March Eclipse/Equinox Combo Ushers Portals of Higher Potential

We are standing inside a moment when new frequencies are riding in on the wings of powerful energies.  These frequencies hasten each person into the energetic field of the new time according to their spiritual purpose, intentions and vibration.

The Pisces Solar Eclipse March 8 unleashed an unprecedented wave of inner transformation that brought us to this week’s Spring Equinox (Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere), a time when the past gives way to profound new beginnings. Combined with the eclipse energies, the equinox ushers new portals of higher potential.  These higher energies give rise to a future you have until now only glimpsed in dreams and waking visions.  

The March 23 Lunar Eclipse in Libra will define the course of the transformation begun with the March 8 Solar Eclipse.  These new energies will set the tone for the next six months and chart the way collectively into the next phase of the new time. While the days prior to and immediately after an eclipse are the most intense, the energies of an eclipse cast a strong influence for the following six months and, in some cases, beyond.

Healing Sacred Wounds with the March 8 Solar Eclipse

At the individual level the March 8 Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, facilitated the healing of a deep wound that may have impeded your movement along the path of realizing your highest potentials.  This sacred wound could be from this life or another. It represents a need to learn and grow that exists deep with you.  Many souls incarnated into this timeframe for its potential to heal cellular wounds they have carried across lifetimes.  As a soul heals at a deep level, the spiritual purpose for this lifetime becomes activated, allowing that individual to step past anything that previously stood in the way of serving others on a larger scale.

Receiving the Message of your Sacred Wound

The energies of the Pisces Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron open the way for needed healing to enter your consciousness at a deep level, eventually working its way to all levels of your being.  Be willing to embrace the message of your wound and allow these insights to serve as the foundation for new levels of awakening.  Set your intentions to realize your highest potentials and be alert to guidance that comes in dreams and meditation so you can receive the moment-by-moment insights needed to manifest the essence of your inner transformation into the outer world.

Over the next six months you will be asked to step past your comfort zone and have faith that your actions now will bring the experiences needed to facilitate your movement to the next level.  You will be asked to adopt new templates for creating future realities.  This solar eclipse signals that it’s time to stop looking to the past for what’s possible.  The future that lies ahead bears no resemblance to the realities you are leaving behind.  The changes taking place now are percolating deep within your soul and within collective consciousness.  It is essential that you stand strong and trust that the changes initiated now will manifest with divine timing.

Affirm your readiness; maintain your focus and allow the daily synchronistic flow of actions and ideas to take place.  Honor the truth of your heart and release the past as the new energies work at a deep level to heal old fear patterns and balance and clear your energy at all levels.  Over coming months your attention will be drawn to anything that stands in the way of your healing including any addictions, fears, self-defeating behaviors, energy leaks, self-doubts, emotional wounds, negative thoughts, and thought viruses.  Commit to spiritual practices, a healthy diet and exercise regimen and practice gratitude and forgiveness daily.  Old issues from the past may arise now to be released.  Do not give them your energy, just observe and hold them in a place of love and forgiveness. Hold the door open to miracles and breakthroughs at this time and trust that new realities aligned with your dreams and visions are real and here to stay.

Manifesting with the March 23 Lunar Eclipse

The March 23 Eclipse in Libra brings deeper insights into the nature of past wounds, their meaning and purpose and the steps you can take to unlock their divine potential.  If you are experiencing physical illness this eclipse beacons you to explore alternative healing techniques aimed at harmonizing body, mind, and soul. Every situation that arises in your life is a message from your higher self, encoded with insights and frequencies designed to support your movement along your spiritual path.  The March 23 eclipse begins to manifest the visions that danced through your consciousness around the time of the March 8 eclipse.  In coming weeks and months the path revealed at the first of this month will bear fruit as you move further into new levels of awakening and new manifestations associated with that awakening.

Making the Most of the Eclipse/Equinox Portals

In order to make the most of this time:

One) Practice moderation at all levels.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, squares the March 8 eclipse, indicating the need to avoid excess in all areas of your life.

Two) Focus on health by adopting a new and healthier diet and exercise regimen.  Health practices designed to harmonize body, mind and soul are especially supported now with Chiron conjunct the March 8 eclipse.  Health consciousness will be a dominant theme the rest of this year.

