Wesak Energies download Past-Life Skills, Future Time Planes and ‘Software Upgrades’ 

In the wake of recent powerful energetic events, the Wesak full moon is now amplifying energies that offer glimpses of moments past and future as well as moments from parallel timelines. The glimpses we receive now are of alternate realities we are energetically tuning into as our frequencies vacillate between third and fifth dimensions. This is a form of cosmic bio-feedback helping us calibrate our vibration. The way in which these energies affect us depends on what we're working with.

The Wesak full moon takes place when the full moon reflects the light of the sun in Taurus. Also known as the Festival of Light, Wesak is a time when veils thin, bringing light, love and healing to humanity. The energies peak May 14 at 3:17pm EDT but the spiritual door remains open for several days. During this special time of Wesak, it is possible to contact energies which are otherwise not easily available. Great expansions of consciousness not possible at other times become possible. Those who are on a spiritual path are able to take quantum steps forward when Wesak energies are in force.

Dreams bring what’s needed to Heal and Grow

These energies are focused through our present need to heal, learn, grow, and share with the world. Dreams are especially potent now and may deliver the prescription for what is needed in our lives. A person in need of healing at any level will receive dream images of what is needed to restore wholeness. Some dream images depict friends moving away from you. If you dream of people you know walking past without seeing or hearing you, this points to ways in which your path may be diverging from the paths of those around you. You may have dreams where you are with people you don't know. This may signal new people and events flowing into your life.

During this time you may feel drawn to take up the study of esoteric sciences such as astrology, tarot, numerology, hands-on healing, automatic writing, channeling, and any number of other modalities. This is a time when new spiritual teachers are being activated. Whenever you follow your soul's desire to undertake a new course of study, you may trigger a download of insight and information from your spiritual escrow account.

Activating Downloads of Past-Life Knowledge and Esoteric Skills

If, for example, you take up the study of astrology and you were an astrologer in other lifetimes, you will activate downloads of your past-life knowledge of astrology. After a session of study, you may suddenly experience downloads pouring into your consciousness with rapid speed, teaching you about all aspects of your astrology chart. The awakening astrologer will first come into a very deep understanding of the blueprint of their own soul's chart. If you're working with automatic writing and channeling, you'll activate downloads of past-life knowledge of off-world communications.

Astrology, tarot, numerology and channeling are some of the esoteric sciences that will be much in demand as large numbers of people awaken in coming times and begin looking for answers. Many parents are seeking intuitive knowledge of children upon their birth to learn about these new souls they will be nurturing and mentoring. Gifted souls are coming into the world, being born to adult indigos and crystals and other spiritual way showers who are here at this time to help hold and anchor the energies of the new earth.

Visiting Future Time Planes and Past Timelines in Dreams

In some dreams you will be taken to visit future time planes so you can understand the significance of what is being set up now and the role you will play in structuring collective realities. Some will visit past timelines in dream states so they can understand their soul's journey throughout time. Some may visit parallel timelines and receive the steps to shift to a new life track.

Making the Most of this Weeks’s Frequencies

To make the most of these downloads, bring your vibration to the highest frequency you can access by eating light, plant-based foods. Eat green foods to alkalinize the body, get lots of rest, exercise, journal, and take walks in nature. Those who continue to eat meat and heavy foods are weighing themselves down and tethering themselves to third-dimensional realities. Eating green, meditating, doing yoga, following new passions and areas of study will help you begin "youthing" and turning back the hands of time. You will feel your body reinvigorated by alkaline foods. Your spirit will be enlivened by taking steps toward soul desires. Every detail of your existence is calculated into the “equation” of your vibrational frequency. Those who continue to encode the fear and cruelty of the slaughterhouse and other dense realities into their frequency will continue to experience lower-vibrational life tracks.

The shadow is prominent during this time. You may feel drawn to gaze into some darker places and look at some harder realities to allow yourself to see and understand a broader spectrum of human consciousness. In order to expand psychic abilities, you must be willing to see whatever your consciousness brings before you. Sometimes you are shown things about yourself and others you would rather not see. Depending on your vibrational frequency, these may be some very difficult realities. You may experience situations that bring you face-to-face with your own shadow, offering the opportunity to embrace this part of you.

