Activating Healing Timelines brings us into the 'Blessings Zone' 

As we move further into the new time we enter new levels of awareness and empowerment. Our attention naturally turns to aspects of ourselves still struggling with wounds of the past. If we have judged our younger selves, now is the time to replace that judgment with compassion. The first steps toward oneness are taken internally as we embrace and assist ourselves throughout time.

Separation Wounds and Isolates

Parasitic thoughtforms of separation not only separate us from others but from other aspects of ourselves. This leads to a sense of isolation and internal strife that uses up our energy and distracts our focus. A present-moment self influenced by thoughts of separation isolates itself from its past and future. This person might despise the mistakes of their past while creating a present moment that will shackle and harm their future.

Journeying into the Past to Heal Ourselves across Time

As we awaken we see through the illusion of separation and step into our true nature which is love and compassion. From a perspective of greater awareness, it is easy to see the path ahead involves a journey into the past to heal and free aspects of ourselves still trapped in cycles of suffering. In this way, we become the higher self to our other selves, working to unify and heal aspects of our consciousness across time. This is a key step on the path to ascension.

Shining the Light of our Awareness on Past Traumas

Some past struggles can be healed simply by shining the light of our present-moment awareness on them. As we allow younger aspects to see old traumas through the lens of our present-moment understandings, we facilitate healing. This healing frees emotional energy being used to "bookmark" past traumas so we can return and release them.

Healing Timelines can Release us from Deeply-Held Traumas

It may happen there are deeper traumas that need more than our present understandings to heal them. Working with timelines is one path to this deeper healing process. By creating an adjacent or parallel healing timeline we can take conscious steps toward healing the deeper wounds that have tethered us to cycles of struggle and suffering - in this lifetime and others.

Deep Traumas Result from Harmful and Irrevocable Decisions

Deep traumas result from moments in the past where we made a decision that resulted in harm to ourselves or others. These incidents often happen early in a lifetime when our spiritual understandings are less engaged. The greatest trauma is the realization that our decisions and our actions have created irrevocable harm. No matter what we do from this moment on, we can never change a past action or its consequences.

When we experience a traumatic event that can't be changed, we are left with a cacophony of troubled emotions. This can lead to a sense of being haunted by the past. Invariably this creates energetic bookmarks where aspects of our consciousness are literally trapped in a past we feel we have no power to change. This trauma keeps spinning in our energy field, drawing to it new traumas until we learn to transform it. If a deep trauma is not healed in our present lifetime, it enters cellular memory and is carried forward into other lifetimes where we will have other opportunities to find healing.

We can Transform but Never Change a Traumatic Timeline

We can transform an existing timeline but we can never change it. Once a timeline has come into our experience, it cannot be changed. In order to facilitate healing through timelines, it is essential for us to accept that we can't change timelines of the past. We can't change them but we can transform our experience of them by creating a healing timeline parallel to the timeline where the traumatic event occurred.

It doesn't matter where in time this trauma occurred. Time is a human construct - a tool that allows our consciousness to break experience into segments. All life is one infinite moment experienced throughout what we think of as time. This is why it is possible to take steps in our present moment to heal traumas of the past - even distant ones.

Activating Healing Timelines Parallel to a Traumatic Timeline

Although we can't undo an existing timeline, we can envision and activate a "healing timeline" that exists adjacent or parallel to the traumatic timeline. This healing timeline doesn't have to exist in the same timeframe as the wounding timeline. It does need to be similar energetically. The form a healing timeline takes is always up to us. We have a choice as to the form, direction and flow it takes. The main criteria is that a healing timeline must be related to the original timeline in some way that is significant and meaningful to us. It must also carry the same intensity and energetic investment as the original timeline.

Examples of situations that can benefit through creating an adjacent healing timeline are the young man who drinks and drives and causes a car accident that results in the death of others. The young woman who chooses to get an abortion and then second guesses that decision throughout her life. The young mother suffering from drug addiction who allows a relative to raise her children only to later find they were abused or harmed by the relative. These are only a few examples. Any situation that leaves one feeling haunted by the decisions of our past can be improved by creating healing timelines.

Creating a Healing Timeline brings us into the 'Blessings Zone'

Creating a healing timeline releases any energy of self-blame. It allows us to step into a place of love and compassion within ourselves, which raises our vibration and heals us through time. A healing timeline allows us to enter a place of gratutude and acceptance for even the most difficult past moments. When we set the intention to heal ourselves through time we enter the "blessings zone" - the place where we are able to carry out our spiritual purpose by reaching out to others as a whole and unified being.

