new beginnings looming on the horizon.

We are witnessing the closing days of a cosmic cycle. It’s time to reflect on the passing away of an old way of life that has shaped us up to this point. As we embrace and release who we have been as well as opportunities missed and taken, we turn our focus to a new and expansive present leading to a future we have encountered in dreams and imagination. Cosmic energies over the last few years set events into motion that now empower us to take our first step into this divine portal of potential that is now opening, inviting us to begin our ascent into the new time.

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Paradigm Shift Now: Uranus-Pluto Square asks us to ‘Evolve on our Feet’

We are under the influence of the final exact square of Uranus Pluto. We began feeling the effects of the connection between these two power houses as far back as 2008. The energies ramped up with each 90-degree square, the first of which occurred in June of 2012. The tension between Uranus and Pluto has remained strong since 2012, and has heightened with each exact square. We will continue to experience the effects of the Uranus-Pluto connection over the next few years.

Revolution in our Inner and Outer Worlds

The squares are hastening a revolution of sorts in our inner and outer worlds. This great change marks the threshold of the new time that has been incubating within hearts and minds for many years now. This month’s final square off is not the last of this aspect’s influence, which will extend into 2018 and beyond. This is the most powerful astrological influence we will experience during this decade. The changes seeded during this time will determine the shape of life on the earth plane moving forward.

The Uranus-Pluto connection marks the defining moment of a generation that remembers the intentions and ideals behind the sweeping changes of the Sixties. These intentions incubated underground for decades and began to resurface as we approached 2012.

Upheaval, Evolutionary Change and Lightning Bolt Insights

The Uranus-Pluto square signals generational upheaval and evolutionary change. It is one of the most challenging of planetary aspects. At the personal level it brings challenges and rites of passage. Uranus is about change, revolution, higher awareness, and the lightning bolt flashes of insight associated with spiritual awakening whereas Pluto is about death, destruction, transformation and renewal. The challenges triggered under the influence of this aspect are profound, all-encompassing, and sometimes arrive with tsunami-like force.

Sweeping Changes ask us to ‘Evolve on our Feet’

As the Uranus-Pluto square strengthened in intensity, you may have found yourself experiencing abrupt change in recent years. You may have felt the need to literally “evolve on your feet” as life as you knew it changed before your eyes.

You may have had to summon levels of flexibility, responsibility and adaptability you did not know you had. Old structures of your life may have fallen away as new responsibilities were added. These energies are asking each person to examine every part of their life to see what no longer serves them. Changes now will range from clearing and releasing clutter and items you no longer use in your home to ending relationships and other connections that no longer serve the highest good. Many will change careers, undertake new courses of study or be faced with the need to undertake a journey of healing.

Breaking down Old Structures

The Uranus-Pluto square sets in motion the breakdown of old structures that is essential to clear the way for the new time. During these past few years as the Uranus-Pluto square cast an ever widening shadow, we witnessed accelerating earth changes, climate change, and social upheaval - all of this mirroring our own personal upheaval. At the individual level, these changes brought us face-to-face with our shadow selves and in some cases launched us on an ever deepening spiritual journey.

Although wholesale change and transformation is in the wind, we still have the ability to navigate these changes in a conscious way, eyes open, fully awake and present within the moment, and fully engaged with our spiritual guidance. It is from this awakened stance that we can join together to create a vision for the New Earth that serves the highest good of all. No one need be a hapless victim in this process.

Uranus/Pluto and the 60s Revolution

This Uranus-Pluto Square threads back to the revolutionary ideals of the sixties when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. We can look back to the civil rights marches, the hippie movement, anti-war demonstrations - all that was seeded during the sixties is now reemerging as Uranus and Pluto hook up again.

Tracking Uranus-Pluto’s Influence in Recent Years

To understand what is being asked of you during this time, look back at the first rumblings of the impending Uranus-Pluto squares in 2008. What were the themes of your life during that time? Any unexpected changes and shifts foreshadowed events crystalizing in the ethers. Look again to see what was happening in your life around June 2012 (and during the eclipse series just prior to that); then again September and October 2012; May/June 2013; October/November 2013; April 2014; November/December 2014; and now in March 11th through 28th 2015. The apex point of the Uranus-Pluto square was October 17- November 15, 2013 so that the events of that time may offer particularly revealing insights into the personal influences of this aspect.

The Uranus-Pluto square can help you release everything that does not serve your highest good: possessions, relationships, ideas, beliefs, habits and patterns. This is about releasing what no longer serves you. You may feel yourself called to release your entire way of life and strike out in an entirely new direction. When we release resistance to the changes percolating within us and around us, we open the door to wealth beyond what we have imagined. To understand areas of your life most affected by each exact square, examine your chart to see what houses transiting Pluto and Uranus are in during those time frames.

We offer some suggestions for navigating the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square during this final exact squaring and into the next few years when its influence will still be a guiding force.

1) Examine yourself. Become a detective of your life observing everything, questioning everything. This helps cultivate self-awareness.

2) Question your motivations. Release what no longer serves you but at the same time examine your motives for eliminating longstanding structures and connections. Are you running from unresolved situations from your past or are you seeking to make peace with the past and release it?

3) Examine how your ego influences your decision making. The ego is a useful tool as long as it is in surrender to divine will.

4) Recognize you are first and foremost an infinite being and as such deserving of the highest and best the universe has to offer. As an infinite being, you are humble, compassionate, abundant, loving and dedicated to serving the highest good of all.

5) Daily make time for the stillness and silence that allows you to strengthen the bridge with your higher self.

6) Cultivate intuition and spiritual connection. Dreamwork, journaling, meditation, breathwork, chanting and numerous other techniques can help awaken your inner senses.

7) Set your intentions to expand awareness even if it means becoming aware of painful truths about yourself and others. Whatever you embrace and forgive you can heal.

8) Share the gift of your light to illuminate the path ahead for others.

9) Embrace the idea that everything is fluid and changing within every moment and see yourself moving in harmony with this constant flow of life.

10) To free yourself of all restrictive influences, undertake a fast – not just from food but from internet, cell phones, television, movies, and all other distractions. Regularly make a space in your life to journal, meditate and listen within.

11) Become present, alert and awake within the moment. Your present moment is your true point of power. From the present moment you are able to heal the past, cultivate joy within the present and envision the future.

12) Spend time in nature connecting with your natural inner rhythms.

©2010-2015 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved www.celestialvision.org These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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