Meditate and Channel in ‘Grid-Free’ Places to facilitate ‘Software Upgrades’

It is important to go into "grid-free" locations during this time to meditate and channel. During times when you raise your vibration away from electromagnetic fields you're able to undergo "software upgrades" to your vision and guidance. These upgrades may see you rearranging your home, clearing clutter in your environment, making dietary changes, undertaking a new course of study or a journey of some sort, meeting new people, and saying goodbye to some people and situations in your life. You may experience physical symptoms during these upgrades as your body adjusts to the new frequencies. Release resistance and sit in awareness with the sensations you're experiencing. Ask for steps you can take to assimilate these energies into your body. Affirm you are releasing all that no longer serves your highest good. Affirm that you are opening to the highest and best for you. Ask for and open to receive downloads of love, healing, guidance and understanding.

As we move toward the upcoming Mercury retrograde (June 7-July 2), any way we have not released the past and upgraded our software will trigger challenges and glitches. This retrograde will help us retread any areas that we may have missed during the energetic upgrades this spring. We will want to bring ourselves fully online with the new energies by the June 21 solstice. Old ways of being and doing are becoming less and less effective in navigating the new energies unfolding now. Mercury in retrograde will heighten our awareness of this to help us identify old ideas, beliefs and attitudes and release them.

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Eclipse's 'Portal to the Divine' reveals a new Mosaic of Human Consciousness

A portal to the divine opens this week thanks to the tremendous influx of spiritual energy that arrived on the wings of the new moon solar eclipse. This energy synthesized with the full moon lunar eclipse earlier this month and Cardinal Grand Cross opens a unique doorway. This is truly an auspicious time, signaling a reboot in human consciousness. The energies of this eclipse unite heaven and earth, creating a divine portal that brings us into greater communion with higher dimensions. This portal will remain open for the next six months.

The steps we take along our spiritual path during this opening will shape the rest of our lives. This is a period that offers the opportunity to simultaneously step free of old energies that no longer serve us and to take a step forward solidly on the path of what's next for us individually and collectively.

Self-Discovery and Rapid Manifestations mark this Time

Eclipses bring about massive change intended to set new patterns in place. This is a time to break down old patterns and build new ones. It's not a good time to make significant changes as our perspective, understanding and insights may be dramatically altered in the weeks following an eclipse series. The influences of this eclipse series are most intensely felt this week but will not end until the full Moon in Taurus November 7th.

Because eclipses bring a concentrated, intense experience, a great deal may be packed into the space of just a few days. Things that were on hold, blocked, failing to manifest in recent weeks and months may manifest now with warp speed. Revisit and update your intentions daily. The period now until early November will be a major period of self-discovery and self-development when the universe will greatly support all efforts to build significant growth in your life. Take advantage of this period. Approach each day as a great gift and a renewed opportunity to live the life of your dreams.

Clear your Calendar and Journey into Nature

Our natural rhythms will be out of sync during this time. Clear your calendar as much as possible. This time will signal significant endings and beginnings. If you are in direct alignment with this eclipse you will experience an amazing transformation. Another reason to take time from your regular schedule is that many will be feeling the energies intensely. This will trigger releases of raw emotions, violence and negativity. There will be a great deal of chaotic energy swirling around, especially in the more heavily populated areas.

Accessing your 'Spiritual Escrow' Account

The period surrounding an eclipse is a good time to go to the countryside, into a remote area away from power lines if possible. Meditate in a quiet location to download all that is being held in your spiritual escrow account. This account contains all you that you have asked for, all that you have earned that you may not have sufficiently opened to receive over the years. Access to this escrow account is easier now than ever before. You can download significant upgrades in your quality of life, your field of potentials, vibrational frequency, a wealth of new ideas and information that allows you to access new portals in consciousness, and new waves of abundance and prosperity.

Your spiritual escrow account contains what you need to boost your immune system, access amazing powers of regeneration in your physical being and all parts of your life that are depleted. Remember health is always your number one priority. Many lower-vibrational realities will be transmuted during this time. Potentials are ripe for profound mystical experiences, downloads of new knowledge in dream states, unexpected, magical new connections, new levels of spiritual freedom, expanded networking, and breakthroughs in all realms of technology. Less understood areas of esoteric knowledge will now become easily accessible.

