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Journeys to Assist Mass Numbers of Souls

There are times on the Earth when great numbers of souls are passing over to other realms. This might be the site of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, or it might be the site of a "man-made" disaster, such as "911."

To help you understand this form of journeying, we will describe how many volunteer souls arrived on the astral plane to assist those newly leaving the Earth after 911. A call went out far and wide for angelic assistance to aid souls crossing over. This call went out well in advance of the actual event. When you journey to assist others, it can be in past or future timeframes, as well as your present timeframe. With 911, it was important for lightworkers to journey from a time before the event. After 911 occurred, a dark cloud spread throughout the human collective consciousness. This cloud temporarily dimmed the light of many high-vibrational souls as their hearts struggled to find love around this occurrence. For this reason, it was important for light beings to arrive "on the scene" not knowing what they were viewing.

The souls they assisted arrived with visions of what they had experienced very much intact. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteer souls, they were quickly brought into reunion with their higher self and remembered their soul contract to participate in this important event on the world's stage. Their souls were able to take quantum steps on their journey of becoming as a result of this contract.

At least a third of those "angelic" volunteers who responded to the call during 911 were first-time volunteers to the scene of a mass disaster. This event served as an important training ground for many newly-awakened souls. In turn, these souls provided a great assistance and healing, adding their light to the brilliant glow that welcomed arriving souls with love and assistance.

In time, awakened souls recall their journeys to assist others at the site of such world events. Beyond this, they begin to undertake journeys in their waking consciousness. Relatively few souls reach this phase of waking journeys.

Angelic Journeys During Waking Existence

Not all your journeys to assist others will take place in your nightly dreams. In time, you may find your self contacted during your waking existence by souls from all points in the universe seeking guidance and assistance.

You can choose to begin traveling in waking consciousness by entering into a trance-like state through breathing and relaxation. While breathing and relaxing, bring your mind into stillness and your heart into a place of calm. Hold the person or situation you are assisting in your heart as you breathe deeply, releasing your hold on the physical world. Allow your imagination to gently guide you through the gates of physical reality and onto the bridge that leads from conscious to subconscious mind. Find the portal you access in your nightly dreams. As you enter this portal, set your intention to travel in consciousness to this location. Tune into the frequency of this location and you can begin to traveling in waking consciousness. Once you have traveled to a location while awake or asleep, you effectively have a "phone number" that allows you to always home in on this frequency again.

Through the doorway of your imagination, you may travel in consciousness to any location in the universe to assist those in need. This may seem strange or unusual to you at first, but as you undertake these journeys, you will begin to remember previous times when you offered angelic assistance to others. Many times in the past – between lives, in nightly dreams, and in consciousness during any number of incarnations - you have participated in angelic intervention efforts.

Each time you journey to assist aspects of your self in time, or other souls in need of assistance, you deepen your experience and understanding of angelic aspects of your self. Over time, you carry angelic energy more and more into your daily life, greatly transforming the vibration of your present existence to one of joyful service and love.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta http://celestialvision.squarespace.com/the-portals-of-spirit-ebook-by/
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The Magic of Inner Peace

As a New Time dawns on Planet Earth, many are now receiving visions of a peaceful and seemingly magical time when each being feels loved and whole within themselves. The landscape of this new world may seem very different from the world you see around you today. In this new world, wars and famine have become extinct; each person exists on frequencies of love and peace and gladly serve as a wise and loving caretaker of the Earth and all its inhabitants. In this world, each person is abundant in the wealth of their spirit and from this place of infinite wealth, each has much to give. Imagine a society where each being from birth is loved and valued for the unique gift that they are. This is a world where all kingdoms of life – human, plant, animal and mineral - are valued and respected for the spark of spirit that they are. Imagine all of Planet Earth sending a radiant vibration of love into the universe.

You Came Here to Anchor Peace and Love

This may seem in stark contrast to the world you see around you today where suffering and un-love swirl all around. You may find yourself wondering why you chose to be born onto such a dense energetic plane. The answer is simple. You came here to anchor the energies of the New Time where peace and love are the primary frequencies. This may seem a monumental task given the current landscape of your world, yet your own experience of this New Time is already a sprout growing inside you.

