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Manifesting Intentions: Activating the Force that is Great within Us 

Many new reality threads are becoming accessible now, allowing us to shift to life tracks steeped in the unconditional love and unlimited blessings of the new time. We truly do stand at the threshold of a new beginning. With this in mind, it’s a good time to upgrade our manifesting skills and update our intentions.

We have heard a great deal about how our thoughts influence the reality threads we experience. There is truth to this, but we won’t energize the realities we choose simply by thinking about them. To shift to a new reality track, we must be ready to take action. Visualizations likewise can be powerful but they are not enough. If we are seeking to obtain the object of our desires, we are energizing the circumstance where we are seeking our desired outcome. This is how we become stuck and unable to move forward. We gaze into a mirror reflecting our present state reflecting our present state reflecting our present state.

Moving beyond the Looking Glass of our Desires

In order to energize a new reality thread, we must move beyond the looking glass of our desires. Otherwise we will remain in a state of being on the outside looking in while energizing more of the condition of not having what we are seeking.

Staying True to your Highest Goals

Due to lag time in physical reality, you will need to stay true to your highest goals and continue to energize them with your focus, attention and actions until they show up in physical reality. Too many people have a short attention span and simply give up to quickly. The same individuals will often be heard lamenting that "nothing ever works" but the reality is that their present efforts are not working because they abandon their efforts when instant gratification fails to occur.

You can see the lag time in manifesting at work when you think back on things that arrived after you had given up hope they would ever manifest and even had forgotten about what you asked for.

Scattering Energy among too Many Goals

Setting your intentions to manifest several things at once can dilute your efforts to make them ineffective. The key here is to prioritize your desires in their order of importance. Create a ten-most-wanted list and be realistic about which item is most important to manifest now. Focusing on this item until it shows up in physical reality will open new pathways in consciousness for the next item on the list. Patience is a virtue with manifesting, and part of patience is being happy where you are right now. This allows you to detach from outcomes so you can enter a place of allowing rather than need, which pushes your desired realities further away.

Free and Still your Mind

Free your mind of the burden of over thinking, worry and obsessive, circular thinking. Your mind throws obstacles in your path by injecting worry, convoluted thinking and images of what you don't want (fear-based thinking) and basically. Many people simply have too many thoughts going on at once not unlike a computer choked by trying to complete too many tasks at once.

Determination and the Willingness to Act

An intention is a filter we place on our consciousness that guides us to what’s next on our journey through the power of spirit. When we navigate by intention we’re not hampered by the mind’s nagging questions of how we will reach our goal. Intentions are based on a determination to achieve your goal and the willingness to take the necessary actions to realize them.

When we learn to harness the force that is great within us, we work with intention. It is the power of our spirit that provides the strength to act with determination to realize our goals. If our goals and desires are based primarily in our mind, we will become discouraged when we fail to realize our goals in a given period of time.

The mind applies logic to the situation, saying, “These actions failed to bring the desired result so my goal is unobtainable.” Spirit says “No effort is ever wasted and life is about learning. Keep listening within and taking actions based on guidance and inner knowing and you will always be in the right place at the right time.” In this scenario, our mind doesn’t have to have all the answers. All that is necessary is a faith and belief in spirit’s guiding light and in our own willingness to follow that light.

Love the Process more than the Goal

A desire by itself focuses on the goal or outcome, thereby stifling with expectations the process of reaching it. By comparison, an intention focuses on the process we will follow in reaching the goal and keeps us taking the steps needed to realize our goal. When we are present within the moment, we love the steps we are taking now and allow the internal GPS system of our intentions to direct the flow of our efforts.

For more on manifesting and spiritual abundance, see Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams by DL Zeta 

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