You are Multi-Dimensional, Existing Simultaneously throughout the Universe 

The energies of November through year’s end open a window for exploring new spiritual identities that will carry us seamlessly into the expanded future we have envisioned over the past decade. This re-envisioning of our destiny takes place as old ways of perceiving ourselves and the world we live in erode and fall away.

Accepting All Things are Possible in the Universe

November has served as a passage to help us revisit age-old questions of “Who am I? Why am I here?” Now more than ever these questions are crucial to our movement through upcoming transition times. Who we believe ourselves to be determines everything in our lives. Our beliefs serve as gatekeepers, determining much of what we “allow” into our experience. We are being asked now to expand our beliefs to embrace the idea that all things are possible in the universe. Limitations do not truly exist. Time does not really exist. These are just human constructs that help the conscious mind manage and process reality. These constructs are meant to serve as tools for navigating consciousness, not as self-imposed prisons that greatly limit our potentials.

You are a Vast, Multi-Dimensional Being

As we allow ourselves to move deeper into the energies of the new time, we encounter expanded timelines where each person holds a deeper awareness of their spiritual identity. As part of this deeper awareness, each of us will come to perceive our multi-dimensional nature. During this time, we will have dreams, experiences and visions that prove to us beyond a shadow of doubt that we are much more than the limited physical beings we’re able to perceive with our physical senses.

You Exist Simultaneously throughout the Universe

Because time and other limitations don’t really exist, souls are able to incarnate simultaneously into numerous timeframes and dimensions. As we move further into the awakening process, we gain awareness of other aspects of our selves simultaneously existing throughout the universe. Some of these aspects are incarnated into physical reality in other timeframes - both past and future – and some aspects reside in other locations in the universe serving as soul guides, spirit helpers and originators of new realities. As we accept that our other aspects exist, we develop the potential for communication and sharing with these aspects.

We Are Not Limited to the Confines of our Conscious Mind

An unenlightened conscious mind likes to think of itself as separate, autonomous, and authoritarian. The other side of the coin is that it can feel also feel isolated, alone and overwhelmed by questions and experiences it is unable to understand. When our conscious self expands its identity to include these other aspects, it is able to begin communicating with them, sharing information, talents, skills and wisdom. In this unified state, we are able to burn through the perception that we are small and alone and limited to the confines of our conscious mind. The acceptance that we are “many” allows us to adopt the spiritual identity of a vast, multi-dimensional being empowered by an atmosphere of love, cooperation and mutual assistance with our other "selves."

An Expanded Spiritual Identity is an Ascension Milestone

A major milestone on the road to ascension is awakening to an expanded, multi-dimensional identity. When we accept that we’re vast, empowered beings, we are able to recognize others who are still struggling in silence and isolation. When we find inner unification, we naturally want to serve and assist those who are ready to step free of the condition of separation.

It’s impossible to experience true oneness with others when we are still experiencing the condition of separation within ourselves. When we adopt the identity of a multi-dimensional, unified being, we are empowered to serve and assist our “selves” and all others in a spirit of love, unity, cooperation and compassion.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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November 13 Solar Eclipse Signals the 'Awakening Prelude' for the New Time 

Change and transformation are at the forefront this week with a solar eclipse today (Nov. 13) at 21/22 degrees Scorpio. This eclipse asks us to go deeper with our efforts to heal and transform our "selves" and to move forward with our purpose for this lifetime. The essence of our own healing is always intrinsically related to our spiritual mission, so the steps followed now to bring about healing will ultimately bring us to full recognition of our reason for being here this time around. As we awaken to our purpose, we are able to activate new timelines aligned with the new time.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and our Sacred Wound

Our "sacred wound" is stamped into our consciousness early on in life so we can pull forward incomplete understandings from other places and times and work with them. The events of the sacred wound involve the people and environment of our early years but this is less significant than our response to the events that wounded us. If the emotions surrounding our sacred wound have not yet been fully healed, the emotional response to this wound is still with us and ready to be released now.

