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Energizing Timeline Realities 

It is important to understand and embrace that each possibility you perceive in your life is a reality that already exists within your field of potentialities. Once you have already experienced realities of great clarity that exist beyond illusion, you know the feeling state and perspective of this reality. Any time you find yourself operating within the illusion, you can choose to align with the feeling state of clarity that exists beyond illusion and set your intention to shift within the moment to the timeline where you are free of illusion.

Even if you feel you have not entirely experienced total clarity in the past, you can align your feeling state with the highest level of clarity you have accessed to energize the timeline where you are free of illusion. It is this process of uniting with your higher self, continuing to ask questions and persisting in moving toward wholeness that brings you to a place of inner peace and unity. Once you have created unity within your self, healing the chasm of your sacred wound, you are ready to radiate this wholeness out to the world. We will explain in our next discussion how it is that the whole person is able to help create wholeness and oneness in the world.

From Holographic World by DL Zeta

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