Navigating the New Time on Planet Earth: Strengthening our Spiritual Immune System 

Our movement into the new time is aided by strengthening the connection between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind or spirit. This connection between our conscious and subconscious is the essence of our spiritual strength, which is reflected at the physical level by our immune system.

Inner Unification Helps us Step Free of Third-Dimensional Realities

We know all too well how a weak immune system can leave us susceptible to illness. At the spiritual level, a weak or faltering connection between our conscious and subconscious leaves us susceptible to thought viruses that undermine our ability to step free of third-dimensional experiences.

When our focus is heavily weighted in physical reality, our connection with our soul is sketchy. A consciousness that sees physical reality as all there is will find itself limited to the part of existence that can be experienced through the physical senses. Anyone who underestimates the limiting nature of a purely physical perspective is overlooking the role that dreams, the imagination and intuitive guidance play in our daily lives.

A Thought Virus is a Low-Vibrational Thoughtform that goes Viral

Thought viruses bind and enslave us to physical reality. A thought virus is a low-vibrational thoughtform that essentially "goes viral" in that it is passed from one person to another until it becomes accepted at certain levels of resonance as absolute. Thought viruses are free-floating in collective consciousness, often passed down from generation to generation so their original source is long forgotten. Thought viruses feed on life-force energy.

Scarcity is a Primary Thought Virus

An example of a thought virus is scarcity. Thoughts of scarcity tell us we are small, disempowered, impoverished, unloved, and existing along a timeline that resembles a barren wasteland. It's easy to imagine one's self from this perspective to be without access to the universal storehouse of information and resources. When a person falls prey to a thought virus, their beliefs are modified by the virus and they begin acting in ways consistent with the false reality propagated by the virus.

Scarcity is a thought virus from which other thought viruses develop. Scarcity spawns thought viruses that there is not enough time, money, love and other resources to realize our true potential or fulfill our spiritual mission. It follows that if we don't have enough for ourselves, we don't have anything to share with others. Many of the lower-vibrational timelines are based in scarcity consciousness in one form and or another. The thoughtform of not having enough is at the root of many violent crimes, destructive behaviors, diseases and other forms of disharmony.

Bolstering our Spiritual Immune System Against the Scarcity Virus

What we're saying here is not a matter of judgment. Souls journey along scarcity timelines to learn this virus from the inside out. Once their experience is complete, a deeper understanding of the scarcity thought virus bolsters the spiritual immune system, allowing it to see through lower-vibrational thoughtforms. The healing for scarcity is to replace this thought virus with thoughtforms of abundance, unconditional love, and gratitude. These thoughts lift us to high-vibrational timelines where our highest potentials manifest.

Emotional Healing Strengthens our Spiritual Immune System

If we find it difficult to allow ourselves to exist in a state of gratitude and abundance, it may be time to work with past selves to clear up misunderstandings. Emotional healing and clearing is a major step toward strengthening our spiritual immune system. Past emotional baggage exists in our consciousness as weak points or triggers for thought viruses. If we still hold childhood emotions around not being loved or if we we're still hurting from the long ago loss of a loved one, we are easy prey for thought viruses. By working with younger aspects of our consciousness, re-parenting them so to speak, we become the higher self for other aspects of our consciousness and are able to facilitate our own healing.

Creating a Continuity of Consciousness that Transcends Lifetimes

Whenever our current "focus self" chooses to serve as the physical reflection of our higher self in this lifetime, we create a continuity of consciousness that transcends lifetimes. Through the process of entrainment, focus selves across lifetimes are able to join hands to create the inner unification that underlies ascension consciousness.

When we stand in the love and abundance of our spirit, we see the world around us through the eyes of our higher self. From this place, every decision we make, every thought and action, brings us a step further along the fifth-dimensional timelines that are a signpost of the new time.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Re-inventing Ourselves with the ‘Upgraded’ Potentials of the New Time 

As we move deeper into this new year, we are being asked to slow down, listen, and see the world around us with new eyes. We're in a new time that holds new potentials and learning opportunities based on "upgraded" frequencies. To make full use of these new potentials, we need to remember to slow down, observe the energies around us, and release any preconceived notions of reality.

Old Templates are Falling Away

In this new time, we are artists with blank canvases. We are free to interpret and experience reality anew. The new time looks and feels in accordance with our visions, motivations and desires for creating. If the new time looks and feels exactly like the old time, it’s time to ask ourselves if we’re creating reality based on old templates. Creating from old templates will result in realities similar to those we have experienced in the past. These old templates will not hold our energy and enthusiasm for much longer, however.

The Seed of the New Time is Planted within Us

Within each of us, the seed of the new time is pushing through the rich soil of our inspired imagination. As this seed grows, it sets up a yearning for new ideas, new visions, and new ways of being. A major theme for 2013 is re-invention. Many will be drawn to re-invent themselves in a way that expresses their perceptions and experiences of the new energies. Re-inventing one’s self involves adopting a new identity or focus self aligned with our new potentials.

Perceiving New Energies at the Subtle Level

Re-inventing ourselves begins at subtle, inner levels where manifestations take form. When we’re in a hurry, it’s hard to perceive subtle, inner levels where the energetic fields of our future creations are taking shape. Rushing through life is a symptom of enslavement to thought viruses that separate us from our true power. The antidote to this rushing about is to slow down, enter an alert, aware state, and observe the energies around us.

Every moment is encoded with the energies of our potentials. These potentials transport us onto the timelines that will be our future. If our present moment is a constant sprint to an imaginary finish line, we may activate potentials that carry us to timelines that are not of our choosing. At the very least, we may manifest future potentials of constant sprints leading to future potentials of constant sprints – you get the picture. We no longer need to learn from the old “Groundhog Day” syndrome of perpetually spinning through cookie cutter realities.

Expanding into Frequencies of Joy and Bliss

We step free of cookie cutter realities when we take time each day to slow down and become still within. From this still place, we are able to perceive new potentials and their timelines extending in all directions from our present moment.

When we slow down, a subtle and intricate world opens before us. As we bring our focus to these subtle realms, we encounter frequencies of joy and bliss, love and compassion at a level that is bioavailable. As we focus on these qualities, our capacity for experiencing them expands.

Our Perceptual Abilities are Expanding

It is easier now than in the past to perceive the subtle energies that exist all around us. It is easier than ever before to work with energy at inner levels to activate realities aligned with our highest visions. Our powers of perception are expanding in the new time. Wherever we were in terms of perceiving and creating our reality in the past, we will be able to expand exponentially as we move further into 2013.

When we look at a situation, we will perceive far more than what we are able to perceive with our physical senses. Imagine meeting a person and recognizing them from a past life, knowing something about their life and health, their goals and desires for the future, and their personal challenges. We are entering a time of far greater transparency where deception, subterfuge, and dishonesty will be replaced by honesty, openness and sharing in new ways. There have always been those who were able to see the soul that exists beyond personality veneers and shields put in place due to past pain and suffering. Now this form of seeing will become increasingly commonplace.

Revising our Creations through Future Vision

Whenever a situation comes before you, you will be able to see through the surface to the heart of the intention that created it. You will be able to see events crystalyzing well into your future. From this vantage point, you are able to make changes in your present moment that ensure the future you are creating is compatible with your intentions. We no longer need to rely on hindsight vision to revise our creations. Instead, we hold the option to utilize future vision.

We are free to learn life lessons in any way we choose. We can view the images of our upcoming creations and make revisions before they manifest into physical reality or we can wait for them to show up in physical reality and then fine-tune our understandings and intentions. The choice is ours.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Remembering to Celebrate…No Matter What 

Constant energy shifts in recent years brought many lightworkers through level after level of clearing and transformation. It’s understandable at times to become overwhelmed, exhausted and even disappointed when the result of our efforts fails to match our visions.

Gratitude and Appreciation Nurture our Highest Visions

The passage now before us is best navigated with a high degree of gratitude and appreciation. Central to this is remembering to celebrate regardless of what is before us. The present moment is a reflection of our past understandings and our past creations borne of those understandings. We learn and benefit from the realities we create in ways impossible to measure or quantify. It is always important to express gratitude for the efforts of our past selves and the lessons they brought us. Gratitude is the rich soil that nourishes our visions for the future and allows them to thrive.