Each of you reading this is a seed of the New Time. Each of you contains the magic of inner peace. As you bring your focus and attention to nurture this seed within you, you see it grow and expand. As peace grows within you, you find more and more your attention falling away from the violence and strife of un-love. As each being cultivates the seed of inner peace, peace and love become the primary vibration in the world. World peace is a reflection of inner peace. Focusing on strife will never bring you to a place of inner peace.

Transforming Energies of Un-love

As the seed of peace grows within you, so does your awareness of the skills you possess to transform any densities you encounter. You can choose to transform what you see around you with the light of your spiritual understanding. When you look at those who are caught up in war and disharmony, see the soul that is learning the value of peace by experiencing its opposite. Each of you have, in the course of your personal evolution, moved through the same passageway. Instead of condemning those who struggle at war within themselves, see them through the eyes of spirit, with love and compassion. This allows you to remain in a place of inner peace. From this place of inner peace, you are able to hold a peaceful space for all others to step into. This is how you anchor peace on Planet Earth.

Inner Peace and the Cultivation of Inner Technologies

Existing on the frequency of love and peace is the foundation for developing advanced inner technologies. When your heart and mind are open, your thoughts and emotions are still and calm.

The emotional level exists in between your conscious and subconscious minds, serving as a gatekeeper. This is by design. Until a person enters a place of peace and love within themselves, they won’t gain access to the vast array of advanced abilities that reside within their higher self. When you exist in a peaceful place within yourself, you are able to travel at will between your conscious and subconscious minds.

In this way, you daily strengthen the bridge to higher consciousness until you reach the level where the two aspects of your self (your true inner soulmates) are fully united. This is the point where Heaven and Earth become one. As you unite with your higher consciousness, you experience a heightened awareness that activates advanced inner technologies of telepathy, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience. You will find people showing up in your life who will learn from you and share with you the gifts of their own inner knowing. Over time, you will join together to create a radiant energetic field to anchor and magnify the frequencies of love and peace on the planet.

This process has already begun as many now are learning to exist on frequencies of love and peace, uniting their inner soulmates, and gaining access to the inner technologies that allow them to activate and engage the full range of their being, effectively becoming spirit incarnate on Earth.

The "magic" of this transition is activated the moment you turn your focus away from strife and unrest and begin to cultivate and nurture the seed of inner peace within you.

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Raise your Vibrational Frequency to Navigate Shifting Energies

We are approaching a time of shifting energies with October's eclipse series. The best way to navigate times of rapid change is to love and nurture ourselves and re-examine our goals and intentions. Self-love is especially important. Make sure you’re taking care of your body; get lots of rest during this time. Make time each day to exercise and spend time in nature. Raise your vibrational frequency with green foods to alkalinize your physical system and make time each day to sit in meditation and silence.

If you feel under pressure - if you’re feeling pushed to the max by the energies - go within and ask for guidance and healing insights. Ask the universe to bring what you need and make sure you open to receive it. Now is the time to reach for love and healing and allow it to flow into your life. Open to receive love and see it flowing to all the parts of yourself that have been starved for love. Anytime you feel isolated and alone, give to others the love and understanding you’re seeking and you will find all that you need.

Revisiting your intentions is also important at this time. Examine your intentions to make sure you’re seeking the highest and best for yourself and others. If you’re creating from old, fear-based intentions of scarcity and avoidance, this will not serve you well.

Whatever it is you're seeking from the universe, examine your intentions to make sure they are coming from a place of love instead of ego and fear-based desires. Transform intentions by allowing yourself to see how what you’re asking for benefits yourself and all others. For instance, if you’re seeking to heal and improve your life, see how being healthy and whole will allow you to become a brighter light for all others.

Fear-Based Scenarios are falling by the Wayside

Anything in your life that has been operating on autopilot will come under pressure during this time. Relationships and careers may end. Any situation you entered from a place of fear will fall by the wayside. Accepting this spiritual understanding will provide an underpinning for the new life you will build. Whatever we create from fear-based intentions will forever be colored by the intentions with which they were created. If you entered a relationship because you fear more than anything else being alone, that relationship will always carry the energy and experience of fear and sooner or later you will be more alone than ever before. If you remained in a career that didn't feed your soul because you were afraid more than anything of experiencing a lack of security, sooner or later that career will end and you will exist in a state of scarcity more so than in the past.

