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Transcending Time and Space

Transcending time and space is a matter of removing your conscious focus from the space/time continuum. Stepping outside time and space happens when we consciously choose to enter the world of no-time. This is the timeless dimension of spirit where you become a time traveler visiting your past and future to discover your spiritual destiny.

By traveling through time to your past, you are able to bring about healing and release for the parts of your spirit trapped in time by emotional traumas and other misunderstandings. Releasing your past frees trapped energy that immediately becomes available to empower your present moment. An empowered present-moment self is able to travel to your future to commune with your future self and discover who you are becoming and what you came here to do. By merging with your future selves, you are able to view the fruits of your present creations and make course corrections if you don't like what you see. Likewise, you can learn needed steps to create something specific. If, for example, you are writing a book in the present moment, you can travel to the future to learn the steps of the book's creation.

Time travel in consciousness may seem beyond the capabilities of an earthbound consciousness. When the awareness is completely contained within the physical existence, this is a barrier to perceiving one's spiritual destiny and the contracts you signed onto before this life began. The only way to discover your spiritual contracts while on earth is to attune your consciousness to the world of spirit rather than the noise of the world.

By learning to step outside time and space, you free yourself of enslaving thoughtforms that keep you tethered to lower-vibrational energies. It is spiritual freedom that allows you to experience your highest probabilities.

12 Steps to Transcending Time and Space:

1) Create sacred space somewhere in your house or on your property. Saturate the space with the energy of your higher self. Build an altar, place candles and crystals here, or anything that lifts your spirit. Spend time here as often as possible.

2) Still your mind through concentration exercises such as focusing on a candle flame for 10 minutes each day.

3) Meditate. Spend time communing with spirit each day.

4) Practice daily pranayama breathing exercises to help oxygenate your body.

5) Enliven your body with life force exercises, yoga and tai chi.

6) Lighten your body by eating a diet high in living foods.

7) Begin a journal quest; keep an intuitive journal.

8) Take regular vision quests in nature.

9) Work with dreams, both waking and sleeping, and decode their symbols.

10. Study and cultivate peak experiences.

11. Practice visualization, develop your imagination, enhance your creativity.

12. Develop intuition and psychic awareness.

Excerpt from Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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