Setting our Internal GPS for Timelines of the New Earth

We can begin amplifying our experience of the new time at any point we wish to have a greater experience of love, peace and spiritual connection in our lives. Those who have already begun this process are finding the energies of the new earth readily available to be woven into the fabric of new beginnings.

With the July 26 New Moon in Leo joining forces with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, this is truly a time to begin anew. This is an excellent time to begin a new spiritual practice, expand our creative horizons, forge new connections with others, start new health regimens and re-invent ourselves in some new and daring way. Our efforts toward expansion are greatly supported now. For lightworkers, this holds special significance as we allow the gentle winds of this time to speed us along on our journey of self-realization.

Accessing the Etheric Internet and Facilitating Rapid Healing

Lightworkers have known for some time the direction we are moving individually and collectively. Whatever we have experienced thus far by way of intuitive knowing, dreams and visions, we are able now to greatly expand. We are able to shift to life tracks aligned with high-vibrational frequencies; to facilitate rapid energy healing and conscious access to the “etheric Internet” where the information of all-time exists; to experience telepathic communication with our higher self and to consciously blend with others. We are able to access timelines where every spark of life in every form is valued and respected, and where slavery does not exist. We are able to experience life tracks where inner peace gives rise to universal peace and the true nature of love is expressed and experienced instead of the pale reflection that sometimes passes for love in the third dimension.

Setting our Intentions activates our Internal GPS

Whatever we have experienced thus far is just the first wave of these energies. The next wave is available whenever we’re ready. We don’t have to know the steps to join the dance. Strengthening our connection with timelines of the new earth is a matter of setting our intentions to further align ourselves with the new time. In a sense we are setting our internal GPS for life tracks of the new time and allowing ourselves to be guided to these high-vibrational realities. As we are ready, a new step appears. Intentions guide us to the right place at the right time, bringing us into connection with people, situations and information - whatever is needed to help us take the next step on our journey.

If we sense internal resistance to taking this step, we can look for any way in which we may still be invested in third-dimensional timelines. If we are still tied to past traumas this will create a rubber band effect, pulling us back time and again to lower-vibrational realities until we heal sufficiently to gain our release.

We exist simultaneously at various Points throughout Time and Space

Some simple steps will help us anchor the light of the new time. This includes learning to work with energy and intentions and a willingness to see the world from a new perspective of limitless potential. We see what we expect to see. If we expect to see a linear progression of events, our life will seem to move along a linear progression of life tracks, each one building on the other. This way of seeing things may work in some cases but not in others. Energy extends in all directions. As a result, our past, present and future selves all exist simultaneously at different points along the map of our consciousness. At some points our energy expands while at others, it contracts. We are able to balance these times by embracing and celebrating the study in contrasts that is life. When we work in connection and harmony with aspects or “selves” that exist at all different points on the map, we create inner unity. This state of inner oneness strengthens our connection to timelines of the new earth. When we exist in a state of inner unity, there are always aspects we can call upon for support, energy and guidance regardless of the circumstances we are dealing with at the time. This is a benefit of inner unification – we can unify and strengthen our different aspects to form a framework that supports growth, healing and the cultivation of higher consciousness.

Our aspects consist of past, present and future selves as well as our repertoire of selves from our present lifetime, all operating simultaneously under the umbrella of our higher self. When these selves harmonize and work together to carry out the desires of the soul, everything is possible.

Uniting with Past and Future Selves

When you set your intention now to cultivate inner unity and higher consciousness, your past and future selves are entrained to this higher frequency and your consciousness throughout time expands. Past selves are healed and released from spiritual misunderstandings. Communion with future selves expands your alignment with your soul and higher self.

In a moment of meditative alignment, you can reach out to your future self and ask this self to join its light and energy with yours. Uniting present and future greatly expands your field of potentials moving forward. When our selves join together to amplify and join their light, this accelerates our efforts, heals us at all levels and assists us in times of need. Likewise, we can reach back to unite with past selves to facilitate their healing and growth. When we create inner oneness, we are able to join with other unified souls to amplify the timelines of the new earth.

The Path of Quantum Growth and Healing

As a result of efforts toward unification, in 5-10 years your expanded future self is able to radiate energy back to your present moment. When you make a practice of sending light to your past selves, in a short time you will begin receiving energetic infusions from your future self that is still carrying out this practice. When you set an intention to radiate love and light and healing energy to all aspects of your consciousness, past, present and future, you create the causes of a spiritually aware and empowered future self. Each day reaffirm your intentions toward inner unification. Set an intention to expand the light of your consciousness. Your sense of joy, love and inner peace expand exponentially as you daily send light and love to all aspects of your being and open to receive from all aspects of your being. As you expand your light and empower your selves throughout time, you become a brighter light for others.