Three) Embrace the inevitable chaos that accompanies transition periods.  Energies now are attempting to rearrange themselves at a higher level, creating chaos and confusion on an ongoing basis.  Remaining awake and alert to guidance helps you navigate times of chaos and uncertainty.  Keep a dream journal to receive the messages of your subconscious and meditate and practice yoga and other forms of movement designed to harmonize all levels of your being.

Four) Accept and embrace loss.  During times of change and transformation you may experience the loss of many things in your life.  Careers, relationships, living arrangements and other underpinnings of your reality may fall away to make way for the new.  Loss and sacrifice are common themes in transition times.  Allow yourself time to grieve and express gratitude for all that has been.

Five) Create an empowering synergy by merging old and new energies. Ask aspects of your consciousness that have played a role in past realities to now support the new visions you are manifesting.  Explain to these aspects how these new realities will continue the evolution of your soul, a continuation of the journey begun with past scenarios. This helps create a continuity of consciousness and allows old energy to rearrange itself at the new level.

Six) Cultivate some form of creative play.  This provides you with an outlet for processing emotions as you move through times of powerful change and allows you time alone to commune with your soul.

Seven) Reflect on events unfolding in your life in 1997 as this will offer some insight into the nature of the changes taking place in your life now.  Eclipses run in 19-year cycles so the March eclipses contain themes similar to eclipses in 1997.

Eight) Consider that instead of thoughtforms around “stopping” unhealthy behaviors that you are instead establishing new behaviors that feed you at all levels and lift you to a new vibration where old, self-defeating behaviors naturally phase out.

Nine) Regularly commune with your soul. Meditation, walks in nature and near water, or just sitting in silence can help strengthen the bridge to higher consciousness and help you tune into the whispers of your soul. Establishing and maintaining a strong connection with your soul allows you to stand strong even as you pass through times when darker energies seem to underlie and dominate mainstream mass realities. 

Ten) Believe and trust in the higher order of the universe. During coming months energies will clash on the world’s stage playing out the transition to higher realities and their resistance from old, outdated lower-vibrational realities.  Hold in awareness no matter what is before you that higher vibrations always trump lower frequencies.  You can trust in the guidance of your soul at times when the world around you feels unstable and less solid and the people you encounter less worthy of you trust.

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Expanding your Field of Vision  

The energies of recent months triggered numerous “shake-ups” that are now threading their way through your consciousness, sewing seeds of change that are already sprouting on the scene of your daily life. More energy shifts will be ushered in by the March eclipse series (March 8 and 23), so this is a good time to bring awareness to the changes currently taking place.

Change Filters through the Lens of Spiritual Purpose

These energies are filtered through the unique lens of your spiritual purpose and your personal identity.  They manifest in your world in needed ways.  Some of you have experienced it through the loss of a foundational aspect of your life such as a career, relationship or other changes on the home front. Others have experienced a sudden insight or revelation that altered your viewpoint or identity. Still others experienced health challenges that awakened them to their inner healer.

However this shake-up is manifesting for you, it has likely triggered many questions, setting you upon a new journey of discovery. This journey brings clarity to your understanding of the meaning of this passage. Expanding your field of vision allows you to open to what is being asked of you during this time and the opportunities contained within this passage. New potentials and timelines will materialize on your horizon as you answer the call to this new level of awakening.

Shake-Ups Awaken us to Karmic Patterns

A shake-up is an opportunity to further awaken to karmic patterns that may be holding you in place. Shake-ups happen when you are ready to heal and release karmic patterns. These patterns are spun from the threads of past life traumas as well as misunderstandings from the current lifetime. These shake-ups impact each person according to their current location on the map of their becoming. A shake-up assists you by creating a bubble of chaos that distances you from the pattern. Chaos triggers a desire to divine order that motivates you toward a new insight or skill that helps you burn through a habit or pattern that is binding you to a past you have outgrown.

Evolving Past Karmic Patterns

When you find yourself in a transformative passage, accept this as a signal that it’s time to evolve past anything that once held you back. Once you undergo a shake-up, the next step in this journey is to expand your field of vision.  Expanding your field of vision allows you to consciously take in more of what has been there all along.