This week's solar eclipse in Scorpio will help us reach deep within ourselves and facilitate healing. The Nov. 24 lunar eclipse will follow shortly to help us follow up with any remaining emotional clearing and healing. The energies of this eclipse series are preparing us for the Dec. 21 solstice "zero point" that signals the beginning of the new time.

Windows of Manifesting and Service Bring New Opportunities

Windows of manifesting are opening now thanks to the new moon in Scorpio riding in with the eclipse. Change and manifesting join with themes of work and service which come into play as the Scorpio eclipse lands in the sixth house of service. This awakens the longing to align more deeply with our mission here.

Areas where we have felt out of balance in regards to our spiritual path and our chosen career will be highlighted. Scorpio eclipses can bring about purges that help us release old ways of being and replace them with new and better ideas. This can trigger times of upheaval and turmoil as situations and people leave our life but it also opens portals to new potentials and opportunities. The old must leave our lives to make room for the new so be ready now to stand strong inside the void that exists between old and new.

Service Includes Serving, Healing and Assisting our 'Selves'

Implicit in energies of the eclipse in Scorpio/sixth house is the need to heal all aspects of our own consciousness and take further steps to strengthen and empower ourselves. Along these lines, diet, exercise, fitness and inner work come onto our radar.

Our own strength, health and empowerment are essential to our ability to serve others. And it isn't to be overlooked that serving and assisting our "selves" is an important part of the path of service. If we can't help ourselves, we won't be able to help others.

Scorpio Eclipses Help us Create our Individual and Collective Destinies

As we heal and strengthen ourselves, we're better able to join together with others to combine our energies to forge creations beyond what any one person can bring about by themselves. This eclipse will highlight the value of each person taking responsibility to create their own destiny and then joining together with others to create our collective destiny.

Powerful Manifesting Energy Flows through the Solar Eclipse/New Moon

Today's eclipse falls on a profound and potent new moon in Scorpio, opening the door to powerful manifesting. If there are creations that have eluded you in past days and weeks and years, now is the time to connect with them, infusing them with heartfelt energy. Whatever desires and wishes you hold at a deep level can manifest quickly now.

The best time to sit in meditation with these intentions is eight hours after the moon leaves zero degrees. The next few days energies are still powerful for manifesting but the optimal time is in the eight hours after the new moon leaves its void position. It is better to avoid evoking desired manifestations when the moon is zero or void of course. The moon enters Scorpio today at 5:08 PM EST. Mercury is still in retrograde so it is best to only focus on those desires that are strongly aligned with your highest visions - those desires that clearly lift you to new places within yourself.

Our most deeply-held wishes and goals are part of our spiritual purpose and within reach now. Wisdom and intuitive insights are heightened at this time when channels are wide open for information and guidance to be downloaded. During this powerful time each person is able to make timeline and identity shifts that carry them further along the path of healing and service. The November eclipses bring influences and energies that are part of the awakening prelude of many light beings here to help anchor the new time on Planet Earth.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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Steps to Activating Timelines of Inner Unity and Oneness 

As old ways of being fade from your rearview mirror, you're able to bring your full focus and attention to new visions and inspirations that stretch before you. This year marks the ultimate new beginning as the song rises within many to unite in a vision of oneness for the future. This vision allows us to become one with our higher self and move forward as a whole, unified being. When we become one within ourselves, we are able to unite with others in unity, harmony and oneness.

In this new time the energies of high-vibrational timelines are more accessible than at any other location in human consciousness. All we need do is perceive with our imagination new timelines of inner unity and oneness stretching before us in all directions and set our intention to align with these. By entering a relaxed, meditative state, we are able to sense the frequencies of these timelines entering our energy field. These frequencies have the ability to raise our vibration to allow stronger communion with our higher self. Over time this communion allows us to become telepathic to our higher self.

