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Journeys to Assist Mass Numbers of Souls

There are times on the Earth when great numbers of souls are passing over to other realms. This might be the site of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, or it might be the site of a "man-made" disaster, such as "911."

To help you understand this form of journeying, we will describe how many volunteer souls arrived on the astral plane to assist those newly leaving the Earth after 911. A call went out far and wide for angelic assistance to aid souls crossing over. This call went out well in advance of the actual event. When you journey to assist others, it can be in past or future timeframes, as well as your present timeframe. With 911, it was important for lightworkers to journey from a time before the event. After 911 occurred, a dark cloud spread throughout the human collective consciousness. This cloud temporarily dimmed the light of many high-vibrational souls as their hearts struggled to find love around this occurrence. For this reason, it was important for light beings to arrive "on the scene" not knowing what they were viewing.

The souls they assisted arrived with visions of what they had experienced very much intact. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteer souls, they were quickly brought into reunion with their higher self and remembered their soul contract to participate in this important event on the world's stage. Their souls were able to take quantum steps on their journey of becoming as a result of this contract.

At least a third of those "angelic" volunteers who responded to the call during 911 were first-time volunteers to the scene of a mass disaster. This event served as an important training ground for many newly-awakened souls. In turn, these souls provided a great assistance and healing, adding their light to the brilliant glow that welcomed arriving souls with love and assistance.

In time, awakened souls recall their journeys to assist others at the site of such world events. Beyond this, they begin to undertake journeys in their waking consciousness. Relatively few souls reach this phase of waking journeys.

Angelic Journeys During Waking Existence

Not all your journeys to assist others will take place in your nightly dreams. In time, you may find your self contacted during your waking existence by souls from all points in the universe seeking guidance and assistance.

You can choose to begin traveling in waking consciousness by entering into a trance-like state through breathing and relaxation. While breathing and relaxing, bring your mind into stillness and your heart into a place of calm. Hold the person or situation you are assisting in your heart as you breathe deeply, releasing your hold on the physical world. Allow your imagination to gently guide you through the gates of physical reality and onto the bridge that leads from conscious to subconscious mind. Find the portal you access in your nightly dreams. As you enter this portal, set your intention to travel in consciousness to this location. Tune into the frequency of this location and you can begin to traveling in waking consciousness. Once you have traveled to a location while awake or asleep, you effectively have a "phone number" that allows you to always home in on this frequency again.

Through the doorway of your imagination, you may travel in consciousness to any location in the universe to assist those in need. This may seem strange or unusual to you at first, but as you undertake these journeys, you will begin to remember previous times when you offered angelic assistance to others. Many times in the past – between lives, in nightly dreams, and in consciousness during any number of incarnations - you have participated in angelic intervention efforts.

Each time you journey to assist aspects of your self in time, or other souls in need of assistance, you deepen your experience and understanding of angelic aspects of your self. Over time, you carry angelic energy more and more into your daily life, greatly transforming the vibration of your present existence to one of joyful service and love.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta http://celestialvision.squarespace.com/the-portals-of-spirit-ebook-by/
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