Expanding your field of vision allows you to see through your inner lens of perception more of what is there energetically – more by way of potentials, opportunities, connections, insights and inspiration. Expanding your field of vision will make you aware of the wealth of love and resources that are available and accessible within your present moment. It can help you see ways you may be tethered to past traumas and misunderstandings and how your moment-by-moment choices impact your health, well-being and future potentials. Expanded vision can make you aware of latent skills and abilities you can activate and enhance in this lifetime. 

Embracing Timelines where your Dreams Already Exist

If you don’t see your desires showing up in your physical reality it may be time to shift your focus. Expand your field of vision to encompass the timeline where your desired reality is already in existence.  This timeline most likely exists just to the left or right of your present location, moving along a parallel reality thread.  Shift your focus and attention to this reality and begin energizing the timeline where it exists.  Whenever you shift to a new timeline it is wise to be prepared for unexpected changes.  For example, when you energize the timeline where you are offered the job of your dreams it may mean you will leave off with other life threads.  Some present aspects of your life may not exist along this new timeline.

Exploring Potential Life Threads

Before shifting your focus entirely to a new timeline, you may want to travel to the new parallel thread to witness the changes this timeline shift will trigger.  It may take several journeys to clearly tune into a new timeline.  Each time you “tune in” you further energize this timeline into your life, helping guarantee it will show up in physical reality.  Once you journey to this new timeline and observe your life there, you will feel more certain of your choice – or you may choose to begin exploring and energizing a different timeline altogether.  You can always keep refining the timeline of your choice as there are many timelines running parallel to your present moment.  Keep working with journeying, imagination and dreamwork to energize the timeline that is highest and best for you.  Do not settle for a timeline that is not consistent with your feelings or highest visions.

Breaking Free of the Scarcity Thought Virus

The energies of recent months and years brought awareness to many limiting beliefs. Even as we come into new levels of awareness we still sometimes need a jolt to help us break free of the limitations on which we have based our assumptions about our potentials and capabilities. Energetic shake-ups of recent months and years were designed to help break us loose collectively and individually from the scarcity thought virus deeply engrained in human consciousness. As you shine the light of awareness on any limiting beliefs, your higher self continues to bring you images of your highest visions.  Keep expanding your field of perception and keep looking beyond perceived limitations.  Keep going within and allowing yourself to be guided along this journey.  Each time you go within, each time you focus your energy within, you expand your field of perception and bring to conscious awareness more of your potentials.

You came here to fulfill a unique and vital purpose. As you free your consciousness from past limitations and open to new, higher visions, you join with others on the inner planes to anchor and usher in the new time on Planet Earth. There are among you healers, channels, teachers, artists, writers, leaders and shamans who will join with others to activate timelines of the New Earth.

In coming times you will receive much assistance in stepping free of all that stands in the way of realizing your destiny. Welcome the changes and shake-ups that come your way for they are reminding you it’s time to expand your field of vision in order to embrace and align with the version of you that already exists along high-vibrational timelines.

For more on timeline shifts, see

Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation

Also see Celestial Vision Ebooks and the Celestial Vision Audio series 


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Our Lens of Perception determines the Nature and Quality of our Experience

The nature and quality of our life experiences are directly related to our levels of seeing. Everything is here and has always been here. We are only limited by what we are willing and able to see through our lens of perception.

There has always been so much more than what we have seen. If we expand our current level of seeing a million times we would only see a speck of what there is to see. Our potentials and capabilities offer our best window into the infinite nature of the universe. This divine pattern flows around and through us. Every particle of existence is alive with codes and information. These codes have always been available to those who were ready to awaken inside the dream of their earth life. This awakening enables new levels of inner seeing.

Factors that Determine our Level of Seeing

Many factors enter into the mix to determine a person’s level of seeing. Most souls enter physical existence heavily veiled. This allows individuals to move through different phases of experience learning the nuances of the human condition and the basics of navigating life on planet earth. Once a soul enters their true soul age around age 40 the veils begin to dissolve. It is not so much that the veils are removed as that our level of seeing extends beyond them. Often lightworkers go through accelerated periods of awakening where they see through numerous veils at once. Ideally, emotional clearing and healing keep pace with these accelerations.

Once awake, we’re able to perceive aspects of our existence in need of healing. These are younger selves trapped in emotional traumas of the past. Depending on the soul’s understandings and the positioning of this current lifetime in the arc of lifetimes, the person may begin to perceive parallel lives in need of healing as well. Parallel lives can be past, adjacent or future lifetimes. Each lifetime has its own zip code on the map of our overall consciousness.

