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Receiving Lessons from My Newly-Adopted Timeline


I experienced a fascinating turn of events with a timeline shift these past few weeks.  The seeds for this shift were planted when I began to experience challenges with an old back injury.  At times, my back would be stiff and sore, to the extent it affect my daily activities.  As I began focusing on the message of this new development, I began perceiving a new timeline.  In this new timeline, I was focused on fitness and taking a more progressive approach in regenerating parts of my body in need of healing.  I have always been committed to daily exercise -- walking 2 miles every day when the weather is 45° and above, rebounding on cold and wet weather days and swimming every day in summer.  This level of activity seemed adequate in the past but as I began to receive more images from my new “fitness timeline,” it became apparent my regimen needed an upgrade.


I received images of myself working out in many ways -- dusting off my mountain bike and exploring local biking trails, getting back into yoga, practicing with some callanetics videos I’d bought but never watched, and going into some advanced and more rigorous workouts on my  rebounder.  In the visions for my new timeline, I was muscled, flexible and loving it.


My guides showed me how easy and joyful it was to move in my new and improved body, how greater amounts of life force energy would open new doorways of perception and how I would be physically able to physically accommodate more levels of my being. Suddenly I understood the message of my physical challenges.  I was being asked upgrade my physical system in order to take my spiritual development to the next level.


As I stood at this new crossroads, I could clearly see the forking directions of my options. I could choose to remain on my  present course.  I would likely continue to experience physical challenges as I tried to accommodate my ever expanding spiritual vision with a degenerating, creaking vehicle ( my body.)  From this perspective, I could see this was like undertaking a cross-country trip in a vintage automobile.


The other option was to refurbish my “vehicle” by adopting a new timeline with its accompanying super fit lifestyle.capable of upgrading and refurbishing my body. This new timeline allowed for ever greater spiritual growth and expansion that translated into new experiences, new realities and further timelines.


I chose the new timeline.  I didn't know exactly how I would navigate from my current timeline of challenges with my back to this new timeline of super fitness, but I trusted it would all happen with perfect timing.


Over the next few days, I began to observe changes.  I began noticing things I hadn’t noticed before.  Quite by accident, I discovered a yoga channel on our list of cable channels.  I began to notice the sports department at the store.  I discovered some supplements designed to help rebuild joints.  And perhaps the most startling, I woke up one morning and realized I am going to cut my hair.


This is maybe the most obvious "proof" of a full-blown timeline/identity shift.  I’ve worn my hair waist length for over 15 years and rarely have I thought about cutting it.  But this "focus self" of my new timeline had no use for all that hair and no connection to it.  In fact, my newly-discovered self helped me see how it would get in the way of a super fit lifestyle.


So it soon will be cut and donated to Locks of Love and no doubt put to good use.  In the meantime, I continue to be fascinated, amazed and mindboggled how this new timeline is teaching me who I’m becoming and helping me build the foundation for the next stage of my life within the present moment. 


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