Work with the Symbols of Nightly and Waking Dreams

This is a good time to work with automatic writing or experiment with channeling into a tape recorder. Spend time in nature, with animals, near water, drink green juices and shift to a purely alkaline diet. Study your astrology chart to understand what is being asked of you during this time. Set your intention to remember your dreams. Work with the symbols of nightly and waking dreams, write poetry, bless and release every past moment that comes before you. Accept the lesson and the blessing of everything you have created in the past. Now is the time to cultivate a strong relationship with every aspect of yourself.

We must be open, aware, awake and poised to respond to the opportunities as they unfold day by day. Those who understand the power of the present moment will be able to act impeccably to make the most of these opportunities and take quantum steps on their spiritual paths at this time.

Spiritual Frequencies are Encoded into this Eclipse Series

While all eclipses trigger change, unique frequencies are encoded into each eclipse to calibrate certain types of change. Contained in this week's eclipse are energies calibrated to:

- Transform business and personal relationships. During this time connections may be upgraded or ended. Some partnerships and relationships may begin during this time. When connections begin during an eclipse, you can look to see how the eclipse falls in each person's chart as well as their synergy chart to understand the purpose and outlook of the relationship. Some relationships begun on the wave of eclipse energies only last for the duration of the eclipse influences. A connection begun in association with this eclipse series may be over by early November. Co-dependent relationships will suffer, as well as other unhealthy forms of relationships, especially those based on manipulation and control. This is a time to enter into new relationships with eyes open and use discernment in all connections.

- Inspire identity shifts. Many may feel the desire for a redo of some kind. For some, reinventing themselves may involve a new hairdo, a new wardrobe, or some other form of self-image enhancement, while others may shift to a new identity along a new timeline. Some may step into a new and deeper interpretation and experience of their spiritual mission. Some will experience a combination of these. Many people will feel drawn to undertake a new and healthier diet regimen or a new form of movement or exercise. Fitness centers and yoga classes will be filled in coming weeks as the drive for mind/body alignment is strong during this time when physical changes will be created to reflect the massive changes going on within.

- Expand awareness and psychic abilities. During this period, new channels in consciousness will open. New spiritual teachers will be activated. New voices will come forward to deliver messages about changes on the horizon. Those who provided insights and guidance in past decades will step back now to allow a changeover, so to speak, as a new generation of seers arrives on the scene. This generation will focus on teachings designed to empower each person in opening to channel their own guidance.

- Expose hidden secrets. Parasitic thought viruses operating in collective conscioiusness will be brought to greater awareness which will begin to shut down their effectiveness. As a person gains awareness of thought viruses operating in their consciousness, they can launch their own "virus detection software" to isolate and remove the viruses. Any way in which parasitic energies prevent us from experiencing our highest and best will be exposed now; any attempts to manipulate, control and enslave human consciousness will be brought to light. Those who operate from a narcissistic perspective causing harm to those around them through deception and parasitic intentions will suffer. Those who believe they are entitled to use and manipulate others make a conscious choice that will lead them to experience greater health challenges, personal difficulties, roadblocks and barriers than in the past.

- Expose old 'sorcerers' and deceptive gurus. It will become much more apparent than ever before who those spiritual teachers are who seek the highest and best for all and those who operate from a self-serving place of control and manipulation. Numerous gurus have come forth throughout the history of the human potential movement to use their spiritual abilities for self-serving agendas. These souls are old sorcerers who incarnate at key moments in time to experience the praise and adulation of seekers. The energies of the new time will make it clear which teachers are operating from a place of integrity.

- Clear emotional energy at a deep level. This is an important time to work with emotional clearing. If something comes up for you during this time, observe it, bless it and release it. If you re-engage with it you will re-energize it into your life experience. This is a time to cultivate emotional stability - a time to embrace and integrate our shadow selves rather than deny and conceal them. Those who have cultivated spiritual energy without undergoing sufficient emotional clearings will suffer during this time as eclipse energies amplify unresolved emotions in order to clear them.

- Re-energize forgotten dreams and visions. Past dreams and visions that were put on hold or thought to be unrealistic or unreachable, may resurface during this time. If you begin feeling urgings or desires for unrealized dreams of times past, know it is because the energies now are very much in support of calling forth these dreams deferred and renergizing, empowering and realizing them with the turbocharged energies of this time.