When we undertake a healing timeline, our life will change and dramatic and unexpected ways. As we move along this timeline we will notice that the trauma fades. The intensity of past traumas lessens as we embrace their lessons. The further we move along this timeline, the easier it is to see the blessings of the original experience and to feel gratitude for it.

As we learn to transform timelines of the past, we begin to see that we can move forward with a sense of empowerment that allows us to perceive and transform future timelines before they manifest into our reality. Next week we will focus on transforming future timelines.

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta
For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
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Timeline Shifts and Dream Futures are Keys to Quantum Healing

Healing is an important part of our life purpose. True permanent healing is about loving ourselves enough to take a journey to our innermost being in order to find the roots of what has troubled us throughout this life and others. As we listen within, we gain insight and understanding of the wounds of our past.

These “sacred wounds” are encoded with our soul’s lessons. Regardless of whether our wounds are the results of our own actions or those of others, all is according to the divine plan for our life. As we embrace the understandings our soul is seeking, we find our life flows along timelines of love, fulfillment and blessings.

Many souls chose to incarnate into this timeframe because it is possible to take quantum steps toward perceiving and healing our sacred wounds. There are numerous means by which we can work with the energies of this time to access permanent healing. One of these is to work with other aspects of our consciousness in dream states to seed and activate future timelines where we are experiencing the healing our soul is seeking.

Before we begin this journey to heal our deepest wounds, it is helpful to understand more about sacred wounds and how they work in our day-to-day life.

We Brought our Sacred Wound with Us into this Lifetime

Our deepest wounds are those we brought with us into this lifetime. These wounds stay with us energetically from lifetime to lifetime, re-manifesting with impeccable timing to provide new opportunities for us to grow in our understandings.

Whatever understandings were left incomplete in previous incarnations and whatever problems were left unresolved are pulled forward into each new lifetime so we have another chance to create healing. A wound for our purposes here is harm we have caused ourselves as well as any harm we have brought to others. There is no distinction energetically between what we do to ourselves and what we do to others. It is all one and the same.

These scenarios from the past are stamped into our conscious mind, usually in childhood. Most often this stamping or imprinting takes place by virtue of some form of wounding. The wounding is as calibrated and precise as a mathematical equation to help bring about the results needed. The essence of our wound spirals through each life, taking various forms, each recurrence kinder and gentler as our understanding of the issue grows. This is ideally how it works.

The Symbols of our Greatest Challenges Reveal our Sacred Wound

If we look back over our experiences in this lifetime, seeing the symbols of our greatest challenges, patterns begin to emerge that reveal the essence of our sacred wound. With the symbol of our sacred wound in mind, we are able to begin our journey of healing.

If, for example, the essence of our sacred wound centers on trust issues, our journey will center on learning about trust. If we have erroneously placed our trust in people and situations, we may have developed a sense of distrust that extends to our inner guidance. This wound serves as a gatekeeper, preventing us from moving forward until we find the needed insights to help us heal.

Our Future Self brings Images of Timelines where we are Healed

As we undertake this journey of healing, we can ask our future self to bring us information and images about future timelines where we have defined for ourselves the nature of healthy trust.

Our intention to heal our sacred wound sets up the future probability that we will find needed healing. As this future timeline begins to crystallize, our future self brings us guidance in our dream states. These nightly whispers speak to us of steps we can take in our present moment to anchor and strengthen future timelines where our sacred wound is healing and we are learning to trust in ourselves and our spiritual guidance.

Sleep Well to Undertake Journeys to your Innermost Self

This quantum healing technique depends on sleeping well. It is only through deep and restful sleep that we are able to receive nightly downloads from our future self. Downloads in dream states provide information and steps we can take in our present to set up and activate future timelines where we are healed.

In order to sleep well, do not eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. Relax and release the cares of the day. Fall asleep with your mind free of thoughts. If you fall asleep with chaotic thoughts swirling, you may not reach the calm and relaxed state in your sleep state that allows you to meet with your future self. Falling asleep with thoughts of the movie you just watched or the book you just read may steer you far afield of your night time goals. As you are relaxing and preparing for sleep, hold in mind your intentions to undertake the journey of healing that your soul desires. Release your intentions to the universe and drift away enveloped in the soft and loving light of your spirit.