As you set up this energetic exchange, in a very short time you will begin to experience the results of these intentions. The light of your future self, greatly amplified by your intentions and efforts, sends light back to you as you in turn send light to past and future selves. This is the path of quantum growth and healing.

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Creating new Realities based on the Frequency of Love

Self-love, forgiveness and a healthy dose of patience are essential during times of accelerated change. As our awareness expands, we see ourselves more clearly than ever before. Front and center are any past tendencies toward avoidance and scarcity thinking. Any way in which we have given into thought viruses and their fear-based world view now comes onto the radar screen of our awareness. Anything we have created from fear-based intentions begins to disintegrate and fall away.

This transition phase may seem a harsh passage for some but the energies of this period are helping us extricate ourselves from the tendrils of thought viruses and gain the spiritual freedom that allows us to find more solid footing in the new time. Although this past year has been intense and exhausting at times, it has also offered transformative moments that brought us face to face with our shadow, providing opportunities to accept and reintegrate her. As we integrate light and dark we are able to move forward with a sense of wholeness and self-awareness that allows us to create conscious realities infused with the light of our heart center for the highest good of ourselves and others.

In the past, there was a tendency to create from our ego/mind which automatically programmed polarity into all our creations. Polarized creations cannot sustain the energy of love and wholeness and will always leave us struggling in lower-vibrational timelines.

Consciously creating realities allows us to step free of the cycle of struggle and suffering. There is no need to struggle and suffer. If your life feels more of a struggle than a blessing, you have not fully freed yourself from the enslaving influence of thought viruses. These fear-based thought forms are free-floating and keep us tethered to realities that drain our life force energy and leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled.
Raise your Vibrational Frequency to Navigate Times of Change

The best way to navigate times of change is to love and nurture ourselves and purify our intentions. Self-love is especially important. Make sure you’re taking care of your body; get lots of rest during this time. Make time each day to exercise and spend time in nature. Raise your vibrational frequency with green foods to alkalinize your physical system and make time each day to sit in meditation and silence. If you feel under pressure - if you’re feeling pushed to the max by the energies - go within and ask for guidance and healing insights. Ask the universe to bring what you need and make sure you open to receive it. Now is the time to reach for love and healing and allow it to flow into your life. Open to receive love and see it flowing to all the parts of yourself that have been starved for love. Anytime you feel isolated and alone, give to others the love and understanding you’re seeking and you will find all that you need.

Purifying intentions is also important. Examine your intentions to make sure you’re seeking the highest and best for yourself and others. If you’re creating from old, fear-based intentions of scarcity and avoidance, this will not serve you well.
Whatever it is you're seeking from the universe, examine your intentions to make sure they are coming from a place of love instead of ego and fear-based desires. Transform intentions by allowing yourself to see how what you’re asking for benefits yourself and all others. For instance, if you’re seeking to heal and improve your life, see how being healthy and whole will allow you to become a brighter light for all others.

Fear-Based Scenarios are falling by the Wayside

Anything in your life that has been operating on autopilot will come under pressure during this time. Relationships and careers may end. Any situation you entered from a place of fear will fall by the wayside. Accepting this spiritual understanding will provide an underpinning for the new life you will build. Whatever we create from fear-based intentions will forever be colored by the intentions with which they were created. If you entered a relationship because you fear more than anything else being alone, that relationship will always carry the energy and experience of fear and sooner or later you will be more alone than ever before. If you remained in a career that didn't feed your soul because you were afraid more than anything of experiencing a lack of security, sooner or later that career will end and you will exist in a state of scarcity more so than in the past.

If people and situations are leaving your life, ask yourself if these relationships and situations were created from a place of love or a place of fear. If they were created from a place of fear, release them and move forward to create your new life from a place of love.

Allow Yourself to Exist in the Void

Do not rush out and seek to fill the sudden void in your life but instead, learn to exist within the void while focusing on self-love and healing. When you're strong within yourself and able to exist on the frequency of love, it will be time to create anew.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe. Whenever fearful scenarios dance onto the movie screen of your mind, surround them with the healing light of love and feel a shift take place inside you. When you create from a place of love, everything you create carries you deeper into the heart of love. When you create from fear, everything you create carries you deeper into fear-based realities. When you allow yourself to exist in a place of love, you always have all you need and plenty left over to share with others. Thought viruses cannot get their hooks into you.