- Bring awareness to the power of words to heal or harm. Mercury is conjunct the solar eclipse, placing emphasis on all forms of communication. The power of words is especially important now. This will be a time when new seers and new spiritual channels come forth with powerful new messages. By contrast, those forms of communication that are intended to control and manipulate will see a lessening of influence. We will become more aware than ever of how words heal us or tear us apart.

- Spotlight humane perspectives on the treatment of animals. The treatment of animals will come front and center during this time as many will become aware of how animals are tortured and treated cruelly in food, clothing, cosmetic and other industries. Cruel and inhumane treatment of animals will come to the forefront as hidden secrets are exposed on the world's stage. This will trigger a call for reform at all levels of society.

- Trigger new levels of re-membering we are divine beings holographic to all-that-is. Re-membering during this time will be strong. Many will receive vital pieces of the puzzle in sleeping and waking dreams. These pieces are part of a new mosaic of human consciousness. As each person brings their segment into play, an image of the new time emerges that creates a symbol. When enough pieces of the mosaic are in place, this symbol will trigger great waves of re-membering throughout human consciousness.

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To learn more about navigating the April 29 Solar Eclipse, see Celestial Weather by Deborah

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Through May 31, 2014, Peter is offering a special combo reading that includes eclipse influences in your chart, a full chart reading and your choice of planetary origins, astrocartography, relationship,spirit guide, past life, past life crossing, indigo/crystal, abundance and prosperity, spiritual purpose or dharma understanding. For more information, see 2014 Eclipse Combo Reading.

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April’s Cardinal Grand Cross Triggers a Quickening across Timelines and Dimensions 

In case there is still any doubt, we are standing inside a moment that is seeding extreme change in human consciousness. The extraordinary shifts we are experiencing now are the most powerful and transformative yet. This is true not just for this timeframe or this lifetime; these changes are tracking back across recent arcs of incarnation. The energies we are experiencing now cast spheres of influence that extend in all directions: into future timelines, into past timelines, and into adjacent and parallel timelines. These energies are impacting us inside all timelines and at all levels. They are helping souls unite aspects of their being across lifetimes and enter a completion phase.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is Encoded with Awakening Frequencies

We are already under the influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross that becomes exact April 23-24. The energies have been slowly gathering around this event for months. This is an astrological event encoded with frequencies for human awakening. The codes and keys contained in this event are programmed to clear and release anything that stands in the way of full spiritual empowerment. This clearing will not take place in the space of a week or a day. Instead, it will unfold slowly with divine timing. This event, sandwiched between the April 15 lunar eclipse and the April 29 solar eclipse, represents an ongoing process of continuously amplifying energies. Resistance to these energies will bring us to dead ends, road blocks, barriers, health issues and a general sense of things not working. This is the time to remain open, alert, and aware. Allow these energies to burn away programs of worthlessness, indecision, doubt, fear and skepticism. These energies are helping us clear away anything that obscures our true nature, our true identity as the essence of spirit.

April’s Cosmic Downloads Extend from Past to Future

The energies being downloaded now are the same energies that rippled backwards in time over the last century, awakening minds and activating souls who came here to shine a light on the unfolding path leading to quantum growth and expansion of human consciousness. This is a time when we awaken to who we truly are: vast, multi-dimensional beings holographic to all-that-is.

Cast your gaze over this past year to see the backward motion of these energies in your own life. See how they swept away old veneers and collapsed with tsunami-like ferocity old structures such as careers and relationships that no longer served your higher good.

To witness the echo of these energies across time, think back to the advances made in science over past decades; to the great works of literature and arts gifted to humanity; to the ideas gifted us by great inventors, visionaries and thinkers. These energies helped activate the free-thinking sixties movement, the liberating human potential movement, the empowering contributions of new thought, the dramatic shifts of the harmonic convergences, and much more. Ripple into wave, these energies threaded light into the fabric of our existence, seeding future realities as they reached back to teach and guide us through numerous points of awakening, numerous empowerments and activations, so we could stand inside this moment awake, empowered and activated to anchor the energies of the new time.