If people and situations are leaving your life, ask yourself if these relationships and situations were created from a place of love or a place of fear. If they were created from a place of fear, release them and move forward to create your new life from a place of love.

Allow Yourself to Exist in the Void

Do not rush out and seek to fill the sudden void in your life but instead, learn to exist within the void while focusing on self-love and healing. When you're strong within yourself and able to exist on the frequency of love, it will be time to create anew.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe. Whenever fearful scenarios dance onto the movie screen of your mind, surround them with the healing light of love and feel a shift take place inside you. When you create from a place of love, everything you create carries you deeper into the heart of love. When you create from fear, everything you create carries you deeper into fear-based realities. When you allow yourself to exist in a place of love, you always have all you need and plenty left over to share with others. Thought viruses cannot get their hooks into you.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta  

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Perceiving and Energizing Parallel Reality Threads

Fifth-dimensional realities are always on your menu of possibilities. They run parallel to dense, physical-based options and all variations in between. With discipline, intention and awareness you can shift from one parallel thread to another, consciously choosing the threads you experience.

Within the space of every moment you are able to still your mind to perceive a vast, interconnected network of reality threads, each thread capable of carrying you into a different location on the map of your own consciousness. These threads already exist so you are not creating realities from scratch. Instead, you are perceiving what is already there and choosing to energize it with your focus and attention.

It is by perceiving and choosing high-vibrational reality threads that you're able to experience more of your infinite being. The greater "you" exists beyond the confines of your present-moment identity, and contains wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understandings that can assist you in living the realities of your choosing.

This greater you includes all you have ever been and all you will ever be. It holds the power to tap into the universal storehouse of unconditional love and wisdom.

Fine-tuning your Power of Inner Perception

All of this is accessible as you fine-tune your inner perception. You hone the skill of inner perception by healing and clearing the static of unprocessed emotions. It is equally important to daily still your mind and bask in the calm, clear frequency of your higher self. As you perceive all that is within you and all that is around you through the eyes of your higher self, you become aware of the glowing threads of alternate realities that exist within the space of each moment.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta  

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta


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Cultivating the Quality of Wakefulness

We have a good idea what physical wakefulness is. Anyone who has ever driven a car on a seemingly endless stretch of highway late at night knows the value of wakefulness. You slap your face, roll down the windows and play loud music to keep yourself from nodding off. Physical wakefulness is intricately woven with our survival in many situations. But spiritual wakefulness is just as important to our spiritual growth and evolution. Wakefulness in all forms is essential to our fulfillment and quality of life.

Our daily dance with spiritual wakefulness may seem less dramatic than a late-night drive but it is nevertheless vital to our goal and purpose here on planet earth. Any point where our consciousness dims and lapses to low awareness makes us more susceptible to thought viruses that drain our energy and divert our attention down meaningless side roads.

Wakefulness Allows our Soul to Participate in our Life

So how do we know if we are sleeping while awake? When we are sleeping through our life, our eyes may be open; we may be walking around and talking. We can seem awake even when we are asleep, but we aren’t truly awake when we move through life according to habits and patterns or the desires of others. This sleepiness makes it difficult for our conscious mind to engage with our soul and higher self. When we exist in life without the input and help of this other dimension of ourselves, we move through life zombie-like, empty-eyed, susceptible to outside pressures and influences. A sleeping consciousness is easy prey for thought viruses. When a person falls prey to thought viruses, real freedom becomes nearly impossible.

We are Enslaved when we Become Lost in the ‘Game’ of Life

There are different levels of sleeping while awake. The heavier we sleep the more chaos unravels in our life. When we sleep while awake we become lost in the “game” of life. When we are lost in physical reality, we become so absorbed we start to believe that what we see is all there is. When we become lost in the game of life, we become enslaved by the game.

Cultivating a Wakeful Awareness

No one has to be enslaved by physical reality. The alternative to living at the mercy of thought viruses is to remain awake and cultivate awareness within each moment.

The first step toward wakefulness is to begin observing ourselves. This is not the same as judging ourselves. Observing is about paying attention to what we do and say. When we become a detective of our own life, we interpret the symbols of our waking dream. We pay attention to the things we say and consider the subtext of our own words. For example, if you hear yourself often saying that you are tired, consider what you are really tired of. As we pay close attention to our thoughts, words and actions, we shine a light on parts of our lives that have flown under the radar of our conscious awareness.

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