Activating New and More Spiritually-Aligned Timelines

When you're ready to create again, ask for a vision of potential timeline threads to be downloaded into your consciousness. When you have a clear vision of the timeline that resonates most strongly, you are ready to begin energizing it with your focus and attention.

If your conscious mind resists receiving divine assistance, ask for love and healing to be downloaded in your dream states. When your conscious mind is asleep your subconscious remains awake and is able to act on your intentions. At night just before falling asleep, set your intentions to receive in dream states the love and healing you need.

Choosing and Aligning with a New Timeline

Many reality threads exist as potentials within your life hologram. When you perceive a new potential, it’s a real timeline that already exists energetically. As you begin tuning into this reality thread, you merge the energies of your present moment with it. When the timing is right and sufficient resonance is reached, you will be transported to this reality thread.

Daily go into your meditative space and allow yourself to tune into this new timeline, each time filling in a few more details of what your life is like there and all the opportunities waiting there for you. Feel the emotions and energy of this timeline. Refrain from judging where you are now and where you have been. These have helped you become who you are now and who you are becoming.

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These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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Inner Unification and the Revolution of Oneness on the Inner Planes 

Spiritual teachers, healers and shamans of the new time dream deep into the waters of all-time to awaken sleeping memories that teach us the stories of the new earth. These stories of future time planes are encoded into the DNA of those who incarnated here at this time to help shift the earth to awakened timelines. In order to activate these codes, soul travelers to this timeframe seeded frequencies designed to trigger awakening of deeper potentials that exist beyond the third dimension.

These frequencies guide awakening souls through rites of passage that allow them to peel away third-dimensional veneers that obstruct their ability to gaze deeply into the energetic maze of what we think of as time. Venturing into this maze, we are able to perceive the mile markers of awakening. These markers are a kind of etheric bread crumb trail, perceptible to those whose inner senses are attuned to them.

Waking and Nightly Dreams bring Glimpses of Future Time Planes

These rites of awakening lead us past energies that would otherwise ensnare our attention. In the world around us there's much to affirm we are small and helpless. There's much to grab our focus and steer our energy into repeating loops that keep us retrograding through past energies. When we see through these and step past them we enter the energetic field of the new time. This field is now expanding as more beings look past the illusion and bring their focus to the inner planes where the new earth is alive and well. Many of you glimpse these realities throughout your waking dreams; at other times you awaken from nightly dreams with images of other times and places fresh inside your imagination. These glimmers are deeper waves of the new time rippling back to our present moment.

There are ways you can strengthen your perceptions of these energies. Before bedtime, bring your focus to this energetic field so as you fall asleep your consciousness is guided by intention into the future time planes of the new earth. Inside these time planes you are able to join in consciousness with others to amplify the dream of the new earth.

Your Imagination is your Tool to Explore Future Time Planes

You have been taught that your imagination is the province of fools and dreamers, a tool for escapists seeking release from the difficult realities they have created in the third dimension. Rather, it is just the opposite. The imagination is a tool to perceive and explore future time planes encoded with the frequencies of the higher realms. Our imagination is our vehicle for exploring these realms and magnetizing them into our energy field. There are those who feel there is no practical reason for bringing these energies into physical reality. There are those who feel threatened by them and seek to stifle access to these doorways of higher perception.

These doorways are extensions of our own consciousness. When we step through them we encounter aspects of ourselves we have yet to meet. It is through these encounters that we begin the process of inner unification. When we stand in the power of our spiritual knowing, there is nothing that can separate us from these access points. Once we perceive the vastness of our being, we can never un-see it. Therefore, we can never be limited or controlled by outside forces for long. This is why inner unification is essential. At this point, our main task is to gain unity and consensus among our repertoire of selves.

Casting off the Shackles of Limiting Perceptions

We are in a timeframe when we are able to throw off the shackles of all that has bound us to limiting identities that denied our oneness with our soul and higher self.

We are one with source energies but it is difficult to acknowledge this because we have been programmed since birth to remain inside a small place within ourselves. There are those who benefit from keeping souls tethered to the third dimension though we do not need to concern ourselves with this. We can instead focus on how limitations early in life assisted us in developing our consciousness. A limited perspective serves to ground us to physical reality as we gain the experience and spiritual understanding sufficient to awaken our present focus self.

