The Portals of Spirit Ebook By DL Zeta



Celestial Reunion Ebook by Peter Phalam



 Timeline and Identity Shifts: The New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta



Channeling into the Next Dimension by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam



The Intuitive Health Tarot Course by Peter Phalam



Planetary Origins Ebook



Collected Channelings by Peter Phalam



Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate Ebook





Basic Tarot Course by Peter Phalam




The Future is Here Now Ebook By DL Zeta


Messages from the Future Ebook by DL Zeta



Abundance Magic Ebook by DL Zeta




Metaphysics of Radiant Health Ebook by DL Zeta



Celestial Reunion/ Portals of Spirit Ebook Combo



Late Spring April-June 2009 Special : Deborah & Peter's Ebook Combo for $20; you recieve digital PDF ebook files of both our books. This is not an automatic download. As soon as we receive notice of your purchase, we will send you the links to download the ebook files.





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