In part two of this series we will discuss the quantum healing technique of setting down adjacent or parallel timelines in our present and future to heal past traumas where our sacred wound surfaced in a dramatic and irrevocable way.

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta
For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
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Our Vibrational Frequency Activates Fifth-Dimensional Timelines 

Your vibrational frequency is what determines your ability to access and experience fifth-dimensional timelines where unconditional love, limitless abundance, radiant health and boundless creativity are the norm.

There are many different means by which one can raise their vibration. These include diet, exercise, belief system adjustments, meditation, intention, stilling your mind and focusing on unconditional love. Anything you do that liberates you from being overly-enmeshed in physical reality will help you expand your consciousness into higher-dimensional realities.

Higher vs. Lower-Vibrational Frequencies

You might be walking down the same street, dressed the same way and by all outer appearances virtually the same, but varying rates of vibration will give you a very different experience of an identical set of outer circumstances.

At a lower-vibrational frequency, you might be seething with anger that the light for the crosswalk changed as you approached the intersection. Your anger might trigger memories of other instances when things didn’t go your way and soon you are feeling the whole world is against you. By the time the light changes, you are so worked up you stumble and land face-first on the concrete, breaking a tooth. Now, in pain, you call your dentist for an emergency appointment only to discover he is on vacation. All of this now reaffirms your feeling that you are a hapless victim in a dark and unkind world.

At a higher frequency, you might use the extra time spent waiting at the curb for the light to change to ponder the beauty of the day. An idea for a poem or painting might filter into your mind. You might be inspired to go for a walk in the park to commune in nature with your new inspiration. While at the park, you see a dear friend you haven’t seen in awhile (but were just thinking of earlier). You agree to meet later for dinner at a favorite hangout where a performer you enjoy is playing relaxing acoustical music. All of this reaffirms your belief in the amazing magic and synchronicity of the universe.

The choice here might seem obvious and yet people who know better allow themselves to be hooked into lower-vibrational realities all the time.

The Final Exam – Breaking Free of the ‘Rubber Band’ Effect

It is important to hold in mind that the steps you take to raise your vibration are only part of the equation. Once you make an energetic shift, you will need to stand strong as residual energies continue to spin out old realities for a time. This provides a test of sorts - a final exam. If you are truly ready to exist at the higher-vibrational frequency, you will be transparent to these old energies spinning out. If, however, any part of you is in doubt, you may be drawn back in by old circumstances rearing their head. This “rubber band” effect snaps you back to lower frequencies.

Part of what determines your susceptibility to old energies is your motivation for upgrading your vibration in the first place. If you are making changes from a pure desire to follow guidance and inspiration and serve others, you will be far less affected by these old energies still spinning out. When you are committed to following guidance regardless of what advantages and personal benefits you receive from it, you are more likely to be indifferent to whatever circumstances you encounter. Remaining transparent to the vissicitudes of physical reality will help you realize that old energies are spinning out due to “lagtime” – the time it takes for new manifestations to arrive in physical reality.

If your motivations are tethered to expectations you hold about the outcome of the changes you are making, this can be your downfall. Having expectations can make you more susceptible to being pulled back into an old feeling state when you fail to see your expectations and conditions met. When you make a great deal of change and see old realities still cycling around, disappointment can hook you back into these old situations. The worst that can happen in this situation is that you lapse into self-judgment for a seeming failure to break free of old energies despite your best efforts. Self-judgment is akin to condemning yourself to the worst that can happen because it opens your energy field to all sorts of negative events. If you find yourself lapsing into self-judgment for any reason, quickly issue yourself an unconditional pardon. Your own forgiveness will lift you up into higher frequencies.

Shifting to a ‘Giving’ rather than ‘Getting’ Perspective

By shifting your emphasis from an attitude of "me and what I'm getting" to one of "the universe and what I'm giving", you'll be less shaken by old realities that appear before you. As you step free of expectations, self-judgment and victim consciousness, you pass the final hurdle to raising your vibrational frequency.

Once you make a complete shift, you are far less likely to be pulled back into old energies. An infinite, empowered and spiritually connected being will “see through” whatever appears before them, knowing it is just the past evaporating as it releases from their energy field. They are far less invested in what happens on the surface of reality because they exist on frequencies of bliss where everything that happens radiates divine perfection.

