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Mourning the Past Frees us to New Realities

As I write this, I’m in mourning.  I have begun the practice of mourning, saying goodbye and appreciating what has been as it disappears from my rearview mirror. 

This process of  acknowledging these milestones of completion amid feelings of sadness and loss allows me to turn once more my full attention to the windshield of the horizon and what is appearing there.

When the remnants of Hurricane Ike knocked down trees and outbuildings on our property in September 2008, we knew things were going to be different for awhile.  There was the cleanup and the construction of the new building to deal with.  It kept us busy for months and months.  In the back of my mind, I was thinking that once this is done, we will be able to get "back" to what we were doing before the storm.

The great cosmic joke is to ever think we can get "back" to another point in time.  Who was the person who said you can't jump into the same river twice?  A wise person, no doubt.

In December 2009, I finished the first phase of the interior of the building and set it aside.  Immediately, I began to anticipate getting “back” to the point where we were pre-storm, pre-construction. 

By this point, nearly 16 months had passed. I soon realized that unless I could figure out a way to build a time travel machine, I would not be going "back."

The only way was to move forward in my own consciousness.  I could re-energize realities that were in place in 2008, but the experience would be different because I was no longer in the same place in consciousness.  No doubt, some realities I would re-energize and I have.  The things that were still relevant I picked up and moved on with.

But what of the essence of the past that was lost?  How do we deal with the skins we shed as we move into new and different futures?  This is a question we’re all facing more and more - those of us who are cultivating and creating conscious change in our lives.  At each juncture we can take a moment -- a long moment -- however much time we need -- to mourn what is being left behind, what is no more and will never be again.

I have arrived at the place of mourning. Each day I sit in gratitude for all that has been.  I love and release what is leaving my life. This allows me to open to the new and welcome daily all that it brings.

I'm thankful for all that was in my life as the calendar clicked into September 2008.  I'm thankful all for all that has happened since.  As I turn to face what promises to be the most transformative period of my life, all these past timeframes fade from my rearview mirror.

Now I bring my full attention to the energies of Summer of 2010.  I listen within to the messages I receive.  I interpret the symbols that show up.  I open to each moment as it arrives and I release each moment as it passes. There is only now, only this moment beaconing to us through the windshield of our next horizon. 


Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010 at 11:50PM by Registered CommenterCelestial Vision | Comments1 Comment

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Grief is gratitude. :)

November 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMr Ig

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