We offer here additional steps to activate timelines of inner unity and oneness:

One) Create inner harmony. Bring to awareness any aspects of yourself that are at odds. Ask these aspects to join together to support you and your new goals and vision. By entering the highest vibration you can access, you're able to create a space where inner unification can take place. Meditating beforehand and chanting OM are two ways to help create this space, as does listening to music encoded with notes that simulate high-vibrational states.

Two) Make a list of everything you're grateful for. Look at everything and everyone in your life from a place of gratitude - even those people and situations you feel have caused you the greatest pain. Every avenue of forgiveness is an opportunity to become a greater facilitator for harmony and oneness on the planet.

Three) Meditate on love, releasing all past definitions of love. Unconditional love is the purest vibration in the universe. Find within yourself the pure vibrational essence of love that is beyond all words and definition.

Four) Observe the symbols around you within every moment. As we learn the universal language of symbols we're able to better commune with our soul and receive its messages. Dreamwork is one way to become attuned to the language of your soul. Journaling and automatic writing can also be helpful tools in learning to decode the symbols of both your sleeping and waking dreams.

Five) Ask questions of your higher self and trust that answers will flow into your consciousness as they are needed. When we release the need to micromanage the events of our lives, we enter a natural flow where everything happens easily and effortlessly.

Six) Spend time taking 15-minute sun baths, allowing the sun’s essence to enter your physical system. Take walks in nature to free yourself of any energies of divisiveness or separation. Spending time near water allows you to more easily align with universal flow.

Seven) Pay attention to your emotional landscape and the people and events that trigger challenging emotions. These triggers offer insight into the nature of your sacred wound and steps you can take to heal it. Once we heal and release our sacred wound, we are able to clear away anything that stands between ourselves and direct telepathic communion with our higher self.

Eight) Remember to eat light – taking in significant amounts of raw food, green juices and high PH water that helps alkalinize your physical system and allows you to become a stronger receiving station.

Nine) Write a spiritual autobiography detailing the blessings and gifts of the most memorable events of your life – including the events that seemed traumatic or difficult at the time.

Ten) Make time for creative play and developing your imagination. Creativity is the doorway through which all new ideas, visions, innovations and works of art arrive in the world.

These are just a few steps we can take in this new time to leave behind old ways of separation and disharmony. As we take these steps, it becomes easier to open to allow a new way founded in oneness with all-that-is and inner unity.

Become the Higher Self for Aspects not yet Aligned with the New Time

There may be parts of ourselves not yet on board with these changes. These parts will want to hold back from living at this level. Become the higher self for these selves, nurturing and loving them and bringing them to a new level of understanding. As you mentor and love these selves, they are empowered to support you in your vision of oneness and inner harmony.

If you focus dislike and judgment on these aspects within your being, (or upon what you do not like out in the world), you will only create more dissension and disharmony within you and around you. Become a force for love and harmony in the universe by loving all that comes before you. In this way, your energy creates a field around you that others can access and utilize to raise their own frequency to the level of harmony and oneness. This is the intent and purpose of the new time on planet Earth.

For more on timeline shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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Embracing our 'Multidimensional Self' in the Journey to 'Zero Point' 

The final two months of 2012 will center on completion that paves the way to the New Time. In the next several weeks, many opportunities will come before us to heal and release the past and step more fully into the new time dawning on the horizon of human consciousness.

As part of this transition, planetary inflences will help us shed old identities and adopt new ones aligned more closely with our spiritual purpose. We will be asked to see ourselves as more than just who we know ourselves to be in this lifetime. In acknowledging and embracing our 'multidimensional self' we are able to call forth knowledge and abilities from other "selves" that allow us to serve in ways we may not have thought possible before. The recognition that we are more than our conscious mind activates new and greatly expanded timelines in our field of potentials.

The Journey from Here to Zero Point

Our present energies include a Sun/Saturn conjunction that is the kickoff to an eclipse series that features a solar eclipse in Scorpio on November 13 followed by a lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 24. These energies are magnified by the winter/summer solstice (depending on location) on December 21.