Early in life, an expanded vision of ourselves would not have served our growth and need for understanding . As we awakened, we learned to balance limited and expanded perceptions as needed. Now we are able to bring our focus more fully to the higher realms where we are able to interact with and unify with our selves throughout time.

As we move further into the new time we awaken to the many facets of our consciousness existing simultaneously throughout time. Once we consciously perceive we are many, we develop a dialogue with our multitude of selves to pool the gifts, talents, skills and knowing we have cultivated throughout the journey of our soul.

Our Perception expands as we unite our ‘Selves’

Our lens of perception expands exponentially as we unite with our selves that exist throughout time. Imagine a single camera trained on only one perspective versus a hundred or a thousand cameras, each offering a unique perspective. This represents the essence of expanded consciousness. Once we achieve oneness with our “selves” we are able to join with others on the inner planes to activate the codes and frequencies of the new earth.

Joining the Revolution of Oneness on the Inner Planes

The new earth is an energetic framework that exists along the limitless grid created when unified souls awaken to their true identity and join in this revolution of awakening consciousness. When this energetic field of the new time is amplified, it extends outward, engulfing lower frequencies, thought viruses, enslaving time loops and all that has held consciousness to a lower vibration.

The new time is gathering energy and extending backwards with energetic waves that have been impacting human consciousness for centuries. As we enter resonance with this energetic field it becomes more solid, more real in our experience. Awakened souls have inner senses able to perceive the golden waves of the new time breaking across the shores of our future horizons.

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Opening to Summer's Rites of Divine Love and Awakening

This weekend's Summer Solstice offers a portal into the heart of unconditional love that helps us remember we are one with source energy and that we are the love we are seeking. Leading into the solstice, Chiron, the wounded healer, turned retrograde in Pisces, allowing us to revisit and heal the parts of us that have forgotten their divine connection. These are aspects that tell us we are isolated, alone, separate and unloved. During Chiron's retrograde, we are afforded the opportunity to transform thoughts of separation by realizing and reaffirming we are one with source energies. When we go within and enter a place of allowing, we merge with the flow of all that is. Inside this place of oneness, we remember we are limitless, infinite, and aligned with unconditional love.

Neptune and Mercury Retrograde

Neptune and Mercury are also retrograde during this period. Mercury, which is retrograde in Cancer until July 1, asks us to be concise with communications. It might be wise to postpone major purchases or to reconsider entering relationships until this retrograde is past. new connections with others may not be as magnetic after this retrograde passes. Neptune will remain retrograde in Pisces until November. This retrograde may lead to greater psychic sensitivity and receptivity. We may find our powers of inner perception enhanced during this period. It is important to work on issues that come before us on inner levels when Neptune is retrograde. Anything less than full inner examination will leave us feeling dissatisfied and disillusioned. Heightened sensitivity can lead to sensory overload so it's important to be aware of this potential in all undertakings. Pay close attention to houses and natal planets in your chart impacted by these retrogrades as these reveal the areas of your life that will be most affected by the retrogrades.

This Passage awakens us to our Divine Connection

The Solstice takes place as the Sun enters watery and sentimental Cancer, bringing awareness of divine love versus what has passed for love in our lives. The energies of this time ask us to examine any way in which we have searched for love and meaning outside ourselves. This period allows us to reflect on the ways we have seen ourselves as small and alone in a very big world; it asks us to see how we have searched for divine love in others and brings the understanding that others - be it friends, family or lovers - are unable to provide the divine love we are seeking. This passage ideally awakens in us the understanding that, as the manifestation of source energy, we are able to access all the love, abundance and knowledge of the universe.

As we turn within during this powerful time, we awaken to our divine connection and surrender to the cleansing of our emotional bodies. Uncleared emotions can shut down our connection with our higher knowing. Cleansing our emotions allows us to move further into realms of divine awakening. Self-love, emotional healing and deeper levels of spiritual awakening are the rites of passage during this transformative time.

This is an important time to meditate in order to integrate the powerful source energies that are heightened. Listen to the whispers of your soul during this time and open to receive all the blessings that are your birthright as a manifestation of spirit. As we breathe deeply inside this doorway to the divine, we find balance between the dark and light within ourselves.

Navigating this Summer's Doorway to the Divine

We offer here some steps to making the most of this week's Solstice portal:

One) Each day consciously attune to the flow of creation.