We are our Higher Selves inside this Time

Inside this time, we experience wave upon wave and layer upon layer of new frequencies tuning us into powerful downloads, intuitive openings, psychic insights, emotional clearings, and vivid and lucid dreams - all of which will become our means of transport into other times and dimensions. We stand inside a moment when we are truly becoming our higher self - the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of spirit on earth.

As such, we are able to hold greater amplifications of love and harmony. We are able to transmute negativity and thought viruses. We are able to cast out doubt, scarcity, uncertainty, and fear. All the ways we have allowed ourselves to be held back are being transmuted. We are now releasing any ways we have relegated the fullness of our being to a small place within our lives, as well as any ways we have allowed ourselves to be held prisoner by parasitic energies and thought viruses.

Surfing the Intensifying Waves of April’s Cosmic Energies

April’s energies carry us forward into a multi-dimensional, spiritually-empowered existence. We are downloading a renewed sense of direction and clarity. Stability is essential during this time as we set our intent to welcome these energies and utilize them for the highest good of all. As our creativity and vision expands, our spiritual empowerment grows exponentially. Mental focus and clarity is essential during this time. What we bring our focus to now arrives in our physical reality faster than ever before.

This is a time to bring awareness to what you're creating with your thoughts. Revisit and update your intentions and visions. This is not the time to be creating from outdated templates. This is not the time to rush into decisions. This is time to expand your vision of what’s possible and examine all potentials. Stand in the highest frequencies you can access within the moment and re-envision your life from that place. New insights and information are being downloaded to your subconscious. Cultivate your connection with your subconscious to facilitate the flow of this information into your conscious mind where you can begin putting it to immediate use.

The April 29 Solar Eclipse will shed Light on how to utilize these Energies

This is a time to ground yourself. The Sun entering Taurus will provide grounding energies and alleviate pressure from the Cardinal Grand Square. Now is the time to exercise, get a massage, meditate outdoors, or walk in the park. Whatever helps you ground these energies is important now. This is a time to pay special attention to diet. Eat light and consume alkaline foods that are pulsing with life-force energy.

Information downloads during the April 29th solar eclipse will shed light on how we can begin working with these energies moving forward. Some of you are already receiving new visions in waking and nightly dreams. Keep a journal. Write down the guidance you download. Insights will come fast and furious in coming days and weeks. You will spend the remainder of this year decoding these energies and putting them to work in your daily life. In time you will learn to wield these energies in service of all others.

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To learn more about navigating the April 15 Lunar Eclipse, see Celestial Weather by Deborah

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Vivid Dreams may Come: the Magic and Power of April's Eclipse Series 

We're at the threshold of the most powerful energetic phase of 2014. This is a crossroads of major change and a moment to infuse your creations - your most deeply-held dreams and visions - with some of the most profound energies in the universe. We make the most of this time by going within, growing still, focusing our minds and letting our hearts and minds soar on the wings of these energies.

This week's lunar eclipse is the first wave of energies that will follow a three-step unfoldment:

The first part of this unfoldment is the April 15 lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Libra. Part two is the Cardinal Grand Cross which peaks April 21-23. Part three is the April 29th new moon solar eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus.

The April 15 eclipse takes place at 25° and 60 minutes of Libra opposite the sun in Aries. This April eclipse series will intensely affect those with birthdays between April 15 to April 29, as well as those with personal planets and points in proximity of the cardinal signs Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn. The April 15 eclipse will likely culminate in a situation or see the ending of a relationship. You may find yourself receiving guidance on relationships of all kinds now. This is a time to clearly communicate and to make any changes that are needed.

Joining the Festival of Love Meditation on the Inner Planes

The April 15 lunar eclipse, which takes place at 7:45 UTC, coincides with the worldwide Festival of Love meditation. The Festival of Love takes place each year during the full moon and sun in Aries. During this time, energies of divine love and light are at a peak and can be registered by a group and radiated into human consciousness.

The April 29 solar eclipse occurs at 8 degrees and 52 minutes Taurus, strongly affecting those with personal planets and points in proximity to the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The April 29 eclipse sets in motion a new trend that will be with us long term.

