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The Ego's True Role in the Rapid Acceleration of "Inner Technologies"

Our inner technologies can be likened to the development of technology in the physical world. Each piece of technology we engineer in the material world corresponds to a counterpart in our "inner technology." For example, a camera corresponds with the creative ability of visualization. Our "inner snapshots" can be compared to our material-world ability to take photographs and store memories.

The camera is a good device to illustrate the rapid acceleration of change in inner technology many are experiencing. Not too long ago -- 10 or 15 years -- cameras didn't change that quickly. There were advancements here and there, but a basic 35mm camera didn't change much from year-to-year. Now a state-of-the-art digital camera is pretty much obsolete within a year. This can be compared with how rapidly our "inner technologies" are advancing.

As Light Warriors and Lightworkers, we are used to downloading our next assignment and proceeding at a certain pace toward its completion. For the most part, we have relied on books, teachers and life school to provide us with the tools needed to fulfill those assignments. We are now receiving visions that require us to expand our understanding of new technology in the physical world. This understanding helps us engage our rapidly-expanding repertoire of inner technologies.

Expanding our aptitude of these inner and outer advancements in technology often requires our ego to come into a place of surrender more quickly than ever before. Part of this surrender may be releasing our resistance to learning new technologies in the physical world. When we say things like “I’m unable to use a computer,” or “I don’t know how to download a file,” or “Digital cameras are too complicated,” we are shutting ourselves off from activating important new inner technologies. These inner technologies allow us to step quickly into the movement toward ascension consciousness.

The Ego’s True Role in Spiritual Evolution

This brings us to an important point about the ego's true role in our spiritual growth and expansion. Many people have mistakenly granted their ego way too much authority and power in managing their spiritual growth. They do this by allowing the ego to decide what spiritual guidance it will follow. When following guidance, many choose the “path of most convenience,” preferring not to challenge their current skill level or cause their ego discomfort by taking risks and attempting new and unfamiliar things. In some cases, the ego even attempts to “micro-manage” or revise downloads of guidance to suit its present comfort levels. This results in slow spiritual development and even stagnation.

The ego’s true role in carrying out spiritual “assignments” is to distill the essence of the downloads and find ways to carry them out here "on the ground" in physical reality. This is the ego’s proper domain - navigating physical reality and finding ways to carry out that guidance, not questioning the guidance. This is where many Lightworkers and Light Warriors struggle.

When spirit asks you to learn something new - to take leaps within yourself and to step beyond what you've previously seen for yourself - be willing to follow this vision. We see many still struggling with learning the basics of the Internet, accumulating backlogs of spiritual assignments that make it increasingly difficult to navigate the changes taking place in their lives. This leaves many feeling overwhelmed with the rapidly changing energies and what they are asking from each of us.

On some level, we know that taking these steps, mastering our own latent inner technologies changes us in ways we can't foresee. It changes our resonance, our vision, our perception and our field of possibilities. In some cases, relationships are de-magnetized, lives change, we are drawn to leave jobs, cities, old friends and old ways of being. As we trust in spirit and make these changes and the accompanying leaps toward allowing the activation of our inner technologies, we come into a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose. We move past old beliefs and thought patterns that once held us fast, enslaving us to physical reality. In some ways, we no longer feel ourselves to be the same person. This happens when a new aspect of our higher self steps in and becomes our guiding star.

Our identity shifts. Our life changes. Our experience of the same event or person changes. This is the path of spirit, ever-changing, ever flowing, with great freedom, aligned with the spirit of freedom, the movement toward self-realization, which blesses us within every moment and in turn allows us to become a blessing to all we know, all we come into contact with.

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great articles...worthy of giving hopes and inspirations for those who don't find their true inner selves yet.

July 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkimmy

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