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Time Travel in Consciousnesss brings Emotional Healing

It is possible to time travel in consciousness to heal your past and release old energetic bookmarks. When traumatic or difficult moments happen in your life, you create "bookmarks" so you can later return and release them. Over time, your conscious understandings grow. Your new conscious perspective will know intuitively how to release these energetic bookmarks. When these bookmarks are released, it completes an understanding you were seeking to gain by creating situations in the first place. Most people have dozens of energetic bookmarks and in some cases, hundreds and even thousands, all waiting to be released when the time is right.

When a significant amount of energy is being held in the past in the form of energetic bookmarks, it becomes difficult to hold one's attention in the present moment. Your attention is constantly drawn to these areas that need resolution. Ask your guides to bring your attention to situations where energetic bookmarks reside. You can also gain awareness of energetic bookmarks by writing your autobiography and paying attention to any scenarios around which you are still holding energy. Once you have a list of energetic bookmarks, you are ready to travel into the past to release them. It is important to note that it is not necessary to journey back to each bookmark because often a number of bookmarks are based on the need to gain a single understanding. Once this understanding is complete, all the bookmarks having to do with the lesson are released. Bookmarks may have been created in very different periods of your life even though they are based on the same lesson.

Guided Meditation: Journeying Back in Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks

Imagine yourself surrounded by frequencies of light. These frequencies appear like floating orbs of light all around you. Each orb of light is a portal capable of carrying you into a past situation where an energetic bookmark is held. Ask your guides to bring your attention to an orb that can take you into a past moment that is important for you to visit at this time. Allow your attention to be gently guided to this orb. Bring your entire focus to the orb's light, sensing its frequency and vibration. See your consciousness slowly merging with it. Once this is complete, you are ready to travel inside this orb.

Once inside this orb, you experience it as a tunnel of space and time. Inside this tunnel, a sparkling energy pulses around you and through you. As you travel through this tunnel, you may glimpse in your mind's eye people and moments from your past. Don't attempt to grasp onto these, just observe and release them as they move past. You are moving quickly now, faster and faster, spinning back through the years of your life. Finally you begin to slow down. As you spin more slowly, you see the color green appear at the end of the tunnel.

You come to a complete stop and slip out of the tunnel into the green space. The orb and its spinning tunnel of time hover above you as you explore the scenery around you. You are in a wooded area lush with trees and vines. You hear a gentle stream murmuring nearby. You move toward the sound of the stream until you are standing at its edge looking down into the shimmering water. As you stand there, a stone walkway appears before you. You follow the walkway across the stream. On the other side, you see your guide beaconing to you. Your guide appears in human form but the features are illuminated with a brilliant light. You follow your guide through a wooded area. As you move along, you are aware of the deep blue sky overhead. There are a few clouds drifting across the electric blue of the sky. The woods are silent except for the sound of your footsteps moving along the path. After several minutes, you enter a clearing. Inside this clearing, you see a younger version of your self waiting to greet you. This younger self may be very young, or it may be you at any moment from your past. This "you" is from a moment in which you experienced a trauma or other overwhelming event.

As you stand facing this self, it tells you telepathically it has something to show you. You follow your younger self to a beautiful green expanse of thick grass and you sit down together. As you sit there, a scene from your past begins to play in the field before you like a movie on a screen. On the screen, you see your self as you were at a moment in your past. In this moment, something is occurring that is being held energetically inside you in the form of an energetic bookmark. It is not necessary to allow your self to be caught up in the energy of the scene before you. Just view it from the perspective of a detached observer. There is a moment when the energy of what is happening in the scene entered your cellular memory. Your attention is directed to this moment. When you find it, rewind the movie several frames. Stop the movie and freeze the frame inside the moment before the situation entered cellular memory. Now, step into the scene as your present-moment consciousness and allow your self to experience all that is happening there. See this old situation with the light of a different consciousness. Inside this moment, you see the higher purpose for creating the situation. You see how this situation relates to other situations in your life. All these situations were created to help you gain an important understanding. This understanding holds the key to the next step of your spiritual growth and frees your energy to move more fully into the joyful realization of your purpose for this lifetime.

When you understand the purpose of what was created, merge your consciousness with your consciousness of that time. Allow your past self to view this situation as it is happening through the light and wisdom of your higher consciousness. As this version of you understands why this is occurring, fear and negative energy are released before they enter cellular memory. See the energy of the situation leaving the cells of your body in the form of bubbles moving up toward the deep blue sky. These bubbles drift up and away from you, higher and higher into the sky until they finally disappear from sight.

It is time now to thank all those who helped you create the situation you have just released. Know this situation was created with the intention to further your soul's growth and purpose for this lifetime. Express gratitude for the lesson. Release any judgment, blame, resentment or other negative emotion you may have felt at a time in the past when you didn't understand how the situation was helping you. As you express gratitude, observe how all the energetic bookmarks associated with this lesson begin slowly dissolving throughout time. This situation and all situations that carry the same energetic signature are now released from cellular memory. Notice how light and joyful you feel. Blend your energy once more with your past self, loving and reassuring this self that it can always call upon you when guidance and loving assistance are needed. Say good-bye to this self for now, allowing your energy to center once more in your present-moment self. Your guide leads you from the clearing back through the woods to the stream. Thank your guide for assisting you in releasing the energetic bookmarks. Your guide waves to you as you cross the stone walkway to the other side of the stream where you once more merge with the bright orb of light and enter the tunnel of time. In just a few seconds, you travel forward in time, quickly arriving back in the present moment where you open your eyes and feel your self free and energized.
Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta and Celestial Vision Audio Series

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