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Hastening the Shadow

Through awareness and inner perception we have had these past months the opportunity to observe potential timelines without activating them. Many observed the timeline set into motion Tuesday without choosing to activate it. This was not the majority. A majority chose to activate it into our collective reality. So it is. There is always the silver lining in the darkest cloud. Now everyone will have the opportunity to see and experience firsthand the old way clinging, grasping, fighting to hang onto control, trying to halt the movement into the new time. We will observe up close and personal the centuries-old suppression of the divine feminine and the effort to restrict identities and potentials. The difference now is it will be played out in the bright spotlight of higher awareness. It will be played out on the world's stage - the final act of a worn out play that has run its course. For a time it will feel as though events are hastening the shadow. We will pass through phases of total darkness, chaos, uncertainty and suppression. Stay connected to your inner knowing. Detach when you need to. Stay awake and aware. Go within and listen. Breathe. Take care of yourself and prepare for the role you will play inside the new time. The old way is passing. Just observe it with the light of awareness and cast your forward vision to what lies beyond.

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