Our Energetic Radiance Transports us to New Timelines

Our creations are imbued with the essence of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. These ingredients determine the energy we radiate. Our energetic radiance will either transport us to timelines where we experience increasingly radiant frequencies of joy and love or it will transport us to timelines where we experience increasingly dense and unpleasant situations.

Regardless of what we have experienced in the past, we can begin now in the present moment making choices that transport us to high-vibrational timelines. We can do this right now by choosing to celebrate…no matter what.

Choosing to Celebrate…No Matter What

Celebrating…no matter what at times involves grasping hold even of the tiniest sliver of joy that exists within this moment. If we look for positive signs and omens around us, we will find them. If we open to others' words of encouragement, we will hear them spoken. Even those situations that challenge us to our core contain doorways into a brighter future. When we accept whatever shows up in our life, we're able to start transforming lower-vibrational situations to the stuff of our highest visions.

The Practice of Celebrating Triggers Waves of Success

When we make a daily practice of celebrating, we're able over time to build what appears to be a wave of success. Seeming waves of success are actually a collection of moments when we activate high-vibrational timelines through our daily choices to celebrate life.

A wave of success is set in motion in an infinite number of ways. It can come through the doorway of random acts of kindness, rescuing abandoned animals, assisting an elderly neighbor, donating your time or money to a charity, helping a stranger in need, taking steps to improve your health or developing an intuitive skill that assists others. The list is endless and only limited by your imagination. Any time you freely share the gift of your light, anytime you love unconditionally, anytime you choose to see the silver lining in a difficult situation, anytime you choose to forgive another who has caused you pain, you radiate positive energy.

Daily Rituals to Activate Positive Frequencies

It is helpful to create daily rituals to help you tune into positive frequencies. Celebration rituals can be anything that uplifts your spirit and helps anchor positive energies to your present moment. These can include meditation, breathwork, sitting in silence and gratitude to acknowledge the blessings in your life, journaling, yoga, t’ai chi, prayer, working with crystals and other energy enhancers, walks in nature or spending time nurturing animals. Whatever we do daily that lifts our spirit and nurtures the spark of spirit within us is a positive ritual.

Radiating Negative Energy Opens us to Negative Thought Viruses and Illness

The alternative to celebrating life is choosing to focus on what is wrong with the present moment. This can cause one to tune into negative realities and timelines. Focusing on the negative opens one's energies to free-floating negative thought viruses that attach themselves to the energy field. When we radiate negative energy we become a sending and receiving station for native energies. This creates the causes of an increasingly downward spiral that transports us to lower-vibrational timelines where we experience setbacks, obstacles, illness and other densities.

For example, if you become angry and frustrated at another person and yell at them, this creates an energy that guarantees some sort of problem will follow. The energy we radiate always returns to us like a boomerang in some way. Over time, if we act out against others or harm others - including animals and the environment - we set up a wave of problems hurtling in our direction. These waves of negativity anchor us to a murky bog of low-vibrational realities.

Freeing Ourselves from Enslavement to Specific Outcomes

As long as your happiness is contingent on everything going your way, you will be a slave to circumstance. A negative response to unwanted outcomes can activate timelines where unpleasant scenarios flourish. When you choose to celebrate…no matter what, you free yourself to levitate above the need for specific outcomes. Paradoxically, when you become free from needing a specific outcome, you invariably find yourself transported to positive timelines beyond anything you previously imagined. When we celebrate life, we open the door for the universe to bring us outcomes that transport us to timelines aligned with the frequency of celebration.

Regardless of what we have created in the past, we always hold the power to transform our circumstances within any moment by choosing to celebrate the blessing of another moment and another opportunity to awaken to deeper levels of unconditional love.