On the December 21 solstice point, all four meridian points or solstice/equinox points will sit at zero degrees. In astrology, these are the ascendant, midheaven, descendant, and nadir. We call this condition ‘void of course’. The Sun, Juno and Neptune will sit at zero degrees as well. Void of course is the area at zero degrees when a planet holds the energy of universal intent. The Sun and Juno are conjunct the Midheaven at the point of the December 21 Solstice. Neptune enters the first few minutes of Pisces, opening the door to new and greatly expanded spiritual potentials. The ascendant sits on the Spring Equinox point and the lower heaven or Nadir sits on the Summer Solstice; the Descendant sits on the Vernal Equinox.

We are Entering a New Paradigm Based on Love and Compassion

The universal meaning of Juno conjunct the Midheaven and void of course at the December 21 solstice point is the entry to a new paradigm based on love and compassion. This is not to say we will enter an apocalyptic time, just that old ideas and ways of being will fall away at an increasingly rapid rate, leading to a sense of chaos, loss and upheaval at times. When two differing energies encounter each other, this triggers a restructuring of reality. This process has already begun in recent years, but what we have witnessed and experienced thus far is just the first movement into the New Time. While this transition may seem challenging at times, it offers many opportunities for personal empowerment.

What to Expect during this Portal of Personal Empowerment

From now until the first moments of 2013 and beyond, the main theme is completion that paves the way for the rebirth of human consciousness. This completion will take many forms as opportunities manifest for each person to heal sacred wounds, recognize the gifts they came here to share, and align with their mastery self.

Our present passage brings us into greater recognition of our potentials both individually and collectively. This portal to personal empowerment brings the awareness that our reality is less solid than it seems. Our experience of life is our own creation born of our thoughts, beliefs and choices. Many are starting to see the threads that weave the fabric of their creations. Seeing the underpinnings of our present-moment reality will allow us to become more adept at creating future realities. Visions of the potentials we will use to fashion our futures are being downloaded now in waking and nightly dream states.

Reading the 'Coded Formulas' behind the Energetic Matrix of our Realities

It is easier now than ever before to see the energetic matrix of our realities. Once we begin to see these energies, we are better able to transform the "coded formulas" behind them. These coded formulas consist of our life lessons, spiritual contracts with others, spiritual purpose and our current desires and intentions. Other factors in this calculation that play smaller yet significant roles include diet, exercise, daily environment, physical health, belief systems, personal preferences, astrological influences and bleedthroughs from other realms where other "selves" exist.

Intuitive Openings and Psychic Phenomena will be Daily Occurrences

During the next several weeks there will be intuitive openings, lucid and vivid dreams, encounters with souls we know in other times, and an array of psychic phenomena.

Psychic phenomena may include seeing light shimmers, hearing the sound current that permeates life force energy, perceiving sights and sounds of adjacent dimensions or parallel realities. These glimpses may be jolting depending on the degree of one’s enmeshment with physical reality. Many lightworkers have moved past a great deal of enmeshment with the physical realm, but are still tethered there through concern for others. In times to come, it will become clear that we must paradoxically step free of this concern in order to truly assist others. The jolts experienced through earth changes, health challenges, economic changes and numerous other avenues are designed to make us aware of areas where we're over-involved in material reality. If we are awake, prepared and ready to ride the wave of ucoming infusions of energy, we're able to stand strong within ourselves and our purpose and transform anything that comes before us.

Pay Attention to ‘Breakthrough Moments’

It is not uncommon now to dream of souls who are entering our energy field. Those who visit us in our nightly dreams will begin to show up in our waking reality. We may sporadically begin to see the light shimmers and hear the celestial sounds of other dimensions. Pay attention to such ‘breakthrough moments’ and they will expand to open new doorways of possibility in consciousness.

Become still and calm as new insights and new levels of remembering are downloaded to your consciousness. These moments of new insight allow us to see through old events, energies and situations of the past and bring healing to old wounds. Many blessings are showering down upon us during this time and all we need do is open to receive them.