Two) Express gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.

Three) Clear clutter and donate unused items to those in need. Cleanse and clear the energies in your body as well. Undertake a full body cleanse, receive colonics and massage and other body work.

Four) Eliminate the frivolous. Simplify by asking yourself what you really need to feed your soul.

Five) Self-love and self-nurturing is of utmost importance as is caring for loved ones.

Six) Grounding and centering is very important at this time. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help ground you to the earth. Spend time outdoors in nature.

Seven) Focus on love and abundance and observe how your experience of it multiplies.

Eight) During this time, the effects of thoughts, intentions and actions go quantum. Meditate and offer simple prayers for loved ones and all the universe.

Nine) Release all resistance to realities you encounter and have no opinions.

Ten) Take 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in your reality.

Eleven) Deepen your spiritual practices and begin new ones.

Twelve) Gain clarity in values and priorities.

Thirteen) Remain focused on your priorities.

Fourteen) Remain positive no matter what happens in physical reality.

Fifteen) Discover and live your purpose. Assess your capabilities, your weaknesses, and the gifts you came here to share.

Sixteen) Practice discernment in all things. Discernment is not the same as judging. It helps us take into account the highest good for all concerned and make decisions based on guidance irregardless of outside opinions or considerations.

Seventeen) Expect miracles and allow them to show up in your life regularly.

Eighteen) Revisit all contracts and agreements on a regular basis and release any that no longer serve your highest good and that of others.

Nineteen) Make regular exercise and good nutrition daily priorities.

Twenty) Meditate daily, allowing your mind to still and focusing your consciousness on unconditional love.
Twenty-one) Become one with the divine. Unify your mind and soul through dream work, journaling, spending time in nature and unifying mind, body and soul through modalities such as yoga.

Twenty-two) Express yourself creatively through art, writing and other forms of creative play.

Twenty-three) Ritualize your life with prayer, shamanic rituals and journeys, and other energy-enhancing practices that lift your vibrational frequency.

Twenty-four) Become self-sufficient. Expand your awareness to see what you will need in the immediate future and provide this for yourself. Do not ask others to do for you what you can do for yourself. Ask yourself what you would need in a time of earth changes. Incorporate energy efficiency, alternative energies such as solar and wind power to lessen your dependency on grid systems.

Twenty-five) Allow your imagination to bring you images from the quantum field and constantly expand the vision of these potentials and act on them.

Twenty-six) Get comfortable with chaos. Be willing to break down old patterns and try new things. This creates new neural pathways in your brain that eventually manifest as new energies, new people and new opportunities in your daily life.

Twenty-seven) Expand self-knowledge by studying your numerology, which is the vibrational combination of your birthdate and name, and your astrology chart, which contains the blueprint for this lifetime.

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For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta  

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New Earth Shamans create Fifth-Dimensional ‘Doorways’

Many lightworkers are stepping into roles as New Earth shamans capable of traveling in consciousness to past, parallel and future timelines to facilitate healing and awakening for themselves and others. Having spent early years deeply enmeshed in denser, third-dimensional realities, some find it hard believing in their visions and perceptions. As we move further into the energies of the New Time, fifth-dimensional awareness and spiritual telepathy deepens, helping new teachers and channels build a belief in their perceptions. This is already happening for many lightworkers who are now stepping more fully into their role as New Earth shamans.

Stepping Free of Virus-Engineered Time Loops

One of the first things these shamans learn is how to step free of time loops that ensnare consciousness. Time loops are, in a sense, realities engineered by thought viruses. In earlier stages of development, time loops keep souls retrograding through old segments of consciousness. Whenever a crossroads arrives that offers the opportunity to step free, emotional triggers are evoked that keep one from stepping free of the time loop. As we enter deepening steps of awakening we are able to see through thought viruses which magnify and feed the fear-based emotions that keep us moving through time loops.

It is possible to be held into a repeating loop for long periods of time and even for indefinite periods. In the past we spoke of thought viruses, now we will go a step further to trace the source of some thought viruses. There are those on Planet Earth who are adept at projecting thought forms into mass consciousness. Not all of these adepts have the highest and best intentions. It is possible to cultivate inner technologies without fully clearing fear and fear-based intentions from the energy field. Advanced capabilities are able to operate in the midst of fear and lower intentions. Time loops can be a destructive force. Even this is part of divine order. When we collectively and as individuals enter higher realms of seeing, we're able to perceive virus-engineered realities and step free of time loops.

Each Timeline has a Higher and Lower Octave
Anytime we feel ourselves under attack or mired into thought viruses and other snares, we can go within and merge with the ocean of higher consciousness. This allows us to shift to a higher octave of the timeline we're in. Every timeline has higher and lower octaves along its spectrum of potentials. As we shift into the higher version of our present life track, we are able to glimpse other life tracks of even higher resonance and potentials. We can then set our intention to shift to one of these life tracks. We can shift to any life track we can perceive.

Traveling Life Track Meridians to Unify Consciousness

It may happen at times our focus self shifts to a new life track yet other aspects of our consciousness remain attached to our previous timeline. When this happens, we can travel back along life track meridians to work with these aspects. Rather than try and convince these aspects to abandon the life track to which they are emotionally tethered, it's best to offer them visions of new possibilities along new life tracks. If aspects of your consciousness are deeply rooted in a past timeline, you may undertake multiple journeys back to visit them.

You won’t want to spend too much time traveling back in time, however. Often, when you have first entered a new timeline, it's important to begin developing this new outpost, cultivating potentials and gaining a firm footing here. This may mean allowing other aspects to remain in the old timeline until your new outpost is firmly in place. When you are strongly focused in the new life track, you will find it easier to bring reluctant aspects into resonance with the new timeline. There can be feelings of less focus and a sense of ungroundedness when your energies are divided between timelines. This is not uncommon as major shifts sometimes result in such short term divisions. This condition is often short-lived, especially when you approach such transitions with awareness.

Tracking your Multitude of Selves through Time

We're all multifaceted, comprised of many aspects or selves. You may be familiar with the concept of the inner child. We are each comprised of numerous inner children, inner teenagers, inner 20-year-olds and so on. If you keep a journal, you can look back over past years and months to find many different facets of your own consciousness. You are not the "you" of a year ago, two years ago etc. The acceleration of energies is shifting us through life tracks at warp speed these days. At times we have hardly centered ourselves in a new time frame when new potentials appear.

At any given time we have a focus self in charge of navigating the segment of the energetic field through which we are presently moving. This self coordinates aspects of self, researches potentials and makes decisions designed to move us along our life path. In the past, focus selves were heavily weighted in managing third-dimensional realities. Those who are further along their spiritual path now find this is changing. As we move further into the new time our focus self becomes shamanic in nature, traveling time and dimensions as needed. Our focus self knows how to shift at will between third and fifth dimensions and is able to incorporate the higher frequencies of the new earth as they are encountered. Many focus selves are now exploring beyond the fifth dimension.

Creating ‘Doorways’ of Access to the New Time

The timelines of the new earth have always existed. Time is just a human construct created to measure and quantify segments of life experience. Time does not exist in the higher dimensions. We began collectively tuning into the timelines of the new earth years ago and used this beacon as a homing frequency. Many lightworkers are already transitioned to these timelines and are energizing these new life tracks, creating user-friendly "doorways" to make these timelines more accessible to increasing numbers of people.

Steps to Activating New Earth Timelines

If you are reading this you are here to help shift human consciousness to timelines of the New Earth. It is time now to bring yourself into a state of inner unity and physical alkalinity so you can carry out this mission of activating collective timelines of love, peace, and harmony. Some steps to facilitate this activation are:

1)Meditate. Meditation is more important than ever now. It helps harmonize all aspects of your being with New Earth timelines and brings you into direct communion with your higher self. As a shaman of the new time your first task is to bring about unity among your differing aspects so you can function as one unified being instead of a loose consortium of warring entities. When we are at war within ourselves, we project this state of disharmony into the outer world. Meditation is essential now to entrain all your ‘selves’ to frequencies of love, peace, and harmony.

2)Engage in regular creative "play". Creative play helps to harmonize your inner selves. It also helps keep your imagination active and alive. Your imagination is the tool you use to envision and create the future.

3)Alkalinize your physical system. It's important to bring your body into a highly alkaline condition to be able to adapt more quickly to timeline shifts. When we fine-tune our physical system, we are able to access and hold higher frequencies of light and make these accessible for others. Maintaining a light, alkaline diet of green smoothies, green soups and green juices greatly accelerates your movement along an accelerated path. You will find there are numerous non-animal sources of protein so there is no need to consume animals to live a healthy life. Consuming meat keeps you shackled to the dense, lower vibrational energies of the slaughterhouse.

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