A Cardinal Grand Cross Ramps up April's Eclipse Energies

With the fifth of seven exact squares to Uranus and Pluto taking place from April 21-23, the intensity of the April eclipses is ramped up. At times you may feel yourself pulled in all directions at once. You may have the sense that old identities are falling away, de-magnetizing many things in your life. You may feel the need now to minimize baggage in your life. The universe is asking you to release all that doesn't serve your higher self and open more fully to that which spiritually empowers you.

This is a time rife with challenge and opportunity. It is a time when we need to ground ourselves. It is a time to meditate and open our mind to new downloads and visions. It is a time to focus our intentions and formulate prayers based on the downloads we receive.

Dreams bring Glimpses of other Times and Dimensions

During this time our dreams may be filled with unfamiliar people and places as the veils between dimensions thin and we receive glimpses of other timelines. Some of these represent potentials crystallizing in our future while others direct us to areas of our consciousness that need our assistance to bring about healing and release. Some of the dreams may bring glimpses of past life selves that are influencing our present moment. This is a time when our dreams and visions run far and deep. We may recognize people in our lives now who are friends from other times and places. We may gain a sense of how other times and other places are influencing our present moment and how future times and places are reaching back to guide and assist us as we go about seeding change that will flower inside future times.

April's Energies help us Break Free of Parasitic Energies

With so much change on the wind, now is not the time to allow ourselves to dwell on past hurts and injustices. Whatever we bring our attention to expands exponentially. Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. Bless and forgive those who have treated you unfairly. Pay attention to where you place your energy. You'll be able to clearly see thought viruses and people operating from parasitic perspectives in your life now. This is a time for breaking ties with all forms of parasitic energy. You will gain clarity now about any way in which you have fed energy to thoughts of scarcity and victimhood, manifesting illness, trauma and lack in your life. It is time to release all investment in disempowering thought forms.

Navigating April's Powerful Energies

This is a time to build your highest vision. See yourself as a spiritually-empowered being stepping into the next phase of your mission to heal yourself and assist others in their awakening process. It is time to step into the full acceptance of your role in helping birth the new time on planet Earth.

During this time you may find it helpful to eat healthy, journal, channel, try your hand at automatic writing, work with dreams, practice yoga and Tai Chi, write poetry, play music, paint or draw, go on vision quests into nature and get lots of sleep and exercise. This is the time to give voice to that which is great within you. This is the moment to embrace your identity as a spiritually-empowered divine being.

In coming weeks you may at times feel you are undergoing a death of sorts and in a sense you are. The old way is dying to the new. What passes away from your life now will help fuel the fires of future transformation. Moments from the past may surface to be acknowledged and released. Remember every obstacle and challenge you encounter holds the power to awaken new levels of connection with your higher self.

Eclipses have a tendency to expose truths and clear away that which no longer serves a higher purpose in your life. Wholesale, unexpected change will accompany this period of upheaval.

The energy of these alignments is building now. You are already experiencing it in various ways in your life depending on how the configurations land in your astrology chart. The energy is building toward a climax at the end of the month and then will subside moving forward. During this time there is the potential for profound shifts at the personal and collective levels. We stand at a moment that will change the course of everything that comes after.

Understanding Personal Influences of the April 15 Lunar Eclipse

You can get some idea of the areas of your life that will be most affected by the April 15 eclipse by looking to see where 25 degrees Libra falls in your astrology chart. When an eclipse falls close to one of your personal planets, this is significant for you. The closer the eclipse is to one of your planets, the more profound the influence. The most powerful impact is felt when an eclipse lands on your Sun (birthday) or close to it. The Sun rules your identity, your sense of self as well as your health and well-being. It is not uncommon to begin to adopt a new focus self during this time. A focus self is the aspect of your being that is in charge of your conscious existence.

It is also significant if an eclipse lands on your Moon or any other planet in your chart. It is also important if an eclipse lands on your Ascendant or Midheaven. The nature of the planet or aspect where the eclipse falls, as well as the house position, reveals the area of your life that is likely to be most affected by the eclipse. In other words, examining the area of your chart most affected by an eclipse can reveal the part of your life that is due for change.