Expanding your 'Receiving Skills'

This is a good time to examine how open you are to receiving the blessings the universe has to offer. Your daily life brings many clues to how good to you are at receiving. When someone pays you a compliment, do you feel uncomfortable and hide behind self-deprecating comments? Those who are not open to receive will find it difficult to accept praise from others because deep down that don't believe they deserve it.

Another key to how well you receive is to examine your digestive system. Your physical digestion represents your ability to digest and process life events. Every situation in your life is created to help your soul grow in understanding. Once a situation is created, we're able to distill spiritual understandings from the experience. If we are experiencing digestive difficulties, it is likely we are also experiencing a break down in our ability to distill spiritual understandings from life experiences.

The closing weeks of 2012 have many blessings to offer. Remain awake and in gratitude for the many blessings the universe is showering upon you. Continuously expand your receiving capability. As you do so, you will naturally step more fully into your multidimentional self and the personal empowerment and mastery that brings.

For more on working with your mastery self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta

For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
For more on the fifth dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
Also see: Traveling Time to Meet a Future Self in Consciousness
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Navigating the New Time through Dream Downloads and Dimensional Travels 

Dreams are one way our mind goes "off the grid" to commune with other aspects of our consciousness, but dream states are not the only portals available to us.

As we develop our "inner technologies," our psychic abilities open a doorway to greater communion with our past, future and parallel selves. We don't have to consciously understand the workings of this information exchange between aspects of our consciousness, but it is important that our beliefs embrace this source of knowing so we can open to it.

For some it may be helpful to understand how this waking form of information transfer takes place. One way to understand our inner technologies is through the lens of outer technologies.

Inner Technologies Correspond to Outer Innovations

Inner technologies can be likened to the development of technology in the physical world. In fact, every new piece of technology we engineer in the physical world corresponds to a counterpart in our inner world. The great innovators of all timeframes were able to perceive facets of human consciousness and translate them into physical representations.

An example of this correspondence between inner and outer technologies is a camera, which relates to the creative ability of visualization. Our "inner snapshots" can be compared to our material-world ability to take photographs and store memories.

Wireless Technology Reflects the Transfer of Intuitive Downloads

The ability to receive downloads from other parts of our consciousness can be compared to wireless technology, which allows the transfer of information over a distance without the use of wires. Wireless is a "method of transport" using signals or radio waves. We can't see the waves of energy being transmitted but we receive information sent over these waves through various "receiving devices".

When we embrace the idea that we're more than just our conscious self in this lifetime, we're able to perceive other facets of our being operating off the grid of our current identity. These other selves exist in other timeframes and dimensions. These aspects are able to observe our past and future in this lifetime and in others; they see the future potentials we are creating in our present moment. As we move forward, we formulate questions. These questions are often about the realities we encounter, or how to harmonize the contrasting perspectives within us. These questions are "wordlessly broadcast" to other aspects of our being. The aspect with the needed perspective sends back the information we have asked for. The information sent to us over our 'wireless network' depends on the questions we formulate.

Receptivity is Key to Information Transfers with our Other Selves

Our ability to receive information from other aspects of our being depends on our receptivity within the moment. Just as with the wireless networks in the physical world, our degree of receptivity is aided or impeded by a number of factors.

Intuitive perception is enhanced by being in nature, especially near water where the "flow" corresponds with the flow of life experiences. Being around people with open and positive energy is also helpful. Environments that are energetically enhanced by crystals, feng shui and uplifting art and music raise our frequency and therefore our receptivity. Good health is important; if we are experiencing physical problems this adversely affects our energy field. Unresolved emotional baggage is also a drag on our energy, so clearing up past energies is essential to becoming a clear receiver. Taking responsibility for everything in our reality helps empower us, making it more likely we will trust and act on the intuitive information we receive.

As we cultivate our receptive qualities, we're able to enhance the "wireless capability" of our inner networks, communing with our "selves" throughout time and space and collaborating in the great work of art that is our own becoming.

For more on activating inner technologies, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta
Also see: Traveling Time to Meet a Future Self in Consciousness
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