These other lifetimes occur simultaneously but our awareness is limited until such time as our present-moment consciousness expands to embrace them. The perception of other lifetimes does not happen in every lifetime but is a hallmark of a culmination lifetime that has the purpose of bringing the present lifetime into harmonic range with other lifetimes as one nears completion of earthly incarnations. This is a larger picture of seeing and perceiving. Now we will look at moment-by-moment experiences.

Every Moment is a Portal in Consciousness

Every moment, every breath we take is a portal that holds the potential to carry us into expanded levels of consciousness. As we gain awareness of portals, we may choose to enter them. Old souls, especially those who are here to help anchor the new time, choose and access portals in a different manner from younger souls. To understand the implications of this, think back to times when you realized you were experiencing the same set of physical coordinates in a vastly different way from those around you. We can stand side by side with others yet experience reality in a totally different way according to our spiritual awareness, soul age, spiritual understandings, level of awakening and other factors. To further understand how this works, consider how far you travel inside a moment. Do you stand on the surface of a moment or do you enter inside it and witness the patterns, symbols and energies pulsing inside it? If we stand inside a moment long enough we find the beauty inside it; we find deeper meanings embedded there. We witness the connections between seemingly unrelated events in our lives. We become aware of our past life connections with others as well as the flow and direction of future life experiences. We are able to hear the crystalline music of the life force current and witness threads of light that connect all living things. When we’re present inside a moment we are able to observe the web of life pulsing in its movement back to source.

Traumatic Events are Packets of Concentrated Experience

So what of traumatic moments? These are concentrated packets of experience created by the clash of conflicting energies. These are locations in consciousness where energies intersect in a powerful way. Some of these experiences are predestined or stamped into our consciousness and bookmarked with our life force energy so we can return here again and again to distill the understandings they hold over time. These understandings are essential to our growth and purpose. When our consciousness undergoes a major shift we are able to distill a new level of a traumatic event. It is this process of transforming a traumatic event to a spiritual understanding that releases the energy being held around it. This transformation heals us at all levels and spirits us along on our inner journey. The understandings that come through challenging life experiences can help us strip away veils and enter new levels of seeing.

Choosing the Experiences we Manifest

There comes a time when our seeing extends in all directions allowing us to perceive the patterns and energies setting up inside future moments. We may perceive potentials which we can sidestep or choose not to activate. Consciously we are able to hold awareness of these potentials and distill understandings from them. When our perception expands to this level, we can choose to accept an understanding in consciousness without manifesting it at the physical level.

Busyness Enslaves Consciousness

One of the greatest obstacles to clear seeing is a state of chronic busyness. Chronic busyness undermines awareness and keeps people from being present in their lives. When a person is not present within the moment they are susceptible to parasitic thought viruses and opportunistic entities. Lack of presence is the mechanism through which human consciousness is enslaved. When we are not firmly anchored inside the present moment we are slaves living on the outskirts of our own existence. There is no other way to say this. Either you are present and awake inside the present moment or you are living life as a slave.

Busyness is a form of avoidance rooted in fear. People often avoid facing their fears by maintaining a high level of busyness. They rationalize they simply haven’t the time to be present and still within themselves. Deep down, they are fearful of what might filter to the surface if they become still and listen. Chronically busy people don’t have a relationship with their deeper selves. It is this relationship with our innermost self that gives meaning and purpose to life. The person who doesn’t have this deeper meaning and purpose is easy prey to parasitic energies of all kinds – whether it is in the form of thought viruses, enslaving entities or other energy drains.

Present Versus Enslaved Consciousness

The person who is chronically busy is far more likely to become energetically enslaved by factors beyond their conscious control. These controlling influences operate at a subconscious level so they can be difficult to detect. When you’re not present your focus goes to default status. In this state of default you do not have the presence to see through thought viruses or predatory individuals. This default is directed to the place in consciousness most consistent with your feeling states and thoughts. This is not always your conscious thoughts. You might be saying positive affirmations but if the subtext of your statements is fear and anxiety, this will create a different experience from what you intend. Then you might be tempted to say “Nothing ever works for me.” To be certain, if something is not working it is time to look deeper to see if subconscious templates are undermining your efforts at the conscious level.

