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Identity Shift Update: Our Solstice Sabbatical and Receiving 'Future Vision'

Daily swimming has greatly improved challenges with my back. While we are were on sabbatical in the woods, I swam each day. On the first day as I was swimming, I slipped into a moment of "future vision" in which I saw my self swimming every day, even through the winter. I saw how great I felt inside my body, the ease of movement, my life force energy very bright.

That same day walking back from a swim, I had another future vision where I saw us more mobile, keeping our present home based but traveling in an RV and living elsewhere part of the year. The following day, a fellow camper mentioned a metaphysical community south of Austin, Texas and I found I resonated strongly with this possibility. This revelation at our campsite helped me understand more deeply how future vision works

The Inner and Outer Workings of Future Vision

When we perceive a new timeline, we may just see a small part of it at first. This is the part we're most in resonance with. In my case, the challenges I had with my back earlier in the year prompted me to begin visualizing alternate timelines, specifically timelines where I'm fit, healthy and very mobile. As I took steps toward this timeline, I perceived my hair short. I saw my self more physically active. When I cut my hair and begin working at physical fitness, this helped me tune in the picture more clearly. When I went into the woods I entered a portal of clear seeing that was greatly expanded due to the June full moon happening in conjunction with the summer solstice. The powerful combination helping greatly expand my "future vision". Now I understand that becoming more "mobile" within my physical body is bringing me to a new place of being more "mobile" overall.

I had no idea how this new timeline would unfold, but in hindsight, I can see how reading the symbols of what was happening could have yielded some clues several months ago. The stiffness in my back I experienced in January spoke about "flexibility" and the need to create greater mobility. I focused on the physical aspect which was the most pressing, but held in awareness the likelihood of the mobility issue appearing in other areas of my life. When the time was right, the next chapter of the "mobility" storyline arrived!

Now that I have increased my awareness of new possibilities we can energized by opening to these moments of "future vision," I will begin exploring this new access point to higher consciousness. Future vision occurs in those moments when we raise our vibration to access visions of our future. The exact moments we view during these moments of future vision correspond with our present-moment focus, our intentions for the future and the degree of our openness to our field of possibilities. This is one more way in which our future creates our present moment through these glimpses of future vision. This is why we often receive only a piece of the picture. Part of our journey is in discovering the other pieces and our willingness to act and to release the creations of the past.

I will share more future visions and identity shifts as new adventures unfold.

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