The full moon lunar eclipse passing through Libra emphasizes relationships of all kinds. This eclipse will help us see things more clearly. Coming to the forefront will be issues associated with emotions, security needs and habits and patterns. As you thread through these issues, you may find yourself shifting to a new timeline altogether. Eclipses always call for change and in some cases it is change that is long overdue. Major change often happens when eclipses shake us out of old patterns and clear away parts of our lives that are no longer working. These changes clear the way for new people, events and ideas to enter our life. Usually these are changes that have been crystalizing in the ethers for awhile, waiting for divine timing to usher them into our physical reality. If you see people and circumstances leaving your life now, remain in a peaceful place knowing the new is on its way. Balance and harmony are traits that are especially important to cultivate during a lunar eclipse.

The April 15 eclipse draws to close a cycle that has been with us over the past 19 years. A look back over the past 19 years can being insight to the nature of the cycle now ending and shed light on the new cycle and timeline now emerging.

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To learn more about navigating the April 15 Lunar Eclipse, see Celestial Weather by Deborah

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta  

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta

For more on healing the past, see Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks by DL Zeta


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Traveling Time and Dimensions to Transform your Life 

We are free at any moment to accelerate our growth by traveling time and dimensions. When we still our mind and align ourselves with higher dimensions, we are able to perceive portals in consciousness that allow us to visit any location in the universe. Through intention, spiritual connection and vibrational resonance all is possible.

A Still Mind is the Access Point to Other Dimensions

The first step to accessing other dimensions is stilling your mind. A busy mind churns out endless streams of thoughts that serve as anchors to third-dimensional reality. It is one of the great ironies of human existence that we rush here and there looking for something, trying to achieve something. When we are anchored into third-dimensional reality our spirit is enslaved by our busy mind, making it impossible for us to recognize the very thing we’re looking for. When we slow down and listen to the whispers of our spirit, we find what we’re looking for in the spaces between our busy, linear thoughts. The more we focus on these spaces, the more they expand. Soon they become large enough to provide passage into universal mind.

Inside universal mind we are able to travel to any time or place to find the answers to our questions and so much more. Here we are able to download the templates for new ideas, new books, new works of art, and new inventions. Everything is accessible to us within the moment when we remember to slow down, still our minds and travel meridians of silence into universal mind.

When we still our minds we open a space to expand into silence. Our higher self flows into this space and our vibration enters resonance with higher dimensions. Inside these higher frequencies, we are able to step free of linear time and travel into other dimensions. As we travel meridians in higher consciousness, we pull more of this energy into our daily life. This transforms our experience, allowing us to see every moment through the lens of love, peace and abundance.

You are the Most Enlightened Self in your Present Lifetime

You are the most aware, intuitive and enlightened self thus far in your present lifetime. As such, it is your job and your privilege to serve as the higher self for all your selves throughout the course of this lifetime. You are a beacon of healing light capable of assisting and entraining other aspects toward their journey into the new time where peace, joy, love and opportunities to higher service abound. The opportunities before you now are remarkable and profound. The challenges you are approaching may seem overwhelming but these quickly dissolve as you reach into your storehouse of higher knowledge and wisdom.

Traveling Time and Dimensions Heals us and Sets us Free

There are many reasons one might why choose to travel time and dimensions. Just thinking about traveling to other dimensions within our own consciousness helps unroot us from linear reality. When we become hypnotized by the third-dimensional world, we develop beliefs that tell us physical reality is all there is. This limited perspective tells us we must cultivate a linear movement through space and time in order to live our dreams. These beliefs are enslaving and unnecessary.

When we allow ourselves to step off the endless wheel of suffering that linear thinking binds us to, we find ourselves in the void state of no-thingness. Few people remain here for very long. When we exist in the void, we come face to face with ourselves. We see every facet of ourselves and experience the texture of our own mind. Our fears gather around us like lost children. The void is not always a comfortable place but healing and renewal take hold if we remain here long enough.

When we’re willing to sit with the silence of the void, we soon find silence is not empty at all. It contains the lifeblood of what we are; that is, the essence of spirit. The void is a portal into universal mind. As such, it allows us access to other timeframes and other dimensions.