When your consciousness is enslaved your level of seeing becomes very clouded and limited. You feel you’re existing in a fog. Inside this haze of perception you are helpless to act impeccably within the moment. Even if you know you are being directly harmed by an individual or circumstance, you are unable to summon the presence of mind to step free of it. When you become aware of this circumstance, you are able to “see through” it by slowing down, becoming still within yourself and returning to your natural state of clear presence.
Maintaining a Clear, Awake and Conscious Presence

Living life consciously takes a great deal of presence, intention, focus and energy. The rewards of such a life are worth the effort. Without this presence you’re just going through the motions as a slave of third-dimensional reality seeing yourself a perpetual victim, trapped in default feeling states and helpless to change your circumstances.

When you are present inside a moment all things are possible. You are able to travel to other locations in consciousness, heal yourself at all levels and receive telepathic guidance about all matters in your life. You’re able to transform any situation, receive a vision for future creations, enter into a soul mate relationship, or receive the abundance you need to carry out your life purpose. You are able to connect with other aspects in consciousness whether it is a younger self from this lifetime or a past, parallel or future self. You are able to practice remote viewing and cultivate other spiritual tools and technologies. It is through cultivating a clear and present consciousness that all things become possible.

©2010-2015 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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Re-Dedicating Ourselves to the Light Activates Limitless Potentials

We stand at a threshold beyond anything we have yet experienced in the course of our journey. This is a profound time of new beginnings unparalleled by anything yet experienced on the earth plane. The energies of this period are asking us to join together to incubate a new and expanded future aligned with the frequencies of the New Earth.

Individually we have followed our internal GPS to many moments of awakening, some small, some large. These moments are becoming more frequent as we awaken to a greater vision of our limitless potentials. This deeper awakening naturally moves us beyond limited identities and allows us to forge new, expanded identities that bring a greater experience of the New Earth.

We have always held the frequencies of the New Earth within us. Our destiny is coded into our energetic templates. Awakening codes sleep inside us until they are activated by frequencies of light. These activations take place over months and years as we expand our capacity to receive and hold greater frequencies of light.

Numerous energetic shifts over the last few decades have brought us to this crossroads within ourselves where we can activate the codes for our destiny as light beings. We begin this activation by re-dedicating ourselves to the light. This re-dedication involves examining such factors as the identities we hold and the field of potentials we draw from in creating our realities. It is also important to examine if all aspects of our being are on board with the higher vision for our lives, and the degree to which we have healed our childhood wounds. Finally, we need to ask ourselves if we are prepared to face the obstacle field that will be activated by our intentions to move to the next level of our personal evolution.

Examining Conscious and Subconscious Identities

In this time we are asked to adopt the identity of one who is capable of activating our highest visions. This allows us to access the energetic field where our highest potentials reside. Part of re-dedicating ourselves to the light is examining the identity we hold and make sure it is consistent with our highest potentials. If we hold an outdated identity, we are limiting our potentials to what we believed to be possible for ourselves in the past. When we consult an outdated field of potentials for what is possible, we are in effect creating future realities from old, limited templates.

When we adopt the identity of a fully awake, spiritually connected, limitless being, we adopt an identity that allows us to choose from an unlimited field of potentials.

Identity templates we hold at the subconscious level are more difficult to access. Through dreamwork, meditation, automatic writing, and working with the symbols of our daily life, we can access templates that exist beyond the surface of the conscious mind. Even when we think we are making conscious decisions it’s good to examine the subconscious templates at work in the deeper levels of our being. Failure to do so can undermine steps we are taking at the conscious level.

The Journey of Awakening to Limitless Potentials

Many lightworkers have followed journeys of a similar theme. In the beginning there were times of things not working. Illness, depression and even trauma may have been experienced along the way. Along the course of many challenges and difficulties, the search for answers began. At first these answers may have been sought in the outer world. Eventually some answers were found in books, the teachings of others, relationships, and other life experiences but these were limited. Deeper searching pointed the way to an inner journey. As this inward journey deepened, spiritual insights revealed a universe operating along an ordered and divine pattern. At first this inner journey was undertaken to alleviate one’s own suffering, but once the inner flame burned bright, this desire expanded to include all others. As each person awakens to their own limitless potentials they are able to hold and amplify greater frequencies of light. These expanded frequencies bring one to new thresholds and new levels of potential.

