Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate in Physical Reality



This 74-page ebook offers numerous perspectives on manifesting a soulmate into physical reality along with exercises and steps you can take become a whole, unified being who is a vibrational match to a soulmate.  $15

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In this ebook, I talk about the inner process of manifesting your inner soulmates into physical reality. For purposes of clarification, I consider your inner soulmates to be your conscious and subconscious selves – your soul and its earthly component – your ego. Your mission as an incarnate being is to unite these two entities - in a sense uniting heaven and earth. When you align your conscious mind with your soul, you become a whole, balanced being capable of moving through life as the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of spirit. In this whole, unified state, your inner soulmates are fully aligned. You’re able to consciously reach into your subconscious anytime and anyplace to access knowledge and information. Your actions are aligned with the highest and best for yourself and all others.

From this whole and unified state, you are able, within any moment, to "see through" whatever is happening in "surface" reality and perceive deeper truths that run like pristine underground streams of every second and every breath you take. You become adept at perceiving the language of symbols and images -- the language of your soul - and you become skilled in responding to this telepathic communication with your higher self. From this place, there is no wounding; there is only emotional freedom, which allows you to choose love and become love. It allows you to see through your own lower motivations, to burn through them, and to see others through the eyes of your soul. When you’re able to see others in this way, you’re able to recognize the vibrational essence of your soulmate when they appear before you in the form of a flesh and bone person.

Table of Contents

The Right Timing of a Soulmate Reunion

A Brief Look at Karmic Relationships

Connecting with your Inner Soulmate

Your Conscious and Subconscious are your True Soulmates

The Nature of Soul Contracts

Soulmate Reunions

Activating Soul Contracts

The Purpose of this Book

Releasing the Past – with Love

Intentions are Energetic Fields

How Clarity of Intent Shapes the Relationships we Manifest

Perceiving Motivations ‘Underneath the Vision'

Aligning our Intentions with our Spiritual Purpose

Clearing a Space for your Soulmate

Clearing the Clutter in your Life

Doing Things you will Share with Your Soulmate

The Roots of Chronic ‘Unavailability’

Learning to Step into Your Subconscious Mind

Strengthening the Connection between your Inner Soulmates

Balance and Embrace Masculine and Feminine Energies

Embody Empowered Masculine and Feminine Qualities

Creating Emotional Freedom

Your Emotions Are Gatekeepers to Inner Unification

The Importance of Taking Responsibility

Discovering Emotional Triggers

Discovering Your 'Sacred' Wound

Accepting the Gifts of Your Wounded Self

Unifying Consciousness with Emotional Harmony

Harmonizing Your Inner Selves

Identifying Conflicting Perspectives about Relationships

Traveling in Consciousness to Release Energetic Bookmarks

Understanding the Right Use of Trust

Embracing Your Divinity

Opening to Spiritual Guidance

Developing Intuitive Perception

Courage and Trust are Prerequisites to Developing Intuition

Communing with your Higher Self

Receiving “Guidance Downloads" in Dream States and Waking Consciousness

Opening to Moments of Insight and Synchronicity

Cultivating the Path of Joy

Emotional Freedom is the Key to Experiencing Joy

Focus on the Blessings in Your Life

Create a ‘Joy’ List

The Doorway of the Imagination

Joy is Self-Love and Appreciation

Creating a Soulmate Timeline and Identity Shift

Becoming Who You Are Seeking

Advanced Techniques for Manifesting a Soulmate Relationship

Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness

Dream incubation techniques

Creating Rituals to Energize your Soulmate into your Life

The Manifesting Process, In-Depth

Planting the Seeds of a Soulmate Reunion

Meeting with Your Higher Self

Celebrations in Consciousness

Inviting a Soulmate to Join You

Magnetizing a Soulmate into Your Life

Summary of steps to bring a soulmate into your life

The Soulmate Messages

The True Nature of Love

Cultivating the Path of Self-Love

True Love Begins with Self-love

The Power of Unconditional Love

Loving Yourself Is Holographic to Loving Others

Discovering Aspects of Yourself You Don't Love

Self-Love Creates the Foundation for the New Earth

Love is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe

The Essence of Real Love

Love’s Earthly Reflections

Love’s ‘Points of Attraction’

The Journey toward Soulmate Reunion

The Un-unified Consciousness

Harmonizing the Conscious and Subconscious

“Old Souls” and Soulmate Connections

The Nature of Soulmate Contracts

Soul Age and Spiritual Contracts

Soul Contracts and Past Life “Karmic” Relationships

Soulmates and Pre-Ascension Lifetimes

Past Life Healing Takes Place within You, Not with Others

Inner Unity and the Soulmate Connection

Inner Fragmenting and Relationships

Healing an Existing Relationship

Creating Inner Unity Helps Draw your Soulmate

Energizing the Timeline of Wholeness and Soulmate Reunion

Affirming your Highest Intentions for a Soulmate Reunion

Steps to Aligning your Inner Soulmates

Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness