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The Limitless Expansion into Infinite Possibility

Everything that has been envisioned for the new time on planet Earth is already here now and waiting to be energized more fully into the present moment of each individual.

While each person is free to continue experiencing their present reality, they are also free to expand more fully into expanded energies now available. Existing in a state of limitless expansion into infinite possibility boils down to using your powers of intuition and perception while choosing to energize expanded potentials by raising your vibrational frequency to come into resonance with those potentials.

Fifth-Dimensional Realities are Here Now

As we have said, fifth-dimensional realities and beyond are already in existence. What we are talking about here is expanding your capacity to perceive and experience these realities within your present moment. As your capacity expands, you begin to live more fully in fifth-dimensional realities.

Accessing Threshold Frequencies to High-Vibrational Realities

Once you raise your vibration to access "threshold frequencies" you can over time continue expanding into the frequencies until you are living more fully in your chosen reality.

Wherever you are energetically, you are able to access doorways into expanded realities. At first you may only be able to experience the threshold or entry point to a new field of potential. Allow whatever is happening to be perfect within the moment. A willingness to exist in a state of beginner's mind at the threshhold of a new and as yet unknown frontier is a prerequisite for ongoing expansion into greater realms of possibility.

Your Higher Self and Expanded Timelines

Your higher self already exists within these expanded energies. Your telepathy with your higher self will often bring you glimpses of high-vibrational realities.

Sometimes people convince themselves that their higher self will naturally guide them to exist in these new potentials over time. This is true in a sense but too often this rationale is used to justify laziness on the part of the conscious mind. The higher self provides glimpses of potential realities and guidance concerning steps to energize these realities into one's daily life, but it is always up to the individual to take the actions that allow this to happen. The ultimate purpose of spirit incarnating into a physical body is to allow us to become the eyes and ears, the voice, hands and feet of the higher realms on Earth.

The True Nature of Expansion

To clarify, expansion is not about having more, but about being more - more of who you are in the higher dimensions. When we talk about expansion, we're talking about manifesting more of your higher self into your present moment.

An expansion timeline is activated by any course of action that leads you to experience greater love. Expansion timelines bring you into greater resonance with high-vibrational realities and offer constantly unfolding opportunities for you to share your natural abilities and gifts with others. An expansion timeline naturally leads you to experience greater abundance, unconditional love, greater self-empowerment, opportunities for service, improved health, self-realization, inner peace and all the qualities identified with high-vibrational realities.

In coming weeks we will examine many facets of the limitless expansion into infinite possibilities.

For more on reality creation, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on accessing fifth-dimensional timelines, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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