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Identity Shift Update: Our Solstice Sabbatical and Receiving 'Future Vision'

Daily swimming has greatly improved challenges with my back. While we are were on sabbatical in the woods, I swam each day. On the first day as I was swimming, I slipped into a moment of "future vision" in which I saw my self swimming every day, even through the winter. I saw how great I felt inside my body, the ease of movement, my life force energy very bright.

That same day walking back from a swim, I had another future vision where I saw us more mobile, keeping our present home based but traveling in an RV and living elsewhere part of the year. The following day, a fellow camper mentioned a metaphysical community south of Austin, Texas and I found I resonated strongly with this possibility. This revelation at our campsite helped me understand more deeply how future vision works

The Inner and Outer Workings of Future Vision

When we perceive a new timeline, we may just see a small part of it at first. This is the part we're most in resonance with. In my case, the challenges I had with my back earlier in the year prompted me to begin visualizing alternate timelines, specifically timelines where I'm fit, healthy and very mobile. As I took steps toward this timeline, I perceived my hair short. I saw my self more physically active. When I cut my hair and begin working at physical fitness, this helped me tune in the picture more clearly. When I went into the woods I entered a portal of clear seeing that was greatly expanded due to the June full moon happening in conjunction with the summer solstice. The powerful combination helping greatly expand my "future vision". Now I understand that becoming more "mobile" within my physical body is bringing me to a new place of being more "mobile" overall.

I had no idea how this new timeline would unfold, but in hindsight, I can see how reading the symbols of what was happening could have yielded some clues several months ago. The stiffness in my back I experienced in January spoke about "flexibility" and the need to create greater mobility. I focused on the physical aspect which was the most pressing, but held in awareness the likelihood of the mobility issue appearing in other areas of my life. When the time was right, the next chapter of the "mobility" storyline arrived!

Now that I have increased my awareness of new possibilities we can energized by opening to these moments of "future vision," I will begin exploring this new access point to higher consciousness. Future vision occurs in those moments when we raise our vibration to access visions of our future. The exact moments we view during these moments of future vision correspond with our present-moment focus, our intentions for the future and the degree of our openness to our field of possibilities. This is one more way in which our future creates our present moment through these glimpses of future vision. This is why we often receive only a piece of the picture. Part of our journey is in discovering the other pieces and our willingness to act and to release the creations of the past.

I will share more future visions and identity shifts as new adventures unfold.

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Becoming Psychic Is More a Process of Remembering

A number of years ago, I began my remembering process unexpectedly and by accident.  In short, things happened that got my attention.  Early on, I kept running into words like "psychic" and "sensitive."  In those days, I still identified myself as "just a writer."  I would go into a little coffee shop on the Fayetteville Square and write poetry and drink iced grasshoppers.  Sometimes I would enter a kind of altered state as I sat in my booth gazing at the summer flowers that dazzled the Square with electric yellows, reds, and purples.  During those altered states, poems would spill onto the pages of my journal, whole and full-fledged, needing little revision.  I was amazed and confounded by this development.  This was just a glimmer of things to come.


Al Young and the Psychic Housekeeper


One day as I was taking a break from my writing, I wandered into the bookstore that adjoined the coffee shop.  It was an independent bookstore with narrow aisles and offbeat books.  On a sale table, I discovered a novel about a psychic housekeeper by a writer named Al Young. The title of the book was Seduction By Light. I had never heard of Al, but by then, I'd already begun following the word psychic around.  Even back then, I was fascinated with the notion of combining literary writing with the brave new ideas such as psychic sensitivity that had begun to visit my mind.


I took Al's book home, and then promptly got busy with other things and forgot about it.  There it  sat on my bookshelf for the better part of a year until one day sitting at my computer, I glanced up and noticed it.  By "chance," the book had gotten dislodged from the row of books on the shelf and was teetering precariously on the edge.  Suddenly Al and the psychic housekeeper came back to me.  I picked up the book and something flashed through my mind.  There was a flier on my desk about a poet reading that night. The featured poet was named Al Young.  Could it be one and the same?  I wondered.  I took Seduction By Light with me and showed up at the poetry reading.  Al was surprised to see the book, which had been out of print for some time.  We both agreed it was an odd "synchronicity" that he was a visiting professor in the university's writing department that year.


Any doubts that I’d had about psychic sensitivity were dispelled by the Al Young incident. I now knew (and perhaps more importantly, I believed) something was going on.


