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Activating Timelines of Love and Oneness as the Shadow Hastens

--On the Darkest Night, Bring your own Light.

We are entering a time without roadmaps. Nothing is as we have known it to be and the way ahead is even more uncertain. The only way to navigate this time is through your higher knowing. Look past the chaos of the outer world and the growing fear that is part of the airwaves in the world now. Trust that all is in divine order.

Sometimes we pass through chaotic and dark moments in order to become stronger beacons of light. Sometimes the old way has to be fully seen and understood before we can release all the places it has embedded itself into our own consciousness. Celebrate no matter what happens in the outer world for this moment is clearing the way for a deeper understanding and communion with the light. Our experience of the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Go within daily to your inner temple, listen to your soul’s whispers. This is your spiritual firewall to the madness you see unfolding in the outer world. Keep your vibration high. Bless all that you see, trusting in the divine order of the universe.

This is the last stand of the old way. It comes in response to a softening in the outer world – a kinder, gentler, more compassionate world inclusive of all perspectives. Now the old way rises in resistance to the multicultural, multidimensional path ahead. Do not allow fear to separate you from your higher knowing. Love always trumps hate. The higher vibration is always more powerful.

The strongest tool of the old way is to separate us from ourselves. Inner division sets us against ourselves and each other. Do not give your energy to the divisive nature of actions playing out on the world’s stage. Heal the divide within yourself. This is the message of this time – heal the divide within yourselves so you can stand strong in oneness. As one unified being, you become one the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of spirit on earth.

When you take your cues from outer reality you are creating from the cloth of division. When you take your cues from your higher self, your creations are woven from the fabric of your soul. What is created from a lower place will not last. It will rot and fall away, devoid of life force. What is created from the soul will withstand the tests of time. Any lower actions taken now are born of the illusion. Actions inspired by the desires of your soul open a portal that allows passage into the new time.

Now is the time to activate timelines of inner unity and telepathic communion with your higher self. As you do so you will be able to join together with other unified beings on the inner planes to anchor the new time.

What lies before us is a test of the illusion. We can use this time to examine our own consciousness and preparedness to living in the bright light of the new time. We can release any vestiges of the old way still alive in our consciousness. Any time thoughts of separation enter your mind, love them into the light of unity and oneness.

Celebrate that spirit is always with you, that love is stronger than hate. Trust in the divine order of the universe. Love the darkness, love the light. Stand strong in the face of fear. Be aware, alert and discerning. Focus on health and wholeness. Focus on what gives you joy. Focus on real inner power versus force.

Many spiritual beings are receiving the call to step forward as guides and leaders now. It is time to channel the light and help others build a bridge to their higher knowing. Through moment by moment connection to our higher self we will navigate this time with the joy and blessings of spirit.

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