Remembering to Celebrate is a Skill

Refrain from judgment if your path to celebration is checkered with lapses to negativity. We are here to learn and develop skills that allow us to become the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of spirit on earth. As we become adept in these skills, we teach them to others. Within every moment we awaken anew and remember we have the choice to celebrate rather than fall to deeper densities. Some moments carry energies that trigger painful awarenesses and we forget to celebrate. This will always be the case. However, as we develop our skill at remembering to celebrate, our lapses are shorter-lived and provide traction for life-affirming choices. The further we move along the path of celebration, the easier it is to remember to celebrate…no matter what.

For more on timeline shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Our Movement into the New Time is Vertical, not Linear

We're standing now inside the new time. Our arrival here can be traced across past decades when we increased our capacity to assimilate light. High-vibrational frequencies flooding the earth over the past 25 years slowly raised the frequencies our physical bodies could assimilate.

Frequency Upgrades Trigger our Movement into the New Time

Frequency upgrades to the physical system trigger clearings at emotional, mental and spiritual levels. With each frequency upgrade, the past comes before us so we can see it through the light of our newly-expanded consciousness. With each upgrade in frequency, we shed veils, enter new levels of seeing, and activate new potentials. We held these potentials from the beginning of our journey, and only activated them as our prevailing consciousness was ready to enter a new phase of our spiritual mission.

Spiritual Growth is Based in Vibrational Frequency, not Linear Time

Though this movement has taken place over a period of years, the progression to the new time has been vertical, not linear. Time is a human construct that helps us break experience into increments for easy processing and assimilation. Linear time is sometimes erroneously applied to predict the arrival of spiritual visions into our physical reality. The movement into new levels of our spiritual purpose is based in vibrational frequency, not time. This new passage we have entered is about raising our vibrational frequency to enter timelines where spiritually-aligned realities exist. As we raise our vibration, we become the one who is capable of existing along these new timelines. As our vibrational frequency ascends, so do we.

Linear Versus Vertical Time

Linear time is the continuous movement along the same timeline for a period of time. We cannot change an existing timeline, so it can be expected that navigating experience in a linear, rather than vertical, manner will hold us in a vibrational continuum along the same timeline. Change is a matter of shifting to a new timeline. When we raise our frequency, the new timelines we access reflect our spiritual destiny.

Vertical “time” is packed with experiences that hold the power to transform us by allowing us to grow spiritually. A week of vertical time may seem like five years of linear time. A single moment the duration of the blink of an eye can bring quantum change to our lives. Generally speaking, these moments are often preceded by a series of other moments containing intentions and efforts that lead us to exist in a state of vertical time.

Vertical time is a moment or succession of moments where we undergo experiences that allow our spirit to grow in understanding and insight. These new understandings change our vibrational frequency and lift us into new timelines. As we grow in this way, we expand our conscious awareness, enter new levels of our spiritual mission, activate new levels of love and compassion, and become better able to create new realities that uplift and inspire ourselves and others.

Linear and Vertical Timelines
Whatever timelines we are currently experiencing will remain in place as we continue along the same energetic plane. Even though we are in the new time where fifth-dimensional potentials are more readily accessible, we can continue to experience third-dimensional realities if we choose to do so. It will become increasingly uncomfortable to remain in a third-dimensional timeline for any period of time as the “rewards” for this form of existence are being phased out.

Shifting to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

For many, shifting to high-vibrational timelines is a matter of examining the means by which they create reality and gaining awareness of old templates that are still in place. If you have been creating life experiences from past templates - consulting the past for what is possible for the future – it’s time to abandon these now. If you are frustrated because spiritual visions have failed to manifest or have manifested differently than expected, do not let this throw you off or discourage you. Your visions have always been close at hand, standing beside you, guiding you. What may have previously been misunderstood is how we would move into these visions and begin to live them.

Light Infusions Awaken us to Aspects that Hold the Answers

We are able to consciously raise our vibration by healing our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. We heal as we allow greater infusions of light to illuminate and expand our consciousness, therefore transforming our existence. Infusions of light awaken us to the location in consciousness where answers to our present-moment issues reside. We already have within us the answers to any questions or issues that might arise. When we view a situation, question or issue from an expanded perspective, we are directed to the aspect of our being that holds the highest and best answer. This is how we navigate and explore reality in the new time.

For more on accessing the fifth-dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta 
Also see Steps to Raising Your Vibration by DL Zeta, a free ebook. 

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The 2012 Quantum Identity Shift: Stepping into the Footprints of our Fifth-Dimensional Selves 

As we move toward the December 21 solstice point, we find ourselves standing in the doorway of a new moment in human consciousness. Because everything in the universe is energy, the powerful alignment of the solstice point with the galactic equator marks the dawning of a dimensional shift toward a global awakening.

Awakening to the December 21st 'Zero Point'

On the December 21 solstice point, all four meridian points or solstice/equinox points will sit at zero degrees or ‘void of course’. The Sun, Juno and Neptune will sit at zero degrees as well. Void of course is the area at zero degrees when a planet holds the energy of universal intent. The Sun and Juno are conjunct the midheaven at the point of the December 21 Solstice. Neptune enters the first few minutes of Pisces, opening the door to new and greatly expanded spiritual potentials. The universal meaning of Juno conjunct the midheaven and void of course at the December 21 solstice point is the entry to a new paradigm based on love and compassion. Everything beyond this point will carry the frequency of the new time.

Past, Present and Future Exist Simultaneously in Parallel Dimensions

Much groundwork has been laid for this transition. During the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, we collectively set down a footprint in this new direction. The seeds of this transformation, however, were planted long before 1987. Since time is a human construct, what we think of as past, present, and future have always existed side by side in parallel dimensions. The energetic shifts that prepared us to move into this new time have been charted on the map of our becoming since the first soul entered human form.

Each Individual Charts their Transition to the New Time

Each person has followed their own unique path to arrive at this passage. Each individual here now will step into the new time in accordance with the divine timing of their soul. The energetic influences that are opening this galactic portal now will interact with the spiritual purpose of each individual to activate inner codes and keys and set their potentials into motion.

As with all transitions, we will find ourselves moving in and out of these energies. Transition times are by definition a bridging of old and new energies. The experience of our movement through this passage depends on a number of factors, including our vibration and energy, our feeling states, intentions, physical well-being, emotional clarity and environmental factors - what is going on around us and the people around us. All these factors determine where we stand on the bridge between old and new at any given time.

'Detoxing' the Past at All Levels

One day we may experience the uplifting freedom and pure vibrational essence of joy and bliss, and the next day we may feel weighed down by old emotional issues coming up. We may "detox" the past at various points in this transition. This detoxing may take place at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is not uncommon for new levels of joy and spiritual mastery to trigger deeper levels of release. There may be times of great intensity. As our inner light shines brighter on the earth plane, our awareness fine-tunes to new levels.

Shining the Light of Heightened Awareness on our Spiritual Purpose

When we share the light of our heightened awareness on everything that has happened in our lives, we see our experience through a lens that brings all of it into sharp focus. Every challenge we've experienced up to this moment in time - every gift, talent and ability we have cultivated - our lowest lows, our highest highs - all of these reflect to us the form and nature of our spiritual mission this time around. As we look back over our life as we have known it, we see the pattern and purpose of all that has been. As we see the purpose of everything in our lives, any energy we are holding onto - any emotional baggage we are holding onto from the past - is released.

We've been working our way toward this moment in human consciousness for a very long time. The movement in recent years has been constant as we learned to digest, process and jettison the past at a pace we would not have previously thought possible. Our light has shone brighter with each passing day as we burned away the cobwebs of past programming and saw through thoughts, ideas and beliefs that shackled us in the past. We have taken deliberate and conscious steps on the path to self-realization.

Stepping into the Footprints of our Fifth-Dimensional Selves

During this upcoming galactic alignment, the universe will mirror and amplify our efforts on the path of transformation. This amplification will attune our light and lift us to a higher place, allowing us to take a quantum leap onto fifth-dimensional timelines. This shift will usher a time of new awareness and insight, heightened beauty, and healing at all levels as we step into the future that has always been waiting to welcome us. As we take this step, we shift from the identity of one who is preparing to enter fifth-dimensional consciousness to the identity of one who exists along fifth-dimensional timelines. This is the moment when we step into the footprints of our fifth-dimensional selves.

For more on working with your mastery self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on the fifth dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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