The Book Game


Soon afterward, I began playing the "book game" where I would ask a question, then allow myself to be led to a book on the shelf,.  I would open the book at "random" to a certain page.  The answer would always be there.


By the time the book game began, I had acquired several hundred books on spiritual and metaphysical topics, so using my books as a giant Tarot deck was a natural.  I would pick up a book, feel its vibration and some part of me just "knew" the information contained there.  Maybe "remember" would be a more accurate way to put it.


Soon I began pursuing otherworldly knowledge in a more direct way.  I knew enough to have a few dozen questions swirling around in my head at any given time.


Opening to Channel


As my finances allowed, I got readings from psychics and intuitives.  These were "professionals" that were able to answer some of my most pressing questions so I could move on to others.  In between readings with others, I began trying to answer some of these questions myself.  A perennial do-it-yourselfer, I simply emulated the processes I'd seen others use.  (Once again, it is more likely my observations of others prompted my memories of my own abilities).


Before long I was "channeling" almost every day, using a tape recorder to document the answers I received in my sessions.  The first answers were about 30% accurate, but over time as I built a belief in myself as a psychic, my "memories" of my psychic abilities became stronger and more clear. I was 50% more accurate, then 60%, then 75% and so on. (I will add here that the information I "downloaded" at that time was 100% accurate; what I was developing was my skill at interpreting and translating it).


There came a time when the readings I received from others were merely validating the answers I received on my own.  The last reading I received was several years ago.  At the beginning of the session, the psychic looked at me and said, "You're going to be doing what I'm doing."  She was right.  In fact, I had already begun to "remember" that in this lifetime I would help others through my intuitive abilities.  The last few readings I had gotten had seemed more like training sessions for doing my own readings.


Psychic Happenings and Synchronicities


Since I became a "professional" psychic, synchronicities have become an almost daily occurrence.


Last week there were two notable psychic events.  The first happened as I was out for my daily walk along the dirt road near our home.  As I was walking along, drinking in the afternoon sun, I began to daydream about a scene from a story I am working on.  In the scene, I wanted to show a childhood memory where the main character’s family realizes he is psychic.  Immediately an image of a snake popped into my mind.  It was a large copperhead, curled on a dirt road and well camouflaged among the dust and rocks.  Perfect, I decided, my character would "intuit" the snake.  In the next second, I came to a full stop and dropped my gaze to the road ahead of me. The same snake I’d just seen in my daydream lay coiled before me, enjoying the afternoon sun.  We eyed each other warily as I slowly backed away and followed a route that gave us both more space.  Walking toward home, I marveled at the magical "synchronicity" that had just occurred.


The second psychic event happened a few days after the snake encounter.  I had spent the morning writing in a bookstore (some things don’t change that much). At a certain time, I knew it was time to go run some errands.  My first stop was a copy shop where I planned to run off photocopies for a client.  As I pulled into the parking lot, an image came into my mind: I saw my client arriving while I was making the copies.  I saw myself handing her the copies.  I dismissed this as a possibility.  I’d said nothing about when and where I'd be making the copies and besides, my client was orchestrating a musical event that day.  The odds of her showing up at the copy shop seemed slim.  As I walked toward the shop, I wondered why my intuition had brought me the image in the first place.


A few minutes later, as I was finishing my copying, I looked up to see my client enter the store.  She had some last-minute copies to pick up for her event later that day. "Right on time," I thought to myself, marveling simultaneously at the part of me that wasn't surprised at all and the other part of me that was amazed.


Even after all this time, I am utterly amazed at the synchronicities and psychic happenings that rotate through my life at an increasingly dizzying speed.  One experience seems to confirm the one before it and build toward the next.  They are all intricately related in an infinitely ecstatic and expanding moment of now.


Each psychic event and synchronicity serves to remind me that developing psychic skills is more a journey of discovery than a slow process of starting from scratch.  We are all vast beings with unlimited talents and abilities we are just waking up and starting to remember.

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Receiving Lessons from My Newly-Adopted Timeline


I experienced a fascinating turn of events with a timeline shift these past few weeks.  The seeds for this shift were planted when I began to experience challenges with an old back injury.  At times, my back would be stiff and sore, to the extent it affect my daily activities.  As I began focusing on the message of this new development, I began perceiving a new timeline.  In this new timeline, I was focused on fitness and taking a more progressive approach in regenerating parts of my body in need of healing.  I have always been committed to daily exercise -- walking 2 miles every day when the weather is 45° and above, rebounding on cold and wet weather days and swimming every day in summer.  This level of activity seemed adequate in the past but as I began to receive more images from my new “fitness timeline,” it became apparent my regimen needed an upgrade.


I received images of myself working out in many ways -- dusting off my mountain bike and exploring local biking trails, getting back into yoga, practicing with some callanetics videos I’d bought but never watched, and going into some advanced and more rigorous workouts on my  rebounder.  In the visions for my new timeline, I was muscled, flexible and loving it.


My guides showed me how easy and joyful it was to move in my new and improved body, how greater amounts of life force energy would open new doorways of perception and how I would be physically able to physically accommodate more levels of my being. Suddenly I understood the message of my physical challenges.  I was being asked upgrade my physical system in order to take my spiritual development to the next level.


As I stood at this new crossroads, I could clearly see the forking directions of my options. I could choose to remain on my  present course.  I would likely continue to experience physical challenges as I tried to accommodate my ever expanding spiritual vision with a degenerating, creaking vehicle ( my body.)  From this perspective, I could see this was like undertaking a cross-country trip in a vintage automobile.


The other option was to refurbish my “vehicle” by adopting a new timeline with its accompanying super fit lifestyle.capable of upgrading and refurbishing my body. This new timeline allowed for ever greater spiritual growth and expansion that translated into new experiences, new realities and further timelines.


I chose the new timeline.  I didn't know exactly how I would navigate from my current timeline of challenges with my back to this new timeline of super fitness, but I trusted it would all happen with perfect timing.


Over the next few days, I began to observe changes.  I began noticing things I hadn’t noticed before.  Quite by accident, I discovered a yoga channel on our list of cable channels.  I began to notice the sports department at the store.  I discovered some supplements designed to help rebuild joints.  And perhaps the most startling, I woke up one morning and realized I am going to cut my hair.


This is maybe the most obvious "proof" of a full-blown timeline/identity shift.  I’ve worn my hair waist length for over 15 years and rarely have I thought about cutting it.  But this "focus self" of my new timeline had no use for all that hair and no connection to it.  In fact, my newly-discovered self helped me see how it would get in the way of a super fit lifestyle.


So it soon will be cut and donated to Locks of Love and no doubt put to good use.  In the meantime, I continue to be fascinated, amazed and mindboggled how this new timeline is teaching me who I’m becoming and helping me build the foundation for the next stage of my life within the present moment. 


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The Abundance Project

"I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer."

-- Jim Carrey


The above quote by Jim Carrey sums up the intention of what I'm writing here. At some point in the last two years, I realized the early part of my life had been so rooted in lack, illness, scarcity consciousness and negativity that the best way to reach a state of equilibrium and clear-seeing was to allow myself to experience abundance in a variety of ways.


Spiritual vs. Material Abundance


As I improved my quality of life and upgraded my material possessions, I felt supported and validated by the positive changes I was making. A side benefit of this new level of manifesting is that I could see clearly how what we manifest is just a by-product of our inner growth and spiritual understanding. It’s possible to accumulate wealth through means other than spiritual abundance. While it may offer many attractive distractions and opportunities, material abundance without spiritual abundance is ultimately hollow, empty, depleting and even enslaving.


My arrival at this understanding came after I had finally accepted some basic tenents of the universe and began to become a conscious creator and manifester.


These basic tenents are:


-- I can create anything I want;

-- Desires come into my life quicker when they are aligned with my spiritual purpose;

-- Whatever images my imagination brings me are real and possible for me so long as I am willing to allow them;

-- I am infinitely more than a physical being;

-- Reality is much more than a concrete, physical experience;

-- Creating happens quite some time before the desired manifestation shows up in physical reality

-- Great levels of material success unaccompanied by great levels of spiritual understanding can result in devastating inner poverty and servitude


As I integrated these tenents into my life, I began to heal lifelong physical challenges, lifelong emotional turmoil, mental confusion, fog resulting from both, and the most destructive of all, old core beliefs fueling a perception that my spiritual connection existed somewhere outside myself. From this perspective, every thing I dreamed of was completely beyond my reach: health, unconditional love and the resources to support my dreams.


From my new perspective, I found that everything I’d ever dreamed of was possible. My dreams included what most people want deep down: a meaningful, fulfilled existence; knowing, understanding, loving and honoring myself; communion and connection with others who love and honor themselves – in essence, a mutual support network instead of the more prevalent template of a mutual enabling and manipulation network.


Adventures in Abundance and Manifesting


The changes I’m describing began to take root after I decided to take the “risk” of living my life in a way that made sense to me – essentially, I chose to begin living my life in a way that fed my spirit. I chose to trust that as I did this, all that I needed would arrive in my life.


As I chose this path, pictures and visions started to arrive. I took one step, then the next was revealed. “Things” I'd wanted in the past showed up. Some of them were no longer relevant. After awhile, I sifted through the "backlog" and began manifesting things that I’d wanted in more recent times. Resources, information and ideas arrived. Whenever I asked for something, I received a set of instructions on how to bring it into my life. I kept a "manifestation box" where I placed desires written on slips of paper. Over time, many of these requests arrived in my life.


In the past, I might have judged myself for exploring abundance in purely physical ways. However, my new “abundance of vision” helped me to see that, given my own unique personal history, the quickest way to step into an abundance of spirit was to allow myself to experience abundance in many different ways. By experiencing abundance in all its various forms, I was able to discern the difference between qualities and levels of abundance. I could see that when we arrive at the ultimate level of abundance -- abundance of spiritual alignment - we are able to perceive the real “secret.”


Start Where You Are – Without Judgment


The key is to start where you are. If you need to energize the place where you are abundant in a material sense, begin there. If you need to manifest health and well-being, begin there. If you are seeking a soul mate relationship, begin there. Start wherever you are. If you persist in manifesting your dreams and desires, sooner or later you will arrive in a place of clear-seeing where your vision expands beyond physical, material reality.


After awhile, I reached the point where I realized things are fun, but their satisfaction is fleeting. I began focusing on bringing into my life those things that helped me carry out my purpose. Then my dreams expanded. I wanted to live in a holistic world founded on principles of peace and love.


Obviously, we can’t mandate or require others to adopt this same desire. We can only do what feels right to us and share the results of our adventures in consciousness with kindred and like-minded souls just as I’m doing here.


In my own case, I began to suspect there was a further shortcut - to just be the “me” who’s loved, fulfilled, abundant, healthy and living my dreams. I began to see how I could energize the timeline where this is a reality by becoming the version of me who is all this. The version of me lives in a world founded on principles of love and peace.


This is my project for 2008, to become that version of me who has the abundance of spiritual connection from which all else flows.


Invitation to Abundance


I invite all of you to join me in this Abundance Project. Over the next few months, I will continue to post my experiences. I invite you to share yours as well. As more people take the shortcut of energizing the timeline where they are completely abundant and be-ing all they desire, we will begin healing the world one person at a time. It is in this place where you will find the true essence of what you have been seeking throughout time.

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When Energizing New Timelines -- Be Prepared for Amazing Changes!

In recent times, I’ve brought into my physical reality many small and large dreams I’ve held all my life. In fact, I’ve manifested more dreams in the past five years than in the previous four decades.


There is still one very dearly held dream I’ve yet to realize: writing a novel. I've made numerous starts over the course of my life, but the actual completion has eluded me.


While the type of novel has changed over the years -- I now see a "visionary novel" based on concepts from my channeled writings -- the essence is the same -- a work of fiction. Reality creation at its best is the creation of an entire world that plays as vividly as a movie in the mind.


This year I’ve vowed to make the novel a reality. Instead of slogging through the old methods of novel creation that have stymied my creativity in the past, I decided to try something new: energizing the timeline where the story is complete and adopting the identity self of the book's creator. I then write from the perspective of one who has already created the story and knows well both the story and the steps of its creation.


I had no idea how this might work. But I have faith in the timeline technique and in my desire and ability to create. So I began. I saw myself as the person who has completed the book. I began to act as this person. I found myself thinking, "Now that it's finished, I'll want to design an interesting cover." That caught my attention because it was the moment when I realized I had completely stepped into this new identity. I understand now why and how actors enter the identity of the person they will create on the screen.


Soon afterward, my complete identity shift was underscored by a dream where I received the entire story for the novel, including its title. I even received a sequel to the original story and its title. When I woke the next day, I knew my reality had changed forever. I was now a novelist.


I also knew something I had long suspected: our visions manifest magically when we get out of the way and allow them to come into our physical reality.


What would have otherwise taken me months and possibly years to slog through was downloaded into my consciousness in a single dream. All that was necessary on my part to facilitate this was to set the intention, energize the timeline where my dream was already a reality and begin to act from the identity self of that timeline. The universe in its magical, mystical way held up its end of the bargain and brought me everything I was seeking and more.


Of course, now I have a bit of work to do, translating my dream and downloading it onto paper. But it’s a labor of love replete with the added joy of collaborating with spirit, allowing creations to happen easily and effortlessly!

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