Seeing the World through the Eyes of your Higher Self

Many lightworkers have this understanding and are here this time around to take a leap of faith and stand strong within themselves. Having the courage to see the world through the eyes of one’s higher self makes one impervious to circumstances they observe in the world.

We're not talking about indifference to the suffering of others. At a high-vibrational frequency, it is more obvious that one cannot assist others by allowing themselves but to be pulled down into the abyss. Instead, by standing in a place of observing “what is” without reacting to it, you are empowered to hold a loving space for others who are still struggling. This is the way the world is transformed to a higher frequency: for each person to hold a high vision and serve as a beacon for others.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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Restoring Spiritual Freedom and Limitless Potentials through Time Exchanges 

The New Time on Planet Earth is based on each person reuniting with their multidimensional self, collaborating with aspects of their consciousness that exist throughout time and space. As we create inner unity, the remnants of old ways of being based in isolation and separation disappear into the dim tides of history.

The arrival of this new time does not signal a dangerous apocalypse as is sometimes foreseen. In our timeframe the word "apocalypse" has become associated with the dawning of a chaotic and dangerous future but this hasn't always been so. The original meaning of the word apocalypse is a time filled with discovery of marvelous and hidden realities that allows one to actualize their highest potentials individually and collectively. This change in connotation shows how far we have drifted from our purpose of uniting heaven and earth.

So how have we drifted from our soul understandings? Over centuries, parasitical influences have kept us from remembering the greatness of our being and held us in limited timelines. Believing our future is filled with pain, suffering and even violence has opened the door to negative collective potentials. Cataclysms in the natural world are the offspring of beliefs steeped in destructive future potentials. Slavery as it exists in the physical world reflects the inner state of enslavement to false pathways that rob one of spiritual freedom.

Parasitical Frequencies Seek to Emulate Spiritual Sustenance

To gain deeper understanding of the nature and origin of parasitical frequencies, we point once more toward the ability to download spiritual sustenance during dream states.

When we enter deep sleep states, we are able to meet with our future self in our dreams and receive guidance and instructions essential to our present moment. The downloads we receive provide food for our soul. Information from these downloads stokes the fires of our imagination. This is where great works of all forms come from. These downloads allow us to expand and radiate our light to all the world.

When one fails to achieve these time exchanges with their future self, they contract rather than expand. This contraction sets up a vacuum that attempts to pull in the energy around it – to feed off the energies it encounters. When one is unable to receive the spiritual food needed through inner unification, they subconsciously feed off the energies of others, therefore becoming parasitical. Those with energy fields weakened by doubt and fear are easily preyed upon while those with strong spiritual connections are hardly impacted. From this perspective, it is clear that parasitical frequencies are manmade. They exist as attempts to emulate the process of spiritual unification in the absence of the real thing.

Our Beliefs Determine our Ability to Download Spiritual Sustenance

So what determines whether a person receives true spiritual sustenance through meetings with their future self or whether they tune into parasitical frequencies? In all cases it comes down to one’s belief system.

We have said that tuning into parasitical frequencies provides a barrier to receiving guidance from our future self in dream states. These disruptions occur because parasitical influences reprogram our belief systems so that we navigate along a false path.

Whatever we believe becomes real and true for us. For a future to become possible all we need to do is believe in it. If we believe it is impossible it is wiped from our field of potentials. If we believe in something, we will manifest unshakable proof that our belief is worthwhile. Too often people adopt the belief systems of those around them and manifest future potentials that have no relationship with their life purpose. If you were taught as a child that you are "no good" or that "fate is against you", you may continue to spin out futures based on those beliefs. If you have been indoctrinated into religious beliefs that instill fear about non-physical realities, you will block whatever you perceive as fearful and dangerous.

Throwing off the Shackles of Belief-Imposed Limitations

The good news is that at any point in time we're able to throw off the shackles of belief-imposed limitations and focus on the information our future self brings us in dream states and begin to navigate by the light of this higher vision.

Each person holds within them the potential to believe in positive and acceptable futures and become a force for change in this direction. Information exchanges with your future self in sleep states is key to seeing through parasitical thoughtforms and actualizing your highest potentials.

