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Hurricane Ike and the Metaphysics of Change

The events of the past few weeks have awakened me to a deeper understanding of coming times and the transformations we are now being asked to make within ourselves. These "inner leaps", as I like to think of them, require us to trust in spirit more than ever before. They ask us to believe in our own inner powers of perception, our intuitive abilities, and a willingness to face every situation that appears before us with every ounce of courage we can muster.

I have learned to stop judging myself for my weaknesses; I've learned to sit with the accumulated grief and loss that spans not only my own centuries of human experience but those we all collectively share. I have learned to accept whatever spirit delivers to my door and if I am unable to accept these events with grace from the moment they arrive, I stand strong in love and patience. This helps me to come into a place of surrender where I'm better able to see what is happening through the eyes of spirit.

Spirit allows me to see myself in complete love and compassion, even when younger and less aware parts of myself are lost in grief and self-pity. I have learned I have the strength to shift my focus from the space of my own trauma to the space of my spiritually-aligned self. By doing this, I strengthen the connection between my inner healer and the parts of myself that need healing.

On September 12 as Hurricane Ike barreled onto the Texas coast, my personal reality was poised for change. A chapter I'd written in the book of my life long ago began to crystallize. For much of this past year, I had been seeing upcoming changes that involved expansion of my spiritual path and purpose as well as my personal space. I began seeing rooms that didn't yet exist. I saw how these new spaces would allow me to expand the spiritual work I began more than a decade ago. Spirit always brings me the images I need to work with in perfect timing. In dream symbols, new construction symbolizes creation of new levels of consciousness. This is the message of the visions I began receiving earlier this year.

I want to add here that I don't believe we are "expected" to know the exact meaning of the messages and images we receive. I have found it is enough to acknowledge I have received them and to hold a space for them in awareness. This is a space of alert listening and trust. I may ask questions about the images I receive, and the questions I ask determine the answers I receive. If I don't know what questions to ask, I wait and listen, trusting that all will unfold perfectly in time. For me, this is not a passive state but a place of patient readiness to take the steps I am asked to take.

Going Off-Grid

Out for my morning walk September 13, spirit gave me a time: 2 AM. I took this to be the time when Ike would arrive at my doorstep. My interpretation was slightly off. 2 AM is the moment the clocks stopped, the moment the electric grid went down. It is the moment Ike's howling winds brought down two grandmother trees on our property, slicing neatly between past and future.

At 1:30 a.m. that morning of September 14, I woke with a knowing -- a recognition that I had arrived at a precipice. We move through weeks, months and even years with a vision of the shape of things to come. We live day-to-day with the shape and feel of upcoming changes. In our dreams, we meet new selves freshly sprung from a multitude of shaping forces -- the many aspects of our selves that have worked in consciousness steadily and quietly molding and giving birth to the new version of ourselves that will in time become our new identity. Each new identity spins out its accompanying aspects of our reality.

It sometimes seems these quantum changes arrive as quickly as the flutter of hummingbird wings, but they are actually formed and shaped from our own life force energy over days and weeks and years by aspects of ourselves working steadily and quietly "behind-the-scenes" of our daily lives.

As I stood in the ruins the morning of September 14, I could see threads interwoven throughout my life and extending well beyond the present moment. The shape of past, present and future revealed itself within a moment of crystal clarity. I recognized this new development as something I had been visiting in consciousness for quite some time. A few days later, I wrote in an email to a friend that "It feels that Ike was the punctuation mark to a way of being that has suddenly slipped behind us."

Coming Full Circle -- 10 Years Later

When electric grids are down, our guides are able to come into our energy field more fully and transform our consciousness. I first recognized this phenomenon in my own life 10 years ago when I was iced in alone over the holidays during an uncharacteristically brutal Arkansas winter. After days of unrelenting snow and sleet, the transformer outside my house sparked the frozen night with a
fireworks-like explosion.

During a power outage that lasted for days, I began a more intense dance with spirit. My consciousness was reprogrammed during this "dark night of the soul." My guide complex changed, my spiritual urpose moved front and center as my "old self" underwent a symbolic death. At this moment in time, my conscious mind surrendered to my highest vision. This was symbolized by a lucid dream where I was sitting in the back seat of a car being driven by invisible "spiritual" aspects of myself.

The Role of Resistance in Quantum Shifts

I believe it is our resistance to these changes that creates so much turmoil. But even the turmoil is part of the plan. These moments of turmoil are rites of passage that allow us to test all we have learned. They allow us to test how quickly we are able to see through the illusion and find our way back home to ourselves, our purpose, and the true nature of our being. This is the essence of our journey across time and the purpose of "Earth school." We make this journey again and again throughout each lifetime. We die each moment so new parts of ourselves can be born.

It has been a long journey these past several weeks - so much so that the weeks seem like months. When we leave the confines of linear time, we begin to exist in vertical time where the measuring stick is experience rather than days and hours, weeks and years. During these rites of passage or "dark nights of the soul," we're given an opportunity to explore our own darkness and shine into it the light of spirit. We are invited to go deeper, to come into greater acceptance of the full range of our being – dark and light. If we accept this invitation, we move into a place of more fully embracing the new energies flooding the Earth. In my world, the timing coincides with completing a 10-year cycle in preparation for the beginning of a new cycle that will be the most profound in my entire spectrum of human experience.

I want to thank all of you for sharing in this journey and for your patience, encouragement and understanding these recent weeks as we struggled to realign ourselves, allowing chaos to unravel the old so the new could more fully crystallize.

Today I am beginning my new series titled Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, which originally took shape a year ago under the title Entering the Portal of Earth's Future History. This new series has taken on new name and shift in focus to incorporate my visions and experiences of the past several weeks.

Love and Blessings

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