You are a Divine Being

You hold it all within you. You are already a divine being. Living many years on the earth plane may have lapsed you to slumber but inside you the dream of the New Earth incubated, waiting to activate and energize when light frequencies were sufficient to set your destiny to action. You lapsed to sleep so you could learn the nature of density and sleeping consciousness. This understanding focused your path into the new time.

Our First Movement is toward Inner Unification

The first movement in our journey of awakening is toward inner unification. When our conscious mind/ego is united with the wisdom and desires of our soul and higher self we remember we are truly limitless. This remembering touches off a firestorm of questions and sets us on a journey in search of answers. The answers are within but we set out in search of experiences that can help us access the treasures held within our storehouse of inner wisdom. The experiences we seek first and foremost are those that connect us with our heart.

This incubation period is designed to help you perceive, activate and energize those frequencies within you that are based in the love that is the highest vibration in the universe. We sometimes fall out of touch with these frequencies as we move through densities. Our response to the densities that swirl around us calibrates the experiences we draw to us. These experiences teach us to reach toward our higher knowing, which holds the true healing for our wounds. These wounds are re-energized throughout our journey in life but their roots lie in our earth school curriculum for this lifetime.

Childhood Wounds reveal our Soul’s Intentions

Most everyone holds a childhood wound stamped with the imprint of their soul’s intentions for this lifetime. This wound draws to you the experiences that awaken you to the true nature of your being. You may undertake many healing techniques over the years and these may bring relief for periods of time. Eventually all efforts toward healing lead us to a greater experience of love and the realization that the only true and lasting healing is found through the return to our natural state of inner unification.

Inner Unification brings the Joy of Oneness

Inner unification happens within your conscious mind reaches out to your soul in whatever way it can, often circumnavigating a gauntlet of beliefs, fears and misunderstandings to do so. In the moment that contact is made you experience the joy of oneness that brings the deep and profound knowing that all things are possible when we live in connection with our soul.
You may go through numerous instances of meeting your soul in the maze of the illusion before your beliefs are transformed. Be patient with yourself and allowing as you move further along the path of unification. Inner unification is the essence of the New Earth. The outer reflection of this happens when unified beings unite in oneness to incubate the New Earth.

Re-dedicating yourself to the Light
At the individual level, you can take steps to activate the unification process. This involves having a love affair with yourself. This is not a narcissistic kind of love but a love that embraces your woundedness, your missteps - all that you have held against yourself and all that others have held against you. It is time to love all of it into the light. Set an intention to do so and hold a ceremony or ritual to dedicate yourself to fully loving and assisting yourself and your movement toward healing. This is not a selfish action. You have vastly more to share with others when you heal and love yourself. If you are holding judgment against yourself you will judge others as well. Undertake your own healing for the sake of yourself, all others, and the universe.

Incubating healing and inner unification allows you to release the past. Overlays and veneers that dim your light are comprised of unhealed past experiences. As you focus love on your wounds, these overlays begin to dissolve.

Intentions to Heal raise the Obstacle Field

We have said your intentions raise the obstacle field. Now we will further distinguish the different forms and degrees of the obstacle field. The lesser obstacle field is raised for an intention such as manifesting a new car or other material item. Inside this obstacle field you will experience questions around deserving, abundance, and any reservations held by younger aspects of your consciousness. A more complex obstacle field is activated by the intention to bring about profound healing at all levels. This intention activates all the thoughts, feelings, experiences, emotions, beliefs - everything that has entered into the equation of your inner wound will be raised to help you heal and work with it. This can be an extensive process that for some takes years. However, the energies now are working with you, allowing you to take great steps toward releasing resistance, raising your vibration and incubating the timeline where you are living along a life track of inner unification.

As you undertake this healing journey, envision the dream for your new life inside timelines of the New Earth. Open to visions of who you are and know you are oneness healed and unified. This limitless, healed and unified “you” already exists within your field of potentials. You would not be seeing this new vision of yourself if it were not a true part of you.

This is the perfect time to incubate your movement into the new time. Alkalize your diet, meditate, exercise, create rituals to anchor the light and raise your vibration. Spend time sending light to those you know, to your higher self, to all-that-is. Eat light, move your body, honor the spark of all life. Love yourself. Daily reaffirm the oneness and the love that you are and make a regular practice of activating limitless potentials by rededicating yourself to the light.

©2010-2015 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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