Our future self is an aspect of our own consciousness that is free to travel time and space. In these travels our future self witnesses the future potentials we are setting up and provides feedback and guidance to our present-moment self in our dream states. This vital information both heals and restores us and helps us seed, cultivate and actualize the highest and best futures we are creating in our present moment.

Our Future Self is our Direct Link to our Mastery Self

Our future self is our direct link to our ascension or mastery self. Our future self has a future self which has a future self and so on as we move through what we think of as time until the moment of ascension. Each future self holds guidance that is “stepped down” from the one before it so it is meaningful to us within each manifestation of our present moment.

Our mastery or ascension self has the information we need at every point along the way in our earthly journey. When we ask for divine assistance, our linkage of future selves provides an infusion of information and cosmic life force energy to heal, balance and restore our physical bodies.

Each present-moment self along the way is a steppingstone on our journey to become one with our mastery selves. The person who works with their future selves is tuned into the frequency of their mastery/ ascension self and over time is empowered to work together with others to jointly set into motion the highest and best potentials on earth. In this way, our apocalyptic new time is restored to its intended meaning as the marvelous discovery of our limitless potentials.

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta Also see: Traveling Time to Meet a Future Self in Consciousness
Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks: A Soul Retrieval Journey

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Accessing the 'Dreamer's Doorway' between Worlds 

There are portals in consciousness that bring access to fifth-dimensional realities and beyond. As we perceive and recognize these portals, we are able to step through them and experience realms of love and peace beyond what we imagine possible from an earth-bound perspective. One second inside these realms heals and empowers us to the level of world servers.

Our Future Self Guides us to Healthy and Harmonious Futures

Perceiving portals in consciousness is a skill honed through thousands of successful nightly journeys through the dreamer's doorway between worlds. During these journeys, we meet with our future self to receive instruction on the highest and best potentials we have seeded in our fields of the future. During these sessions with our future self, we receive insight into the care of our physical body and guidance on restoring any imbalances that were created in the past. Our future self helps us cultivate and actualize futures where balance is restored to our physical system and realities containing the essence of love, peace and harmony are central to our experience.

The Upward Spiral to Ascension

As this plan of self-actualization moves forward, our intuitive perception expands in our present moment, allowing us to perceive and access portals in consciousness within each moment. As we perceive and work with portals in our present moment, we create the causes of more empowered and enlightened future potentials. This upward spiral is both the result and the cause of past, present and future working together toward ascension.

Emotional and Sleep Disturbances Bind us to Physical Reality

This is how the system is set up but there are ways it can malfunction. Emotional disturbances are the greatest obstacle to the movement into fifth-dimensional awareness as they can bind one to lower-vibrational realities. One way a person is held back from self-actualization is sleep disturbances. These most always are the result of emotional turbulence in the energetic system, firing erroneous impulses across the horizon of our nighttime journeys and preventing the deep states of relaxation needed to access the dreamer's doorway.

In other words, emotional turbulence prevents one from letting go of physical existence sufficiently to access other realms and commune with aspects of the self that exist beyond the radar of our conscious mind. In order to visit the place between worlds in our sleep states, we must be ready, willing and able to let go of our earthly existence.

Awakening is Based on Learning to Sleep

It is the great paradox of life that in order to awaken we must learn to sleep well. If we don't learn to sleep well, we will not be able to enter the state that is needed to pass through the doorway between worlds. When we sleep well, we are rested and ready when the door between worlds opens. When we sleep well, we are sufficiently detached from our physical reality to venture into other realms.

Increased Brain Activity Marks the Space between Worlds

The door between worlds opens at a certain moment in our sleep cycle. We undergo several REM dream cycles during the night. There's a moment before the final REM state begins. This is when the doorway between worlds opens and we're able to meet with our future self. The timing of this moment and the activity that occurs can be observed by using electrodes to record brain activity during sleep. During this sleep phase just prior to the last REM cycle, increases in brain activity can be detected that are greater than than that of waking states. This is where the information exchange with our future self takes place. It happens in a flash - in a space of time less than the blink of an eye. This information is downloaded into our subconscious and filters up to our conscious mind as intuition, premonitions and other forms of higher knowing.

This is why those who receive adequate sleep are healthier, more intuitive and self-actualized - they have cultivated the sleep states that allow them to become adept at accessing the doorway between worlds.

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta
For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
Also see: Traveling Time to Meet a Future Self in Consciousness
Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks: A Soul Retrieval Journey

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