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Magnetizing a Soulmate into Your Life 

This time of year, many people's thoughts turn to sharing their life with a special person or soulmate. Even in the midst of many friendships and family members, the person who has developed a spiritual union within themselves sometimes yearns for another who can see them at the deeper levels of their soul. It is a great joy and blessing to be able to give another the gift of seeing them and loving them at a deep level.

This kind of connection is possible when both people have created an inner union of conscious and subconscious and divine masculine and divine feminine. Two whole beings when they set their intentions can arrange to meet in consciousness and begin to magnetize their soulmate union into physical reality.

Imagination and Belief are Steps to Magnetizing a Soulmate

To magnetize a soulmate into your life, use your imagination to create an image of you and your soulmate.

Believe it’s possible for this connection to manifest in your physical reality and set your intention to manifest it. See how manifesting this connection will allow you to align more strongly with your higher qualities. Keep expanding this vision, seeing how a soulmate relationship will help both of you grow in your spiritual understandings. See the qualities, gifts and abilities you will be able to share with others through your soulmate union.

Even if you don’t have a clear image of exactly the shape and form of a soulmate relationship, you can create a symbol that represents this connection. With these images in mind, find a time and place where you can relax and sit without interruption for a few minutes. Enter a relaxed state through breathing exercises. Surround the image of your soulmate connection with light. See this image enveloped in light moving toward you. As it comes close, open your heart center and see it entering your heart. Sense the energy of this connection and harmonize with this energy until it feels a part of who you are. Become centered in this feeling state of your soulmate relationship so you can re-create this feeling in the future whenever you want to magnetize this soulmate connection in consciousness.

Trust and Patience allow for Divine Timing

There are no rules about how often to magnetize. You can magnetize what you want once or as often as you are drawn to do so. Once you have done the energy work, you will need to take action as you are guided to do so and be patient. Sometimes no action is indicated. Trust that whatever you have asked for will come in the perfect way at the perfect time, and in the perfect form. Keep doing this exercise until you are able to feel, visualize, sense, imagine, or experience the energy you are sending out. If you are able to feel the energy build and feel a sense of completion, you have begun the process of drawing in what you want.

Practicing the Process of Magnetizing

You may want to practice this process with magnetizing smaller things into your life. As you practice this process, you will get a sense of how much energy to use in magnetizing different things. At first, use this exercise for magnetizing something smaller, then as your skill grows, work with drawing something that is a greater challenge for you.

Remember to hold positive thoughts about what you request and to have a detachment about receiving it. Let it be all right if it comes in a different form than what you expect; see that whatever comes is appropriate for you to have.

Excerpt from Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate in Physical Reality By DL Zeta
& Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness: a Guided Meditation

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