The Quantum Synergy of Encountering an Alternate Self

We might choose to time travel to the past to release a moment where our self of that time experienced a difficult or traumatic event that still reverberates through our present moment. If your past self is awake and aware, it may sense the loving presence of a future self. This recognition can trigger spiritual awakenings. When the self encounters a version of itself from another timeframe, a synergy is created that unleashes a wave of quantum expansion throughout the entire history of our soul. Every cell of our being vibrates throughout what we think of as time. This is the moment when we connect the dots – the moment when all our “selves” in this lifetime and others hold hands in quantum inner unification. This experience is a precursor to ascension and a moment of celebration within the higher realms.

It is not necessary for your past self to be aware of your presence for healing to take place. Your present-moment decision to travel to a past timeframe sets up a gridwork of healing light your past self is able to step into.

In order to travel time to assist a past self, first set the intention to travel back to a moment in time that needs healing and release. This is a moment you are still holding energy around. Trapped emotional energy is energy that is not available for use in your present creations. More importantly, trapped emotions tether you to past traumas and keep pulling you back into them periodically in order to provide further opportunities for healing and release. You don’t have to wait for these traumatic reruns to cycle back around, however. Instead, you can proactively choose to visit these moments and bring about the healing and release that is needed.

Once you set an intention, connect with the thoughts/feelings/images of the past moment you wish to visit in consciousness. Allow the moment to play on the movie screen of your mind. If it helps you connect with the energy of the past situation, try some simple techniques such as journaling about the past situation to; play music that connects you with that time, hold objects from that time or look at photographs. Whatever helps you establish a strong emotional connection with that timeframe works. It is important to connect with the feeling state without allowing yourself to be pulled into it. Once you connect with the feeling state of a past moment, hold it in consciousness and enter a meditative space. Whatever method you normally use to download spiritual energy and information is fine. If you are new to this, enter a meditative space by stilling your thoughts and focusing on the in-breath and the out-breath. You may also chant om (sounds like aum) until you feel yourself enter an altered state. The act of bringing a traumatized past self into a vibrationally high space helps you love your past into its natural state of divine perfection. Remain in a meditative state for as long as you can. Open to the waves of love coming back to you and reverberating throughout your consciousness.

Traveling Time to anchor Future ‘Outposts’

Just as you are able to reach back and bring healing and release to a past self, you are able to travel to a future moment to set up an “outpost” or footprint to anchor your intentions. This is a technique that can be used for numerous purposes. For example, it can be used to send energy and love to yourself inside a near-future moment where you are undertaking a challenging task such as speaking before a group or believing in yourself as you undertake a new venture into the unknown. This technique can also be used to set down a footprint inside a future moment, programming it to entrain and communicate with your past and present. A future footprint serves as a homing signal in a sense. The homing signal broadcasts the steps that extend backward from the future timeline you wish to experience to your present moment. Such a homing signal can be instrumental in anchoring a future moment where your book is published and on the shelves of bookstores; where you are uniting with a soulmate in physical reality; or where you are experiencing health and wholeness after an illness. The uses for future outposts are only limited by your imagination. They can prove helpful in relocating, launching a business, carrying out your spiritual mission, assisting others to align with their higher vision and well-being and much more. Future outposts can even help with more mundane tasks such as locating lost items or choosing divine timing for a future event.

Your Inner Temple as Doorway to Interdimensional Travel

You may choose to transform your daily life through regular infusions of higher energy. Each time you immerse your consciousness in the energy of higher realms, you infuse more of these energies into your daily life. One way to do this is to establish an etheric home in the form of an inner temple. See your inner temple in whatever way is most uplifting to you. It can be a cottage in the mountains, a beach house looking out over the ocean or a palace in the desert. Whatever works best for you is perfect. Allow your imagination to fill in the details over time.

Set up your inner temple in the highest realm you're able to access within your present moment. Each time you visit your inner temple your energies becomes supercharged. The energies here allow you quick and easy access to a nurturing space any time you need it. You can zip back to your inner temple during your lunch hour, while standing in a grocery check-out line or when stuck in traffic. This is a space where you can receive guidance, visions, lucid dreams, and templates for new creations. It is from this space that you're able to launch journeys to other dimensions. Beings from other dimensions (including our future selves and other beings from Earth’s future time planes) have long traversed interdimensional grids. The true space ship is our higher consciousness. Cultivating this connection allows us many new forms of inner travel that will carry us individually and collectively into a new time of greatly expanded potentials.

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