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The Abundance Project

"I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer."

-- Jim Carrey


The above quote by Jim Carrey sums up the intention of what I'm writing here. At some point in the last two years, I realized the early part of my life had been so rooted in lack, illness, scarcity consciousness and negativity that the best way to reach a state of equilibrium and clear-seeing was to allow myself to experience abundance in a variety of ways.


Spiritual vs. Material Abundance


As I improved my quality of life and upgraded my material possessions, I felt supported and validated by the positive changes I was making. A side benefit of this new level of manifesting is that I could see clearly how what we manifest is just a by-product of our inner growth and spiritual understanding. It’s possible to accumulate wealth through means other than spiritual abundance. While it may offer many attractive distractions and opportunities, material abundance without spiritual abundance is ultimately hollow, empty, depleting and even enslaving.


My arrival at this understanding came after I had finally accepted some basic tenents of the universe and began to become a conscious creator and manifester.


These basic tenents are:


-- I can create anything I want;

-- Desires come into my life quicker when they are aligned with my spiritual purpose;

-- Whatever images my imagination brings me are real and possible for me so long as I am willing to allow them;

-- I am infinitely more than a physical being;

-- Reality is much more than a concrete, physical experience;

-- Creating happens quite some time before the desired manifestation shows up in physical reality

-- Great levels of material success unaccompanied by great levels of spiritual understanding can result in devastating inner poverty and servitude


As I integrated these tenents into my life, I began to heal lifelong physical challenges, lifelong emotional turmoil, mental confusion, fog resulting from both, and the most destructive of all, old core beliefs fueling a perception that my spiritual connection existed somewhere outside myself. From this perspective, every thing I dreamed of was completely beyond my reach: health, unconditional love and the resources to support my dreams.


From my new perspective, I found that everything I’d ever dreamed of was possible. My dreams included what most people want deep down: a meaningful, fulfilled existence; knowing, understanding, loving and honoring myself; communion and connection with others who love and honor themselves – in essence, a mutual support network instead of the more prevalent template of a mutual enabling and manipulation network.


Adventures in Abundance and Manifesting


The changes I’m describing began to take root after I decided to take the “risk” of living my life in a way that made sense to me – essentially, I chose to begin living my life in a way that fed my spirit. I chose to trust that as I did this, all that I needed would arrive in my life.


As I chose this path, pictures and visions started to arrive. I took one step, then the next was revealed. “Things” I'd wanted in the past showed up. Some of them were no longer relevant. After awhile, I sifted through the "backlog" and began manifesting things that I’d wanted in more recent times. Resources, information and ideas arrived. Whenever I asked for something, I received a set of instructions on how to bring it into my life. I kept a "manifestation box" where I placed desires written on slips of paper. Over time, many of these requests arrived in my life.


In the past, I might have judged myself for exploring abundance in purely physical ways. However, my new “abundance of vision” helped me to see that, given my own unique personal history, the quickest way to step into an abundance of spirit was to allow myself to experience abundance in many different ways. By experiencing abundance in all its various forms, I was able to discern the difference between qualities and levels of abundance. I could see that when we arrive at the ultimate level of abundance -- abundance of spiritual alignment - we are able to perceive the real “secret.”


Start Where You Are – Without Judgment


The key is to start where you are. If you need to energize the place where you are abundant in a material sense, begin there. If you need to manifest health and well-being, begin there. If you are seeking a soul mate relationship, begin there. Start wherever you are. If you persist in manifesting your dreams and desires, sooner or later you will arrive in a place of clear-seeing where your vision expands beyond physical, material reality.


After awhile, I reached the point where I realized things are fun, but their satisfaction is fleeting. I began focusing on bringing into my life those things that helped me carry out my purpose. Then my dreams expanded. I wanted to live in a holistic world founded on principles of peace and love.


Obviously, we can’t mandate or require others to adopt this same desire. We can only do what feels right to us and share the results of our adventures in consciousness with kindred and like-minded souls just as I’m doing here.


In my own case, I began to suspect there was a further shortcut - to just be the “me” who’s loved, fulfilled, abundant, healthy and living my dreams. I began to see how I could energize the timeline where this is a reality by becoming the version of me who is all this. The version of me lives in a world founded on principles of love and peace.


This is my project for 2008, to become that version of me who has the abundance of spiritual connection from which all else flows.


Invitation to Abundance


I invite all of you to join me in this Abundance Project. Over the next few months, I will continue to post my experiences. I invite you to share yours as well. As more people take the shortcut of energizing the timeline where they are completely abundant and be-ing all they desire, we will begin healing the world one person at a time. It is in this place where you will find the true essence of what you have been seeking throughout time.

Posted on Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 12:07AM by Registered CommenterCelestial Vision | Comments1 Comment

Reader Comments (1)


I was first introduced to the Law of Attraction several years back. Since then I have been introduced to a multitude of ebooks, Mp3's and "systems".

I "resonate" with what you've stated above and also believe that it is no accident that I found your site.

Although I have not been thusfar "blessed" with experiencing Abundant (financial) Wealth, many "things" have come into my life that I'm not sure how to "utilize".

I would like very much at this time in my life to persue my "life's path" and not have to "worry" about all of the financial burdens (mostly past due stuff) that have come to be.

My current "situation" may be to some "unfinished business" or "resistance" in one or more areas - but, I really need to find my "thing" so that I can get off of unemployment.

I've written you an email with some info - but, I cannot afford much outside of "survival" necessities.

Please let me know of some "simple" steps to "get the ball rolling" in the (my?) right direction...



April 20, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRobert

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